Big Brother 12 Updates – “Brigade gets the Animal Back today”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:35pm Talking about taking Brendon down next week, they start joking about how badly they want to see Brendon go. Lane: “I want to see blood on his picture” Enzo “I want to see grey and blood”. They talk about Hayden being trapped in the have nots room. He comes out today at 5:00pm. They are worried about his state of mind when he comes out (there joking and go off on this giant rampage about how Hayden is a caged animal its very funny)
Lane: “We gotta let the animal out today.. cause he’s hungry in there”
Lane: “He’s going to tear some shit when they let him out”
Lane:”We got to calm him down before we let him out”..”you don’t want the animal to come out right away…”We got to train him back to normal”
Enzo: “Brigade gets the animal back today”
Lane: “One of us has to go in there to bring him back”
Enzo: “We gotta chain him”
enzo: “thats probably the new HOH in that room”
lane: “he’s got a fire in his belly he’s going to get someone”
Lane: “The whole time he’s in there thinking of killing”
lane:”i don’t know who he’s going to do some damage he might go for brit for putting him in the cage.. you can’t cage a animal”
Enzo: “he’s gone wild…he’s eating stale bread”
Lane: “Sh***ing in the Corner”
Lane: “you think that hairs long on he’s going to have a main yo right down his neck”
lane: “well have to go send a sacrifice in there first” .. enzo “yeah throw ragan in there yo”

They both start to calm down, Enzo points out that Kristen was laying on the Junmanji floor all for hours last night talking to Hayden. They’re worried that Hayden is going to sell the Brigade out.. They both think the possibilities are remote that Hayden will sell out the brigade for a “Piece of a$$” that he will never see again.

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

NOON Backyard Kristen and Kathy with rachel on the elliptical Talking about wedding photos. Brit really likes candid shots and wants most of her wedding photos to be done that way. She says the time of year she is planning on having her wedding is the most beautiful time in Arkansas. Rachel comes to join them and starts talking Kristem leaves to the jumanji room.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:10pm Jumanji room Matt and Ragan They are laughing how brendon was in thier conversation this morning. Matt points out that every time Ragan would bring something up that Brendon would act like he knew all about it Matt: “As a scientist I….” Kristen walks in and they talk about her having to wear the wig while napping today. Ragan is going to ask teh DR if he can wear the spare


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:35pm Enzo and Lane Planning on going into the DR wearing their black sleeves on their heads and doing the whole Animal in the Cage routine for the cameras. They head to the DR..

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37 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Updates – “Brigade gets the Animal Back today”

  1. Kristen = Yoko Ono, yo.

    I’m telling y’all, yo.

    Hopefully she goes home on Thursday, yo.

    Then the Brigade can start getting blood on their hands, yo.

  2. By the way, Lane is built like a linebacker and is as strong as a bull.

    Does he play college football, if anyone knows?

  3. I am not a huge follower of big brother or most reality TV shows BUT I am a follower of reality! the fact that Kathy is a cancer survivor and SMOKES like a fiend is beyond fathomability to me and that no one calls her out about it but instead listens to her tearful sob story of leaving her 18 year old son alone and unprovided for Come on!!!! Regan is crying with her someone else is giving her $10,000 Really!!?? People how much of our tax dollars will go to pay for her next cancer treatments? Wake up Kathy you beat it once do you really care about your family? quit now!!!

    1. She’s just barely making it, having a tough time putting food on the table. But she can buy those cigarettes!

    2. i know a few people that have had cancer and they kept on smoking. of course, they are deceased now because their prognosis was terminal and they saw no need to give up the cigs

    3. About one in five hundred women who receive chemotherapy for the treatment of breast cancer develop leukemia. Kathy said she was afraid she would develop leukemia, so I believe she had breast cancer. Smoking causes lung cancer, not breast cancer. Just sayin’

      1. Breast Cancer can lead to Brain Tumors/Cancer. My sister died from that 2 years ago. Of course she knew her time was not long. She smoked until the end. I wish she hadn’t but it was her decision. I guess it is a very hard thing to stop when you have done it for so long. I never did. Oh, when I was a teenager and the price was 25cents a pack I tried it. But, like Clinton, I didn’t inhale. Pot was a waste on me too. I just couldn’t get that intake right. I guess that saved me from getting hooked to either.

        1. Yeah cigs are hard to quit. My sis got breast cancer and quit during chemo but then started again. She has been cancer-free for 10 years. My dad died of brain tumors/cancer and he never smoked and in fact was a militant anti-smoker. I’ve heard that nicotine is more addictive than heroin.

  4. I really wish Lane & Enzo & Matt would drop Hayden and bring Britney in the alliance, she may be a little catty sometimes but she is so funny with Lane & Enzo.

  5. it seems to me that the brigade only exists in enzo’s mind. i really wish he would start playing for himself and how he can further himself in the game without the brigade. only 2 of them is going to win money and i wouldn’t mind him being one of them..anybody to win but matt.

    1. matt was smart to do what he did, even though it was by accident. b/r dont really want to put him up, and besides them only kathy may put him up, but she cant win a two dollar scratch off.

    1. if rachel were to go the show would be even moreeeeeeeeeeeeee boring. shes the only interesting person on this season. (but brit does say some funny stuff to the diary room). everyone else can go one by one, next kristen, then kathy, then regan, and finally enzo (or fartzo) then let matt, rachel, brendon and lane fight it out. who do I want to win, of course either brendon or rach. at least they are keeping this season worth watching.

      1. we all have to agree rachel is by far the most entertaining…then maybe enzo, but its a wide margin for rachel

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