Big Brother 12 Updates – Matt gets his Hand Stuck and Kristen still thinks she has a chance

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

This Big Brother Update shows the house guests in Indoor Lockdown. They cannot see what is going on outside nor can they walk outside. The house guests can hear the sounds of construction from the CBS Crew as they construct this weeks HOH competition in the backyard. The house guests are all getting uneasy Kristen Bitting is fighting hard for votes but it’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that she’s going home.

3:05pm Jumanji Room Brit, Ragan, Matt and Lane sleeping around talking about Brendon. They wonder what Brendon will do if he wins HOH, Brit thinks he’ll put up 2 strong players. Lane tells her to stop talking like that she’s getting people worried. They start talking about what type of competition it will be, There all positive that it will be skills based. Ragan says he’s good at video games and bowling, Britney is no good at 3D video games but she kicks ass at 2D video games. Matt laying there with his hand way the fuck down his pants (and yes I saw Ragan doing it to) Brit says if Brendon wins HOH they should all just lay down and sleep the week away, if Brendon comes around to talk to them they’ll wake up and say “Is is thursday.. no.. ok ” and fall back to sleep. You can hear production banging away outside, Ragan comments that they are too noisy nobody can sleep. Matt brings up how Brendon’s wizard voice is getting to be a little much. Britney says he would stop but all you guys “enzo, ragan” keep laughing when he does it. They’re laughing at him not with him. Brit mumbles something about Rachel being the saber toed tiger.. Matt says she’s getting more evil everyday (Team Pazuzu all the way) They start talking about mean girls Rachel and Brendon walk in….

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
3:31pm Gremlin and Britney talking about the HOH competition They’re wondering if the Head of Household competition is endurance because they’re building something big outside. Britney puts out the idea that it may be double eviction this week. Matt doesn’t think so it’s too early, Britney: “Yeah your right it’s usually week 6”. They both agree that it probably skill based and they’ll probably get to practice tonight (thats my guess)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:53pm cabana room Kathy and Kristen Kristen saying there isn’t much more she can do, She’ll go and talk to everyone tonight (oh great) and she’ll talk to them tomorrow. She warns Kathy that Rachel is going to use the 5grand she won to try and buy safety for the week. Kristen says as soon as Kristen leaves she going to ask Hayden if him and Kristen are brother and sister. Kristen thinks she has Lane’s vote then she only needs 2 more, Kathy tells her she can still get the votes she just needs Ragan to lock in. Kristen doesn’t understand why he doesn’t keeping her in the house benefits him more than keeping Hayden. Kathy thinks he’s scared to do it, he’s playing a very cautious game. Kathy mentions that she hopes there not locked in all night. Kristen tells her they are, Kathy:”I get so claustrophobic when were kept inside” Kristen is unsure about Lane’s vote.. she asks Kathy if he told her she had his vote. Kathy says yeah he did right at the last minute, Kathy will be shocked if Lane goes back on his word. Kathy tells her that she doubts she’ll get Enzo’s vote, Kathy was really pushing him last night for a answer but he never gave one, Kathy isn’t sure. Kristen thinks that Lane can get Enzo to vote for her.. (these guys have to tell this poor girl she’s going home)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:45pm Kristen cuts his hair Ragan, Brigade (yo), Brit talk it up in the kitchen, You can hear the kitchen group from the bathroom. Total silence in the bathroom Hayden looks pissed

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:00pm Ragan, Brigade (yo), Brit talking about the HOH comp, Some think it’s endurance some think it’s skill based. All they know is they’ve been hammering like crazy in the backyard all day and they’ll probably be in lockdown until the HOH comp on Thursday

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84 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Updates – Matt gets his Hand Stuck and Kristen still thinks she has a chance

  1. Now if they were nice, which most aren’t, they would just tell Kristen they are not voting to keep her. That way she would stop campaigning and spend the rest of her time with Hayden and maybe relax. It might make her talk to them more but it might stop her too. Also, it just might make her get in Rachel’s face again. That would be fun to watch. Nothing to lose, nothing to gain. Then Hayden could go and get up Rachel and Brendon’s asses apologizing for Kristen behavior and look like the nice guy.

  2. I read all the “gremlin” comments about his hands down his pants? is he making sure he still has a penis? also, he doesn’t cook or come into contact with food or other stuff with those pubic stained hands does he? i would hope not.

      1. Just tell her she is going. It is kind of like when you are broke and you have to tell your kids that Santa Claus won’t be coming this year. The kid is going to keep asking you why, should I write him another letter, can we call him? Let’s go to the mall and let me talk to him! You finally just have to say, I’m Santa Claus, I’ve lost my job, the house is in foreclosure, we got to move, kid there is no money!!!! Then on Christmas morning when they wake up and find one gift under the tree, they are surprise and happy at least there was one gift. When they see the UHaul in the drive way, that is when you tell them that you lied, there is a Santa Claus and you are moving to Canada so you can be closer to him for next year.

