Big Brother 12 Updates- Now we know where the PLOP PLOP sound comes from, Hayden keeps his mic on when he takes a dump

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:35pm Brendon cooking salmon in the kitchen

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6:38pm hayden, Lane, Brit, Enzo, Playing pool chit chatting. Brit tell LAne that she said something stupid when she was walking up to HOH but she’s sure nobody heard her.. She says it’s comparable to what he said about black people not being allowed to play golf 15 years ago. Lane and Brit laugh (a couple weeks ago Lane said that there was this gold course near his hometown that didn’t let black people play golf 15years ago, Brit laughed at him becuase 15years wasn’t long ago. Lane said he didn’t mean 15 years he just met a long time ago), Lane: “Thats not what I said…besides your on Big BRother everything is recorded” Hayden tells them he doesn’t take his mic of when he takes a dump. Brit explains to them how they can know if the camera near them is recording for the feeds. They’re all getting pumped for the Pool Tournament tonight (ohh wonderful). Enzo tells them he’s going to dress up nice, play some pool maybe have a beer. Enzo comments on Brendon in the kitchen making food and he’s using all the damn spices again, “keep it simple”. Kitty Kat walks out, Lane: “Kat what are you doing all dolled up today.. your putting across a naughty aura”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:10pm Houseguests either preparing food, playing pool or working out

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91 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Updates- Now we know where the PLOP PLOP sound comes from, Hayden keeps his mic on when he takes a dump

  1. lol it’s kind of ironic when you think of it. Matt chickened out of putting R/B on the block in his first HOH and now he’s on his way of being able to take them both out -alone- one week after another.

    1. i don’t think matt will use his diamond veto and evict brendan. i don’t think he will use it at all unless he’s on the block.

    2. I don’t understand. Does Matt get to use the DPOV once over the next two weeks, or once each week for two weeks? I thought it was only once.

      1. I think he only gets to use it once, but I dont think he will end up using it at all…….First because he wont have too, and second because if he does, everyone will know he lied about having it…..but wait…BB told him he had to lie….right?? Cant remember…..
        So, if Brendon wins the next HOH and puts Matt up and he doesn’t win the POV, he still has the votes to stay in the house, but if Brendon puts him up against another Brigade member and neither wins the POV then he would have to use it to get Kathy up as the replacement and BIAM..Kathy our and the brigade stands 4 deep yo, as my fav writter Simon says! I love that…”Simon Says”……”Simon says: this is my house bitches!”

        1. WOW! I said I “Think”…….but thanks for hurting my feelings so early in the day……..
          PS…I prefer Bixnatch……..

    1. lane might have said something because he told her to keep quiet. last year, braden was the racist against mexican people and that is probably why he got evicted first

  2. I noticed on Sunday night, they edited Ragan’s DR session when he was offered the ‘saboteur” gimmick! First you see him pick up the envelope and then express his doubts about accepting it. Then it’s edited to where he decides to do! What they cut out is AG coming in and slapping him around first. Then when that didn’t work, she resorted to holding her 45 caliber up his new puppy’s head threatening to off it if he didn’t do it!!! Explains why he looked paler than usual.

    1. Does AG actually force them to do things like that? This is my first time commenting, so I’m not super knowledgeable when it comes to BB but I’m obsessed! I love this website. Simon & Dawg, you are awesome!

  3. SIMON! WATCH CAM 1 AT 6:47 their time from today!

    Wait until britney does her nomination for next week if she wins hoh. it could be the funniest thing that has ever come out of her mouth. after hearing it…ur next heading may have to be “I have nominated you pawn…and you neaderthal!”

  4. Brittney Quote of the Day: “This is the nomination ceremony. I have decided to nominate you, Pawn, and you, Neanderthal. Pawn, I’m really sorry, I swear to god you’re not going home, there’s no way in god’s green earth you are going home this week, I apologize to even have to put you on the block. Neanderthal, you disgust me. You are the most morbidly repulsive creature that has ever walked the face of the earth. If I could do anything I would cut off your big toe and force-feed it to you in a torturous act. Everything that you do annoys me more and more each day. I can think of nothing more gratifying than seeing you walk out of the door this week, so I pray to god you do not win the Power of Veto. You are repulsive, you are deplorable, you are inhuman.”

    1. moot: that was awesome, wasn’t it? Especially when she repeat it verbatim for the next HG who came to join the conversation.

    2. On Wednesday, when she gives her speech, they can only film her from the waist up because she is so small, she had to stand on the coffee table in order to be in line with the camera. It was either that or cut the legs off all the furniture in the house.

    3. Was it her voice or more of a deep gutteral snarling? It must have been hard for her to keep her head from spinning?

  5. What if Matt & Brendon are actually the old friends & Matt didn’t want to put Brendon up the first time & doesn’t want him out this time? I think it would be an excellent twist!

    1. There are no “old friends”. Remember when the saboteur said “I escaped the block this week” and it was a lie? The “old friends” twist also came from the saboteur, not production. It is a lie too. I cannot believe that the HGs havent figured that out yet.

        1. I think it was described as a “life long relationship”…not life long friends. I’m beginning to think Kathy & Brit are, in fact, mother and daughter.

      1. Thank you for saying it. I’m getting so sick of it. I wish Annie never made it up. Got to give her credit though it has people on here still fooled.

        1. The only way that it was true is if Annie was 1/2 of the “life long relationship”. They would not have allowed two people into the house that had a life long relationship, just so they could “out” the relationship in the first week of the season and destroy would could have been a ratings grabber. That is, unless, half of that relationship was the saboteur.

          1. But Annie is gone now anyway, so who gives a shit? I cannot believe that so many dimwits that cannot figure out the obvious.

    2. I think Matt and Ragan are the pair. I think they are brothers or cousins.

      No one else seems to have mentioned this possibility but c’mon those guys look alike.

