Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon says that some girls use their period as an excuse way too much… then says its not like we can check or anything…


8:30pm Brendon and Rachel are in the bedroom talking. Brendon says that he wants to do something for her. Rachel asks what? Brendon says that he wants to take a bullet for her. They talk about the other house guests and how they’re playing the game. Brendon says they control who stays and who goes to jury. Brendon says that Rachel has a better chance in the game and she says not without him. Brendon says he’ll always be with her and leave his t-shrits around. They tell each other that they love each other. They kiss. Brendon says he hopes he sees Rachel win HOH on the TV screen after he is evicted on Thursday. Brendon says that he’s fine with leaving and how he met the love of his life. Says he was put in this game to meet her. They make out some more. Rachel says she was here to meet him, too. Brendon agrees but says this is about him right now. Rachel starts to cry. Rachel wonders how they got, got. They talk about Jeff and Jordan and how they’re still together, so there is hope for them. Rachel tells Brendon she can give him the $5000 and he says no. Rachel wonders if Big Brother will feed them in the jury house. Brendon says yes, as they won’t let them starve. Rachel tells Brendon what she said to Kristen in her goodbye message and how she told her about coming between her and her man. Big Brother tells Rachel not to talk about their diary room sessions.
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In the kitchen Lane, Ragan, Britney and Enzo are talking about the POV competition today. Britney makes fun of how Rachel was throwing the ball during the POV. Britney does a whole re-enactment. They’re laughing. The conversation turns to talking about how Jeff and Jordan came through the front door. Ragan says that they didn’t even look like real people. Ragan says that he thinks Jeff would have been a perfect fit for their season. Ragan and Enzo were excited to see new people inside the house. Enzo says they got to ask Jeff and Jordan questions when they came in. Enzo takes the food out of the oven and says it’s done and nice and tender. Ragan says that’s what she said.


9pm Brendon and Rachel are still talking in the bedroom. They wonder if there is wine in the storage room. Rachel says that she will take the bottle and not share. Brendon tells Big Brother to give them an extra bottle. Rachel calls Matt a douche bag because she shared her HOH champagne with him and he put her on the block. They start to talk about Vegas and how Rachel works for a company that gives tours/hosts events. Rachel says that she charges a lot of money for her to host different events. Rachel says that she was a celebrity in Oklahoma for all the events she did. Brendon says he needs to use the bathroom. Rachel says that her friend Amanda won Beauty and the Geek. Brendon asks if he could be on that show because of his degrees. Rachel says no, because he’s a chic geek.
Meanwhile in the kitchen, Ragan, Hayden, Enzo and Lane are talking.  Ragan says that Rachel and Brendon’s target is Matt they feel he is the most responsible for both of them going up on the block.  Ragan says that there going to lie about him they’re going to talk shit all week long.  Ragan says that the the only negative things I’ve heard Matt say was towards Brendon and Rachel never anyone else in the house.  Enzo says that they think he’s the saboteur that’s what they’re telling people.  Ragan says that he’s not the saboteur.  Hayden says that he knows he’s not.  Feeds cut when we come back there all piling food onto their plates.   Rachel and Brendon come into the kitchen to eat.

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9:20pm Rachel and Brendon are at the kitchen table talking. Enzo says that he knows how people can be dramatic and then he says save the drama for your mama. Brendon some people around here are really callous. Rachel says that she can make things dramatic some times. Enzo says yeah I know …and you’re on your period so … They laugh. Brendon says some girls use that way too much as an excuse, then Brendon says its not like we can check or anything…. (WTF) Rachel says that when she first saw Jeff and Jordan, she didn’t know whether to hug them or shake their hands. Enzo says that he gave them a hug. I haven’t seen people in years… I hugged them.. I was like these are people! …let me learn from you, teach me. Enzo says that he can’t believe we’re 40 days into this bitch yo! Brendon says that he didn’t want them to leave because they were so down to earth and nice. Brendon starts talking about how he has been thinking of tattoo ideas, and that he wanted to get a Latin tattoo Plato is my friend Artistole but my greatest friend is truth.


9:30pm – 9:45pm Brendon and Enzo talk about how cute Jordan was. Brendon says that Jordan carried herself very well. Enzo says yeah she was hot. Enzo says that they even said Meow Meow to him when they met him so that’s how he knows they are watching them. Meanwhile in the backyard Lane and Hayden are playing pool. They talk about how they think Enzo is going to win the 25 grand in the end from America because they think America loves him. They says that Julie always asks him a question every week plus Jeff/Jordan were joking about the meow meow. They talk about how it was just like the Jeff and Jordan season where they were asked questions every week by Julie. Enzo joins them at the pool table. They talk about how they will get Brendon out next week. Enzo tells them all about how Brenden was saying that he didn’t want to be there without Rachel. Hayden says that he should voluntarily exit the house and that he will be remembered forever. Enzo says that he just knew Jeff wanted to say Brigade! Enzo says that he wishes that they could do a diary room session together. Hayden says that they have to do a 4 way diary room session together soon. Enzo says yeah we’ll do it after Rachel Leaves yo! Enzo says that it’s tough to do with out raising suspicions. Enzo asks them if they think Ragan was right about another movie and says that the Brigade should win it so they could watch it together.

