**updated** Big Brother 12 – Brit: “I wish I had a 72 hour solitary confinement Pass to stick B/R in”. Ragan: “can I go instead?”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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10:20pm HOH Matt and Brendon Matt reminds Brendon that he’s not playing the game personally He has a good reason to put b/r up and it’s based on game and logic. Brendon tells him he’s not thinking he wants to stay, Matt thinks the vote will be unanimous decision of how Rachel has been acting. Brendon is sure Rachel will calm down after tonight. Brendon has tried to talk with Ragan but he being too cold and takes the game too personally. Brendon ask him what the general feeling of the house. Matt has heard it back and forth at first it was Brendon but now it’s shifting to Rachel. Brendon says that the females have a fatal flaw in this game they get so emotional and have trouble detach. Brendon says he doesnt care about the game and wants everyone to get along. Matt agrees he wants the house to simmer down. Matt tell Brendon he doesn’t like what having to put people up but this is the game players that the house want out have to be put up.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:35pm Matt, Lane, Hayden Lane saying that he overheard B/R talking and rachel was saying she hates Matt. Lane is positive that Brendon was trying to get Rachel to apologize to Matt but she’s so pissed off she can’t do it. Matt doesn’t want anything from Rachel, in his opinion she should just keep her mouth shut for the next 5 days. Matt tells the guys that Rachel is already starting shit in the house and making him look like he’s the bad guy, He wants them to be ready for what happens these next couple days because he’s guessing it’s going to be ugly. They start going over votes as long as they can keep 3 brigade members off the block then they should be able to keep Matt if he’s up against Kathy and ragan. However they’re worried that if Matt is up against ragan the saboteur vote might go to Ragan. MAtt is a bit worried that Brendon might put Lane and him up because of the argument lane had earlier today. Hayden doesn’t think so if lane goes up it’ll be with brit. hayden is really questioning what kind of future Brendon thinks he’s going to have with rachel. Hayden: “you know I hope they do get married have 8 kids and live together until there 80 and be happy.. but I don’t see that happening.. 2 months down the road I see some guy paying Rachel 20grand to fly to Paris… Brendon’s going to be hurt but she’ll just tell him it’s part of her job”. Brit and ragan join them they generally just talk about how fucked up Rachel is right now and how they wish they could avoid the drama. A lot of the conversations from the day is being rehashed. Rachel comes into the kitchen and walks up to Ragan asks if they can go talk. Ragen says: “umm i’m not ready to talk to you right now”.. rachel “I really want to talk”.. ragan: “Well you know i’m not going to be ready to talk to you at your beck and call i might be ready tomorrow” Rachel storms through the sliding glass door, heads outside and vents to Brendon and Enzo (yo).

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:15pm Kitchen Lane and Brit Rachel gets called into the DR, Brit starts the countdown 5..4..3..2..1.. Rachel walks into he kitchen on her way to the DR she gives Brit and Lane the look of death as she marches through.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:39pm Kitchen Brit, ragan and Matt Going over the craziness that will happen when Rachel get out of the DR. Brit: “She going to be a angry drunken mess” Matt: “wait.. she’s drinking?” ragan: “Oh yeah she is on her second glass of wine” Brit says that after all the bullshit B/R have put every single person in this house through she’s just had enough she wishes she had a 72 hour solitary confinement pass to put whoever she wants in. ragan aks if she’ll put him in it. Brit tells them she’s had enough with B/R. Brit: “his voice gets on my nerves her voice gets on my nerves it sickens me being around them knowing what they’ve said about me”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:12am Hammock Brendon and Rachel They going to go out guns blazing. Rachel says she’ll teach him everything she knows about big brother they will be able to beat the others. She says it’s his time to win HOH he can do it, it’s going to be a quiz and ragan and brit are the only 2 that can compete against him. She says ragan gets too nervous and chokes and Brit thinks he’s better then she really is. Rachel thinks Matt and ragan are going to try and get HAyden on their side so Brendon has to start working Hayden and pull him in. Brendon: “I have Hayden I’M 100% POSITIVE” (oh he’s in trouble) Rachel: “you enzo and Hayden have a really good chance to make it to final 3 but you need to stick together and you need to win HOH next week” Rachel warns him that Brit and LAne are tight so he need to take one of them out fast. She’s not worried about Enzo he doesn’t give a fuck.. Brendon gets called to play a game of pool enzo goes up to talk to Rachel on the Hammock and comedy gold happens. Rachel: “Enzo.. i’m really worried for you” Enzo:”yo what…whats happening”. Rachel tells him they will talk later, she’s going to tell him everything. she tells him she’s a master of the BB quizzes she can anticipate the questions and she knows all the answers. She needs to know if he’s on their side because Brendon needs friends and she doesn’t think they will get far without people on their side. Enzo: “What do you mean like me, Brendon and HAyden?” Rachel :”Yeah!” I will teach you everything to get through… Feeds cut out