      OT, Hayden’s pic shouldn’t be the Beast, it should be Shaggy from Scooby Doo!

    3. if they are any friends I thought it would be andrew and brendan or matt and ragan, because with all the craziness andrew and brendan were still friends and matt and ragan I don’t know straight men that lay around in the bed talking to gay men. They are too close for me, not in an intimate though.

    4. i thought it might be two people that hadn’t seen each other in a long time and lost contact, because it said everyone entered the house as strangers, but two of you are actually life long friends. If you think about it it should be easy to figure out. So i don’t think the two knew who the other was until it was mentioned by the saboteur. BB is known for doing that, like the season when they had the ex’s on there, and danielle with her father, they didn’t know the other was going to be on their because they hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in years. So you never know, but we will find out at the end.

        1. Mouse: the Brigade has never thrown a POV comp. They throw HOH comps b/c they don’t want blood on their hands….which is what will bring them to the final 4. I don’t see why anyone would throw a POV though. You don’t have to put your ass on the line when you have POV. You do when you win HOH though. It’s a strategy of the Brigade and although some say they don’t do jack shit, what they do is working, so……4 deep yo.

          1. i don’t think the brigade try hard at anything, since their alliance is a secret and no one is targeting them. I agree they are throwing everything. I don’t blame them why fight if you don’t have too. everyone is so stupid to not even try and force them out. they were talking about floaters, but only looked at the women floaters, and not the men. The brigade is right to throw everything, how is winning going to benefit them. Matt is the brigade pawn, he does the dirty work for them.

          2. Haydenfan: I just want to say that I read your posts and consistantly think…..”This bitch thinks like me, we must have been separated at birth” HUgs Biznatch!

    1. Ah, she is funny, and its not even scripted. Very Entertaining. She should try out for “Last Comic Standing” lol. As far as games go, she did more a$$ kissing with Rachel to stay in the game, and it worked. Hats off to her, she did what Monet and Kristen couldn’t bring themselves to do to stay in the game for a shot at a 1/2mil. For that I gave her props.

  6. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Brendon say that he doesn’t want to over use the word love because if you say it all the time it loses it’s meaning…wow this guy makes a bigger fool of himself everyday, his parents must be so ashamed of him not to mention his students

    1. yes he did. i too would love to know what his parents think of him and rachel. I hope they show their families thursday night. I bet rachel family/friends will say that’s not how she is in the game, and brendan family will say he is just a caring guy and feels sorry for rach. Yeah really he will be bringing her home to dinner it will be like the movie meet the parents.

    2. Brendon might have to quit his teaching job after this. Can you imagine the ridicule he’ll get from his students solely based on the footage aired on CBS? If his students are seeing the live feeds and/or reading the daily reports, it’ll be even more embarrassing to him. And what parents want their kids taking a class from someone whose sexual encounters are being fed over the internet to hundreds/thousands of people?

    3. I don’t want to sound insensitive, but it seems to me that Brandon may be partially retarded. Just a bit, but I can’t get over that look in his eyes. I think he may have a little bit of the down syndrome.

      1. LOL. If he did have down syndrome that he would be excused. But he doesn’t so that makes it all the more disturbing. I was crossing my fingers that all this was an act just to in a showmance and get attention. But it doesn’t seem to be. Unfortunately, he may be just a bit touched.

      2. No, well maybe, but more like mommie issues….no offense Brendons mom, but I have seen this before…she either abandoned him at an early age, or was similiar to Rachel and was there but always a mess and needy and he was there to feel her pain and her needs….not sexually, but emotionaly and stabily……..

    1. she will be going before one of them. Which ever one stays will make it to final 2, because everyone is going to figure out how hated the next one will be by the jury and want to take that one to final two with them. I think it will be like Jeff and Jordan all over again. Last season everyone wanted both of them out, but when one left they forgot all about jordan, because they thought she would be seen by the jury as riding jeffs coat tails, so they kept her around. I think this season is the same, once B/R are broken up the other will last.

      1. You would think that would happen, but the whole group seems to forget some of the planning ahead that past seasons have. For example, even if the brigade is a secret how have those not in it thought they should get rid of some of those guys. I would have targeted some of them a long time ago. They are going to be winning everything here soon…

    2. I was thinking about that today…whoever goes after Brendan and Rachel is going to be pissed! Ultimate game of trapped!

  7. i like brit sometimes, and lately she has been annoying. i think she seemed to forget that she was on the block at one time with monet and they both cried their eyes out and couldn’t understand why they were on the block after all of that shizz they were talking. now, she is laughing, but real soon , she is going to be in the same position as b/r and she just need to chill.

    1. I don’t like Britney anymore. For a while I liked her, thought she was sweet like Jordan, but she’s a little bitch, just less obvious than Rachel. I have a hard time rooting for anybody this year.

      1. she was never sweet, just entertaining and had good one liners. i just don’t like females that talk like males about women’s private parts. etc..

        1. Yeah, that vagina thing was not so cool. Surprised me she can talk like that. Meanwhile, she’s the one with the labia hanging out in that one picture and with a giant camel toe in another. I can’t find them anymore here – what happened to them Simon/Dawg?

  8. Brit may be on her way out soon anyway for the people who are annoyed by her. She’s not aware of the alliance in the house that includes Lane. I find most of her one liners very funny. I just hate when she goes overboard and won’t stop. She’s kind of like a Chelsea Handler type.

    1. She is funny most of the time, but as you said, she’s been going over the line a bit too much, making me draw direct comparisons to “evil” Rachel. Maybe she’s just trying to impress the boys so they liked her.

  9. Any opinions on who Brendon (if he stays this week) or Rachel (if she stays) would or should put up were one of them to win the next HOH??

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