** Updated ** Big Brother 12 – Kathy: “After all this they can’t understand why everybody hates them”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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4:00pm Backyard Matt and Kathy They start off talking about the sab. Matt thinks if Rachel is the sab then based on brendons speech he thinks the sab speech will have somehting to do with a 3 person alliances. Brendon’s been trying to imply that he is in a secret power alliance with ragan and brit.
Matt: “You know Kathy what brit said is true they’ve tried to make an alliance with every single person in the house”
Kahty: “not with me”
Matt: “well consider yourself lucky”
Kathy: “Those 2 where slamming everyone else when I was up there in HOH week 2 then now they are pissed becuase everyone is slamming them”..”She thinks i’m a weakling that’s why I was never offered any deals”
Matt: “well your coming out now… go kathy”
Kahty: “I think i had a lot of anger built up that day directed towards b/r”
Matt: “thats how you win these competitions”
Kathy: “they still can’t understand why everybody hates them because yo know she’s such a nice person outside this house”
Matt: “I’m sure she is.. good we’re letting her out to be a nice person again”
Kathy: “she’s going to be the same in the jury house”
Matt: “I hope not theres not reason to be.. be yourself in the jury house”
Kahty: “oh and she said she only won 2 quizzes thats not very competitive..Then right after that they tell me they’re strong competitors and they want to fight”.
Matt laughs explains that when they were trying to convince him to not put them up on the block there main reasoning was that they are the strongest players in the game and MAtt and Ragan should team up with them and go final 4.
Matt: “I know i’m the target if Brendon wins HOH i’m going up i’ll deal with it not bitch and moan like they are”
kathy: “do yo think they’ve had sex in this house”
Matt: “OH GOD I hope not Rachel would but I doubt Brendon would”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


4:40pm Bathroom Lane and Hayden. Lane: “brigade can easily make final 4”, Hayden: “yeah ”
Brendon walks in asks them whats up, Hayden/lane tell him they just woke up. Lane is thinking about going back to bed since no ones up. Brendon shows them how much sun he’s gotten today and how the microphone left whit mark. Brendon starts “BLANK” complaining about all the “BLANK” pimples he’s “BLANK” getting from all the “BLANK” chocolate he’s been BLANK” eating, (thats how Brendon talks) Lane thinks it might be the stress. Brendon “BLANK” disagrees it’s the “BLANK” chocolate

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:45pm Brendon tells HAyden they have to be real careful with enzo and lane, He doesn’t know about them anymore. Brendon: “your the only one I can trust becuase enzo is just looking after enzo, and theres a strong chance that Lane is the sab”. hayden: “I like lane a lot but I’m not going to trust him because of brit”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:00pm Lane working out, Matt sleeping on the backyard couch and Hayden on the hammock

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:18pm Backyard Hayden, enzo Lane, Brit and MAtt talking about how their plan to make B/R think that rachel is staying is working.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:11pm Taj room Brendon and Rachel Kissing and proclaiming their love. Outside the brigade is commencing operation clean the big brother house (It’s the messiest i’ve ever seen it)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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163 thoughts on “** Updated ** Big Brother 12 – Kathy: “After all this they can’t understand why everybody hates them”

  1. The Brigade is really good at trusting each other with other peoples exposure, like none of them freak when they talk to someone else, and they know when to bash and not bash the brigade members.

    1. I agree, they have that going for them, but I see a tear in the brigade (yo) because Matt feels he is pulling all the weight. When is another member going to win HOH and get some blood on their hands? Matt is wrong for making the lie about his wife and using a disease, but he is the only Brigade (yo) member to win anything. Unless you count the TV Enzo won for himself. I see the time coming, now that numbers are getting lower and lower, that the Brigade (yo) will more openly evaluate each other. It’s bound to happen.

    1. you do realize hayden hates brendon and is blowing smoke up his ass right??? Brenchel the tyrants are DONE GET OVER IT

        1. ??? B/R dont equal half of anything. the brigade is over half the votes. god forbid they’re in the jusry house cause then they decide who wins.. I want a Brigade member to win personnally

          1. I think the point is B/R are half of the 4 votes it takes to win. It take 4 of the 7 jury votes, B/R are 2 of the 4 needed to win. Of course if the whole Brag-ade ends up in the JH, they could join together and pick the winner among themselves- which will be theonly time so far they have each pulled their own weight on one of their Master plans!