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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113 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 – Brit: “I wish I had a 72 hour solitary confinement Pass to stick B/R in”. Ragan: “can I go instead?”

  1. Hayden should try questioning what kind a future he has with kristen. Worry about that! Matt has to go on the block with hayden next week. I want matt out, he’s so freaking aggy! Lames!

    1. Yo Simon? You and whomever else creates this page.. I am thankful!
      I checked out the other spoilers pages.. and they’re nothing like the updates you give. Year after year, I come back here.. just because, if I wanna know what’s really going on in the game, (similar points of view of characters) I can come here. Without any reservations and get it all.
      I Love YOUR work! I love your comments… and thank you for having the life experience to see through the BS and give it like it is. Hugssssss
      PS how is your family.. and when can I see you on BB? You already got my american vote. winks~

    2. OMG. Hayden is NOT looking for a future with Kristin. He is turned on by her and definitely plans on hooking up but he is a NORMAL person. He doesn’t start planning “happily ever after” when he first feels the lust of a new attraction.

      1. I thought he was just using her as a pick up, but I have to admit, I was impressed by his goodbye message to Kristen. Not that I think they will be happily ever after, but I do think he likes her genuinely. I also believe that he would have chosen her over the brigade.

  2. Rachel pic looks so evil,lol. I love it! Hahaha their all scared and the midget matt is calling rachel b1tch’slol

  3. Ok…I just put on AfterDark so I am two hours behind….but Im laughing because Rachel is wine glass in hand trying to manipulate Enzo with her head all cocked to the side just like a hoar would when trying to manipulate a man!

      1. i don’t know about that, because except for kathy everyone else is a pair, leaving E/H to form an alliance with brendan if rachel is the one that leaves, and Brendan wins hoh or pov. They would make more sense to join Brendan incase it comes down to a final 5 with the brigade and brendan, and brendan has hoh. the two of them would be safe. I think when Enzo came up with the idea he was thinking ahead, because he knows matt has ragan, lane has brit, and he and hayden to break a tie needed an extra person, and who would trust kathy. I wouldn’t count that scenario out.

      2. they are not just screwed in the head now, they have always been screwed in the head; it’s just showing more so now

  4. i mean are these people serious? brit has got some nerves. does she really see herself as standup and honest. i mean she never liked rachel, she was only playing nice because rachel was hoh. and ragan, is as two faced as they come in a sly and slick way. matt is just an all around liar. b/r gets on my nerves with their behavior, but they have not been as deceptive as anyone else in the house. they are victims of a big mouth, and arrogance, but not using people and lying. i really wish someone would tell brit to grow up and be a leader and not a follower. she seems to say whatever she thinks someone wants to hear. i mean for real if you really don’t like someone that much why talk to them at all, why play nice to their face and trash talk them behind their backs? i mean what else can b/r do to her at this point? i can’t wait until she realizes she’s being used by lane. she thinks brendan and rachel are stupid. she’s the biggest fool in the house being used by a guy she thinks has her back. i really hope she makes it to the final 5 with the brigade and lane has hoh and is forced to put her up, just to see the expression on her face. now that’s made for tv.

