Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt and Enzo about Rachels 5 grand, “I’ll take that money and i’m still putting her up”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Midnight Taj Room Brit and Kristen Kristen tells her that her loyalties are with Brit and will will stick with her if she uses the POV. Brit want’s to use it but she’s worried about the replacement nominations. Kristen is sure they will put up Kathy because that way they’re hands are clean. Brit isn’t convince she thinks that if she uses the POV Rachel will be spiteful. Brit thinks rachel will put up Matt. Kristen tells her that she knows that if she used the POV on her that someone is going up and that scares them both. Kristen tells her she would be with brit to the end if she kept her. Kristen will protect the people who are protecting her, “I want solid people next to me”. Kristen talks about people that shes hade a connection with, she felt that Andrew was funny and smart. She agrees he had his quirks but he was a good guy. Kristen feels like she deserve a second chance she deserves to be here and wants to have the opportunity to win HOH.

Kristen starts to lay into her offers, Anyone who gives me a second chance will be safe by me, I would use the pov on them and I would never put you up. Having the POV used is a lifesaver for her outside the house, Kristen says she has no job and if she doesn’t make enough in the stipend she will be living on the streets. Brit knows it’s tough to be on the block and to know that the HOH is gunning for you she was in the same position week 2. Kristen says she will sacrifice her entire game for Brit, is 100% trustworthy and as long as Kristen is in the house she can promise Brit that she’ll do whatever it take to further brit in the game. Brit understands what Kristen is doing but isn’t sure if it would be best for her. Kristen offers up her services as a pawn. Brit says it all makes sense to her and she believes in whats kristen is saying she wants to wait till hayden comes out and then they can all talk about it, Brit needs time to think about all this. Kristen nows says that brit could take off Hayden it’s all the same to her. If I stay up no matter who they put up, I’m gone. It would make me happy to see him off the block. Brit says that next week it’s the house against Brendon so the odds are in their favour.. Brit: “The Odds are against b/r”. Brit leaves and tells her that she’ll figure out a time when they can talk.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:30am HOH Rachel and Brit Rachel asks about the talk Brit just had with Kristen. Brit says that kristen has been pleading her case. Brit tells her a heavily modified version of the talk. Essentially says that Kristen was telling her that she a strong competitor and deserves to stay. Brit says that Kristen blames being on the block on Andrew. Rachel just roles her eyes.. they start to talk about next weeks HOH and possible nominations, Brit asks her who B/R will put up next. Rachel is sure it will be Hayden and Kathy. Brit says she is pissed that Kathy is going around saying all she wants to do is get to the jury house. rachel says she wants brit to go final 3 with her and brendon. they can work together to get out the stronger players these coming weeks. Rachel is so glad they are friends now really didn’t like all the fighting they had earlier in the season. Rachel says to Brot that Kristen did this to herself, she made it far in the game even though she was so meddling in rachels business. Rachel asks Brit about LAne, “Where is his head game wise” Brit confesses that she doesn’t talk game with lane, rachel figured as much she thinks Lane doesn’t talk game with anyone he’s just a floater. (brigade has everyone fooled yo) rachel asks her about Enzo, Brit says same thing she has no idea with him since they never talked game, Enzo’s always making her laugh but she’s never seen him talk game. Both girls are sure that a twist is coming this week and they think it has something to do with the saboteur…Rachel says they should swing enzo in to final 4. Brit leaves telling rachel she’s going to sleep on everything they talked about she really likes b/r.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


2:30pm Backyard Enzo, Lane and Brit Brit is going over the conversation she had with Rachel. Brit gives the guys a accurate recap minus the final 3 deal. Brit says that B/R want to take enzo far they are confident that he will not put the up. Enzo tells them about how Brendon has been talking to enzo non stop all day enzo thinks b/r are scared because rachel can’t play HOH this week so essentially its all of them against Brendon. Enzo now
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

