Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Houseguests get to Practice for HOH comp Part 2, Natalie “F*ck this is a crap shoot”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:19pm Houseguests have a large ramp in the back yard with balls (Basketball sized) the goal is to throw the balls so they go into the holes without touching the sides. Natalie seems a little worried this isn’t the mental competition she was hoping for. Natalie “Fuck this is a crap shoot, I should of stayed on the log longer” Natalie jokes that production doesn’t want her to win because of this. Kevin thinks she’s being silly, he tells her to keep practicing. She asks Kevin to be with her when she practices.. Kevin isn’t too excited about that he tells her it’s too boring to watch. Natalie is starting to get frustrated as she continues to struggle with the game. “Why did they make part 2 so random!” .

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334 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Houseguests get to Practice for HOH comp Part 2, Natalie “F*ck this is a crap shoot”

  1. Are they really letting them practice for part 2? why practice how is that a competition. good news bb live feed is now a great remedy if you can’t sleep. Sometimes i wish crazy lydia and jessie were still around to atleast have some drama.I miss they days of evel dick talking to himself alone at night!

    1. Haha and burning Jen (I think that was her name) with a cigarette. Haha like evel dick said on the season I will be remembered and most of you won’t. And he was right I mainly remember only him and his daughter well for being his daughter

      1. More like she’s 15!! God I can’t stand her! I pray the Kevin and Jor go to finals and Nasty doesn’t win sh**. Those of you that want Michelle to win $25K, I would LOVE to see Gnat’s face if that happened!! Karma is a bit**!!!!! There was no reason to play as vicious and malicious as she did.

    1. OMG Freakin Hilarious! I just laughed really hard! Thanks! Has anyone ever mentioned to Natalie’s Fiance that she is actually a Lesbian???!?!!? Just wondering.

      1. That’s hilarious…did anyone notice Gnat didn’t look excited when her hubbie proposed? She fairly calmly said “hell yeah”. Nice. Maybe she was thinking..I wish it was Jessie proposing…hell yeah.

        1. I believe they were already engaged – trying a little Johnie Fairplay trick – best part is that no one seemed to care too much including Tampex

        2. Cursing while being proposed to, boy Nat is a keeper. That proposal was creepy. If I hadn’t seen my other half for two months, I would have jumped his bones!!. She was smug and looked uncomfortable. Nat has her boyfriend just as fooled as she does the HG’s.

          Imagine Kev or Jordo getting to see a loved one, they would have at least been excited & it would have been fun to watch. nat’s segment was just filling air time. “The real ring is at home” Yeah right, more like on layaway at walmart.

  2. Kevin wants to go against her but she has him believing he can’t win except to be second place, I hope he wakes up soon. before it’s too late.

  3. Oops… I don’t think Nat & Kevin expected this. They were so sure part 2 would be mental & they could easily eliminate Jordan. It seems they didn’t have this game quite as wrapped up as they thought. It appears Natalie is beginning to panic, as she is “struggling” and (amazingly) Jordan isn’t. Apparently, Jordan is doing very well. I don’t think Jordan deserves final two. I didn’t want her in final 3… but I’ll take her… ANYONE but Nat! Thank you, Jeff, for the floater final three. I can’t believe I am saying this, but here goes… Go Kevin & Jordan! … Kevin ftw…(Still wish it was Russ & Michele. LOL).

      1. Plus she did win the veto that week, beating michelle…and she’s come closer to winning other comps. than natalie (remember the endurance one where she was on the swing even longer than kev)

        1. Jordan just needs to quit listening to those 2 and play her game,she is better than them in almost every aspect of the game,I just think if someone was there rooting for her,she’d wipe the smirks off their faces! She has beaten Jeff,Russ and Michelle before!

        2. Good point. But I’m not counting her veto win against michele. Because she admitted she could hear michele’s steps and just moved after she heard michele move.

    1. I don’t know why scarf crazy Kevin let Nasty gnat make him believe that the second part was mental anyway, as long as i have been watching B.B. it has always been physical, and part 3 was the mental part! please correct me if i’m wrong? I am with the rest of you as far as not wanting the she man to win anything so i have to say goooo Jordan and Kevin, now that will be a toss up as far as the jury goes! And i hope gnats b.f. takes his twisty tie back and gives it to Kevin instead, he’s the better boy of the! don’tcha think?

    1. kevin is getting tired of natalie and is waiting to burn her in the end. dont you see him getting short with her lately when he is realizing he does not need her as much? remember he hated he in the beginning?

  4. sigh – great picture updates… yup – I love you. Douche…..straight jacket…
    too funny.. thank you for humoring us all!

  5. If I was Kevin, I would tell Nasty to get off her lazy ass and do her own stuff. She told him to get her laundry out of the dryer and fold. WTF? Who does she think she is? Kevin better wake up soon and realize he is just her bitch nothing more.

  6. I believe the best photo for chima would have to be Shit Face from Seed of Chucky! God she was UGLY as F**K!!!! Omg why would BB allow someone THAT ugly be on television???

  7. I still don’t really see how Jordan is being hated on as a floater? did Gollum and Nasty not float to? Jordan won a POV and HOH,yes Jeff gave it to her,but who’s to say Jeff wouldn’t had missed and got a higher number than her,she did hold her own in that comp! IMO she deserves to be final 2 as much as they do,which I don’t think any of them should be there,but they are.If Jordan wins tomorrows comp,than she is a legit player also..

  8. Simon,Russells pic should be a timebomb,Jeffs a chicago bears symbol,Nasty’s is perfect,michelle’s should be the devil,Jordons is good,Kevins should be snake,

  9. outta 20 tries,Nasty makes 6 balls,earlier Jordan hit 10 in a row..are they sure Nasty should’ve been on the athelets team?

    1. Years ago she was a Bronze Medalist in the Junior Olympics – now she is an asst.mgr at Blockbuster – of course shes an athlete

      1. Oh ok, I played golf once with my friends,so I’m an athelete… no I got ya guy,I know she’s a jr tkd champ,but man she has no cordination in anything that has to do with sports,did ya see her trying to play badmitton…..looked like a monkey trying to hump a football!

    2. why do they allow her to practice? Surely there should be a cap for it.. she drives me crazy..
      Dear little Jordan.. I hope she wins by the sheer law of attraction.. all of us rooting for her and Natalie out..
      In fact we could be focusing so much on hating Natalie that we’re actually helping her get to the end.. We best stop saying how much we don’t want Gnat and instead focus on how much we DO want Jordan!