        2. they are not half the votes…. 1 of 2 people are chosen to win the 500k and there will be 7 people voting so how exactly are brenchel half the votes?? 5 people will be choosing on who played the best game while the other 2(brenchel) will be choosing the opposite for personal reasons, brenchel’s vote don;t matter

      1. i don’t know about that. hayden sees matt has a side deal with ragan, lane has one with brit, he knows he could depend on brendan once rahcel is gone. i think he will choose brendan oer any of them and if he’s smart he will because final two for him is a lot better with brendan than another brigade member. he will get the jury otes becuase no one will want to give brendan the half a mill.

          1. if anyone is good at it i think it will be ragan. the brigade will be a villians together but not alone, kathy and brit don’t have it in them.

          2. I am pretty sure it’s going to be Matt. He will pin people against each other and sit back and be quiet and just watch things unfold.

          3. I would think it’s going to have to be Matt or Ragan. Matt has a power that nobody will feel he deserves, if he wins any more HOH’s even the Brigade is going to consider trying to ditch him, and I think America is disgusted by the whole wife sickness thing, so CBS may let him slip into that natural role of diabolical super-genius/villain. But Ragan my be FORCED to be the villain in the house depending on what he gets forced to do as the Sabby. We may have the gremlin as the villain for america, and ragan the villain in the house.

            1. yeah thats smart- Ditch Matt because he wins too much. First, that would make him be really out of place in the Brag-ade- the rest of whom can’t win shit. And second why would the they need members of their alliance who win comps- thats not how you get to final 2. In this game you get to final 2 by falling far short of everyone’s expectations and by talking big about how you’ve got it all in the bag– yeah, thats how Big Brother works.

          4. Simon – It could be Matt or Brittany.
            When both B/R are gone it may depend on how and/or if Matt uses the D-POV or if production gets someone to really question his wife’s faux illness. Some of the Brigade members have already questioned his loyality.
            They could also go after Brittany because she is getting too close to Lane. They had the same problem with Hayden being sidetracked by Kristen.
            The saboteur (Ragan) will probably be instructed by America to stir up something or someone.
            I like this season. I know, here come the grenades. 4-DEEP-YO

          5. Brendon will still be in the house, but Brit, Matt r Regan seem the more natural choices. As a villain, Brendon’s a lame duck. A dog with no teeth.

    2. Agree…I hate to see Brendon leave. Without Rach in the house, he will be a different person. I wish the Brigade would figure out that Matt is on course to win this game and the liar would throw them completely under the bus. He thinks Hayden and Lane are not too bright. So join up with someone else. Brit is too mean….talks very bad about Bren and Rach. In fact she has turned Ragan into a mean girl. It is sickening.

      1. I like it Simon and I am sure a lot of us do! Don’t insult the two guys that put this great site together for us.

        1. Agreed, Simon. You run this shite, you’re the man. Don’t give these a-holes too many strikes before you boot them. Their traffic stinks anyway.

      2. You do an awesome job (so does Dawg) I love the extra comments and like you said you’re writing the blog so you can do it however you choose.

      3. Your site is great and the (comments) make it even funnier. While there may be a few people who don’t appreciate the two of you, remember there are so many more that do. Keep up the good work!

      4. simon, this is your site just as well as dawg’s and don’t apologize to anyone for your opinion. if they don’t like your comments, then they can get the hell on.kick rocks. dueces. i bet that person never contributed a dime to this site and had the nerve enough to complain after all of the work that you and dawg put in.

    1. Gavin, why do you think you can come on here and demand (rather rudely) that the authors begin writing with a viewpoint/style that matches yours? You are a piece of work, apparently similar in origin to one Ms. Rachel Reilly.

      Do you ever question why people don’t agree with you?
      Have you ever requested something and been angered when they don’t comply immediately?
      Do you grab your breasts frequently?
      Do your clothes cover your *ss?
      Ever have a nipple slip?
      Drink to oblivion?
      Face covered in zits?

    2. If you don’t like his commentary then don’t read it. You are the consumer …you can choose to go elsewhere if this site bothers you that much. Those of us that appreciate their hard work in putting this all together will continue to enjoy what they have to offer.

  2. Oh my goodness. Are Brendan and Rachel REALLY that clueless? It hasn’t been a week since they put Hayden on the block, and sent his showmance Kristen home. Do they really think that Hayden is on their side? Please tell me they are acting dumb. For being the “smartest” people in the house, my mind cannot fathom such stupidity.

