Big Brother 12 to launch Summer 2010.. will it be Allstar? and whats up with final3 on finale night?

This just in from CBS. Even though fans favorites are gone Big Brother 11 has already raked in enough dosh to order a 12th season of our favorite reality TV Show. As for the rumor that there will be 3 houseguests in a finale….. hmm would CBS mess with the schedule and have 3 people in the final 3? I’m not convinced, yet. The below press release states that 3 people will battle for the 500K “next Tuesday, Sept. 15 (9:00-11:00 PM ET/delayed PT) as the Final Three (Jordan, Kevin and Natalie) face off for the $500,000 grand prize.” I’ll let you decide on this one.
***on a side note i’ll change all the houseguests faces tonight sorry it’s taken me so long, I got a bunch of requests already so if anyone has more send them my way. Oh and I gather most people didn’t like Ronnie as the World of Warcraft emblem so I’ll change that if anyone has a good idea***

Broadcast Hit/Internet Sensation To Return for 12th Edition in Summer 2010

Less than a week before the two-hour finale of “Big Brother 11,” CBS is already making plans for Big Brother 12. The network announced today it has ordered another edition of the hit reality series for broadcast in the summer 2010.

The three-times-a-week series has once again turned into a summer sensation, growing its audience both on-air and online for the CBS Television Network and CBS Interactive platforms.

BIG BROTHER 11 is one of only a handful of programs to post growth in its 10th season. Compared to last summer, BIG BROTHER 11 is up +7% in viewers (7.08m from 6.60m), +4% in adults 18-49 (2.5/08 from 2.4/07) and +5% in adults 18-34 (2.0/07 from 1.9/06). Each of the three weekly broadcasts are also posting summer-to-summer growth.

Online, BIG BROTHER 11 is the Number One show on and across the CBS Audience Network in all key metrics with 25% more unique users and 94% more video streams than last summer. also logged a record 11.6 million votes when Jeff was awarded the “Coup d’?tat” Power.

BIG BROTHER concludes its 11th edition with a special two-hour LIVE finale and reunion show, hosted by Julie Chen, next Tuesday, Sept. 15 (9:00-11:00 PM ET/delayed PT) as the Final Three (Jordan, Kevin and Natalie) face off for the $500,000 grand prize.

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The rumor was that part 3 of HoH will be on tuesday right before the jury questions and vote. that might be why they released all 3… The other possibility is that the winner of HoH can place a vote for the overall winner. This would mean 3 in the finals (like Survivor did)…. however, I doubt it.

Bet is that they will evict last HG Tuesday, have short questions LIVE and then vote and winner all on Tuesday!


according to the description for thursday nights show it says “The final hoh competition is held between the three remaining houseguests. The winner evicts one person , reducing the number to two finalists” So I believe that it will be the same as every year and there will only be two contestants on finale night.


I definitely don’t think Big Brother will do an All Stars 2 this quickly. They usually copy off Survivor and Survivor has not done an All Stars 2 yet. If they do an All Stars it would have to be houseguests from seasons 8, 10 and 11 because season 9’s cast was BORING. They might choose Matty from Boston but only because he is hot.


Ronnie the rat (for photo)!


If all 3 are facing off on finale night, then that would mean no more evictions? What will happen with the 3 part HOH comp? And why would it matter who wins it, if all 3 will remain in the house? Maybe HOH will remain and america will vote for the final 2 person? I wonder if the changes are because of the cheating allegations.Does anyone know what is going on with this?

y. smith

simon..ronnie the rat…braden – surfer..lydia-tatoo girl..lauran-pam anderson beach suit..russell-iron man cage..jesse-douch bag

y. smith

jeff – apple pie…


Just read on some other web site that Natalie said she was worried about keeping her engagement ring on as it might affect Jessie’s vote. Is this true? Did she say on tv, or during the live feeds? If it’s true then wow, that is some fast (and twisted) thinking on her part.


does she seriously think that the jury won’t know about pandora’s box & her supposed engagement?




many ppl want to see more of jeff thats for sure.

