Big Brother 12 Spoilers – BRI-GADE calls a meeting, “dodo head” stays this week

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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7:40pm Backyard Couch rachel and Brendon They are both fully convinced that Lane is the sab. Brendon points out that Lane was always a quiet player but now he’s running around causing BLANK, Brendon says its the same behavior they saw in Annie. Brendon thinks positive that Lane is the sab and he’s already slipped up. BRendon thinks that Rachel might be able to sell the inforamtion to someone for a vote or possible safety next week. She needs to say she know who the sab is. Rachel doesn’t think they will believe him.

They start to study for quizzes

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


7:58pm HOH BRIGADE minus the gremlin Hayden is telling them about the conversation he had with Brendon in the bathroom. Brendon told hayden that he doesn’t trust Enzo or lane anymore. LAne jokes “oh oh your out of the fake alliance”
Enzo: ” BLANK this guy he has no idea what he’s doing”
Hayden: “he was asking me if I trusted him and I said yes then he told me he trusts rachel so I can trust rachel”
Enzo: “What the BLANK yo”
Hayden: “he doesn’t trust Lane because he’s with brit”
Lane: “Good thats what we want”
Enzo says he’s going to BLANK with Brendon tonight to smooth it over, he blames it on him being upstairs today sleeping and listening to music. Lane tells them to go to bed early so B/R doesn’t see them together. Hayden says he can’t Rachel is going to give him her knowledge.
Lane: “We need to get her wizard powers”
Enzo: “BLANK dummy.. he doesn’t trust me.. you would think he would try to keep somebody” (enzo is getting excited)
Hayden: “poor guy he’s got nothing he should be looking for friends”
Enzo: “You would think instead he’s throwing people under the bus left and right”
Lane: “don’t be worried Enzo He won’t put you up”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Enzo: “he thinks that what he did today is going to get him out this week BLANK him”
Lane laughs where keeping that guy he’s not going to go anywhere. Enzo now starts to say that he wants Brendon gone that he thinks rachel is easy to manipulate, both HAyden and Lane say no way we have to get rid of Rachel.
Enzo: “brendon is a dummy, i knew me being up here studying would make him salty”
They all agree that they are golden this week if Brendon wins HOH, Brendon hate MAtt and Brit the most and will put them up. they have the votes to keep matt and Brit will go home. The only thing wrong with their plan is if Brit wins POV and Brendon puts up Lane, but they doubt that would happen they think Ragan would go up instead. Enzo wonders who they should put up. Hayden thinks it’s smart to try and backdoor the “dodo head” since they have a “fake alliance with him”. Lane thinks they could put up ragan and Kathy, tell them they are both pawns and they want to backdoor brendon. Hayden warns him that both of them will be pissed, Enzo doesn’t think it’ll matter at that point. Hayden also doesn’t think kahty should go up as a pawn, Enzo recommends Brit and ragan since they are the strongest. Hayden and enzo agree to meet up tonight and work needledick tonight and try and get brendon to trust enzo again.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:30p Kithcen Matt and Ragan Matt tells him about the other day he noticed all his BLANK getting ruffled around. So Matt decided to take a hoodie and lay it out in a pattern in his suite case. After a little while Matt went to the suitcase and everything had been moved. He went to DR and asked them what the policy was with people BLANK with other peoples BLANK…. FEEDS CUT OUT….
Matt says I hope it was her going into my suitcase because that how I would suspect otherwise someone is tricking me, I think it’s pretty shady and i can’t believe they (production) won’t stop it. Ragan doesn’t understand why Brendon won’t look at him and he thinks it’s because he’s friends with Matt and Brendon feels so threatened by Matt. Matt doesn’t understand why, Ragan says it’s because Matt is smart and does well in challenges and Brendon is very insecure. Matt:”he’s VERY insecure” .. HAyden and enzo enter.. they start talking about the pool tournament.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:49pm Pool Tournament starting

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:23pm Pool Tournament still going on

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:40pm Pool Tournament still going on Every once in awhile you hear a “good try Rach” otherwise everyone is silent.

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115 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – BRI-GADE calls a meeting, “dodo head” stays this week

    1. Brendan’s an idiot.. just described the science of brewing wine as phrenology. arghhh!
      Phrenology is the science of studying the bony parts of the head. uh huh reallllll educated there Brendan!

    1. Did Allison reject you as a candidate for the house? You seem bitter. Do you ever make a comment about the show or just do lame eating jokes about her?