    1. brit and ragan are both know-it-alls and conceited to think they’re so much better and smarter than brenchel. i can’t WAIT to see the shocked looks on their faces when they get taken out by the brigade, especially ragan!! i bet the tears and tantrums from both will be like nothing we’ve ever seen, and i will sit and laugh and watch and remember ALL the crap they’ve spewed about brenchel now. the downfall of ragan and brit will be the best cuz it’ll be out of left field for both and they will go out crying like 6 yr old girls….let’s just make it happen as soon as possible!!! they’ll both sit and think and lament, “god why didn’t we keep that couple around longer we might have had a chance if only..” suck it brit and ragan!

    2. OMG i love you for thiss.
      I afree 948520914570982475 % with you!
      they complain that B/R want attention and they
      themself are giving it to them. SOmeone needs to tell
      Britney (puppet ) and Gaygan to stop bashing B/R when they
      themself are nasty. Britney is engage and she was all up on Lane. WTF
      I want Gaygan and Britney to go home so bad. FAKE FAKE FAKE!

      1. thanks. I wonder what BB has planned for him to do. I haven’t heard anything about since the pandora’s box was opened. Nothing strange seems to be going on.

      2. Ragan is doing an awesome job as Sab.. he is allowing all the paranoia to set in without doing a damn thing. It’s nice! Give a lil rope.. they hang themselves. ha!!!
        Brit is playing the game intelligently. Pickin up the slack of others where she needs to. Thank Gawd she does. I am rooting for Brit and Ragan to the final two. If that doesn’t happen.. ( I often swear I won’t watch again) But Brit is the reason I keep watching. she’s got my vote for America’s favorite. She is smart! She is funny! Hate her name.. but love her style!

  5. use to be on team rachel and brendumb til i found out their true colors. shes just a straight hyprocitical bitch and hes just a dumbass. i hope they both get screwed in the ass. team brigade now and yall need to stop hating on matt just kuz hes a good competitor.

    1. I hope all the Brendon lovers out there, who believe he’s a REALLY nice guy, heard him tell Matt on BBAD that some of the players in this game have a fatal flaw, and that is the fact that they are women. Yeah, some nice guy there…

    1. Oh..MM is just tryin’ to be a smart ass with that idyot shit………Once again I am so proud to be in the company of PERFECTION on this site!

    2. Because you want to comment, it’s because, not kuz, i should be I, and learn to use proper grammar try punctuating your words correctly: shes-she’s, hes-he’s, the word should be until, and not til. Your sentences should start with a capital letter, and so should names. So compared to you I guess I am a genious only having one misspelled word.

        1. Please tell you what? That I am human like the point I was trying to make. You really need to find something else to do, because you’re just as stupid as the people you’re watching if you couldn’t figure that out.

        1. I guess you aren’t either watching a show that sucks. What’s wrong mommie/wifey won’t let you out the house to do what you want to do? Or do you stay in a lame town with only one channel? Turn the tv and watch something you like and stop using the show to make comments to people to fufill your social life.

          1. LOL….What a dumbass……Did you ride the SLOW bus? Take a minute to read everyone’s responses to you and then…..GET LOST….as that is the general concensus from the group!

      1. try taking a comprehsion class. I was making a point to enzona on the same point you just made idiot. I wasn’t be perfect with your grammar. I was pointing out the fact that if you’re going to criticize someone, for something at least be on the top of your game. And further more you just had to jump on the band wagon with a comment. Since you were on the site for years then keep doing what you’ve been doing for years and comment about the show.

    1. It’s just fun getting a rise out of you. And who are you calling a bitch, bitch. Do you honestly take this seriously? Get a life. Hoar!

  6. ENZO IS PLAYING THIS GAME! I lovvee the way he bullshits her, lol. Its amazing how he finds a way to have a sturdy alliance, yet remain to look like a floater. Hayden does too..but almost fcuked that up with kristen. I want Enzo to win this.

  7. its funny because regan, brit, and kathy are getting rid of the 2 ppl who are their only chance of making it further than final 4. once the brigade takes over they are all out of there.

    rachel will be able to laugh in each of their faces in a few short weeks.

    1. I know right. They are really dumb. I can’t wait to see each of their faces when they watch the video’s of themselves in the jury house. I hope they feel like the fools we know they are.

