Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Lane tells Kathy that he might need her sheriff shirt today cuz he wants to look hard!

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1pm Matt and Ragan are up in the HOH talking about how they think Rachel and Brendon are going to call another house meeting. Ragan says that whatever they do they should not engage them. Matt asks so if they start calling me out on BLANK and lying then I shouldn’t respond and say my side? Matt worries that not answering their accusations will make him look guiltier than answering them. Ragan pauses and then says that he sees benefits to both sides but that he hates giving into their BLANK. Ragan then tells Matt that he needs to take a BLANK and tell Matt to keep talking. Ragan goes into the HOH bathroom and Matt follows to talk.

Matt thinks that Brendon and Rachel are going to call out Matt about the dollar Matt got after opening the Pandoras box. Matt says that he knows that every thing looks suspicious and that he would agree with everything that they might say. Matt says that he even thinks that he looks suspicious and asks why would I sabotage myself … it doesn’t make sense. Matt says that he just hope that Rachel goes home so that he can know that okay people believe that I am not the saboteur. Matt says that it is so stupid that Brendon and Rachel always want to call house meetings. They decide to go down stairs. Matt goes to brush his teeth first and then Ragan says that the poo he took was one for the record books. Matt says congratulations. They head down stairs.

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1:25pm Matt Hayden and Lane go into the storage room to talk. Hayden says that they (Brendon and Rachel) know that big brother can go into their bags. Matt says that he was just about to go in the diary room and ask them what they would say. Matt asks Hayden what they said. Hayden says that they cant really say, but that if they have to they will. Matt says that he feels like he is in a terrible position now. Matt says that he shouldn’t have to deal with this BLANK. Hayden says that the worst case is that they would up him with Ragan or Britney. Lane and Matt leave the storage room. Haden and Lane stay in there and Enzo asks Hayden what he told Matt. Hayden says that he told him that they went into the diary room together and were told then could go into their bags if they wanted to.. Enzo asks you told him that… Hayden starts laughing and says that he doesn’t BLANK remember what they told him …then says that he wasn’t even listening. Enzo and Hayden laugh about how they don’t know what they were even told last night and don’t really care.

1:30pm Hayden and Lane leave to go into the kitchen.  Lane tells Kathy that he might need her sheriff shirt today cuz he wants to look hard!

Britney goes into the bedroom and grabs the trophy Lane won last night at their pool tournament and brings it out through the kitchen to put it in the backyard.  Lane starts freaking out at her asking her why shes taking it outside.  Lane asks her if Enzo told her to do that.  Lane says that the nail polish will melt in the sun. Britney tells him that nail polish doesn’t melt.    Britney says that it needs to be displayed.  Lane tells her that it needs to be near the pool because thats where I’ll be.  Lane tells Britney that  Enzo isnt allowed to touch it because he didn’t win it.  Britney takes it outside and sets it up.  Lane then asks Kathy why she didnt back him up?!

1:40pm – 2:10pm Out in the backyard Ragan is talking to Enzo and Hayden on the couch about his theory that Rachel has been getting secret codes from her family in the HOH letter she got. Ragan thinks that Rachel’s letter had clues from her sister. Ragan tells them that he letter had one really odd sentence that just didnt fit with the rest of the letter. Ragan says that it said I love you more than hunting sharks in oil infested water. Ragan thinks that it was referencing who she should evict. Ragan says that there was something different about the “k” and speculates that it might have been talking about Kristen. Matt and Lane join them on the couch. They start talking about the saboteur again. Matt thinks that if he didnt open Pandoras Box that it would have just been offered to the next HOH and the one after that until someone opened it. They says that everyone in the house would have opened it though. Hayden says that he doesnt think Kathy is the saboteur but that she would be the one person that would take the money to be the saboteur because shes got to know she isnt going to win anything. Matt says that it has to be someone that America likes. They talk about if Big Brother would force one of them to be the saboteur. Hayden asks Matt if he read through the entire contract? Matt says no but I don’t remember a saboteur cause? Matt asks what they are gonna make you be the saboteur?!! Matt says they have to select someone very carefully because they only have one chance to ask someone. Hayden says he ant see one of them not being the saboteur because its letting down the viewers. Enzo says that its been built that it is the season of the saboteur. Matt says that they wouldn’t let America vote if they only got one shot? Matt says that maybe they only gave them a few choices. Lane says that its like how they let them pick the food? Lane says vote for Kathy then she will put her cigarette out on Enzo’s thigh. They talk about how before if America had to vote on who the saboteur should be they could only vote on their appearances and now they would have gotten to vote on their personalities.

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Would someone please find a nip slip of Britney already?!


AG spotted in Ohio! Flew into rage when refused service of Chicken McNuggets for breakfast!


Biam he’s back.. tossing AG grenades KABooom


lol grenades yo! Diamond Power of Veto should have been a Diamond encrusted grenade.


this the closest i could find


BIAM nice!




That is awesome.
You just made my day.
Diamond encrusted Grenades left and right YO!


I can’t wait until Ragan goes home and then Britney!


Sorry QAZ, saw this story on AOL and could not resists. Won’t happen again!


I saw that on tv, thought she was going to come through the window, damn near did, that big girl inside should have snatched her bald while she had ahold of that hair , lol 🙂


Hayden, Lane, and Enzo are really so lazy. I like Lane but I don’t think any of those schmuck deserves winning BB….none of them have done anything to win.

Yes, I know that they are part of the “brigade”, but the brigade has only ever accomplished anything because of Matt’s efforts. Hayden, Lane, and Enzo have all purposefully lost all the HOH comps after the first one.


I don’t think they purposely lost them, I don’t think they can win them.