    3. With all her BS about being 18 it makes me wonder if she got her Tae Kwon Do medals by lying about her age and fighting children…….like Kramer in that episode of Seinfeld…….except Kramer didn’t lie about his age…..

  10. Watching BBAD and Jordan is much better at the practice the nasty. I can’t believe it-Kevin and Nat I Lie are lying to each other about what they are saying tp Jordan. They have both promised her final 2 but have not told the other-did the world reverse its rotation on its axis??? Of course they are covering their asses in case Jordo wins but would K/N actually stab each other in the back?

  11. I hate Nasty Nat with a vengeance. I hope Jordan wins. I’m a big fan of Jeff’s but what the hell was he thinking trusting nat and Kev? I always say the problem with smart people is when they start thinking everyone else is dumb. How could Jeff possibly think they’d be dumb enough to keep him in the game?

    I can’t stand nat. People like her just disgust me! I hope jordan wins, or Kevin. I don’t really care as long as mrs smelly annoying voice gets the boot.

  12. I am going to love it if Natalie has to leave and isn’t in final 2.. and then is exposed at the finale for the evil little liar she is. I hope she is humiliated and I hope she finds out soon enough how unpopular she is and that none of us take her seriously. Did you see how blank her expression was as she ate her mentos on the log last night.. Eyes wide open with the most vacant, dumb ass expression.. She’s an embarrassment to women, nay, to the human race!!

  13. you should put bikini barbie for laura and donuld trump with (YOU FIRED)on it for chima a cartoon of a musle guy bulling little people

  14. Let’s all hope and pray Jordan wins this contest….if for no other reason she’s just plain thoughtful to everyone…Natalie truly is a pig and Kevin irrates me to death being her lacky…..COME ON JORDAN…..YOU CAN DO THIS

  15. Well maybe Nat’s man ain’t even her man, the way this show has been going… he was probably a paid actor…. i work in a movie-film industry related job and one of the BB guys came by today and he even says they don’t like Nat, he could be just swerving me… oh well

    1. Kevin acts so much like a gay caricature with all the finger snaps and head bobbing and gay one liners followed by lip puckering – he seems more like an actor’s creation than a real person…..

      1. Seriously, I mean calling everyone a “bitch” or a “wench”, snap fingers, over the top style…I live in a predominately gay area, and gay men don’t act that stereotypical.

      2. I thought that also. I have a gay male friend and he does not do any of that. You would not know he was gay. He does not dress loudly, or anything like Kevin.

    2. He is her real BF. I had seen a picture where they posed together with some other people. They were broken up and recently got back together. The proposal came at the perfect time don’t you think? about your other comment….only despicable people like herself can like her.

  16. oh i think bb wants ole nat to win, i think they are thinking she is helping their ratings………Oh MY!!!!!!!!!! GO JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. if jordan wins? will people start to give her credit? since nasty nat only beat michelle and jordan…barely call that a win. even kevin only beat weak players like jordan and michelle.

    like saying you beat the rams and lions and deserve to be in the superbowl.

  18. OMG!… Did anyone read Nasty’s HOH twitter and blog on cbs she claims that she is doing this for her fellow evicted houseguests and how she blames Michele for Chima losing her mind! Wow that girl is not only dilusional but also is lying to herself. I wonder what everyone else thought of her Tweeter and Blog? I know it made me sick! Lol

  19. if jordan wins next round, will people give her a little bit more credit? i mean nasty nat only beat jordan and michelle. and kevin only beat the girls. nat and kevin act like they have done so much more. but actually they beat the weakest players in the game.
    thats like saying they beat the rams or lions and now expect to be champs. its a joke.

  20. I think Natalie is the worst player ever, fly thru player. But I must sadly say that unfortunately it will be Nat and Kevin because Jordan is a real Blond Bimbo. Dumb as a blonde can be; they should auction her as a NASA experiment gone wrong a True US Blond women its no longer a fiction, this species does exist, its called JORDAN. If she wins the competition in round two, I will run for USA President in 2012 this is my official announcement. And once elected my first two laws to be in place will be making a quarter after eight; eight twenty five and all playing cards to be made out of two suits only, hearts and diamonds. In honor to our new USA symbol, Jordan. No longer will be the eagle.

  21. kevin needs to wake up and throw gnat under the bus,,,,,that might really throw her game off……maybe we should all do a group mantra……to get rid of her!

  22. I have been a faithful watcher since the very beginning. But this season, I am very
    disappointed. BB dropped the ball big time. I can’t understand why Nathalie would be allowed to lie about her age. Although, she acts like a 12 year old. I have an 18 yr old daughter, and if she ever acted like Pigpen, I think I would kick her A**. Kevin is such a moron, he knows that she’s lying to him, but still takes it…Of course, Jeff was my first choice,
    but now I am hoping that Jordan wins this thing.

    Big Brother show America that you don’t have to be a lying, hateful person to win in this world. Good people can get rewarded….Not idiots like Nat & Kevin.
    Go Jordon!!!

    1. I agree that she should not be allowed to lie about her age but the other house guests are pretty dumb to have not caught on. (Wll, Kevin did in the beginning but he never thought about it after) In the eligibility for the show, one of the first rules is that you have to be over the age of 21 to apply. First hint that they wouldn’t allow an 18 year old on the show. Secondly, she drinks alcohol, which I’m pretty sure CBS would not want to endorse underage drinking. So, someone should have figured it out before. She still shouldn’t have lied though.

  23. Part 2 is going to be playing with a ball because it means Jordan doesn’t
    have to use her brain. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA GNAT, big brother is playing randomly and
    now Jordan has a 50/50 chance of moving on to the next round. If she makes it to round 3, I wonder
    what are they going to do next! An eating challange!?!? So she can win.


  25. Okay so I tivo’d last nights bbad at exactly 57 minutes into it Kev got called in the dr and his mic was left on for a few secs and u hear a producer saying something about ” the technical issue just came up and hes okay” and then the mic is turned off so what the hell is up with that?? anyone else hear this?

  26. That s**t was funny they didnt let Chima pet sit down when she got FIIRED!!! ha ha h…She thought she was going in there to chill when they called her nope ha ha you outta here dumb a**..

  27. Dam it Nat, you should have stayed on the log like I said. When you make it to the final 3, you just can?t take it out of your own hands by letting someone else win. By stepping off that log, I now think Kevin is the stronger player between you two. I thought it was weak of Jeff to let Russell win on promises, and wouldn?t think you would be just as stupid.