      1. Britt needs to go, is anyone else tired of hearing her talk about B/R and vagina’s, god she needs to grow up that shit happens in grade school. I watch after dark and everytime she is on that is all she does is talk about B/R what is she going to do after they are gone start on Kathy, Grow up Brit !!!

    2. Do you think that matt would be the first member the brigade will try to get rid of? Matt didn’t listen to them when they suggested that he put up brendon and rachel during his first hoh, and during his interview he said something like “im not gonna put up someone just because they want me too..I’m gonna look out for me.” Maybe the brigade will get rid of him and then add britney or maybe matt will turn on the brigade and make them targets but since he knows how to win hoh, he will start a new alliance.

    3. The Brigade is so in charge now that they aren’t even holding their meetings in secret anymore. Doesn’t anyone else in the house see this? It’s unbelievable how unaware Britney, Ragan, Kathy, Rachel, and Brendon are about what’s going on right in front of them.

      1. it has become a pattern with brenchel fans, like brendon and rachel they believe their own bullshit anc can’t accept that brenchel did this to themselves with the way they acted when they had power and pretend they are victims when their getting everything they dished out, HUGE hypocrites.

    4. I agree 100%
      Britney and Gaygan are making a really bad mood.
      They have britney doing all the dirty work and she not realizing it.
      I want gaygan and britney gone in the next 2 weeks

  8. Brit: “his voice gets on my nerves her voice gets on my nerves it sickens me being around them knowing what they’ve said about me”

    Seriously Britt! It sickens you what they say about you. I’m sicken with what comes out of your mouth. =/

    1. i’m trying to figure out what really did they say about her? Unless she’s talking about when Monet and her was on the block, but even then B/R made it clear tehy wanted Monet out, and figured the only way to get her out was to put her up against Monet. Rachel told her personally she was safe so what is she talking about. i think it’s funny how you can get mad when someone talks about you, but you’re talking about them. what does that make you. I really hope next week would be a double eviction, but i doubt it, because they have never sent two people to the jury house on the first jury eviction. It’s usually like after one or two people are there

    2. I agree she so nastyyyy.
      Im so tired of her mouth bashing B/R!
      she not coool!
      she needs to go home.
      She has like this obsession with B/R and she wont
      stop talking about them!

  9. BRITNEY RAGAN AND KATHY the most dumbest-useless players I have ever seen in bb history ..
    bregade will have so much fun taking over and seeing u go home 1 after the other ..

    stupid how they are getting rid of rachel and brendon .. and these 2 are probably the ones that can take them to the end .. not the bregade ..

    and matt is

    1. so true, if they shut up from their useless droning they might have long enough to think about what is going on and help themselves out a bit….this is how dumb people do…..but not Kathy, nothing could help her lolol

    2. Brit Ragan, and kathy, DON’T KNOW ABOUT THE BRIGADE….. why are you brenchel fans not thinking about how it is in the house we’re watching them so of course WE know what they should be doing but they don;t know what we’re thinking so how exactly are they dumb?? by leaving a sinking ship known as brenchel? they were smart for that because brenchel was acting real arrogent with their power and threatening people with their 2 HOHs they(brenchel) pushed their connections away with their self-centered attitudes, brit,kathy, and regan were protecting themselves form being the casualties of the idiocy of brenchel…

      1. I still say Ragan knows about the Brag-ade. He tried to clue B/R in about them two weeks ago, but he didn’t want to be too speciric. Kristen also told B/R anout the alliance but Brendon thought it was a desperate lie to save herself. Look for Ragan to make his move this week. IF he can win HOH, he’ll put up 2 brag-ades against each other while he still has enough votes to get one of them out.

    3. It would be interesting if BBoy won HOH, put Matt and Lane up and won the POV. 2 brigade votes, but one of them would be assured to go home. Then, if a “non” brigade member won, put up the other 2. After that, Brendon could be sent home and the fun continues.

  10. watching BBAD earlier and i thought that it was hilarious when enzo read brenden’s sweatshirt that said “carpe diem” and he asked brenden if it meant “buyer beware” lol!!

