Big Brother 13 Headlines – Weekly News Recap from the Internets (2011-04-01)

April 1st one month closer to Big Brother 13. A good week for Big Brother News More Open Casting calls were announced, which start tomorrow in LA. Equally as important Julie Chen told Craig Ferguson that the Big Brother 13 Start Date is July 6th and most importantly theres a new booty mix out by DJ Mingle mix.

casting calendar of the times/locations/map done up in Google calendar for your convenience.

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5 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Headlines – Weekly News Recap from the Internets (2011-04-01)

    1. I’m not sure but the final casting call would be by guess, May 7th.. If your serious about getting on the show I would send it in ASAP.

  1. Oh hell yeah yo, can’t wait for another great season.

    Mad Grenades on the new site Simon, have no doubt you and Dawg are gonna kick ass again this year!

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