      1. I will never apply to be on BB even though I really want to. Because I would be stuck in a house with people who were hand picked to be annoying and/or crazy, and then also have to deal with millions of people applauding me one week online, and then slandering me the next week. I’ve been reading this blog for years, and have seen every season of BB, and if you scroll down the comments of any random article on this site, THAT’S why I choose not to comment seriously often. What’s the point? Most BB fans are all impossibly retarded, so why even try to have an honest debate? I actually made a few serious comments today, but it seems like only Simon and a few other people agreed with me, so I’ll keep my BB-opinion-minority-mouth shut and just continue poking fun at the woman who heavily helped ruin the past few seasons of BB. Emphasis on the heavily. Because she’s fat.

        1. How dare you call me retarded for watching such a emotionally charged, educational, sprited, fun loving, back stabbing, crazy show! (Dont forget that not only do I watch the show, but I watch BBAD and I stay up til 3am on these feeds because I have no life and am addicted to a bunch of people that I dont even really like…except Lane….his face replaces my husbands this week during sexy time) You have got some nerve…now make a donation Biznatch!

    1. yes per production orders. what other reason would someone have for going through his things, and production won’t stop it. if he did find it production won’t let him tell anyone. i doubt if he found it though since no one is supposed to know and it is to be a surprise if he uses it.

  1. getting real boring,i want some B/R action OMG FLOPGADES are the worse alliance ever i think ronnie was better than them she was good in comp sometimes

    1. what do you mean “getting”…it has been since day one! This is the worst and most boring season in the last few years. These people are complete losers with no personality and do not know how to play the game!

  2. NOOO” Frig they all would be dumb asses if they didn’t get out Rachel…she is a wayyyyyy better player….Brenden will totally give up if Rachael leaves….frig….Enzo is taking this too personally…they need to get rid of racheal or else…

  3. Does anyone know if there’s an exit interview for hgs? Ross Matthews had Inside Dish last year… I would love to see the look on Roachel’s face when someone told her that she is America’s most hated player!!!!

    1. I wish Evel Dick hosted a show for the booted hgs!! ” So, Rachael, are you aware that so many people think you look like Boy George?” lmao

      1. Yah I really liked evil Dick. He was a cool guy. Too bad they don’t choose players with diverse backgrounds and ages anymore.

    2. Yes, on another popular BB live feed monitoring site you can find it in written form (at least for the first 4 HG evicted) — not sure if they will have access to the HG that are going to jury though and even if they did, have to be careful what they ask them about and say to them…just written though, no video. Don’t want to dis this site though by naming the other site, but you can figure it out if you search for it for a few minutes.

      1. Thnx, I have read Kristen’s exit intrvw… Was cruisin YouTube for vid– would just love to see the look on BG’s face…

    3. I’m quite sure Rachel isn’t America’s most hated player. She is annoying sure but most of America are hoping for a showmance and to see a little cam action they show once in a while…

          1. I think Brendon is much better looking then Jeff. However, I think Matt is sooooo cute, I just want to hug him and do naughty things with him. hahaha

      1. nah I tried…and I do hate all the High School BS that they talk about…STds and such…but rachel is just awful and brenden needs some therapy from his past issues….hes a great guy…he just puts way too much on love…and its like to him its his last chance in life to latch onto someone…needs to realize that he doesnt need to do that…it takes a rough break up with a bad chick like rachel to do it

        I swear the breakup may be great therapy for brenden….he may actually grow up on the spot. seriously

        1. I am not sure why one person thinks they can decide who the most hated player is. They had a survey last week on one of these sites and believe it or not she was not the least liked player. Not even close. Matter of fact Hayden and Kristen were pretty low.

          1. I can’t imagine that Rachel is the most hated…especially after the verbal vomit coming from Brit this week…seriously…her banter about walking thru the mall and not saying anything unless confronted…OMG I would NEVER EVER want to be walking anywhere with that hating little thing! I am waiting for the day when SHE is in the jury house and has to deal with all the crap she talked!! Can’t wait for the “tail” comment to come to light! LMAO!!!! giggle!

  4. It would be cool if the sabatour stole Matts diamond POV if someone is really going through his shit. That would be a pretty good twist to this otherwise boring season.

    1. If someone else found it, would Matt still be able to use it? It’s not like he told anybody about it so he hasn’t broken any rules.

    2. Yah that would be hilarous because Matt can’t declare to the house that someone stole his secret POV. Plus, finders keepers would apply I think. Oh snap!