    Congratulations Kevin!

    You?ve played a hell of a game dude, and you deserve to win. Rather a competition was a mental or physical challenge, you were right there with the best of them. Nat was your only competition, since Jeff said Jordumb was a waste (in so many words). Julie tried to get him to say more, but at the end he said Jordough helped him by being the only one that would talk to his ass.

    Spend the money wisely Kev and have a great life, laterz!

  28. im not understanding this season? they crying because someone leaves dumb.sticking to there word to farther someone else not there self. This a single playing game.they act like there are playing the game for others to win.Only one person can when the 500000k..

  29. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel the needs to hose the GNAT off when she comes in a room? She has no redeeming qualities. If you don’t have good looks, you need a good personality. PP has neither.

    Ewwwwwwwwwww Ewwwwwwwwwwww Ewwwwwwwwwwww

  30. I can’t belive I am saying this, but now I am cheering for Jordan. Yes they are all floaters, but if you are a smart player you would have gotten rid of all the floaters first. So if you are in the jury house, you are not as smart as you think you are, and deserve to be there.

    Since Jordan is not in the jury house, and Kevin and Natalie are not in there as well, they deserve to be where they are. I don’t like Natalie because of her actions, and the same for Kevin. Jordan does seem nice, but was always afraid it was just an act. Maybe she really is.

    So I am rooting for Jordan now.

  31. Why does everyone keep calling Jordan a floater? She’s only thought of that way because it’s how Jeff wanted her portrayed. He wanted to take her to final 2 and then say he did everything. Heck, he even had her convinced she’s a floater. She has done just as much as the others in the house, except that she has kept her self-respect.

  32. Has anyone read gnat’s HOH Twitter and HOH blg Gnat is not only lying to everyone she is lying big time to herself where are all of her fans she says are supporting her Get Real Gnat you have some major delusions about yourself

  33. Lil’Willy I agree with you! Never has there been a gay HG like him. And furthermore, where are the tears? The gay HG’s are usually crying their eyes out the whole show.

  34. Ok Im am NOT a Natalie fan!! But she played the shit out of that game!! She mastermind the whole plan nasty as she maybe they are playing for 500k folks!
    I was on the Jeff and Russell all the way team. But Jeff’s dumb ass who doesnt deserve 25k took out his whole alliance. How, NO why would he beleive Natalie who openly talked messed about them when Chima was evicted. UGGHH he is so stupid and the only thing he deserves is a MOP the floor blowout with Russell.

  35. I do not understand why BB lets the house guest practice. I personally feel the winner would be better chosen by sheer luck NOT something that has been sort of scripted. It would also make for better television to watch them fumble thru. When the guests are playing for big money nothing should be practiced.
    BB is so predictable and this year was so boring. With all the hours of tape they could actually produce and show??? Why do they repeat, repeat, repeat????? I also hope they get the issues of Nat and Kevin straightened around as JORDAN just might have won if not for the cheating by Nat and Kevin. Don’t you think all of America and Canada won’t pick up on this…..You bet they will!

  36. Love the humor in those pics, Simon!! Well now nasty is gonna sweat some stink, she really thought she had this one in the bag…No offense but, maybe she should try out for the Special Olympics, she’s got a better shot!!

  37. Natalie needs to get kicked in the teeth … Jordan and Kevin final 2… Although Kevin is not much of a leader (seriously, his game only started improving once Lydia was out, and now he’s Natalie’s little twit)

    Jordan needs to hustle hustle hustle…she’s got more strength in her – she has to bring it out for the remaining time. I have hope she can do it. She depended a little too much on Jeff, but is honest and doing well considering she is pretty young and sensitive.

    I miss Jeff, sigh..

    Ps – Natalie lying about her age? What a loser.

  38. Nat is just a baby, I cannot stand her voice, her complaning, her ignorance……… I think this all started when she yelled at jessie for talking to Lydia. What a jelouse freak… And I cannot believe she was asked to marry someone……… It must take a very SPECIAL person to love her…

  39. Gnat sucks. She’s a disgusting, self-righteous, bitch and I hope she gets the shock of her life when Jordan and Kevin don’t take her skanky self to the finals. Go Jordo!

  40. I’m really tired of all the weight comments re: Jordo. She is not fat. If you were living in that house with nothing to do, there would be alot of airtime of you eating too. Not everyone is a size two. Remember Keesha starving herself and wrapping herself in saran wrap in the sauna, now that is unhealthy. Lay off the girl, she is a pretty & is a healthy weight.

    1. I totally agree.. everyone eats when they are bored..
      I have a feeling that everyone who calls Jordo fat is just jealous.. I know I am.. hello did no one else see the guy that she has been snuggling with all season.. good luck Jordo..

      1. There was so one else for Jeff to have a showmance with. Jeff set out to have one and the only girl there dumb enough was Jordon. Jeff picked at her weight and her eating all the time. If you have the live feeds you’ll know how he picked on her about all the grub she was guzzling down into her gut.

        1. I have the feeds and he never said anything about her weight. Jeff told her she looked beautiful and called her sexy all the time!

          1. Right – it took me exactly two days here to figure out that Rockstar hears what she wants to hear and sees what she wants to see= Julie “never” said anything about having to hold onto the key??? but she did exactly that!!!! Jeff (what the hell is Rockstars obsession with Jeff – I mean every other post is about him or using him as an excuse for something – Jeff is GONE – let it go for God’s sake!!) complained to Jordon about her weight?? I never heard him say that and Carly didn’t either. But what’s the use – she’ll just come back with some smart answer that doesn’t address any of her remarks (we all make stupid remarks and so does Rockstar but the adult thing to do is it admit they are stupid like the inane hope that Jeff (again Jeff!!) gets crabs, or her ridiculous rationalization for her hating puppy remark (I actually laughed when I read that) Its no wonder she likes Pigpen so much – she seems to be just like her (and thats no compliment!!!)

            1. It’s like single white female all up in here. I don’t understand why you are following me around, saving my comments like you are about to commit an act of voodoo while removing my hairs from a brush just to make a doll of me and hold close to your heart or scrote whichever came first. Sweet jesus man, let it go. I got rid of one stalker, now I have 2 more. This is not my week.