9:50pm – 10pm Brendon and Rachel are in the storage room whispering. They talk about how Ragan, Kathy and Britney are best friends now. Rachel says if she stays in the house, she’ll be all alone. They leave the storage room and head to the bedroom. Brendon tells Rachel to keep her chin up. Rachel asks when did she become the bad guy. Brendon says that Hayden won’t let that happen. Rachel tells Brendon that she doesn’t want him to leave … Rachel then says that he should stay because he is so much stronger and better at this game than she is. Brendon says no stop. Rachel says that she will be so sad when you leave. And then that Brendon is not a big Big Brother super-genius, but that she can give him all her knowledge. Brendon tells Rachel that this is the first day after the POV and since we know one of us going home, enjoy the time we have. Rachel says that she doesnt think that she can stay in the house without Brendon. Rachel asks why would Matt try and break up love when he is fighting for his wife and love… why wouldn’t he align himself with people that are fighting for the same thing? Brendon says I know, I know… Brendon keeps trying to get Rachel to come out to the backyard because they have been inside all day. Rachel says that they are all insensitive and that they attacked her at her lowest and its not fair. Rachel starts going off about how the others were upset about her telling the floaters to grab their life vests…


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:00pm nipple slip
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80 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon says that some girls use their period as an excuse way too much… then says its not like we can check or anything…

  1. Brittney Quote of the Day: “I would rather be trapped in a dungeon in Saw 6 putting my hand in acid to try to release the device that is going to rip my rib cage open than to be anywhere near her vulva.”

  2. Omg ! I want to scream at brit and ragan. Wake the hell up! There playing off emotions and are too stupid to know that their fuk either if brenchel stays or go! If they dont have an idea about the brigade they all deserve to be sent packing each week. There not opening their eyes. If both b/r goes in the next two weeks , the season will come to an end. You might as well fast forward to final two ! We all will know how the story play out! Do we really want to see the brigade become final four! Omg! That would be an epic Bore! Cbs must gave all the funds to survivor, for russell.

  3. Haha. Lane and Hayden can’t even be up front enough to ask each other about a final 2 deal. They’re too scared to make a move, so just PUSSY foot around. Damn, grow some and do something.

  4. I am convinced Rachel and Brendon are both mildly retarded. I’m being honest here. Something is mentally wrong with them.

    1. I want to continue this conversation, but it just wouldn’t be right….would it!! Im sick of the RAchole lovers attacking me the last 48 hours….boohoho…..But Im in tears with laughter!! Thanx!

    2. I thought that last year of Jordon. I was convinced and I still am. I said she was special, I wouldn’t say the r word in that context but that is me and how I roll. I just think she looks as if she has Downs Syndrome and that isn’t bad in any way but I’d never seen it before in someone not having that issue.

  5. hether or not you like B/R, you have to admit, they’ve been the only entertainment this season. Britney is a two faced bitch. Hayden has no personality Enzo is funny, but doesn’t seem to have a lot of class. Lane is boring. Matt is boring too. Brendon and Rachel are the entertainment this season besides Enzo and Ragan, he’s funny too. But after Brendon and Rachel leave, the show is going to be so boring. And the “Brigade” will end up turning on each other eventually

    1. omg.. Rachel and Brendon are NOT good entertainment. They are the most annoying people on tv, aside from Spencer and Heidi.
      Enzo and Britney are the most entertaining. Rachel is just the biggest bitch. and Brendon is just the dumbest idiot.

      1. Speidi = Radon


        Radon is an invisible radioactive gas that has no taste, smell, or color. Over time, the uranium in rocks and soil decays and radon gas is released. The gas lets off radioactive particles. Rn is the atomic symbol for radon, and 86 is the atomic number. Niton is an old term for radon.
        Because radon is a gas, it can enter buildings through openings or cracks in the foundation. The radon gas itself decays into radioactive solids, called radon daughters or radon progeny. The radon progeny attach to dust particles in the air and can be inhaled.