      I think Roach stole it. hahahhaha

    3. If it was Roachel, she would’ve slapped that dpov around her neck so fast… She’d start gallopping around the house saying,” Heeeyyyyy!!! Look what I got!!! Bye bye, bitches ( wannabe Janelle style)…

  5. I love how everyone is preemptively trying to strike out the saboteur. Going to the bathroom at night with an eyewitness, laying shirts out in a pattern… etc etc… It’s a dumb idea to bring in a second saboteur because now Ragan really can’t do anything because everyone is thinking ahead. XD
    Still, if Ragan can figure out a way around it it’s gonna fun watching the houseguests get pranked.

    1. yeah but what’s so strange is that no one suspects ragan, these people are clueless, they think it could be matt, kathy, rachel, or lane, but no one suspects ragan. that’s why they think production just made up the saboteur.

  6. listen there’s something i don’t understand cbs ask us to tell the sab aka ragan what to do but 2 do it he use a laptop inside of the diary room this is what we saw the first sab was doing,but what if someone tell’s ragan there’s a aliiance call the” FLOPGADES” can this happe ???? or cbs will delete the msg an what if ragan stole the pov ticket what will happen and i wonder if gaven was telling the truth??? what if rachel doesn’t leave??? is there somekind of twist for thursday ???

    1. Production will censor and discriminate all comments. they will pick the ones they think are best for the show. that may or may not include messing up the brigade.

    2. they probably only show him the cbs big brother website with the choices america chose for him to do. or because annie went in to not win the half million dollars, but to only sabotage maybe she was privileged to all information. This time they may just tell ragan what to do.

      1. yeah but he’s the saboteur it’s not like matt will suspect ragan. i don’t think ragan will have a choice in what he does. he can’t exclude matt and sabotage everyone else just because he likes matt. that will really look suspicious. who better to sabotage someone but someone you would least expect to do it, that is how ragan is going to survive because no one suspects him. matt seems to think it’s rachel because he keeps saying her, he thinks rahcel is the saboteur.

  7. If someone went into Matts suitcase and found the DPV, can they use it instead of Matt? Are there any rules against going through somone’s things? I, personally, would be pissed if someone did that to me!

  8. Kahty said this about Rachel the other night.

    “That first night i told her to close her legs because her panites were showing and she said Ohh I’m from Vegas I don’t care”

    She said it all with not a single “YOU KNOW” Kathy is evolving

    1. Simon, I just love you and Dawg… And your site!!! Btw, I read earlier someone complaining about you adding your own opinion, but I LOVE it when you do that :) keep up the good work !!!

    2. OMG I think you’re right Simon. After I read your comment I actually started paying attention to Kathy tonight and she did throw out a number of “likes”,but I haven’t heard a “you know lately”….and I’ll be damned,she’s even laughing and having a good time tonight….yo.

  9. I really hope somebody found the D-Veto in Matt’s suitcase. I hate him so much.
    The Brigade (yo) needs to get rid of him.

  10. Are the Vagamatic and Brendon finally belly bumping. or still Vagilla still playing the 7th grade face sucking blue ball special?

  11. I will only keep watching if Rachel stays. I love her she is the only bright side to this completely dull waste of a season. Brit is okay too but she’s just a nasty hearted person that i would want to punch in the face in real life.

    Come on Rachel! Final 2!

    Plus she might be less annoying without the stupid showmance.

  12. i’m beginning to think the only one who actually deserves the money is kathy surprisingly. she is the nly one who doesnt annoy the hell out of me

        1. Matt is my guy, I’m mad at the wife lie but hey we all do dumb ass stuff in our lives…. He’s my man. I’ll be sad to see Rachel go but it’s funny how Matt is kicking out Rachel both being my favorites. I can’t be mad at him for Rachel. If she would have shut up for 1 minute, Kathy would be going home this week or maybe Britney. I’ll be throwing grenades for the rest of the season for sure.

          1. Ya do sorta have to give Matt extra credit for his game play. Hi IS playing the game with ONE hand…at least he is when he’s wearing his onesie jammies. bwahahahaha

  13. I really hope Rachel and Brendon are the ones who knew each other before the show, and that is why Brendon is so far up her arse. I mean that would make sense, because right now i can only shake my head, its really sad to watch. He seriously needs some counseling, and some prescription drugs. LOL

    1. Yes, they met at a strip club threee years ago in Vegas at a bachelor party for one of Brendon’s good friends. Brendon did not think much of her that night as he slammed his needledick into her; he then fell madly in love with her as he saw here wake up the next day at 3:37pm with a massive wad of 100s clenched in her fist. The site of her clenching the money with her bra and panties off had made everyone around that walked past her, by the fountains of Bellagio, puke on her.
      Brendon has been driving to Vegas like a good little puppy almost every weekend since that fateful meetinng in March, 2007.