wonders what ragan and Kathy will do if they win HOH. Brit is pretty sure Ragan won’t put b/r up but kathy might. Enzo wonders if kathy is really as dumb as she acts, Brit thinks she is. Enzo re caps a talk he had with Kathy were Kathy was freaking out about going up on the block if Brit used the POV. Brit “why in hell would I use the POV” Enzo :” kathy needs to calm down she’s not leaving this week she’ll be leaving next week” Enzo wants to confirm with Brit that they are voting out Kristen this week and no using the POV. Brit tells them she’s talked to Kristen and Kristen offered her something but she won’t take it they need to evict Kristen and move onto taking out b/r. Enzo thinks thay maybe they should take rachel out first because she’s so vile to live with. Brit thinks that would be a bad idea, she’s sure if Brendon leaves rachel will turn into aches and crumble. Lane finally chimes in tells enzo that all this talking to Brendon today has made them friends. Brit scoffs, complains that Brendon won’t stop talking like a english wizard and it’s getting annoying (Brendon talked in a accent during hosting the comp) . Enzo mentions that that Brendon tried to make him swear on his family, “That needledick my daughters name should never come up in game talk” Enzo can’t wait until they put those 2 people up so he can finally “cuss” them out


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:20pm Taj Room Matt Tries on the hittpie tard Enzo is running around saying that matt looks like weird al yankovic.
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 Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:40pm Backyard MAtt and Enzo Enzo tells matt he wants Rachel out first before Brendon. Enzo thinks that Rachel is a much stronger player then Brendon. He’s been talking to Brendon a lot lately and he’s convinced he’s not as big of a threat by himself as rachel is. They mention how Rachel is going to offer the 5 grand to not be put up next week. Enzo and Matt both plan on talkign to DR and finding out if they can promise to not put her up take her money then still put her up. Enzo and mat: “Fuck her, I’ll take that money and i’m still putting her up”. They start screaming out “THE BRIGADE” Enzo can’t wait until they out the brigade he’s going to run around scary whoever else is left telling the the brigade is coming. Matt adds that a couple shoots “THE BRIGADE” they joke about final 6 with ragan and brit where they will run after them screaming brigade all night. ..



Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:26am Everyone sleeping…
7:49am Everyone sleeping…
8:51am Everyone sleeping…
9:43am Everyone sleeping…


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126 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt and Enzo about Rachels 5 grand, “I’ll take that money and i’m still putting her up”

  1. Give it up Rachel. Its pretty obvious that she is after Kristen because she is jealous of a younger, prettier and more natural girl that the guys like hanging with. Rachel doesn’t want to share the camera with her. She’s dangerous because she is in a showmance? Look who’s talking. Matt is the biggest threat to her and everyone in the house, including the other brigade members. These people are so boring to watch and for a bunch of supposedly educated people, they can’t stop making dumb moves. Rachel is acting on petty personal emotions. She is sealing her fate this week. I hope she enjoys the jury house.

      1. she sure isn’t. People that say that trip me out. People also trip me out when people say that Rachel is jealous and wants camaera time. How far from the truth can that be. Rachel is only fearful of the people that are coming after her and Brendon, and the floaters which she amits. She put up Kristen not because of the showmance, but because Kristen was all up in her face when she was HOH the first time, and when Matt won she was no longer talking to her. To anyone with a brain playing that game would no something is up if someone does that. Besides only one can win don’t take it so personal. What happened to the honest Kristen that would never loose her self and play the game with integrity and not lie to people or be fake. Well what was that she told Brit? She and Hayden are the only two people in the game that are all out for self. Everyone else has at least one other person they are looking out for. Even Matt as a friend in Ragan. Kathy wanted to even risk the game for them two. Rachel put up Hayden to assure Kristen goes home. You’re talking about dumb, Kristen don’t even realize that is she makes it to final 5 and Hayden wins he will put her up. Now that’s stupid. People keep saying a showmance between Hayden and Kristen, well that showmance is one sided, because Hayden will put her up before the brigade goes up, at least B/R wouldn’t do that to each other. Say what you want, B/R are loyal to their word.

        1. so true! I really don’t think rachel looks at the other girls as prettier or less pretty – I think she thinks she is pretty too! she is WAY more concerned about who is out to break her and brendon up (romantically, which is actually a delusion)-but she really tried to be friends with Kristen in the beginning but then I think Kristen started getting jealous a little bc Rachel and Brendon kept winning . Rachel is used to being around pretty girls so I think that is natural for her – which is why she has no prob being friends with Britney. She seems to get pleasure in it.
          BUT Kristen really is being stupid (and I feel bad) bc Hayden is basically pushing her under the bus and the worse he treats her, the more blind she is. He left her hanging in the POV competition and she is sitting by his door making hearts, telling him she likes him so much, and touching his finger. I hate watching girls be so dumb. So sad, too bad.