        1. well in his defence he has won two povs and is responsible for getting the strongest person out.
          he stayed last week where he was fair pickings. i’d say matt is living up to his claim of smartest.. maybe just this season tho

  3. Brendon hasn’t even learned how to swear properly. I guess Big Red needs to tutor him some more on the finer points of being obnoxiously rude.
    Perhaps tonight they will both get drunk and dance on the table. Can you imagine Brenden trying to recreate his european vacation where he gave lap dances to other guys? Big Red will get jealous.

    1. Brendon is the nerdy guy in school who was just good-looking enough to hang with the “cool” guys at the edge of their circle……but never learned how to “be” cool.

      1. I dont know if he had any friends at all. From what I have seen on the shows he doesnt seem to possess any social skills and have a real inferiority complex.

      2. 100 percent true, I was that guy….I just got lucky, and snapped out of the “love conquers all” /love movie stage by 20…brenden is stuck in la la land

  4. agree. i think he is flying under the radar. it was strategic for her to take the have not this week, because no one has seen her because she stays in her room, and let them battle it out.

  5. The whole house has a lot of trust in Hayden giving him a good chance to make final two. Doesn’t hurt that he has a nice body! :)

    1. Unfortunately for Hayden, I don’t think there will be any Best Bod or Most Trusted Comps, Tho the latter might keep him off the block for a bit or put him on someone’s coattails, but I still say Hayden and the rest of the Brag-ade are going to have to start winning comps, if they want to amount to anymore than HOT AIR!

      1. That is true! Matt has 2 and Hayden has one HOH, though Hayden’s was a group comp. Lane and Enzo need to do something or Matt and Hayden are better off without them.

      1. she’s not, she skipped eviction, because B/R wanted Kristen out more than her, but if it was up to the rest of the house she would have beend gone.

        1. Correction: B/R was only 1 vote to evict. The Brigade wanted Kristen away from Hayden- they were 3 votes to evict that were not controlled by B/R.

    1. no, thats cbs’ weak edit….kathy is WORSE than people think…seriously shes useless

      her plan is to win HOH

      and take it day by day

      no seriously…thats her plan

    1. Long time reader, first time poster. Been reading on and off for a couple years. Love the comments, I think it helps. I can read blog spelwing jist fin to. I think you guys are doing a great job, keep it up. ps – when I don’t read here it’s because I want to be surprised, but I can’t get enough, so I come here before CBS. Hats off that you don’t ban or edit, it’s a free world. Dicks will go away in time.

  6. hhahahha …………………… I love how everyone is hating on me because I like Brenchal

    u guys are talking things way to serious .. its just a game


    1. I dont like Brendon but I do like Rachel. Gaven one of them are going unless they have some power that we dont know about

    2. PRODUCTION: “Gaven – STOP THAT!”

      PRODUCTION: “Go back to the closet in the Have Not Room and stay there!”

      PRODUCTION: “Thank you!”

    3. I very rarely comment (I come to this site several times a day) but your ignorance have given me no choice. I don’t see people hating on you because you are a Branchel fan (I’m thinking your related to one of them) they are hating on you because you come on SIMON & DAWGs site and bitch about what they are doing. Who are you to come to their site and tell them how to run it??? Like alot of people have said if you don’t like it then leave. There are other sites out there. Nothing as good as this one but you have a choice, no one is making you come to this site. I for one look forward to Simons comments. They are pretty funny and right on. If you look back you will see he not only makes fun or Brachel but he makes fun of everyone. So if your using that as an excuse you have no leg to stand on. Now STFU and enjoy this site…

    4. I do beleive that most of the comments against you were not because you like brenchel, but because you had the nerve to come onto someone elses post and then try to tell them the how to do it….like maybe it was yours.

    5. I’ll be cookin up a bunch of crow for one of us to eat after Thursday’s show. I think I’ll be cookin for you though.

    1. It’ offensive in the fact that he keeps bothering simon and dawg to stop putting their own opinions into the blogs.
      “And again the person that is writing the post .. we dont need ur extra comments .. (stupid comments)”
      That’s what Gaven wrote and he doesn’t want to read the extra comments then just don’t continue reading the blog and find another site.

      1. oh okay well it is their site they pay for it so why shouldnt they participate. I try to limit my responses as i get tired of reading myself after awhile, but it’s not my site. maybe gaven should start his own BB site then he can decide who and what gets read and not.

