Big Brother 12 Update Sunday Morning – Rachel: “Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:31am backyard Enzo rachel and brendon briefly go outside and they talk about Hayden coming out of confinement to exchange his battery.. Enzo explains how it was done (Feeds cutting in and out so thats all I could get out of the conversation) Enzo and Brendon keep singing “Meow Meow Meow Meow”
Enzo leaves to go inside rachel and Brendon start talking. Rachel is worried that they’re spending too much time in the HOH room the entire house is left downstairs. Brendon says it’s nice to be up there all alone and be able to relax. Rachel reminds them that the whole house could be scheming against them. All of a sudden enzo opens the sliding glass door and you hear “Meow Meow Meow” rachel starts to sing it to “Meow Meow Meow”. (no idea where this came from but it seem to be a thing B/R and Enzo are doing) .

10:44am Lane and Enzo working out in the backyard, Brit CHOMPING on her cereal


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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

1048am Jumanji Room Matt, Ragan and Matt Ragan is explaining his areas of research in philosophy. He’s not interested in the ancient stuff more on contemporary theories. He starts to explain Greek homosexuality called pederasty. Brendon chimes in about the movie 300 and how the Greek hoplites would go in the bush and train for 8 months at a time and usually have sex with the men that fought beside them. Ragen says thats not Pederasty and he continues to explain it. Ragen really goes into depth about gay history and philosophy (he’s very knowledgeable in this subject matter having a PhD in it i guess that goes without saying)


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:00am Brit, Lane and Enzo Lane asks Brit to climb on his back he’s going to do some pushups. She does and ane hammers out a full set, Brit: “WOW.. this is impressive!” Enzo: “Thats Texas Baby”. They start talking about about who swears in the house. Enzo wonders if they bleep the feeds, Brit says no but they will cut the feeds if there is excessive foul language being used. They all agree that Brendon swears a lot, possibly the most in the house. Brit says that even when he’s having a regular conversation with people he’ll throw in a fuck here a fuck there. Enzo mentions that Brendon always adds a “io” to the end like it’s somehting scientific. Brit laughs calls it scientific cussing. Lane starts imitating Brendon swearing.

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Why does Brenden think is he is smarter then everyone.
Rachel thinks the whole house could be scheming against them, really stupid.


Rachel thinks they could be scheming against her and Brandon, how stupid she is. Of course they are scheming to get them out of the house. No one is really on their side. I wish a few of the HGs had enough balls to stand up to them and tell them what a POS they both are and to get down from the pedestal they put themselves on. B/R aren’t even funny, just pathetic! LOL!


who’s scheming? I only hear everyone saying they want her out, but no one saying how they are going to go about getting her out.

hayden is a baby

why do the other hg’s think they are better than him? Im sorry but ALL of them are complete hypocrits.

there isnt one honest person there.

And he is smart…2 pov’s…in intelligence comps…


As smart as B/R claim to be….why haven’t they figured out the Brigade yet??? Oh, I know…because they are so busy suckin’ face instead of sneakin around corners listening to other people conversasions! DAH!


as soon as the brigade do something in the game maybe someone will figure out that they are working together


They don’t need to know about the brigade. They know all they need to know and that’s everyone wants them out. So knowing about the brigade is irrelavant to them. They are smart. They’re smart enough to win and not get evicted up to this point.


Brendon sure has learned to say the “F” word from Rachel. He is taking on a whole new way of speaking since he’s been in the house. Very Weird Transformation. Also, it’s strange how Rachel keeps going on and on about how everyone needs to promise to get them to the final two. Does she realize and respect the fact that others are playing their OWN games and not solely to get her a final WIN??? I wish the others would band together and stand up to HER. I don’t even think Brendon is as bad as her anymore after that lecture about EGO he gave her. I see now how mean spirited she is and although she is playing a game she must be somewhat like this in real life. She tramples on others and has no problem doing it. Wake up household and vote her OUT!


She (R) does go back and forth between seemingly nice to the girls to out right hateful and catty to put it mildly! I think it is her smart side in constant battle with her skank side! One minute she seems to be playin a good game and the next a really bad game! Im ready for her to go too….long time ago……It will be a whole different game w/o her in the house! A well needed one! My new fav team is Lane/Brittany I wish they could have a showmance!


Amen. She gets so offended when others try to consider their own position in the house instead of thinking of how they can help her to advance further. She exhibits some serious narcissistic traits.