        2. I like the womans game cuz she is controlling the BB house, but overall I dont care for her. Also that b*** j** does not loom well as far as quality characteristics go. Its a controlling mechanism over Brendon and where did the excess go. What kind of a person would perform such an act on nationwide cable tv? A deranged vengful bitch.

      1. Kathy is gone next week 100%. The only way she decreases her odds to 50% is if the brigades win, and even then she’s not safe. I am willing to bet you if anyone of the brigade win, they will not want to put the both of them up (B/R), because of POV. they will want to backdoor one of them. and even then it will be 50% chance they get them out the door, because if they expose their alliance as the brigade they will put targets on their backs with everyone else in the house, and everyone knows they have a better chance of Rachel and Brendon winning something (because every week one of them wins something. Either one is HOH or one is POV), and the house won’t want to get put up by goinig against them. They will already have three Brit, Ragan and Kathy, or B/R against at least three of the brigades, because I still think Matt and Ragan are life long friends, and will not vote against each other.

    1. That’s not true, you go back and read through the old posts and you will see, when Matt was HOH before Rachel knew about another shomance she wanted Kristen out. She was mad at the fact that Kristen was up in her HOH week portraying to be her best friend (as she put it) then when Matt won didn’t even speak to her, not once she said Kristen was all up in Kathy’s face. She first thought Kathy and Kristen had an alliance, but not Kristen and Hayden being in a shomance. So no she is not jealous of another shomance. And I have never heard her say that. If she is bold enough to tell them to their faces, “Nobody comes between me and my man.” Then she will make it known that she don’t want another shomance in the house. I agree she should not make the game personal, but I think she is playing the game hard.

      1. That’s the definition of playing personal and a classic strategy of Mean Girls. Her (R) game is that they have to kiss R’s ass 24/7 with utter devotion or go home. You are with her or against her there is no Switzerland with her. That is the reason she is in an alliance of only two. Nobody but Brenda the Love Leach could offer that level of devotion. Her “in-group” changes based solely on who comes up to her and pledges their allegiance to a B/R final two. Her paranoia and lashing out at those who disagree just seal the deal on her adolescent, mean-girl approach to the game. JUVENILE!!!!

        1. how is that personal when R heard that K said she was coming after her, that she wanted all the girls out of the house. I didn’t hear K say that, but when K got it back that R thought that she didn’t deny it either. No what’s personal is that K would even go to look at R HOH’s room, that’s catty. Anyone with a BRAIN would take out a person they know is coming after them before that person gets the chance to attack first.

        2. Who else is she after. You make it soundds like she is after everyone. NO she is only after K. She doesn’t trust Matt, (and she shouldn’t), but she didn’t even put him up. No one else gave her their word except Matt, so why is she not attacking them? There are two other women in the house. I don’t see her going after them. As a matter of fact she wants Brit to go to final three with her. How’s that mean girls. I think you read into this what you want instead of looking at the whole picture. Because I don’t see how R gets to be so mean when all the stuff K says and does is the same thing (except have intersourse on tv, if in fact that’s what b/r did under the covers) At least R is open with her feelings unlike everyone else, they go around talking behind her back. K admits to having a a boyfriend on the outside, but yet she is cuddling up with H. She couldn’t stay faithful for two weeks, because that’s how long it took her to hook up with H. How’s that for character in game. Dont’ get mad because R is a strong competitor. That’s what she signed up to do on the show. Why are the brigade there. All they do is talk, no action.

    1. Thanks for the edit! You guys are the best. I am so addicted to this site, but not really BB on TV, LOL! You make it interesting and so do all the posters. I’ll be dropping you a donation soon!

      1. LOL, well regardless, some gratuitous thong photos are most likely appreciated by some of the male and female fans, LOL!

        1. Wow, I like the last pic! I tell you what, I’d rather see her in lingere than completely naked. It’s sexier. It seems like they are messing up a lot more than last year. Spank my booty and call me Susan! Thank you for posting this pic up.

  2. Don’t they all realize that at some point they are going to get stuck with Rachel in the Jusry house? Bredon too for that matter. That might even be more annoying that in the BB house?!

    1. I don’t. Every season people always rant about the people playing the game, and competing to win. What is wrong with that. It seems to me people like the ones that sit around and talk mad game and get other people to do there dirty work, and float by. What is so wrong with Rachel, no one can say. People have been trashing her from day one. It seems to me people don’t like honesty, because she said from the beginning she want anyone out that will come after her and Brendon, and floaters and she has not changed.