      2. If you are jealous of Jumbo, its because YOU are fat. Some of us work very hard to stay in shape, maintain healthy eating habits, and live a healthy life. No reason to discredit those of us who know about fitness and its affect on the human body. We can see Jordan isn’t fit, and we can see why. And believe me, there is NO jealousy involved. I feel sorry for her. And another thing, if you think laying around like a tub of lard with Jeff all day is a reason to be jealous, then you need to get off your butt, get away from the computer, and go out and find a life of your own. Romance novels and showmance tv is NOT YOUR FRIEND.

        1. wow.. did saying all that make you feel better.. i had actually meant that i was jealous of jordo because i thought jeff was hot.. and in no way was i saying anything about anyone watching their weight i have nothing but respect for people who can live a balanced life.. i just said that i didnt think that jordo was fat.. and as for me getting off my ass and getting a life.. you are the one commenting on my comment that in no way was disrespectful.. grow up

    2. I couldnt agree more mrdeegrl!! Im so sick of everyone putting her down calling her fat and making cookie dough comments..seriously people come up with better crap! Jordan is gorgeous and not fat! The people that put her down and call her names are jealous because they could never be as pretty as her! Just remeber people if shes “fat” all she needs to do is “loose weight”…your ugly what can you do about that other than surgery??

    3. She’s jiggly (no muscle tone) and she’s fat (high ratio of fat to muscle). She needs to quit eating. One of the reasons obesity is such an epidemic in this country is because people like you try to justify unhealthy lifestyles. She eats all the wrong things and doesn’t stop shoveling it in 24/7. In addition to that, she never exercises. She has strolled around the backyard a few times, but not at a pace that would qualify as true exercise. She’s lazy. Just because someone wrapped themselves in saran wrap is no argument to excuse someone else who is a poor example on the other end of the spectrum. The reason she gets so offended when she’s called fat is because she knows its true. Instead of whining and bitching about that, she should focus on trying to change it. But she doesn’t, because she’s lazy (you can see this just in the way she walks from point a to point b … she walks like she can barely lift her legs because they are so heavy).

      1. Leave her alone already. She’s a normal girl. I don’t know what she eats or does outside of the house but you are talking like she weighs 200lbs. Give me a break most girls in the US look like Jordan or wish they looked like Jordan. What do you look like that makes you so perfect. The way people bring Jordan down, specifically you, would you rather her be anorexic or bullimic. Sounds that way to me. By the way how do you know what her BMI is or fat to muscle ratio is. You truly are gifted if you know this just by watching her on TV.

        1. To use your argument, how do YOU know she’s not? You truly are gifted if you can tell she’s not just by watching tv. But, here’s a clue. If you are 22 and there is no muscle evident (at least ONE should be identifiable somewhere on her body), you are probably unfit. And another thing, eating disorders such as anorexia/bulimia affect less than 3% of the entire population, while obesity is about 30%. Quit trying to justify one of the #1 health problems in America and, instead, attempt to rectify it.

  41. Very glad to hear Nat?s concerned about the upcoming comp ? the only twist that saves this season from boring infamy is when she gets booted out third and the $$$ goes to Jordan (for being the cutest ditz!!!).

  42. Maybe this new competition is a replacement competition for the 1st round of the HOH? Maybe they will do this live on Thursday before round 2.

  43. yeah this is definitely not Part 2 of the competition. It is probably just a way for Jordan and Nat to answer the questions. There is no way they would decide a show for $500,000 on just throwing a mini basketball into a hole.

  44. You know they made it random and let them practice because last time they did that Jordan won HOH. So they are hoping Jordan wins. No one, not even production wants Natalie in the final 2.

    1. It’s sad if that is how BB is playing it. Nat may not be perfect but she is playing the game more than Jordan. Jordan don’t deserve to win because she just rode Jeff coat tail. I really wanted Jeff to win and that is why I don’t want Kevin to win because he lied to Jeff. But that is the game lie and cheat your way to the top without making to many enemies. Go Jordan!!!

  45. I don’t think its all that cool to keep Jordan’s half nude picture up there. Its probably making her mom feel a bit uncomfortable. You should take it down Simon.

    1. Thank you, I wanted to say something – but never did…..

      PS: love the little smiley at the bottom of the page….nice touch…..

    2. I’m sick of the picture also. If Gnat had changed clothes more often, you might have caught a picture of her half dressed to put up there. Guess we’re all glad she wore the same clothes for a week at a time.

  46. simon i have an idea for laura’s picture. since they always say she has horse teeth how about a picture of mr ed the talking horse lol and for russell a pic of cauliflower for his ears lol. let me know what you think.

    1. give the poor girl a break, she can’t do anything about her teeth- if anything – do something with her boobs – she was very proud of those.

    2. Maybe a horse showing big teeth-but with big boobs too LOL
      I wish everyone would layoff the cauliflower ears!! SHOW RUSS like one of thoses strong men at the circlus or carnival with the fumanchu mustache and put the word LOVE on a big bicep muscle (okay- so that is just a symbol for his love muscle,) mmm Russle the love muscle—did anyone else think Russ was nice looking besides me? (men-u don’t have to answer that LOL)

      1. Hell yeah I did! Did you get to see the nude pick of him?? Maybe they should have used Mr. Ed to represent Russell!!! LOL

  47. All I can say is that if that duck waddling, cow chewing, lookin like a 12 year boy , loud mouth wins, I am going to be pissed!!!!! I don’t understand where she gets off saying she is soooo competitive, SHE HASN’T WON SHI**!! WHAT ONE HOH. Paleeeze!!! This entire game she has said over and over and over again how she is a great competitor. Well I can’t tell. The only thing she has been good at is picking her nose and chewing with her mouth open.
    Kevin is so far up Natalie’s but that he doesn’t even see that she is using him. I hope Kevin loses as well. If he is stupid enough to do what Natalie says he doesn’t deserve a half million dollars. She is going to turn on him like the pit bull she is…just you wait and see.
    GO JORDAN!!!!

  48. If you want to file a complaint regarding the “technical issues” during the POV (Kevin seeing the questions before the others), Kevin facing sideways during the log comp so he could see the mechanism and would know when it was coming on and which direction it would turn (Production told Jordan to face the pool), Natalie using a band and holding the rope instead of the key, and their illegal calendar to study dates, just go to, click on Shows – Big Brothers and go to the end of the page and click on “user feedback”. If BB wants one of them to win, I just wish they would hand them the money and not draw this thing out. If enough of us complain, maybe they’ll redeem themselves, but I doubt it.

    1. I totally agree with you. While I can understand why CBS and their sponsors would want some diversity in who wins BB, but letting people ignore the rules is not the way to make that happen. It is unfair to everyone including the winner and the viewers. Bad move CBS!