Kathie from Canada

I agree 100% with Rockstar.




agreed, but i don’t think they needed to win, because even now no one is after them. that’s what really amazes me, no one talks or has ever mentioned getting lane or enzo out.


They should be called “The Charade.”


Rockstar is correct. Very smart star!!!


Brendon probably bitches about it more than he should, but he’s not wrong in saying that both of the challenges Matt has won were catered to short people or women with low centers of gravity. It’s not like Lane and Hayden and the others were lying about their arms hurting early on in the spinning paint bucket contest; it’s a well known fact that people with a lot of muscle mass in their arms have that kind of an endurance weakness. Enzo is definitely coasting though.


I’m amazed that Ragan hasn’t been suspected yet. They’ve thought Kathy, Rachel, one of the brigade, Brendan, but not Ragan or Britney. Pretty awesome.


that’s because he is always talking and in somene’s face with his thoughts. They suscpects kathy because she is always off be herself, and rachel because they think cbs would ask her to do.


When I was thinking about if I was to vote who I would vote for I had to really think about it. 1. who would actually do it, and 2. who do I think is goofy enough that even if they were to get caught wouldn’t get caught. But inside the BB house they are just paranoid of everyone and everything except the ones they should be.. lol
(oh and btw, if I would of actually voted I would of voted for ragan). They have to think like the fans they claim to be.


I voted for Lane, just for the doof factor. He would have flubbed big time, but would have still been endearing. Plus we’d finally see him doing SOMETHING.


Has anyone noticed that Kathy is losing a lot of weight and it looks as though Rachael is gaining it all…?


probably why kathy wants to stay on slop to lose weight? all i know is the brigade needs to wise up about her. she is going to start winning things soon like crazy and be in the finale.


i think so too, you can’t be a sherrif and go through the training they do and not have physical strength. I think she laid low until the time is right.


You can’t have 90% of the cast wanting to fly under the radar.


Agreed. Then you would have 11.7 people flying under the radar, and having 7/10 of a person doing something is, I believe, a physical impossibility. But, even if we rounded it down to 11 people, even 2 of those would have had to have been evicted by now since 4 people have already gone. Don’t worry…when Brendon and Rachel are gone, the game will reset itself like an old Colecovision.


nicely put the game will reset on thursday can’t wait to see where the alliances fall. I use to have a colecovision damn jumpman JR was fun.


I know that it will reset…I’m just not sure about Thursday since Hayden and Enzo are infiltrating Brendon’s…whatever it is they’re doing, throwing him off I guess….I don’t know if there will be a total reset until the Brigade comes out. And, I’m sort of hoping that doesn’t happen, and they do indeed reach the final 4. There will be some of reset on Thursday, especially if Brendon doesn’t win HOH, but I don’t know if it will be a full reset. I just think it’s funny that everyone not in the brigade, except Kathy, think that one of the Brigade members has their back. Smooth stuff….smooth smooth stuff.


Brendon is about to learn that not all people are nice. Hayden and Enzo are just being nice to get information and to lead Brendon to the door. For Hayden it is revenge for getting rid of his showmance.


Yep…and I, for one, can’t wait to see him learn. This is something he should have known before he got there.


Oh yeah…I was an Atari 2600 man myself. 🙂


I think the reason most of the players are under the radar cause if u on the radar from the very beginning you will be taken out ASAP, The more the days/evictions moves on I assume certain players will make a move and prove there worthiness to win


does rachel even like brendan anymore?


I think she is using him. Rachel is the kind of girl who cannot be without a man. My brother in law is the same way. Soon as my sister died he had a girlfriend in a week. He is never without a woman and there have been a lot.


Let me just say I love Rachel but I do not think she ‘loves’ Brendon. She is annoyed by him, he failed her because he did not win HOH nor did he win POV and in her mind, she has won 2 HOH’s so she believes he did not step up and save her. Sadly this relationship will not last outside the house but not none last anyways except for Janelle and Beau.


I dislike everyone in the house this season !!!! We need another Dr Will , Evil Dick or Janelle !!! Send them all home and start over. This season may get the show canceled.


Nah, they will just do another All-Star season, which is due any time now.


but you are still going to watch it, huh?


they will not cancel BB, no matter how much you hate a season, it was the same thing last season, everyone hated it but here we are again and the ratings are the same, sometimes better however Wednesday night messed up a lot of viewers so the ratings are down for Wednesday nights but none the less, BB is not going anywhere. It is ratings gold for CBS.


Yeah I’m pleasantly surprised at how well the ratings are doing. Sundays will take a hit with football starting up again but CBS knows that and doesnt expect to compete with that. But I keep checking the numbers to wait for the dip (especially since there seems to be so much hate for this season on the boards) but they keep holding steady if not improving. Thank god bc I need BB to go for at least a couple more seasons.


Those of us who watch it will continue to watch it because it is the off season for television. There’s nothing else to watch, unless I want to see the same stuff I saw last fall.

give me a break

I agree there is no one in this house that has any personality. and yes just like when I watch a stupid movie I have to watch it to the end even though it is stupid and I know there are alot of people the same way it may be stupid but that is just the way it is. I cant stand listening to Britt always saying about brenden putting people down he has done less of that than mostly every one in this house especially her. If you watch the show or read all the updates you can see he does it least of all. and no I am not a fan of his he is to pussy whipped to be a real man but that is his downfall.


Speaking of pussies, what’s with meow-meow….Isn’t that stand for Pussy? Why in the hell would a guy want to call himself that?


HEY I Didnt know guys go to with bathroom together and chat. I thought only girls did that. Ragan had to drop a load and told Matt to keep talking and Matt followed him into the bathroom..Hahahaha… WOW!