So does Brendan. They are both overcompensating for low self esteem. Textbook cases. Neither is as smart as they think. I would say Ragan is smarter book wise than the rest. I just wish he would stop with the summer camp lets all have a group hug bullshit.


The house is just full of jealous hater’s that’s all. They’re jealous of Brendon because he is so attractive, intelligent, AND a hard worker. You know the human species just jealous. That’s why I like Ragan..he’s not jealous in any sense.

Uncle Cool

I have to disagree on all counts.

He looks like an alien.

He is book smart – NOT intelligent. In fact, he is as dumb as toe jam to let that witch walk all over him and lead him around by the dick with her filthy mouth.

He is a lazy asshole.

He should be booted next week at all costs.

The Excitement

I’m sorry but Brendon is very conceited, arrogant, ignorant, self-centered, and very unlikeable. Like Lauren Conrad would say… “He’s a sucky person”.


Why is it that anytime anyone disagrees with someone in this game they are a “hater?” How about they just are not in agreement with that person, or you for that matter. The way this platitude is regurgitated in here is nauseating. Please come up with some new shtick.


If the house would come up with something new, the people could too! This season is a big snoozefest so far! Same ole sheet different day!Just not enough diversity this season!


Amen. Another standard response, perhaps even more so, is “you are jealous” or “they are jealous.” Is that the only way people these days know how to deal with a difference of opinion or – in many cases – a rational argument?


Question, what happens when BB says “please stop that” and you don’t stop?????? does BB come down and smack the shit outta them, i would “i’m BIG BROTHER GODDAMMIT you MUST OBEY”

Uncle Cool

They invite you to the Diary Room, then sneak in through the secret door and say, “come with me”.

Then you end up on some cheezy web site reporting entertainment news beside Chima.

That is punishment.




Vic, youre a douschbag


Brenchel is going to win the game the money and Brigade is going to go down as the worst alliance in Big Brother history. They suck


Were’s #4….in Lanes pocket?


Yeah that’s right 3 deep. Where’s Matt. Oh he’s playing both sides, and the brigade will be the one shocked when they figure that out, not the other way around. The house won’t be shocked to know that those 3 are in an alliance. What are they doing but floating around talking mad game about people, and not even trying to win anything. And please spare me the Hayden win scenario. He only one because he was the last one to cross over from his team.


You’re very generous!


Matt didn’t mess up. I don’t know what you were watching, because Matt ment not to put up B/R that was in HIS plan all along. The brigade just don’t know it. He was working with B/R all along. He is the only one in the house that seems to know he could ride B/R coattails till the end him and Ragan. So if anyone is blindsided it will be the brigade.

Uncle Cool

B/R are talking about him going next if they regain HOH, but it did buy him time to get into the Jury House when/if evicted.


Like I said he did it for his best interest he’s not with the Brigade necessarily.



Matt really thinks things over from all angles. He made a good strategic move because he was thinking long term, which is what most of them aren’t doing.


I agree peeper. Matt knows what he is doing. He is saving his ass. Enzo, Lane and Hayden are wild cards and have won nothing and do nothing. Granted Hayden won HOH first but what has he done lately but hide behind Kristen and throw her under the bus?


Rachel: “Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow….uggggggghhhhh now I’ll have that damn Meow Mix song stuck in my head for the rest of the day!

I am,by no means,an R/B fan…BUT…I do respect them for being strong competitors. Unfortunately,they are soooooooo cocky (pun intended) that it makes me wanna slap the crap right out of both of them. As for their sexual antics: I think that it would be funny as hell if the BB voice would interrupt their love fests by announcing,”Brendon…Rachel….STOP THAT!! You’re making most of America puke uncontrollably.”


Simon, I want to thank you and Dawg for all that you do. I’ve been addicted to this site since BB8. I mostly just sit here lurking and LMAO cuz there are some damn funny people here. Much respects to you ALL.


The way B/R go at it would really be something if they are the lifelong friends, when everyone thinks of them as the showmance couple. I think it’s odd she keeps saying no one comes between me and my man after only knowing him in the house. Maybe they knew each other long before.


I think that the lifelong friends thing was just Annie’s lie to make everyone paranoid…and I think B/R both have some significant self esteem issues so they tend to act rather narcisistic to compensate.
Everyone in the world has “issues” of their own and they don’t always know how to deal with them.

Just my humble opinion based on observation….yo! LOL


omg i like and agree with your response
well said


kristin is outta here on thurs! party time. she is the ho. cheating on her boyfriend. Nasty girl for sure


I agree with what you said, I hope they wake up and start playing this game.