  49. LMAO @ jessie’s new picture! So appropriate!

    So did PP cheat? I wouldn’t put it past her.
    Why is it that her eyes are always twitching back & forth in DR and interviews?
    I’m also bothered by the fact that she couldn’t look anyone in the eye during nominations and wore sunglasses. She’s a poor sport and a cry-baby. Frankly, I’m tired of seeing her face and hearing her voice. When will this torment end!??

  50. Has anyone searched online to verify Natalie’s status of tae kwon do champ/bronze medalist/jr olympics? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find a thing. Did PP make it all up? Or is this a production creative story? How duped have we all been?

    1. I won silver at the junior olympics for track and field. There is nothing on line whatsoever to verify that I won when I was 14 years old.

  51. Simon, Love the pictures of everyone. Very cleaver, maybe for Russell – a boxing glove or something with westling(sw) ???

    Laura – someone said horse, since they made fun of her big teeth.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  52. Why is Kevin being named as HOH when he so obviously cheated as well (not facing front) during the competition? If Allison Grodner is thinking they will persuade Kevin to dump Natalie at the last moment on the finale show, that can backfire in their face as Kevin is apt to report everything back to Natalie (yet again) and still take her to the final 2. The only assurance that Natalie would be eliminated from the final 2 would have been to make Jordon the HOH, which she rightfully should be considering that both Natalie AND Kevin cheated during the competition. Natalie could easily manipulate Jordon into taking her to the final 2; but Allison Grodner could certainly be equally persuasive and ensure that Jordon took Kevin instead.

    1. I keep hearing where Kevin cheats. I heard he cheated on the Name game where he had to place the right name by the action (5th person evicted.) Now I’m hearing he cheated on the log. How did he cheat? I don’t think I saw the whole thing.

      1. He did not cheat! stop going off rumors.
        they never said you had to face forward.

        Kevin did not see questions first.
        where does it say he did?
        He never said it???

        1. Excuse me, but Kevin DID cheat. Look at the photos on this website of the three of them standing on that log roll. After being told they’re supposed to face front (which Jordon was doing), you clearly see that Kevin is turned sideways, facing the gears.

  53. I don’t know if anyone said this before but I need to say this. They should point out that Jeff made history. He made the biggest moves in BB History. He made the biggest best move with the wizard saving Russel and then made the worse move by getting rid of Russel. Jeff I still like him but I tell you if I was Michelle/Russel/Jordan I would be a little upset that my game has ended on the count of two floaters. Well with that being said I shouldn’t add Jordan b/c she should get an award for the biggest/best Floater in BB history to make it to the final two. If Kevin is smart and if he gets the final HOH he should throw Nat off her high pig and send her packing. He is so scared to take a chance. If he would have kept Michelle; Nat would be getting ready to leave. This is ending soo bad in my eyes. I’m not getting excited like I use to; in seeing BB on Sun./Tues./Thurs. I want it to be over. This feeling is putting me in the mind of the season Evil Dick and his daughter was final two. I was really hoping for that big guy (sorry can’t rmember the name) to pull it off.

    I’m still a fan but just very disappointed. Let’s get to the final next week; not to see who wins but to see the drama unfold. Simon/Dawg will you guys get the wrap up party again like last yr. I enjoyed that so much; watching them put footage together. Sorry for the long post have a lot on my mind.

    Michelle got my vote for America’s Vote. She played the game. Jeff was good but he didn’t deserve my vote for that….

  54. Why does everyone pick peoples inperfections so bad. Does it make you feel better about yourself? Horse teeth, Cauliflower, Fat, Come on. Really? How old are you folks? Grow up.

    1. I’m 5. I like the color pink, Hello Kitty toys, I hate peas or any green colored food and I like to date men who are older than me. haha

      1. HOLY CRAP! fav color IS pink, have a diamond hello kitty necklace, and my husband ~ the cookie dough eater ~ is 13 yrs my senoir…. oh yeah and I really do hate peas! Perhaps this really is the proper forum for me.

        1. I knew we were going to be friends deebee. I figured sooner or later you’d come over to the dark side with me, I just thought I was going to have to tie you up and make you love me. hahaha

  55. Idea for Russ pic: SHOW RUSS like one of thoses strong men at the circlus or carnival with the fumanchu mustache and put the word LOVE on a big bicep muscle (okay- so that is just a symbol for his love muscle,) mmm Russle the love muscle!!!!

  56. I wonder if Natalie realizes her fiance is gay? Well I guess it doesn’t matter since neither of them were sincere about it.
    Hey CBS!!!! Letting Jordan win is the only chance you have to save your ratings…..

  57. Gnat should be happy that it’s a “Pot Luck” game as she’d probably fare better against Jordan in that type where some skill and some luck is involved. I think Jordan is smarter then gnat when it comes to the questions. I can’t believe Jordan lost that HOH.

  58. Has anyone else noticed that despite the liberal use of foul language-every other word out of gnat/kev/michelle/Jeff mouths- that Jordan never uses that type of language? Granted Jordan doesn’t appear to be the brightest but I personally think she has ADD-which doesn’t mean she is stupid in fact many very brilliant people have ADD-she does have low self esteem which happens when someone has an undiagnosed learning disorder and is made to feel stupid. She is a very sheltered, young person that hasn’t spent time around sociopathic liars and just plain nasty people. Yes she is 22 but I was a 22 year old like her-my dad had to explain those kind of people to me at that age because I hadn’t been around people like that until then either. Remember her father is not part of her life. Is she the right type of person to play this game-no. She doesn’t have the mean gene that makes people successful in a game of lying, deceit and deception. I applaud her her ability to make it this far and not have her core value system compromised. If she pulls this off and wins the last HoH and takes gnat with her-she will win.

    1. yes cj, jordan is a total sweetheart. she isn’t stupid at all. she likes everyone until they give her a reason not to.
      CBS really needs to ude Jordan as an opportunity to redeem the extremely low social standards of reality shows

    2. I too believe that Jordan has ADD or some undiagnosed learning disability. She is definite not stupid. Slightly innocent, but not stupid. If you pay attention to some of her reasoning, you’d spot the inconsistencies. She has not lost sight of who she is. She is loyal, trusting, kind, and can be impulsive. .

      1. When Jordan and Jeff had HOH power, they went on a witch hunt: they persecuted Michelle, and backstabbed Jeff. Jordan has a vicious streak, but does not have the intelligence to manipulate people the way Natalie is doing.