  6. im sorry but i dont like this season at all i love how everyone in the house thinks this is the best season. matt is a liar i hate him because of the lie he told about his wife. enzo is cool
    hayden idk? ragan idk? brit funny as hell! kathy is the weakest one game wise in the house for now. rachel annoying. brendon i feel bad for him because of rachel he has a target on his back too, he always told rachel to not be mean (or a bitch). lane is just lane. does anyone like this season?? my fav season by far was bb11

    1. I love it. Last season wouldn’t have been half as good if it wasn’t for Jesse being brought in. There was drama. There was an antagonist and there was the hero. This season we have Rachel and Matt’s lie to contend with. nothing much else to work with however, the same time last year Jeff got his ‘coop de taw’ Coup d’État so that took the game from hum drum to this place going mad with Jeff and Jordon luv. I’m sure something is going to bring the drama again this year. It’s still early yet.

    2. I don’t think too many people like this season. Lol. I know I don’t. We already know the outcome. They may as well fast forward to the final 4. There are some big time idiots in that house.

    1. Even when the camera she is on is a different one. She does that a lot, looks at camera one when camera 2 is filming. It just makes it all the more pathetic and obvious, her need for attention.

  7. If the house is leaning towards getting Rachel out, Brendon will quit before Thursday. I just know he will. Then what? When he quits, will someone go up in his spot on the block?

  8. I’m wondering do brit and ragan think that their in an alliance with the whole house against the fuk up! You guys are screwed if they leave in the next two weeks!

  9. Can’t believe I am about to say this … I feel sorry for Brendon. He always looks so confused and/or he is always rolling his face off. Poor guy.

    1. I feel bad for him too…it’s going to be an expensive trip to the Dr when this is done! And if he doesn’t win Im pretty sure he is going to have a hard time payin’ for it!

  10. I’m watching bbad and Racheal worked up a huge sweat working out and dosen’t shower after ,but changes into clean clothes might we have another Gnatalie on our hands? Oh and btw did anyone else hear Reagan make the Stevie Wonder joke about Brendon LOL

  11. I love Lane and Brit’s banter. They seem like they get along very well. If I thought everyone could trick us for this long…I would guarantee they were together in real life!

  12. It makes me sick how everyone in the house can talk shit behind Brendon and Rachel’s backs, but can’t say anything to their face. They all make me sick. I like Brendon and Rachel. Everyone else sucks.

    1. omg i noe huh i hate how all they talk about is b/r and who the saboutore is and what the next compition will be. i kinda like b/r too because without them im sorry its too predictable if whoever stays like for instince if brendon stays and wins hoh and puts 2 of the brigade members up then it will be interesting.

  13. Ragan & Brit blinded by Bren and Rach BS
    And don’t even notice the Brigade right there in front of them.
    Ragan and Brit u don’t have ya game face on
    Now their gonna catch u with your guard down.

    I’ll be laughing my ass off when Left Eye is crying while on the block
    :-). Haveca good summer, suckers :-)

  14. Grandma! I feel you 100%. I thought it was just me! I love to hate brenchel! I dont want to watch those boring guys become final four. Grandma your on point tonight

  15. First I don’t like Rachel, but at least she has been playing the game while the others sit on their butts, and acting like spoiled little brats (high school all over)
    Kristen tried to keep her integrity and act like a real person. Monet was the best at keeping who she really is, I know her in real life, she a wonderful and fun person. That being said, the rest of the nobody’s are just a joke, and matt, should be taken out because of his lie about his wife. Matt you are the slimmest little toad, or what we call “little big man”. Granted I only watch this show from time to time, but I am sick of shows that only have a high school mentality. I for one would like BB give Rachel some kind of power to keep her and Brandon in the game and vote off two other slackers. Now that would turn this game upside down and leave BB with high ratings and I would like to see the others panic and have to get off the high horses, lazy butts and compete.

    1. Almost everyone that defends Rachel says she’s been playing the game, but the game isn’t really who can create the most drama (although that’s huge for ratings). If you measure her gameplay by how many plans her and Brendon have cooked up – sure, hands down, they’re winners. But since when do bad plans count? They don’t win the money based on effort – I can draw a car, make plans to build it, and put some parts together but I can guarantee the thing won’t turn on. The moment they had their mad scientist love storm they’ve been playing like it’s down to 4 people, and they’ve been burning bridges ever since. That’s not a plan, that’s not playing the game. That’s being a drama queen, and emasculated sore loser. They’re the two dicks that they had to shut the public pool down until they ejected them from the park when I was a kid (figuratively).

      Good riddance, I hope you get the intensive mental medical care you most certainly need – I hear they do couples…

      Simon can we start a gentleman’s bet about whether Rachel will, in 5 years be destitute after searching for a celebrity gig, on crystal, or in lock-up?