    2. She is completely contradictory and she knows it! That is why she snaps at him occasionally. She could be one of the greatest strategic players of all time IF she’d get rid of Brandon. He just doesn’t have the same street smarts and is dragging her down. Disappointing that such a strong female player can’t turn off her fantasy-of-true-love switch for a couple months in order to achieve her goal. Notice that she is talking about moving to CA and changing her look, behavior for her man? What is Brendon doing in relation to her? Ugh… she could have his ass after the competition or in the jury house for sure. The love drama is going to be both their downfalls and I blame her b/c she does know it. B is just stupid.

  3. Kristen looks so good in the suit that alone will make Rachel bananas. I hope Brit uses the POV but I doubt she is gutsy enough to do it. Brit is not gonna go much farther but she could at least make one decent move in the game before she leaves all shes done so far is drag around the house and talk catty about everyone. I think she is a pretty girl but no personality. I even like Kathy better than Brit.

    1. I think Brit will go far, because every since Monet left she has been talking to everyone, and not making any alliances with anyone except Lane. Even the brigade wants to keep her to at least final 6, and B/R wants to keep her. And Brit doesn’t need to win HOH as long as she keeps winning POV she will secure her place in the house.

  4. I believe Brit is beginning to suspect, although very quietly, that there is something going on in the house that no one knows about. I got good money says she’s the first to figure out the Brigade . . . . not that it will matter really after this week. As long as the Brigade get through Thursday, it’s OVA. The odds, at that point, are unbeatable for final 5, maybe 6.

    If they win the next HOH, and I am betting one of them will, they can come out of the closet and start terrorizing the rest of the house. Regan may not crumble, although he’d be smart to do so, but Kathy and Brit will play kiss azz and go along with the Brigade’s decisions the rest of the season just to save their scrawny hides. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

    The Brigade is completely running this season. Rachellaho has done NOTHING but help these guys go further and she THINKS she’s making the moves and running the house. What a complete JOKE of a person. To all you Rachellaho fans, it’s now time to jump ship. Seriously, the Titanic has now officially hit the iceburg. Brit’s POV victory sealed it. Rachellaho has peaked and is now in for that huge fall. Brendon MAY make it out alive depending on how he reacts, MAYBE, but Rachellaho is entering her last ten days in BB12. Count on it!!

    4-Deep Yo. Brigade Power Baby.

    “Ya Mutha!!”

    1. I agree completely. They’re throwing comps so no blood on their hands and no one sees that they are together. Plus they’re making Rachel think she has some kind of power. the best trick in the book is to manipulate someone into thinking they have power when they have none. They could care less if Kristen goes home. Even if Brendon wins HOH this week, it’s Matt or Hayden and Kathy going up and Kathy going home unless she wins POV…lol. They’re letting everyone else pick each other off and now that it’s time to take control they will….unless production decides that’s not what they want. Plus they wanted to make sure they all made it to the Jury so if one goes to the end it’s 3 guaranteed votes right there. Brilliant game play, especially Matt for his own sake.

      1. I could not agree more with both of these comments , I don’t understand why more people don’t see it this way…go bro-gade you got this shit on lock

    2. I don’t agree with that, because if one of them win next week, and likely put up B/R I am almost certain R will win POV because she is a hard fighter, but even if she don’t Brendon seems to be the POV king and Brit the POV queen, so one of them (B/R) will win POV and one will come off. Who will they put up, KATHY because everyone else they are cool with, unless they use one of their own as a pawn which I don’t think they will risk even if they have the votes, because if they out themselves like you suggest, Then that leaves one of the B/R to vote, with Ragan, and Brit. Matt will be the swing vote, and I am willing to bet to get him further in the game he will turn on the Brigade, because even he knows Enzo, Lane, and Hayden aren’t that good at winning anything. (Yeah Hayden won first HOH because he was the last to cross over). The rest of the house will persue Matt to work against the brigade to get further. So I would look at all the scenarios before I say that. and anyway which Brigade do you think will win? Matt won’t put them both up. I think Matt won’t even try to win HOH because 1. he feels safe. 2. he don’t want do the dirty work of putting B/R up and leaving one of them in the house to come after him even if the brigade have the numbers, because unless the brigade win every HOH competition someone will start to put two of them up at a time and one will go home even if one win POV and take one off they will put up another brigade member. And before you say it Brit and Ragan won’t go along with the brigade, because they are playing to win not make it to final 6 like th ebrigade would offer, taking a chance of playing 2 against 4. SORRY won’t happen.. If I am wrong I will be the first to post it to the board, but I really don’t think I am.