    1. I hear ya Rockstar!

      I was hoping she was acting, but sad to say she is just outright dumb!

      It was some football player who made it through high school and college, but couldn?t even read. I think Jordumb got the same treatment in high school by being popular I guess.

      1. Lol, thanks NAT, you just revealed yourself to be a jealous geek boy who had no chance of making the football team. That’s ok, most of you are … but you must let go of the misguided hatred.
        Mommy and daddy are the cause, not Big Brother.

      1. In defence of her again or maybe I’m defending myself, I’m afraid of heights, scared shitless to be exact. I can do almost everything a guy can do but I cannot bungee jump or sky dive. Can’t do it and won’t do it to save my life. I think I’d be okay getting on the log and staying on the log but when it came time to get down, I would probably rather fall off because I am not known to be the most graceful and trying to get off would be hilarious. My pants would be down around my ass with me screaming “help, I’m dying.”

  59. If Jordan wins it would be a good thing. Ratings are up this year and it would be nice to see that sometimes nice guys (or in this case girls) dont always finish last.
    Is Natalie a bronze medal ANYTHING champion? I couldn?t find anything on the internet about her being ranked EVER at anything. She?s a gold medal liar though.
    And a hell of a nostril flarer… lol

  60. For all those saying that you need a picture of a horse for Laura, I didn’t even realize she had teeth until reading all the posts…

    I’d say put up a picture of an inflatable raft or something along those lines.

    1. Instead of using a “horse” for Laura, how about something more endearing like Donkey from Shrek. Donkey is cute, talks too much, is mostly likable, and just happens to have huge teeth… Donkeyyyyyyyy!!!!

      1. She had teeth? Guess I should have raised my stare. :)

        And the Donkey comment had me laughing pretty good. “mostly likeable” HILARiOUS

        I needed that since I can’t even bear to watch BB anymore.

  61. Rockstar, you are 1000 times more stupid than Jordan could ever be if you compare her to Sarah Palin.
    She has no hidden agenda, she wants nothing from this but to help her family. I won’t try to use logic with idiots like you.
    She has a good heart. Doesn’t someone like that deserve to win one of these stupid reality shows for once!!

    1. bigger titties never helped her family Jake. It helped put her family out on the street. Was it Jordon’s good heart that was ripping Michelle a part and making fun of her behind her back? Was it Jordon’s good heart that betrayed Russell, someone in her alliance that she voted out? If that is a good kind heart, I’ll settle for my black heart, thank you very much.

      1. Jordan was also super bitchy to Russell, While I am sure he is no picnic to live with Jordan bad mouthed him and is one of the reasons Jeff backdoored him She clearly isn”t this super sweet angel if she ran up and chest bumped him, thinking she is all big and bad. Constant talking about Michele, She also lied A LOT. I have NEVER been a Jordan fan and can not stand the “o isn’t she sweet” No she is not, she made it clear she would talk bad about anyone including her friends at home.

    2. she would deserve to win if she
      a) was smart enough to answer the questions correctly in the question comps
      b) was athletic enough to survive the physical comps
      c) was able to manipulate the others enough to get through
      d) did anything to help her win other than snuggle another house geust and smile

      unfortunately she has done none of those and as such does not DESERVE anything.

    3. Do not confuse having a low IQ with “having a good heart”. The only difference between Natalie and Jordan is that Natalie is crafty. When Jordan and Jeff had HOH power, they went on a witch hunt: they persecuted Michelle, and backstabbed Jeff. She has a vicious streak. She just doesn’t have the IQ to use it to her advantage and manipulate people the way Natalie is doing.

  62. Anyone notice how Nat gets all religious at dinner time? Doesn’t that feel disgusting. She is so acting like Jesse, all faithful and all at dinner and then such a back stabber and liar with a filthy mouth the rest of the time. Geez….disgusting. Poor Jordan….being so honest and faithful to Nat meanwhile Nat is so disrespectful, lying to her, totally taking advantage of her innocence and trusting nature. If Nat wins, or Kevin for that matter, what is this telling Americans? That you can lie, cheat, backstab, and demean others and come out a winner! Thanks Big Brother…like we need more of that crap in the world. Nat should do us all a favor and throw herself under the bus. JMHO GO JORDON!

    1. While I also can’t stand Natalie, the game is all about lying, cheating, manipulating, and winning….. That’s just the nature of the game, I don’t think Natalie can be faulted for playing dirty, she isn’t playing very well, for that she doesn’t deserve to win. People who aren’t into the devious nature of Big Brother should probably just watch Wipe Out or something less immoral

    2. thank you. voice the majority’s opinion. this disgusting alien should NOT be commended for sub-human behavior. maybe BB needs to come up with a ‘penalty-judgement-vote’ in the end. the jurors and America vote on behavior, ends-to-the-means displayed during the game! ie: you simply lie during the game, the vote would be in your favor to win the money. you become a slimey, underhanded, evil, cheating and hated by America for obvious reasons, you are judged and voted on to get the TRAP DOOR that dropps you into the depths of HELL where you belong, PENNILESS because there should be ETHICAL rules to ANY game, including and especially one watched by so many impressionable minds! I LIKE THE VOTE!!! I know how I would vote in Nat OR Kevin’s case…….TRAP DOOR PLEASE!!!

  63. i can’t stand nat either, but you guys need to get over it with the cheating BS…it’s getting pathetic. Saying nat is a poor loser or whatever and then being poor losers yourselves. All three suck. Kevin would be ok if he wasn’t picking up nat’s bad traits. And jordan deserves to win as much as she has done…nothing.

    1. the one very important thing Jordan has done is not morph into a sub-human slime. TRAP DOOR PLEASE!!! Jurors and America’s vote should take away the “WIN” for the sub-human freaks like Nat and Kevin. Everyone should pay a penalty even in game for stooping to depths as these two. (toying with the idea of messing with Mich.’s mind about her brother dying) um, this is making my blood boil. THERE SHOULD BE SOME KIND OF JUDGEMENT about gameplay. shouldn’t there? or the evil slimes just skip happily into their lives with all that money for being pukes. I don’t get it.

    2. Jordan has done just as much as anyone in this game. She won HOH (although Jeff probably won if he had really shot and not thrown the game) and she won POV. What has Natalie done besides whine about how hard everything is? She won one HOH. Jordan deserves to win over Natalie!

      1. I wouldnt even count Natalie’s HOH win, I mean it was at the end when the competition was down, doesnt make her a winner in my eyes.