  11. I know that there are a lot of Matt haters out there, so I guess this is not directed at you.. but check out Matt’s band on YouTube.. they actually aren’t that bad….. if you like that type of music.. that is all I wanted to say, you may now return to you HG bashing.. enjoy your evening.

    1. i know i listened to them and they actually are decent, but i dont get all the matt bashing, whether you admit it or not Matty is playing the game how it should be played, you lie, you backdoor, and you look out for number one-yourself, i vote matty for winner

      1. yep..not a fan of the lie….but hes playing the game

        not sitting there like ragen and brit talking about contracting std’s…uncalled for, childish, and just…PLAY THE GAME RAGEN/BRIT…idiots!

        1. I have enjoyed matt’s game from the beginning.. sure his lie about his wife was in bad taste.. but so what.. that is something he will have to deal with himself with his wife and family and friends when he gets out.. as far as the game is concerned, it is all part of BB.. everyone in the house has lied about something in their lives, Matt just had the EPIC of all lies… GO MATTY!!

    1. Me to.
      She stupid. Yea rachel or brendon are gonna be evicted
      but umm. hello? britney dont you see that your the next target?
      your the one who is winning all the POV people are gonna be gunning
      for you next week. IF brenchel stayed then the target would still be on them
      not on britney. She dumbbb!

      1. Next Week based on where the house is RIGHT now (this can change by Thurs)
        If the brigade wins HOH Brendon and KAhty going up
        If ragan wins HOH Brendon and KAhty going up
        If brit wins HOH Brendon and KAhty going up
        If Brendon win HOH Brit and MAtt going up

        1. If Brendon wins HOH (bahahahhahaha…sorry yo) I was thinking he would put up Ragan and Matt, from the conversations he has had with Roachel. Roachel bashes Brit but then says she likes her as a person. But she has NOTHING good to say about Ragan. It will be fun to watch! I am soooo looking forward to the goodbye messages to ol Roach.

  12. America is just laughing at Britt, Regan, and Kathy right now. Birtt is the laughing joke of the entire show. She will get her ass handed too Brigade. Her only chance to win this game is to use the POV on Rachel. Rachel is the strongest player in this game so far. Stats prove my point here. Team up with Rachel and knoock down the Brigade

      1. Jimik60 – IDK what stats Kat is reading…..but from all the polls on CBS’s site, it looks like Enzo and/or Lane are America’s favorite and Rachel takes the least favorite ticket by storm. No one even comes close. Go to cbs dot com/forum. I don’t think I can post links here, hence the spelled out version.

    1. I agree. Britney should have not won POV.
      Her winning pov just put a bigger target on her and made her loose 2 vote for jury house.
      This is her 3rd pov. People are already seeeing
      how big of a competior she is and britney is the next target.
      she needs to use the pov on rachel so people would still target
      rachel and not britney. I doubt next week (considering rachel is going home)
      people are gonna go after brendon. Britney already showed that she is a big
      competitor then brendon. So Britney needs to stop thinking about her alliance

  13. Hahaha Brendon winning HOH…….. Funny!!! Even if it’s a quiz he’ll complain that it wasn’t fair because he’s a chemist and there wasn’t any science questions!!

  14. I am reading all the psychotic behavoir going on by Rachel. She definitely has something wrong with her. She maybe bipolar or she may just have the factor that allows people to see hw their behavoir affects others is missing. She doesn’t get why no one likes her and is acting like a baby because there are consequences to how she played this game and has behaved in the house.

    B/R are delusional thinking Enzo and Hayden have Brendon’s back. I am sure the rest of the week will be crazy. What Matt shit is Rachel going to try to tell Enzo. B/R have been so played and they haven’t caught on at all.

    At this point, I have no idea who I would want to win.

  15. I’m beginning to think that Kathy has been laying low and losing everything on purpose. She is not my fav but I am waiting for her to step up. She is obviously in good shape, she has to be a tought *&** since she is a deputy and having to deal with all sorts of people. I think they have GREATLY underestimated her.

    1. Being thin does not equal good shape. Did you see her get stuck in the caramel? Did you see all the bruising on her thin skinned arms after they pulled her out? Did you notice she smokes like a chimney? How many work outs has she taken in the house?