      1. I don’t think they are throwing competitions, I think they are a bunch of jugheads who don’t know how to play the game.

        1. You’re right about the JugHeads comment. I have never seen a season with so many men in an alliance and they can’t win anything. I mean they even admit they aren’t that good. I wonder if they desinged this season like that, becasue they aren’t the brightest group.

  5. All this talk about BRIGADE. They can’t win ANYTHING. Enzo makes me laugh saying the Brigade is coming after people. You have to WIN first.

    1. I know right. The brigade are the ultimate floaters. They don’t even try to win, because they feel safe. I think that’s going to be their mistake. Every week they say one of them have to win, but I only saw Matt really trying to win anything. They are to dependant on the next person to win, and that’s going to hurt them.

  6. Rachel is annoying but I find myself rooting for her becasue everyone else is a bunch of pansies and can’t make decsions. At least she gets into it with people.

    1. Think the Big Brother House is something, childs play compared to Brendon’s mothers house when he tries to bring VIP LOUNGE COCKTAIL WAITRESS home with him. Anyone that has spent any time in Las Vegas(except maybe at the Howard Johnsons) pretty much understands her job description and she pretty much cleared it up for any doubters on late night a couple nights ago. Now if you want a real reality show, hang some cameras in his moma’s house. There is going to be a good one there in a few weeks. Maybe when she comes out of heat they coud take her to the vet and have her spayed.

  7. I hate britney and Rachel, both need to go. I enjoy watching Kristen and Hayden. Andrew is such a dick for outing them. He says he’s a friend to Hayden but then he turns around and does that. Anyways I don’t know why their relationship is such a big deal, why Rachel is making such a stink when her and Brendon are doing the same thing. so hypocritical!!! Britney drives me nuts with he constant gossip and cattiness. she is very immature.

    1. Because go back to week one when Hayden was HOH. Is reason for putting Rachel and Brendon on the Block was because they had a shomance and that made them a threat. If he really felt that or believed that then he shouldn’t have entered into a showmance with Kristen. He bit himself in the but with that comment. Karma is something.

  8. I like Kristen I think she’s a good person and one of the people in the house that is genuine but after hearing her try and convince Brit last night I would say theres a 0% chance of her staying.

    By the way, dawg is gone until tomorrow morning i’ll be clocking in 30hours straight this weekend, don’t be surprised if a couple of posts later in the night contain nothing but YOs.

    1. You wonder about that, Who would go in with a bf (boyfriend) who would watch the show and openly cheat on him? Unless they had an agreement she could to further her game or she lied about having a bf? Or she is just a cheater and did it on national tv?!

      1. everyone is dissing Rachel but no one is talking about what Hayden and Kristen are doing under the covers. #1 Kristen has a boyfriend. If she didn’t want to be protrayed as a major skank on tv, she should have broken up with her boyfriend before she went on tv and had sex with Hayden. That is just dirty.

        1. ITA Rockstar. Imagine being her bf and finding out on national TV. So wrong, it’s wrong period, makes you wonder what she does in private. Scary!

  9. I hope Big Brother doesn’t let the brigade make deals that allow them to take the $5000 from Rach and then go back on their word. Lying in the big brother house is one thing, but taking money and lying is a whole different kind of dirty gambling. Please don’t let them do that BB.

  10. Was it me or did kristen kind of made you feel bad last night? I thought that maybe the girls could get together. It’s kind of to little to late.

    1. Kristens may be nice on the outside, but in the game she is a schemer that is only out for herslef. Everyone noticed how both K’ would latch onto whoever was HOH. They got called out on it. Kathy didn’t care, because she know she is safe this week, but Kristen is mad and sulking like a baby. Grow up it’s a game. Her and Matt lying about being homeless, and his wife with a disease is low. You would rather tell a crazy lie like that to win, instead of using your head and strength to win, She needs to go. A person like her and Matt are dangerous.

  11. Kristen is a ho and the 4 members of the brigade are the dumbest bunch or tools ever assembled on this show. Go Rachel and Britney

    1. Agree 100%. I would go so far to call anyone a HO, but I dont care for her either, and the brigade are the dumbest set of men in one group that I have ever seen. All the other season where the guys dominated, they were bright and controlled the house, this set of douche bags can’t even strategize. They should change their name to BLOATERS, for floters that’s full of air.

