**update** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon to Rachel: “you’ll never get hired for s0ftcore p0rn”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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5:33pm HOH Rachel, Brendon and Kristen They ask here how is it going She says it’s getting rough. She tells them she has 2 confirmed votes. Brendon tells her they haven’t had a chance to talk to anyone about where their heads are with the vote. Kristen says she’s getting the feeling that it’ll be a 3-4 vote, it’s going to come down to one vote. Brendon hasn’t heard anything from the other players. Kristen says she’s been talking to everyone and hasn’t been telling them a different story she been telling them all the same story. She’s shown herself to be genuine and a fighter and if she stays she’ll have a open mind about B/R. Kristen leaves… BRendon: “Looks like we have another Kathy on board” Rachel wonders why KRisten even thinks she has a chance.. They think the 2nd vote for Kristen is ragan but they can’t figure out why he would, they would expect him to vote with the house. Brendon thinks he should tell her he’s voting against her. Rachel: “UHH BRENDON YOU DON”T OWE HER ANYTHING!!” Brendon agrees. Rachel thinks Kristen wouldn’t be in this situation if she wasn’t such a bitch, Brendon starts making a cat hissing sound he imitates a cat fight.. i press mute…. (Damn all 4 cameras are on the HOH..NOooooooooo)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:46pm Chessboard Rachel and Brendon see ragan, Brit, Kristen and Hayden playing chess. Tehy decide to pretend they are having sex. Brendon thinks it’ll be so funny to see their face spin around on the HOH tv. 2 minutes later cut to the chess board we hear the “sex” Brit smiles “are we suppose to acted shocked”.. Rachel and Brendon keep going on and on until finally Rachel pops her head out asks them why they weren’t shocked. Ragan says it sounded like hammering, Brendon says Rachel will never get hired for softc0re p0rn, they head back into the HOH room… Lane walks up. Ragan: “you smell like a rose lane”.. Gremlin joins.. Lane stands up and hangs over the railing. Starts joking around Says when he wins HOH he’s going to stand there and have them downstairs stand up and give the speeches to him.. he’s not going to go down there with the scum.. Enzo down at kitchen yells up that he’ll throw the POV at Lanes head.



Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:35pm Getting ready for dinner, theres a quiet side conversation going on with Matt and Brit, He’s telling her he hasn’t dissed her once during his DR sessions. He thinks she’s right there isn’t too many irritating people in the house but the ones that are annoying are “SO incredibly ANNNOYING” Brit agrees.. mostly chit chat going on.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:50pm Kristen tells Kathy she doesn’t want to give up
Big Brother 12 Spoilers


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46 thoughts on “**update** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon to Rachel: “you’ll never get hired for s0ftcore p0rn”

    1. I think it is amazing that no sex tapes have come out yet! There have to be some guys out there wishing they could find the tape of their unbelievable night in Vegas. wink, wink.

    2. Actually, Rachel’s first job was as a “swabby” on porn sets. She then moved up to be a “swabby” at the EBIC.

    1. simon, do you mean replacing his pic at top of page with a goofy one (like Nastalie was Pigpen from Charlie Brown)? Lane reminds me of Larry the Cable Guy….IDK why.
      Long live Team Brigade!

    2. Don’t ya think is should be some eye shine? You know, reflection of the eyes when an animal is spotlighted? Maybe a racoon, fox, or ferret?

    3. at first thought a hayseed farmer with a pitchfork, but now I’m thinkin hillbilly in a plaid shirt with a shotgun is more his spirit

        1. I think you’re right on with thatone BBGrandma!! Must thank my own Grandma & Mama for listening to Glen Campbell – LOL!!

  1. lane is an early andy griffith……..brittany is poppy montgomery…..brendan is jeff lewis from Flipping Out……Matt is the youngest Caulkin boy….could not get into acting with Rory and McCauley………….kathy is still beverly d’angelo (her early work) and Enzo????? Frank Sinatra Jr.

  2. Britney = Dolly Parton. She looks like her but also has that southern charm crossed with very sharp wit.

    1. YES>>>>>>>> he reminds of the cro magna man from the movie ICEMAN….with timothy hutton. I have to find it on google,,,,,,,

    2. I did notice Hayden’s lack of upper lip, especially tonight. He has a small mouth. Before I noticed, I was taken over by that mop of hair hanging down his face. One wonders if his forehead is full of scars or something and that’s why the style. He so needs a hair cut.

    1. It’s Pazuzu a ancient demon, brit is referred to in the house as evil and according to ragan today she’s getting more evil with each passing day

  3. Did I hear this right, America gets to vote on who they will ask to be the next sab. The person with the most votes gets ask to do it, the person with the least amount of votes gets evicted? If that is the case. NO ONE vote for Rachel to be sab. WE will get her ho a&& out of there ourselves.

    1. Well she can always get her job back as a stripper/pole dancer in the city of Dubai. Either that or go back to driving a cab.

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