more of that

yeah ill see more of that if it’s with less clothes on and a closed mouth because he’s hot, but he’s as dumb as they come


Jeff and Jordon for Amazing race for sure!!! Absolutely


Watching the live feeds and BB just put out a game for the HG’s it looks like a skee ball contraption…. All three go outside to look at it and Gnat walks back in and says to Kevin “That’s bullshit it’s supposed to be a game that I can beat Jordan at” meaning that if this is for the second part of the HOH competition she doesn’t like it because it’s not going according to her plans… what a whiny bitch hey BB just give Gnat the money and call this a lost season of BB Gnat pretty much ran the show with all her demands…. BB12 should be fun watching everyone threaten to leave the show as soon as it doesn’t go their way… BB created this monster by not putting up much of a fight and giving in…….

nasty h8ter

I agree 100% the next BB the houseguest will run it,just like they have this season.If Chyma wouldn’t have destroyed her mic,they would’ve never got rid of her.I want Nat in BB allstars,I just wanna watch EvilDick torture this whiney lil bitch and show her how the big players play the game! all these HG’s wouldn’t last week with the past good players,ED,Janielle,Will,Boogie…


nasty would be evicted week 1 in the all stars


well, at least she can’t use the “I’m only 18 lie” and then America would have 1 week to see that she truly is pig pen & all the things we can’t stand about her now are not past of her age lie. ugh!!
so happy she’s getting frustrated with this practice game….


Just a thought on the jury voting …if ends up a tie with the jury votes for one of the final two,maybe they’ll give whomever wins America’s favorite player the 25k AND the opportunity to cast the tie-breaker vote!



nasty h8ter

Is it true their playing the second part now? I read on it is another endurance comp and it has like skittle balls,about the size of basketballs and HG’s have to avoid the bumpers.Nasty is complaining to Gollum,she wanted a question comp to finish Jordan off,and is not happy! It said HG’s was on a 4 hr lockdown today also…Simon is this true??


What if the person who wins this competition not only gets to evict someone but also gets a free vote, the 7th vote. And that could be why bb said “practicing could pay off” for the cometition they are practicing for right now.


The HGs are outside practicing on some kind of bowling ramp that you have to roll the ball up without touching the sides?? I guess this is practice for HOH comp 2 – tomorrow?? later tonight???

I hate pp

Kev and pp know we hate them production must have said something cause they said there were conspiracy therioes going on

discuss game

Yes! Change the pics please! Back to original pics. My roommates and I have donated but hate the pics. Let’s go out with class


Simon, sweetie, maybe you can put a set of the original faces and beside it the comic ones. I like the comic ones but that will make the others happy, too. Just a suggestion.


Maybe we should all vote to evict the pics or keep the pics. I vote to keep!!!


well, since it’s sooo boring in the house I guess you have a little bit of extra time to play with the pics – LOL!!

thanks for all your hard work this season!!!


I wish BIG BROTHER was on more than once a year!!!!!!!


please tell me the game that pig pen is playin is NOT the next HOH game , because that looks like some easy shit, and NOT worthy of a competition for $500,000………. not even $5

nasty h8ter

It is,but I didn’t tell ya,you know its gonna be more complexed than that right?even if it was this one,she’d lose,she sucks at it!


I think they’ll probably have to answer questions about past HG, pick a ball with that HG’s picture on it, and roll it into the hole that has the same HG name on it. The holes will be next to each other, without a wall between them. So if the roll is not dead on, it will go into the wrong hole and won’t count.