    1. iNTELLIGENT PEOPLE DO? Why? What’s do you idiots think!!!! “Not only would Matt sell his mother to the highest bidder, he send her C.O.D.!!!!

      1. fyi-besides reading this blog and bitchy BB blog i TOTALLY enjoy reading your -should i say- ‘witty’ comments. love your way with words. thanks for the laughs!

  16. Good to see Matt is wearing his pirate jammies again. How old is this guy? I can’t see…are they footies, too? This guy is a total loser!

  17. I think the house is set to explode today — NOT Chima explode — but the best cat fights of the year thus far for sure. I am hoping for a “Brendon in Brit’s face” kinda argument just to see if Lane steps in and backs Punk-Boy Brendan down. It ALMOST happened yesterday while Lane was washing dishes, but Brendan got real quiet when Lane raised his voice.

    Regan and Rachel are going to happen though. That fuse is already lit.

  18. Is there a reason that Kathy lays around all the time. Early on I heard her say she needed the rest of the Big Brothler house. Did she have some ailment or accident right before entering BB

    1. I think she is still needing medications associated with her cancer. Not chemo, but I remember reading that she was on an IV for something. I think it severely weakened her. Hopefully, that is the case and we will see her in action more. She told Ragan about it earlier in the season.

  19. Poor Simon:

    it looks as though everyone on here was having a “heavy flow” day. Either that or PMSing, I know I was until this morning when I found “True Love”, We registered are china pattern early this morning at William Sonoma’s and plan on a November weddin!!! Tee-hee! I’m just Brenchel-ling!!!!

    1. Hahah….I was working soooooo hard yesterday and last nite on being civil and repsectful and just when I was going to get off “MM” (Mental Moran) came along and …well….you know the rest!
      Thank You for your shout out yesterday too during your ever so entertaining rant!! Well, one of the many….hahahahahha
      PS. Aunt Flo is leaving tomorrow morning, thank god! I hate visitors!

  20. LOL LJ….I was following ya!!!! I totally understood why you said “Hoar”. You should have pointed out that MM can’t spell idiot!!!! I hate nothing more than when someone picks on spelling and misspells a word in their judgment post!!!!

  21. I don’t see how rachel is the “best player in the game” she’s too vocal… The best players are the quiet ones, the ones that can win the comp but purposely don’t so they have no target on their backs… The ones who play the house like a fiddle socially, enzo. Enzo is the safest player in that house right now and is guarenteed to get all jury votes as of right now…. Competitions do not make the best player in the house

  22. I can’t believe Brendon said ( from Simon and Dawg) “Brendon says that the females have a fatal flaw in this game they get so emotional and have trouble detach. Brendon says he doesnt care about the game and wants everyone to get along”
    BRENDON IS THE ONE PLAYING EMOTIONALLY like a lovesick puppy. Now he doesn’t even care about the game and wants everyone to get along? Oh comon- BR deserve each other. Rach said she’d rather have Brendon than the money and now she has her wish. BBProduction needs to do a better job screening for people who succumb to lovesickness too readily. Its boring to watch. Make room for folks who want to play the game -maybe more people with dignity and integrity- so we actually have a hard time picking our fave , instead of picking someone by default- the least of all evils!

  23. jimik60-you are the most arrogant, ignorant ass on this site. You constantly take this game personal and insult everyone who has an opinion that differs form yours!! You are a total jerk! I wish I had a dime for every stupid, insulting statement you have made to others on this site. YOU SHOULD BE BANNED!! Obviously you have no job (easy to see why) and have lots of time on your hands to trash others. Typical INSECURE FAG!!

    1. going by your logic you must not have a life or a job neither f your able to go through all jimik’s posts….Be “UNLIKE” brenchel and not shed tears for shit peoiple say online….. we are all having fun her saying whatever we want abot the HGs we don;t like… FYI brenchel fans started with the name calling whenever we tell the TRUTH about brenchel.

  24. I can’t wait to see the reactions of everyone who make it to jury house once they watch the live feeds and see what is really going on with the brigade. Who they vote for may be changed by what they see and hear.

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