      2. yes, but everyone is feeding into his need for attention. Why even respond to what he’s saying? Choose to ignore then than be ignorant with him. why stoop to his level with the off the wall response. let him talk. who really cares he’s just one in a bunch.

  7. I have enjoyed this site for the last two years. Every comment from Simon has been right on and by the way very funny. Thank you so much.

    1. Me too. I don’t comment often, but I visit here daily to get the scoop on what’s really going on in the house…as opposed to the sanitized version that CBS shows.

      Thank you Mr. Simon and Mr. Dawg :)

  8. Unless rachel is smuggling a coup d’etat deep in her vag, at least one of them are kind of obligated to leave this Thursday given that they are both on the block… and the veto wasn’t used…

  9. I wonder what reality show Matt will do next? He was on NBC’s Average Joe, the Joe strikes back. does he go around trying to make money on reality shows for his sick wife?

  10. People~ We all know that Gaven’s been trolling this website. Let’s not comment on this douche’s replies so as to not feed the troll. Obviously Gaven is just like Rachel, who feeds off of attention and drama and flaunts themselves trying to get the most feedback as possible (negative or not) and then laugh about it when really they are the ones with no lives.
    So, let’s make a deal shall we and after this blog post we just ignore Gaven as if the douche doesn’t exist?

    Btw: We don’t hate you for being a Brachel Fan, we’re annoyed at you for thinking you have oh so much power as to change simon’s and dawg’s minds and opinions that they express in their posts. And annoyed is actually a very mild term.

    Ok now~ time for me to ignore the nasty little internet troll~

  11. Why do some peoples “names” appear as hotlinks? They sometimes link to something relevant, sometimes not. Why?

  12. No idea .. I only said i dont like the comments that he puts at the end of every phrase ..
    he clearly hates rachel and brendon i dont like that .. thats it


    1. No of course neither of them are going anywhere. you know, since they are on the block together and still will be come eviction day.

    2. When they are out of the house there will be comments after other people. This isn’t an unobjective site. Simon and Dawg have opinions and they keep the recap of what is going on in the house fun! The only reason I am still watching this season!

    3. Gaven,
      Thank you for your application for the position of Blog Troll. We appreciate your interest in the site and your impressive qualifications are being reviewed. If the hiring manager finds that you are a good match for the position, you will be contacted.

      Thank you
      Blog HR

  13. I’m watching Lane & Hayden clean the kitchen on the live feeds. There is nothing sexier than watching a guy clean.

    1. I concur! As if they aren’t sexy enough as it is…..omg! I am still a Hayden fan, but Lane is looking so delicious on the live feed lately, especially with his smart ass (~in love~)comments to Brit.

    2. I have to agree Sammie. I like my man servants to wear tighty whitey’s though while they clean but that is me.

  14. By the way, it’s only the very sugary milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is usually fine, unless I eat an extra super duper large portion.

  15. Gaven im with you but i like the comments people r just immature and i hope they stay for real if you know something tell me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz im dying to know but ill keep it secret

    1. Good point about Brandon. Maybe he caught something. Her face is full of junk, probably her vagina as well. I bet he feels her up under the covers.

  16. Whoever is on the storyline desk at BB controlling which cameras to put on the live feeds should know that we don’t need 2 let alone 4 feeds on B&R playing house. I’m all for some BB triple X action but this is like watching softcore bestiality. I’d much rather listen to some commentary from Britney – she’s entertaining.

    1. oh yes…….royally pissing me off , doing lot of that lately with the feeds and not just with B/R, just about everywhere else in the house or backyard and most of the time it’s really boring garbage…..4 feeds separate feeds so would be nice to see at least 2 different options and now on B/R again in kitchen doing menial stuff grrrrrrrr………earlier when others were in yard talking smack about B/R, was so funny as usual and then poof , of course, they had to switch all 4 feeds over to noisy, annoying, amateur makeout session 101

  17. I wish Lane and Brit could’ve hooked up if she was free of course. That Sat night BBAD feed where they were talking about him being horny was hilarious. There’s an obvious mutual attraction but its very contained.

    1. BigBrothers Big Brother: OMG that was hilarious! The best one yet. She kept gritting her teeth (mocking a sexy look) and I was laughing so hard I almost pissed myself. Of course, Lane was still looking serious as ever….I have never seen him laugh (yet) but he is always funny. It’s cool how they keep their hands to themselves but we can see the attraction here in the outside world.