          1. I agree – Great story BBGrandma! I just love it when you guys are so creative instead of just saying somebody sucks or blows or YO brigade rally cries. I wish my grandma was more like you, bbgrandma, you are much fun!

    1. she really is wasting her breath. the brogade won’t go against hay and rag will vote with the majority so theres 4 votes and brit is on the majority as well as schathy and brendumb oviously is voting kristrn out so it’s 7 votes for hay and 0 for little orphan annie but she can go to off off off off broadway and do a revival of annie:it really is a hardknock life play. :)

      1. I feel bad for her . She still think she has a a chance. I hope none of this boring house guest come back. BB12 IS A SNOOZE!

  3. I love coming to read this blog. It saves me from spending countless hours on the live feed, and it saves me some $$

    Thanks for all you do to keep us informed.

  4. Please guys please just tell Kristin she’s not getting your votes. She’s getting delusional thinking she has these votes.

  5. it’s so pathetic how Kristen thinks she can sway Lane and Enzo to vote for her.
    that’s kaka! you can’t infiltrate the Brigade yo! it’s legit.

  6. I wish Kristen were staying. But thats not going happen. I hope they bring someone back this season. To shake things up. They should have brought back a houseguest and made a new saboteur at the same time. Now that would of made things interesting. I want Matt to get HOH again and see what he does with it.

  7. HAAHHAHAHA ragan i knew he was gone surprise me, you see rachel saying “please don’t do that, no” PRICELESS…remember her claiming that was the reason she got out money when it was really a personal reason LMFAO

  8. you can see kristens camel toe through the hippie tard. interesting hayden gave her it :) so much for love :) LOL and moaner don’t say it’s a game! like you attack anyone else on here who makes an observation :)

  9. Why does Hayden’s hair always look wet or oily? He needs to cut it off, and sport a different hair style. shit, his hair looks worst than Gnat’s hair!

            1. thanks you guys for the update to bring me up to speed! you guys are awsome!
              one more stupid question – so this week’s veto ceremony is done, and it wasn’t used?

  10. rachael is very sharp, she says to hayden ” no way you are gonna put any of your friends up” referring to the brogade. she is on to them. so she may be alot of things but at least she can’t be played :)

    1. Yes, I dont like her too much but I have to admit she is very smart, most people think she is not but she really is.

  11. kristen must have multiple hippie tards, the peace symbol was small and in a corner then when the pov was done it took up her whole stomach area . also, is it me or doesn’t britney look alot like a young dolly parton? LOL

  12. Hated Rachel’s smirk when Brit said she wasn’t using POV. If it weren’t personal, she wouldn’t have been so smirky!

    1. rachael was just glad that brit did what she was told. rachael’s song should be satisfaction. she certainly seems to love to get it. and if brendon gets hoh I bet rach will convince him to put up ragay because he gave her the money and did not obey her highnesses wishes. member it’s her way or the chopping block. :) off with their heads, let them all eat slop. :)

    2. Of course it’s personal DUH!!!!

      Now we need some kind of powers to save Rachel and Brendon. Without them, this will be even more boring that it already is. :(

        1. Without Brendon and Rachel this year would really be a snooze. CBS will probably let a brigade person win, but that would be sad. Matt made up a horrible lie about his wife and for that alone he should be thrown out of the house. I really like Brendon but you all seem to not like him, because of his attachment to Rachel. (She probably should have not dyed her hair red, it is awlful.) I always tell my children that you are who you hang out with, apparently
          Brendon’s mom forgot to tell him that. But give Brendon a break. You all aren’t condeming Hayden for being with wierd eyed Kristen. She has been horrible this week. Whinner. Kristen seems to be a bit arrogant.

  13. is it true all the girls on this season (except monet) have breasts implants? i know rach’s are (ovious) and kristens too, but schathys and brits are questionable. anyone have any thoughts? :)

    1. kathy & brit look naturally endowed to me, but in the pacific nw it’s not as common as some places. were all about recycling and save the trees and natural foods here.

  14. Just wondering what it’s going to take for Brendon to see, if he stays with Rachel, he’ll have to kiss her Butt the entire time!!! It’s “all about her” … Miss Vegas!!!

    1. thanks, I googled needledick and that was the only non hardcore porn image I got on the first page. Ragan is buzz for now but i think that one should be one of the first to change.

  15. Rachel is not intelligent, she is “street smart”. She has probably lived more life than most of the others there. Can’t stand her. Brit looked like a little “doll” in her red shirt.
    GO Brigade & Brit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Stop hating on the girl cuz she’s smarter than that dumb ass bitchgade….you must be related to 1 of those losers geeshh you don’t even know her u just know what u see on tv…. it’s just a game, don’t hate congratulate!!!!! You apply for next season people probably wouldn’t stand u either! haha

  16. Allison please get someone in that house to inspect for bedbugs, or crabs maybe? Matt and Enzo GOT to have a case of something! ROFL

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