  12. Brit is smart for not taking Kristen’s offer. Honestly, what can Kristen do for Brit? Her only power in this house is linked to Hayden and the Brigade isn’t going to protect Britney just because Kristen wants them to. The only reason they’ve taken her this far is because of Hayden.

  13. Kristen dug her own grave. BB is a social game and she fails. She plays too personally. When Kathy told her that Rach was going around spreading rumors about Kristen and Hayden, she stopped talking to Rachel (Rachel gets even more pissed and jealous), then when she thought Andrew was with B/R, she stopped talking to him (we know how that turned out). Andrew just shined a light on her failures, but she did it to herself, claiming “I can’t be fake”. Well that is your downfall bitch. She deserves to go. Oh and Hayden is a pansy.

  14. I was kind of surprise to read that Brit won the POV, I thought the way the show seems fixed that Rachel would have won it. But, then again, it doesn’t matter, she is not going to use it, so it just like Rachel won it. Like I said before, I don’t like Rachel because I think she is getting to cocky for my liking and she thinks she has all this power. God, I just like to see Rachel and Brendon gone. But, we all know, the power couple will make it to the final two.

    1. Brit is in the Brigade as much as Kristen is. However, she is trusted a little more because what Andrew said in his going away speech, it sunk in and Hayden is the first one to go even over Matt.

  15. the reason im not a fan of rachels is because shes constantly trying to strong arm people into her way of thinking and playing. She IS childish and spiteful and anyone who says otherwise needs to go back to all her goodbye messages and take a listen.She may be a huge fan but she does not have the mentality to stay in this game.She only got monet out so that she could latch brit as her friend. thats when she turned on kristen.all kristen did was say all the same things that the rest of the house was saying,including brit.

      1. Not true again, she knew Monet didn’t like her and wanted her out, so she went after Monet first. Brit may say wants R out, but at least she’s nice to her when she needs to be. Everyone thought when they saw that Red head with that laugh she was any easy target. They clue she would win anything.

  16. Wow…stop with the “yo” pls!!! The Brigade is not only the most boring alliance name in reality tv history but they have done nothing of worth. I’ll give Matt winning the HOH but then pretty much ended up being the stupidest HoH reign ever since neither Rachel or Brendon went home. Enzo and Lane are entertaining but heck they’re the dumbest game players around. Hayden is stuck on Kristen half the time and really…can we just stop. The Brigade is terrible. Team Britney all the way babY!

    1. i pretty much agree, except i also liked Andrew. just wish he hadn’t gone off on Kristen. wasn’t necessary. Brigade is way old.

    2. do you realize we are not saying “yo” because their not winning it’s the best way to end a sentence,yo we like the way enzo talks yo,m so deal with it yo, or we’ll throw a grenade throw your window yo LOL

  17. Loving brit. Monet leaving was the best thing to happen for Brit. now shes focused on the game and not letting revenge get to her head, shes playing smart. she would be a good SABO.

  18. whats going on with ragen. where is his head at? and i hear him say that brenchall needs to go but he is always giving them advice.he needs to let them bury themselves

  19. I read that Brenchel finally cosummated their relationship. Did anyone with the feeds catch that. I read that Brandon apologized afterward.

    1. Was it that bad he had to apologize, LOL! Sorry I couldn’t get it up or I am bad in bed? LOL! He better watch his dick doesn’t fall off.

    2. Neither of them have class. Again, who has sex with cameras all around that are televised to millions of people?

  20. Britney is showing intelligence.

    I would get rid of Brenda first too. When Roach realizes she has no allies, she’ll break down and want to leave voluntarily.

    1. I think that will make Rachel fight harder, because she knows they are coming after her. That will give her more time to strategize, because she won’t have Brendan to cuddle with all the time. I think she is wrong. I think their best move is to get rid of Rachel first. (not that I want her to go, because I don’t), but she is a bigger threat then Brendan. If Brendan stays he will become in an alliance with Matt and Ragan for sure, possibly Brit and Kathy if she’s still there. Brendan is more likely to become friends with the guys, Enzo already noted that Brendan is talking more to him. And the brigade will like him more and more if he keeps winning POV, because it will be harder to get him out that way. And if Brendan makes it to final two with a brigade he will win. If Rachel ends up in final two with a brigade she willl loose because no one likes her (unless they vote on game play). If they were smart and thinking long term they will all want to keep Rachel for that reason alone.