      2. You’re kidding, right? Jordan has done nothing. Oh, she did lay around with Jeff and influence him to make bad decisions that got him evicted, yeah, I’ll give her credit for that. Otherwise, although I dislike Nat tremendously, Nat has played a strategic game. She introduced the LML which J/J were so dumb they fell for. On that alone, Jordan qualifies as a loser. If Nat’s strategy weren’t so good, she wouldn’t be in the final 3. After all, they were down 4 to 2, and she is still there.

  64. Man, the new pictures are HILARIOUS!!!!!! I immediately knew who each one was:) For Russel, I’d love to see a picture of either rabid pit bull, or a head of cauliflower, and for Chima, a Chia Pet would have me on the floor! Laura would obviously be a horse… or Stephen Tyler in a bikini.

  65. If by some stoke of luck/producers aid, Jordan wins total HOH and gets to pick the houseguest next to her in the finals…. Who is the better option Kevin or Natalie? And do you think Jordo would pick the best person to sit next to her?

    1. I feel for some reason Jordan, if by some stroke of luck wins somehow, will in fact pick Nastalie. If she does what I want, which she won’t, she’ll pick my only hope for getting Natalie away from $500,000 Kevin. Who knows at this point. I have been sick of all this since Mich left.

    2. I think her best option would be Kevin but i don’t think there is a chance in hell that she will take him. She wants to get back at Kevin for evicting Jeff and she seems to love Natalie for some reason…oh wait I know why, she is retarded. Jordan is the sweetes girl in the world and I think she is smoking hot but she is definiltey one of the dumbest peopel I have ever seen.

      1. Jordon’s not the dumbest person I have ever seen. You should watch the news more! lol
        There were several times in the house with Jeff, that Jordon had some things figured out and Jeff blew her off. Many times. So let’s give her some credit okay? Thanks~
        I am not sure that Jordon has a better chance against anyone in the house except Natalie. Natalie one of the most hated houseguests. If the votes split as has been predicted and America gets the last vote… guess who wins? Not Natalie.. but up against Kevin. I think she would lose.
        That’s My Opinion… May this seasons winner be deserving.

    3. I think she would pick Pigpen for all the wrong reasons – I used to think that would guarantee Pigpen a win but now I’m not so sure. If lying about her age set off some of the jury- how do you think they will react if more of her lies come out, Jordan would get Jeffs vote and Americas vote against Pigpen – probably Michele and Lydia as well (they HATE Pigpen). One problem for Pigpen winning the whole shebang is that she automatically loses one vote (America’s =- Pigpen lovers can spin it any way they want but America hates her guts -sorry that just how it is!!!) So Pigpen must get four out of the remaining six votes. Very tough!!

      1. Thats a great theory (sarcasm) but why is everyone assuming that America will get a vote??? i understand they have done that in the past but if they are going to have all 3 HG’s still in the house on finale night then they can’t have America vote for Chima’s Jury vote. And secondly, why do you think that Lydiot would give her vote to Jordan? Do you not remeber her calling her a fat ho puppet? And did you not remeber her being buddy buddy with natalie before she left? Jessie would never vote for Jordan over natalie. To him they are both floaters but at least he and Natalie had an alliance at one point and I do not think that russell ould vote for Jordan either.

        1. Wasn’t it announced that America would get a vote???? Lydia may have been all buddy buddy with Pigpen later in the house but I think a few weeks alone with Jesse would change that. As for the final having three HGs – I am very skeptical that will happen.

          1. I agree…I don’t see ALL of them going to the finals…and I am pretty sure there was some sort of announcement from AG saying that in the event of a tie, America will get the vote. So I think you are right Kapriskie. And I like your theory! :-)

    4. I think (I want to vomit when I say this)… but I think she should take Natalie to final 2…. here is why. Kevin took out Jeff who took out the big players I feel Russell and Jessie will vote for him and then he has lydia and natalie’s vote in the end. So if Jordan was up against kevin she would lose by 4-2. Now with her sitting next to Natalie she has a better chance at winning. First off she would have won more competitions than Natalie at that point. She has won a HOH, POV, and keeping my fingers crossed the FINAL 2 HOHs. I definitely think it will then be a tie vote 3-3 with America deciding in the end. She would definitely get Jeff, Michelle and Russell’s vote… there is a chance for it to be 4-2 because Lydia hates Natalie and may give her vote to Jordan. So if Jordan is smart and remembers what Jeff said stick with the girls. Stick with Michelle and then Natalie. Don’t take Kevin to final 2.

      1. Why the hell woulkd you think that Russell would vote for Jordan?? She is the one that convinced Jeff to trust kev and nat and to evict Russell. Now that I think about it, Jordan ruined Jeff’s game. Although it was his fault for alliging with her. The person that he tusted the most and was able to bounce ideas off of is a moron, maybe if he was aligned with someone who wasn’t a retard, he could of done better…oh well cheers to their future good looking moron babies.

    1. She is not practing because they are on lock down and she practiced for hours last night-she was smoking natILie at it-if her nerves hold up Jordan will take her down.

  66. I am trying to figure out who everyone is by their picture.
    Braden: surfboards
    Kevin: Rainbow Flag
    Ronnie: Rat (perfect)
    Michelle: lab glass
    Jeff: Wizard (perfect)
    Jordan: Cookie dough
    Natalie: Charlie Brown
    Casey: Banannas
    Who is the summers Eve and who is straight jacket??? Some one please let me know! I can’t think of it! LOL
    Is Jessie Summers Eve? Who is Straight jacket?

      1. Don’t you think it should be Chima in the straight jacket? I think Lydia should be a dunce cap. She let her lust over Jesse ruin her chance in the game. Plus she’s just an idiot.

  67. If you would like to complain to CBS – Go to – Click on Shows -Scroll down to Big Brother – Click – Than go down to bottom left of the page in Fine Print, you’ll see User Feedback – Click on it. Voila

  68. This is NOT to post just a idea i want to share with you !!!
    Simon, I love the new HG pIctures, It is from the “Sugar Bear Ceral box, if you are old enough to remember the ceral…. I have a suggestion for a new kevin Picture, here is the link to the pic, I think it fits, if you look at the expression on his face, it is the same “hey girl” look that Kevin has in his DR”s and voting, YOu can always color the letters in the colors of the Gay Pride flag…

  69. Laura is a pretty girl and was also sweet, so I kind of take offense over the horse comments. (If she wasn’t so nice, then I’d be saying the horse comments too). Also, Jordon is absolutely beautiful and not fat.
    Love all the pics – Ronnie is so the rat, Lydia the straightjacket, and Jesse as the douche…OMG LOL.