        1. I Agree, the thing I was saying is that rach/bren did put up 2 pretty good players, everyone else just puts up people that will not get them into trouble or get the others mad at them. They are all to worried to get people upset. Most of their games are looking around the corner and seeing if anyone is listening, then come back saying, “I told them off”, grow some people. I don’t like rach at all! , Yes she caused way too much friction, but she doesn’t just sit on the fence. rachel wanted Kristen out and that was a spoil little girl having a fit. rachel should be out and will.
          I think if you tell someone you are for him or her, then stick to your word, what a novel idea. Brandon needs to wake up. The brigade is just a good old boys club, and brit/kathy are not welcome. If they where smart and they are not, brit/kath/reg//bred/hay? Would stick together, because all the girls are on their way out and matt too. Are these people completely dump, they know their is a group of guys playing together, they have been told that time and again, and it shouldn’t be hard to figure it out because they hang out together most of the time. What would be a great twist for BB in it’s final year is that they bring back someone that can’t go past the final4 put has a vote and cannot be voted out. Then let the games began.

      1. THEY have not been burning bridges. Rachel has been burning bridges.
        Thus throwing Brendon under the bus. Remember he was very upset
        after her nominations last week, “bring it on”. She said she did not know
        where that came from….unstable. It is RACHEL not Brendon. Tho there
        is guilt by association.

  16. Well…if Brit keeps kickin’ ass, she has potential to stay and knock em out one by one…as long as she keeps that fine line between her and sir hunk alot!

      1. See the thing is tho, they cant all love each other forever……or maybe they can and that is why we love the rest of them so much….but either way as long as you have Brit and regan in the house there will be some sort of drama….she-male drama! ya know! plus CBS will make sure we got some craziness going on!

        1. Cbs got this boring cast! They can’t make anything happen. Brit and enzo are just funny . I’m sorry, I dont like brenchel , but they bring the drama to the lame season

          1. Quit being sorry!! I want to hear you swing from the rafters yelling “I HATE THIS SEASON OF BORING MOTHER FRUNKERS! DAMN YOU CBS FOR GETTING ME ALL ADDICTED TO A BUNCH OF LOSERS AND HOARS!! YOU BETTER DO BETTER NEXT YEAR BITCHES” I guarentee you will feel better after!

          1. My Grandma (nana) turned 96 Wednesday August 4, 1914….she was born the day WWI
            was declared and gave birth to my mom in England upstairs in her moms house in WWII during an Air raid!!

          2. OK, I get it now! I just looked up Tokyo Rose and educated my damn self! I feel ya!! Brit Speaks Tokyo Rose but look Dolly Parton!

            1. Got to luv ya! I was not a WWII baby. I am a BabyBoomer. I am not a TeaParty nut! I saw the Beatles in KC, MO. I had friends that were in Vietnam. I didn’t go to Woodstock but I could have. I was single again when there was Disco. So, how old am I?

              1. ohhhh…..58-59????

                BTW…..My mom and dads first date was a blind date to a Beatles concert in England in about 1963-1964……

  17. IS ragan gonna bitch the rest of the season of who he like? OMG! How is he gonna feel when he see how much of fool matt made him What a bunch of idiots. I like him second to brit , but his stock is falling.

  18. ragen is sitting there saying not to take it personal and it should be that way here on out…right after talking about how much they miss monet and kristen blah blah….

    can ragen just get evicted for sucking at everything…brit too? does she think lane plans to just take her to the final 2 for kicks?

    1. I bet! Especially with Matt in full head to feet gear!! Not that you wouldn’t need 100 times magnified camera lenz to pick his shit up but hey….I get it…..I specifically am really only looking for Lane pics……just so you know!

  19. makes me mad that now its like oh they were told ALL lies and monet/kristen didnt say/do anything BUT dont take it personal…uhm…play the darn game, stop talking about other people and just GO….but no, lets hear more about how annoying brenden is sitting over in his hammock…sigh

  20. Ragan better get his ass up and talk to Rach
    because if u don’t smooth things over with her
    that two u won’t get if u make to the final two.
    And u say u know to play BB…. dumb move peanut head

  21. I just hope they do the family/friend segment for Brendon and for Rachel. I want to make sure Brendon isn’t George in the Jungle because this guy acts like he’s clueless. So maybe he was raised by a pack of wolves or something. Rachel looks and acts like she could have been in Tiger Wood’s harem. I don’t get it. Maybe he already has money so he doesn’t care . But they are very immature and self absorbed from what I witnessed on BBAD tonight.

  22. BB will make it exciting for us, it wont be boring, and no one is going to stop watching cause Brenchal are split up….remember, now all the people that “like” eachother are going to start going after eachother

  23. Rachel a celebrity I Oklahoma?
    Yup, that’s a lie. I’ve lived in the 2 biggest cities in Oklahoma over the past 2 years. Unfortunately, I’m still here. But she has never been a celebrity here.
    If she’s going to lie about being a celebrity, she should have picked a better state…that’s not saying much on her part that she’s bragging about being a celebrity from Oklahoma ( and I live here) very impressive Rachel (sarcasm voice).

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