      1. yea he was making enzo swear on his family that he wouldn’t put up brenchel, that was weak for real, but thats whats expected from a douche bag couldn’t just asked him to do it, but thats not brenchel’s forte they “threaten people to do what they want”… brendon was being a huge douche bag to his “women” but she set his head straight by putting it down her throat, they got this game in the bag, but one of them will be watching from jury…..

    2. Rachel is a street wise fighter. She will do a much better job of regrouping and coming up with a new alliance than B ever would. It is dangerous to keep her. B is a dope that can be easily manipulated even if he wins a HOH/POV.

  21. I think some people talk about her for 2 reasons 1. she’s a woman and people think women are to be more respectful of themselves. (not that men shouldn’t). 2. Because Kristen is the one trying to play so moral saying that she is honest and will not do anything in the house she won’t do outside of the house, and that she is a real person not a fake. Well to some people if you say you’re the same in the house as outside the house then you’re no different then what you’re (Kristen) is calling Rachel. I said before at least Rachel is open everyone knows where she’s coming from, but I can’t stand when people talk about other people and they are in the closet with their stuff.

    1. wow bigbfan – where have you been all my life? haha I’m nominating you as my new favorite person to stalk here. Martha Stewart would be calling you a good thing.

  22. Brit is a stronger competitor than Kristen.Taken Kristen off the block will hurt Brit game,also if Kristen doesn’t have a home or job should’nt be playing harder.Hopefully next week Brit will win HOH.

      1. Jordon was homeless too. cry me a disgusting river. If you don’t have a home, how can you watch tv? How can you know what BB is? I cannot stand bitches like that. Go in, defend you and your man all you want, at least that is honest.

  23. if brit is dumb enough to use the pov to save kristen then she basically will hang herself as I am sure rach will get even for her going against her highnesses wishes. hell hath no fury like a stripper scorned!!!

  24. RANDOM thoughts on waking up:
    1. Stipend is only $750/week, that’s $107/day. How does Kristin think that’s better than a job?
    2. Anybody see Sundance Channel’s “man shops the world”? Gotta be Ragan’s father!
    3. BBAD seeing everybody scheming to sell stuff on ebay — autographing a tv so he can buy a bigger one, etc…..delusional.
    4. Matt in a Hippie Tard: Where will he put his HANDS???

    1. electra – that is minimum wage here. She would be below the poverty line but half the province is anyways so she’d be making out like a bandit with that money every week. No need to go to Alberta then.

    2. and ps/ I try not to think about his hands. yuk. I liked him big time but those damn hands in his pants drive me nuts. I have to constantly block him.

    1. You need to go back and read the older posts. Simon/Dawg have a convincing pictures in progress and the satisfied couple after.

  25. I did not catch that Hayden mentioned a gf. If so, he is as bad as Kristen, even without a gf, he is. I say that because someone that cheats with someone who they know is involved with someone else is just as much to blame, wrong and untrustworthy!

    1. Hayden said he had a girlfriend at first and conveniently after he started hooking up with Kristin he started saying he ended it before he left home for BB. I think he is bullshitting to make himself not look like the douche he is.

  26. She did. It is suppose to be a family show so I doubt it. Just another day on the job for ole Rachel. 10 years from now we are going to be looking at a 300 pound gorilla with a very bad attitude and dumb ass Brendon hiding under the bed cause he knows she can’t get under there. Try to explain it to him now and he would just laugh at you.

    1. I dont read the posts here every day so thats why I ask to be put up to speed, but notalking you are way too funny. and that comment that if she spit it out she’d be expelled from bb is hilarious. didnt she spill wine on rug and get all paniced about that? btw i like rach cause she keeps the show interesting but she is a sight for sore eyes. I sometimes see nothing but macys parade floats on her chest.

  27. Is that Kristen or Britney’s ass?? yummy!!
    Anyway, i really think Britney will use the POV to save Kristen. Then Kathy will be backdoored. Can’t wait til Hayden gets out of jail, so he can work Britney over even more with the decision.

  28. Anybody catch Kathy’s comment last night to Kristen in her hippietard? She said she looked like Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company.

  29. mark my words lane is going to dominate this game. you can tell on BBAD that he has a strategy. in the weeks to come i feel that he will start winning every competition.

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