  14. these HG suck, if they spend half their time looking at themselves in the mirror, and the other half talking shit about b/r who havent really dont anything too bad (except floaters grab ur lifevests). No, none of you will be on all stars… except b/r, no lane or hayden you will not be on survivor or amazing race… but b/r might. get a clue HG you are all extras in the b/r show because you truly do float through the game anonymously. it should just be cardboard cutouts in the background with a tape playing talking about how dirty rachels minge is. BB 12 in a nutshell


  16. I think Matt is related to me. My mom’s last name is Hoffman and my grandma is from Chicago, my mom was born there. He might be my cousin.

    1. I love pj’s with the feet in them. I wear them to camp. I have a pair like Matt’s except mine are pink with skulls.

    1. She wasnt. Did she say that on the live feed because that is a lie. She has been sleuthed throughly and that magazine was not on the list. She has only obtained skank jobs.

    1. Jordon – I think she’s gorgeous, well not right now because she’s covered in zits and gained about 10 pounds but before she went into the house, I so had a girl crush on her.

  17. Has anyone watched the new BB show on ABC? It was called Bachelor Pad. It had more drama than BB and when RAchel is gone, I think it will be the show to watch for drama.

    I find it bad that I have to watch another reality TV show for people locked in a house. I really hope CBS notices this and fixes BB espically for next year. I think ABC might have a hit on thier hands. Wisen up BB producers, we are really tiring of your lame crap.

    Sabateur? Dimamont power of veto where you only have 2 weeks to use? BLAH!

    1. drama this year? there is no drama in these kats there all boring. i think b/r are the only ok thing in the guest.

  18. rachel and brit come off as very high maintenence… but only one is actually maintained… wonder which one. Is there seriously 2 lifelong friends or was annie just making it up to make people sketchy about kathy and brit

  19. i find rachel very attractive… i’d say 7 out of 10. once her personality comes into play it drops to a 2. not even one night stand material… id say like one hour and id make her pay for her cab home

    1. If you mean that Brendan will literally hurl himself through the door after Rachel is evicted? Then, yes it will a big move for them.,,,,,,,,

    2. Gaven,
      Thank you for your application for the position of Blog Troll. While your qualifications are impressive, we do not believe there is a suitable match at this time. We will keep your application on file.
      Thank you
      BB Blog HR Department

  20. did anyone consider….and I hate to even say it….

    ragen is told to find what matt got from the box and put it in the suitcase of someone on the block

    can you imagine?

    stumbling upon it?

    1. Doesn’t seem far fetched at all … especially considering last year’s production fiasco (contriving that whole scenario about the lie to get Russ out early). They made J/J look like fools. I don’t put anything past them.

    2. That would suck… If on Wednesday he says its missing in the DR sessions I will be pissed. And then his ass needs to go home to not hide that better.

  21. Britt is so 2 faced she is the biggest bitch on the show!!! What is with that girl to think she is so much better then everyone else! She needs to grow a set and say to peoples face what she is so good at saying behind their backs!!! What a joke!

    1. Brit is funny. She is grooming Rachel for the jury. I don’t think Brit will make final 2, but she doesn’t know about the brigade. She is playing the game, and she is almost as entertaining as Dick was. I will be sorry to see her go. Her DR sessions are the best. Being two faced is one of the skills you need to be successful at BB. It isn’t summer camp. What else is there to do in that house but talk behind peoples backs? I respect how Brit told Rachel straight up that she wouldn’t use the veto. She could have made Rachel grovel, let her think there was hope, and then not use it. I for one will be glad when Rachel is gone. I foresee Brendon having an emotional melt down. Should be fun to watch.

  22. Ah…Chloe you are so adoreable! Sure, Brit is “funny”, clearly a true “wit”. Obviously been doing this type of back biting for quite a long time…not just on the show…that kind of expertise at breaking it down dirty doesn’t just happen…I assure you! That young lady is quite a piece of work! NOW….I DO applaud the fact that she has most certainly been able to manipulate those poor little boys and Ragan well…BUT, that little one is something! I am waiting for what I call “popcorn time”….when little misses house of cards begins to fall and I get to sit back and watch…giggle…then the fun will begin..I’m personally looking forward to the jury house at this point since the actual house is soooo boring with these folks NOT wanting to “get blood on their hands” and gals like Brit afraid to say anything to anyones face….big babies….

  23. Notice the way Ragan looks at Matt? He looks like a pre-pubescent 12 year old in LOVE!!! I mean seriously it is creepy and funny at the same time. This boy is head over heels for our little ball scratcher. I think that is why Matt keeps doing it because he knows it is turning Ragan on!! Soo funny!

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