        1. BB Big Brother: I know right? I could feel his frustration. And I am 100% straight but I’m telling you, Brit was hot that night with her goofy comebacks and silly looks! I give props to Lane for keeping his hands to himself. Poor lil guy was prolly taking cold showers that night! ;)

  18. right, matt said they were dumb to argue that teaming with them is a bad idea because of their str in comps….when really, HES dumb for not taking them further in the game, since they will get zero votes, and give YOU zero votes

  19. JC on a cracker! Some people on here are so quick to condemn! I DON’T AGREE with what he said about the updates. As a matter of fact, I find most of his posts insulting to my intelligence! But “like fies to shit” you want to lynch the guy!!! – If I am not mistaken, this is the same mentally that fueled the mass hysteria behind the Salem Witch Trials? I think Simon and Dawg handled the situation with ract and diplomacy. Maybe we can all learn to be as tolerant of others – regardless of whether or not a perosn is “intellectually-challenged.” I thought site’s like this exist because they provide a forum for discussion, yet everybody just wants to argue. Last time I looked this site was called “Online Big Brother” not “Online Jerry Springer.” Don’t get me wrong I love a good bitch fight and trash talk – but it’s this “Burn Him/Her – They’re a Witch!” shit that has to stop!
    For me, when the comments starting geting off subject “women’s periods, and homophobic in tone) I turn it off. I am not judging Simon and Dawg’s site at all. Just the “behavior” of some of the folks on here!

      1. All I know, is that in order for me to learn to speak (and eventually write), I needed to listen first. I get tired of hearing people complain about “not being heard”, or “you’re not listening to me”! – Well maybe that’s because your in a the room is full of people who just want to talk and not listen. Like in special ed class!

    1. I didn’t interpret it as a witch hunt – just people defending Simon & Dawg & their right to provide commentary along with spoilers. I certainly agree with homophobic and/or racist comments being ignorant and obnoxious. But as for off topic stuff, come on, jimik60, you told us about your date on Sat night and that was ok! I’m just saying that if people dish it out they will have to take it. Present company included.

      1. You are right! I got outta hand, and was just saying shit to say it! I am glad I came to my senses and realized I needed to just turn it off. I stopped listening – which meant is was time to go. If I didn’t I’d be in a padded room, typing with my one free toe!” I went to far on here and in my head!

  20. I don’t know who you people, and the people in the house, are going to say horrible things about after Matt ecutes Rachel, this week, and Brendon, next week. Then who are you going to say horrible things about people who you only know through a game.

    1. Everyone will probably still bash them during their stay at the jury house…why…because once they leave the house will be boring…I said the first week I cannot stand the hate that comes out of Britney and Monet’s mouths…Britney and all of them sit there all day and bash…they are worst to watch than the showmance…at the POV it looks like Brendan said something to Britney face…she can only talk behind your back…

    2. Gatorgirl223, do you not understand that Brenchel had sex in front of America on tv? There is no rational reason in my mind for anyone to respect them. This is a show about beating out everybody in the house for the prize trophy of $500k….not beating off the people in the house while your parents watch. I kinda liked Rachel at the beginning but after her first sex scene, I kept thinking of her poor parents watching that shit and then again and again and again (b/c if you watch BBAD, it is almost a nightly event). The sad thing is, sometimes all 4 cams focus on her and Brendon so there is nothing else to watch on BBAD.
      I’m not a nun but if I was living 24/7 on camera in front of all the world to see, I’d gnaw my arm off before I’d have sex in front of my mother and father.

      1. crockergirl … they are in the public eye – why wouldn’t viewers comment on how they portray themselves? We don’t have to know them personally to comment on their behaviour that they show us! She doesn’t even respect herself or her family, so of course she shows no respect to the other house guests. Majority of the viewers are sick of her. Would you act the way she is if you were on the show? I doubt it. The things she tells about her personal experiences don’t seem to support her being a nice person either – or is she fibbing about all those stories?

  21. BBAD is so F’n boring this year..If I want to watch a billard game for 3 F’n hours I would watch teh World Chanpionships not so scrubsy hacks….Give us so juice to watch…teh funny stories..lets learn about there lives outside BB…lets here about old flames or opions on sex positions and dating….PLEASE GIVE US A REASON TO WATCH.


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