Suggestions for the pics:
Braden – a question mark (?) only b/c we really didn’t get to know him
Russell – a cauliflower (only b/c of the “cauliflower ears” comment bitchy Chima made)
Ronnie – what else but…a rat!
Jeff – Captain America (lol) or, if you can’t use that b/c of copyright issues…a tuna would make sense
Lydia – Oooh…I could have so much fun with this one. How about, a hand (you know why) ;-), or a hoe, an “open for business” sign, a bottle of hand lotion…ok, that’s enough for that one. Lol
Laura – either horse’s teeth or a close up of big boobs (for the longest time I couldn’t remember her name b/c we just called her “big boobs”.)
I think a picture of Mr. Magoo for Michele would be awesome (Coo Coo Magoo), or leave as is.
Anyway, just my pathetic suggestions for some other pics for the HG’s.
I see the blogs are winding down, so I’m guessing things are pretty quiet in the house right now.
Good news about BB 12…hopefully, it is an All-Stars. If not, then hopefully CBS & AG will learn from mistakes made this season and rectify them for next season. I’m glad to hear BB 12 will be in the summer. For some reason, when they had the BB during the fall/winter, it didn’t feel like BB at all and I didn’t watch. To me, BB is def. a Summer show. I hope they keep it that way. Anyway, that’s all from this bored BB fan…for now. 😉 Have a great evening, everyone.


Oooh…I forgot Chima (which was quite nice). For Chima’s pic…how about just a blank spot, cause she is such a waste of space. Of course, fire is rather obvious and would also work.


And, I forgot Jessie (thankfully!) Summer’s Eve douche would be nice, or a mirror b/c he is soooo into himself. Or a clown. 😀 Ok…that’s it, if I forgot anymore…too bad for me. Lol


Don’t be a moron, and learn to read. Overall ratings are up for the entire season, but since Russ, Jeff, and Michelle have left (Thanks to Jeff the dumb @$$) ratings have been down. Stupidity gets you no where, so read and learn before you type.


Maybe you need to take your own advice and learn how to form and punctuate sentences correctly.


CBS better answer my e-mail. They allowed Jordon to cheat by being sneaky and allowing the log to stop for long periods of time so she wouldn’t be so winded and would be able to stay in the game. All this cheating has to stop now. Call CBS, Call Big Brother, Call Homeland Security. Big Brother has turned this game into Romper Room only so Jordon could have a chance to win. They’ve made this the dullest BB ever by using kindergarten games that Jeff and Jordon could understand and play. I’m not watching anymore unless someone answers my e-mail and explains to me why during a Final 3 game was the log stopped. It has never been stopped in any BB Final 3. It was only stopped because BB wanted Jordon to last longer. This is soooooooooooo wrong.


whats wrong is your common sense.

if what you are saying is true then tell me why the log stopped 2x once jordan fell?

also, that person you heard breathing heavy was natalie.

plus, tell me how you feel knowing that the only way natalie can win is if she gets hoh. kevin isnt taking her and neither is jordan. they both know they cant get first with her but with each other they have a shot. the votes that natalie thinks she has in russ and jesse are lost because of the age lie and jesse WILL NEVER award natalie the 500k once he knows shes engaged. he would not want her and her BF having a good time with that money. they both will vote for kevin for taking out jeff and michele. they both said they ARE voting for the better player. in their and everyone elses eyes on the jury natalie hasnt done shit. she talks a good game but never played a good game instead she played the lying and bullshit game.


I heard Natalie heavy breathing too and I am thinking the Tai Kwan do (sp???) championship thing is b.s. too! She is some athlete…for a 18 year old!!! She’s a professional Bulls&*% Artist!!!


It was a junior olympics and it was 8-10 years ago.


I e-mailed them two days ago and no reply to my question of the game relating to Kevin and Natalie having lenience too. Maybe our queries cancelled each other out and they figure everyone has a gripe about something. Seems disrespectful to not even get an acknowledgement. Maybe I should have written that I am a fan who’s never missed a season of BB. Don’t hold your breath for a response.


lol. Call Homeland Security. That’s funny. I made that same statement in a prior post, but I think it never got approved for some reason. Anyway, everyone needs to join together in protest over all this “cheating” and “lying” because, as we all know, there are no better causes out there than whining to CBS that a fav was somehow slighted on BB11.

nasty h8ter

Haha,Rockstar you make me laugh,after all the bitching you have done about people talking about Nasty cheating,you have the Va JJ to write that crap?I never saw Nasty and Gollum get down while the log stopped so Jordan could rest,I think they was up there to,plus if you would exercise once in awhile,you’d know that after walking or running for 5-10 minutes in cold rain,snow etc when you stand around,your body gets colder and starts to stiffen up,try it once,you loose your rythym of walking or running for a few seconds,and after that they stood a better chance of falling off the log.I watched it from start to finish,Jordan was in better shape than those 2 liars were.either of them wouldn’t of lasted another hr on it.


Oh tater tot, they would not tell Natalie or Kevin to get off. They had to stop the log again to pretend they were being fair when it was all a ploy to save Jordon. Even after Jordon fell they had to stop the log just so Natalie and Kevin wouldn’t think it was a scam. Natalie is catching on though. She knows BB have been trying to help Jordon win.

I’ve heard that people are crying foul. You don’t stop a final 3 competition so the favrorite to win can take a breather.

.. and since I do hike into the hills every single day except for weekends because I’m all Christian, haha, I wear massive amounts of clothes to warm me because I get major cramps when I’m chilly especially in my lower back and my leg and my toes. Why are you trying to insinuate I don’t exercise?


I’m pretty sure that you’re kidding but I just want to point out that whenever they stopped the log, they ALL benefited equally. Besides, Jordan looked pretty good upthere and Natalie (was the one breathing heavy) looked like she was about to fall several times. I’m still not sure if Jordan actually fell or if she threw the competition. Either way, Natalie didn’t have much more time left in her. Now I want to get into the cheating that went on by Nat and Kevin. Nat at one point was NOT holding on to the key but was instead holding on to the rope and Kevin was facing sideways which obviously gave him an advantage. Not only that but, his Key was at a closer distance to him and he could hold on to it easier. No wonder he wasn’t even tired when he got down.


They were all on the same log. Everyone benefitted from the log stopping.


Sure everyone benefitted, they would hardly stop jordon and make Kevin and Natalie run. Come on. This game is rigged to allow Jordon to win, you just won’t admit it.


the difference between jordan and natalie:

when they discover what the next part of the comp is like…

jordan gives natalie tips and hints as to what can help them in the competition, she offers to help natalie and be her ball chaser. natalie declines and jordan keeps practicing alone.

natalie only wants to practice when jordan isnt around so jordan doesnt see any of her skills/tips of the comp. natalie complains that production is only doing this comp because they dont want her to win.

this shows what kid of person natalie is compared to jordan.


I agree with you 100%, Anyonymous.


Even though 500,000 is on the line she is a very poor sportsman all the same. Why not both practice and make it a game of skill. Natalie won’t practice with her because she is afraid Jordan will she how pathetic she is.


The way CBS is reporting the ratings is showing how BB went up well of course they are going to report that part of it not that they lost viewers every station can make the numbers look good at any time it’s just in how they report it….. You can’t take anything that is fed to the public at face value…. Not anyone in particulars fan just wanted to throw that out there…


yo big d. bite a big one you homophobe.


I am disappointed that this site would let that comment get on the boards here ????


Not your comment…Big Dick Head!!!


Thank You! Very offensive stuff.


Oh my goodness! I missed a comment that had to be removed? That’s what I get for watching America’s Got Talent!


BBGrandma – You should be ashamed of yourself. You are supposed to stay here day and night, reading post after post, commenting, watching BB, commenting, never keeping your eye off the feeds, never ever watch America Has Talent, you’ll miss everything. hahaha


I loved the WOW symbol for Ronnie! I don’t understand why people wouldn’t think that was hilarious. I mean, I love that game, and I couldn’t stand Ronnie,but I still thought it was funny.


nat is right. that is EXACTLY why bb picked this kind of a comp.


So jordan the dumbie has a final 2 deal with both Kevin and Nasty???? Have they k/n told each other about their deal with Jordan??? Or is this just another mess with Jordan’s head? Or are they not telling each other about it? Haven’t been watching much of the feeds lately. Anybody know?


They will both take Jordan and screw each other because Jordan is the only one either of them has a guarantee of winning against.


I don’t think its a guarentee against Jordon-the jury might surprise us. She could win this.


I am with you. I think Jordon can convince them to vote for her.


they both have final 2’s with jordan and are not giving each other full information.

kevin tells natalie that jordan is afraid to tell him anyting while natalie says jordan only says she will look out for her.

nat and kevin each have said final 2 with jordan but are not admitting it to each other.

natalie wont take jordan to the final 2 and is only using her incase she wins but kevin knows he wont win against natalie and that he has a chance to win against jordan. everyone thinks she did nothing while he got out the big players. (jeff and michele)


yeah. big difference between nat and jordan…
jordan is stupid and clueless enough to try to help her competitor. extremely naive, sheltered person in a cutthroat game. a pity and a waste of a player.
she is a sweetheart, of course.


any shot jordan has at winning is lost when she opens her mouth.


Kevin should give a little advice to Jordan about bouncing the ball a little . Nat would die


Did I miss something? I left the room for a moment but when I came back Kevin was asking Natalie what Jordan had said to her. Wasn’t Natalie lying to him? Okay, I know she lies all the time but I am talking about this time particularly.

nasty h8ter

yes BBGrandma,she was lying to him,like usual.they both have final 2 deals going with Jordan and don’t want the other to know,in case Jordon does win the next comp,if she don’t win it,then they’ll kick her to the curb!


Thank you, nasty h8ter, I caught that later. Both are covering their bases, arent’ they? I appreciate the update.


i cant wait for ?vil dick yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

nasty h8ter

Jordan finished with shower,she has already showered more in 2 days,than Nasty has in a month.


Well, the night is done again. Grandma is off to sleep. I have to tell you tho that I have a pair of PJ’s like Natalie had on tonight. I am not going to wear mine. Don’t want to wish her or the other two any luck. I am being fair. Hahahaha. See you all tomorrow!


you idiots thinking therell be allstar. it took 6 seasons for the first allstar, so its going to take atleast another 6 or even 5.


Can you count?? This is the 12th season !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


iwould love to see russell and evil dick and dr. will. Because russell ssaid that he could make evil dick and dr. will cry. I would like to see rusell make them cry they would make him cry


I’m mad!!!!!! Not only do I have to see Jordon in her drawers everytime I come here, yuk, I had to look at an unflattering picture of Jessie, not a cute one and now, no picture of Jessie again but a box of douche. Grrrrr. I’m never ever coming here again. I am so deeply offended. hahaha


Bring back Jeff!!! and only Jeff. Let’s clone Jeff and watch Jeff play against Jeff.


I think ronnie’s picture should be a rat


I think they just put the 3 will battle for the $500,000 since they don’t know which of the three will be in the F2 and technically right now all are in the running for the total.


Last night was soo funny. I wrote yesterday that if they flip the script on Natalie that she would start a meltdown…and you could see her slowly coming unglued. She’s making deals but neither Kevin nor Jordan fully trust her so she has to win tonight or she’s toast unless they do something more to keep her around. I’m not saying she is but she totally meets the criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder. GO JORDON!!!!


THEY SHOULD get a new host for BIG BROTHER next season. maybe even a midget.


Why doesn’t Jordan stop eating and start practicing so she can win something?


didn’t she just win part 2 ??? Horay for HQQTERS Girls


I have been a BIG fan of BB since the first show. Wouldn’t it be so cool to have the guests who came in third on their particular show come back as the hg on BB12???
GOOOOOOOOOOOJordo!!!! Natalie…skanky Kevin…good job!


I think big brother 12 should have all stars I liked big brother 6 and big brother 7 all stars those 2 were the best big brothers ever they should have people come in from big brother 6 and big brother 7 all stars again


Ronnie as a rat is Much Better… the poor rat is upset though.

Natalie sucks.

Laura’s picture should be a horse..


the new bb should be all the people who were evicted first.


no it should not… if i have to look at jessie again i will be sick…..


GO TO HELL GNAT…glad you LOST…YOU LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!