    1. I agree with you about Laura and Jordan. Ronnie is just so hard to look at, so glad he’s gone. He could be a worm, a weasel, slime, and the list goes on and on.

      1. UGH, I know!!!! That’s definitely one thing I am NOT looking forward to on the finale, having to hear Ronnie the rat talk again!!!

  70. I don’t believe it matters who she chooses; she will not/should not win. The game belongs to either Kevin or Natalie. Jordan did nothing to deserve to win this game.

  71. Did I miss something? Are all three of them talking to the jury? Does this mean the odd number in jury house will be five instead of seven and America doesn’t vote? Why am I asking all these questions? Do I really even care anymore? I suddenly feel like Michelle and Jordan all rolled into one. Someone please tell me what’s going on!!! I remember hating Gnastalie, and watching to hope she’s not in f2, and I remember reading Evel Dick and Janelle and some others will be guests on tonight’s show, but the rest is a blur….

  72. Yeah, I agree, Laura is so ugly, especially her stunning blue eyes – how unattractive???

    I look into a wonan’s eyes, I don’t stare at her teeth or boobs. If you focus on teeth or boobs then you are not qualified to judge beauty. Laura is gorgeous.

  73. Instead of eating…………all the time…………….Jordan needs to be out back practicing like
    Nasty Nat ! At least Nasty Nat is doing SOMETHING ! And hell no….I don’t want her
    to win a dime !

    1. You are stupid if you think Jordan eating and nasty practicing are live time. Jordan practiced for hours last night when the gnat picture was taken. They all have been in bed sleeping since 2 amand are now on lockdown so no one can practice. And by the way Jordan was smoking at this-810 in a row when the best gnat could manage was 4 out of 20.

  74. I really hope Jordon wins and if not I hope america gives her the 25 thousand. I know this is just a game but nat makes me sick and I also believe if you have it in you to act that way in the house you are truly like that. you can not pretend to be a liar and hipocrit like her. Good luck to Jordon she seems to be a truly goood person she has never changed through the whole game come on America give her something she deserves it and needs itlorraine

    1. America did give her a hand. We voted for Jeff (and his crew) to get the coup d’etat. They didn’t know what to do with it. If Jordan made it to the final two, she would take Natalie with her because she believes Natalie is trustworthy. Give the $25K to Michelle; she played a good game. Jordan deserves squat.

  75. has jordo practiced? does she look like she’s doing a better job than Natalie at the game? she did well with the golf HOH comp so Jordan may have a chance. She should be practicing!

  76. If jordan wins HOH, she must take Natalie – only option. Let’s face it if Kevin goes to final 2 he wins – People like Jesse (for example) will vote for the strongest player – the one who made the best moves. Kevin took out Jeff (The best player in the game) and then Michelle (another strong player). If Jordan take Kevin Kevin will have Jesse, Russell, Lydia, and Natalie’s vote – for 100% that’s 4 votes and he wins. If she take Natalie it will be closer because Natalie brunt many bridges and this year the jury seems to take things personal – it would be a closer vote to take Natalie. JMO

    1. I agree 100%. If she takes Kevin, or if Kevin wins HOH…he will win this game. In my opinion, I don’t think Nasty has a chance against either of them. Even though this game is centered on lying and manipulating, people don’t like being lied to. It’s just the facts of life. Nasty has lied to EVERYONE since day 1. Jesse was the only person she came clean to, and now he’s spilling her secret (which I think is hilarious!). I think Jesse is/was fed up with her and only drug her along as an ally. He knows just as well as the rest of us that she hasn’t done anything in this game.

      1. I totally agree, he even rolled his eyes when Russ said that Nasty was headed to the final two. As much of a douche that guy is, he pays attention to who’s playing/lying/etc. I also love that he’s spilling the beans about her age hahaha, he didn’t even let Russ finish his sentence before he said it, like he couldn’t wait! And if she makes it to the final two, I can’t wait for people to call her on it during the question period!
        It made my blood boil when Nasty accused Michele of being a dirty player and not respecting her. Helloooooooo Natalie, you just described yourself. Michele had ten times more class than dumbass Nasty.

  77. Natalie clearly cheated when she removed her hand from her KEY and grabbed the ROPE that was ABOVE her key. Photo replacement suggestions…Jordan: Marylin Monroe…Russell: Mighty Mouse…

  78. jordan is stupid (and i like her) she will pick nat. My opinion it is a crapshoot like nat says im not sure who jordan could win against if jury goes by game play she could lose against both she may have better shot against kev (russ/jeff/michelle) but who knows he played better game so those thee could calm down and say good game you got me. Anyway my opinion jordo would take nat. kev/nat have me confused cause i think this is where kev parts ways with nat (maybe) i guess we will see soon

  79. Kevin and Dumb-dumb need to go to final two. That way each will stand an equal chance of winning. If health hazard goes to F2, she might win against either of the other two… its important that Kev bombs the bacteria breeder and lets her take 25grand. (its a pity to feed apples to pigs, but theres no other way). Jordan must win….yes she hasn’t done much, but shes the most down to earth player left….and her “stupidity” has been somewhat entertaining.

    1. I agree with you. Jordo hasn’t been the best gammer but she’s always been pretty nice to people and riding coat tails is also a way of playing. And when she starts talking or the dumb but happy way she plays games cracks me up. Where as whenever I hear Natalie or Kevin talk I cringe. The way they talk about everyone else is so low life and ignorant. They are very mean hearted. Natalie should re-evaluate her “christian morals” she’s so proud of.

  80. I would love to see a season with them all having to do yoga and meditation in the house and see how and if the game changes for them? Instead of the HGs lying more and their worst qualities looming large, it would be nice to see them become nicer, calmer, more centered.



    Not his yummy candy,

    but a big bicep muslcle with the word love on it LOL

    and attached it to a muscle man from the circus with a fu man chu moustache!!!!!

  82. Kevins picture should be a rainbow brite doll. On another note. To me the only one that deserves to win thats still there is Jordan. Although she is not the brightess crayon in the box. She has played the game with her morales in tacted to me thats playing well. At least she can walk away with her head high and not have her family and friends ashamed of her.

      1. apparently you missed all the feeds where she was bashing Michele and Russell, she is no angel, she just looks all sad and confused so no one gets mad at her….kinda like when the cute puppy takes a crap on the carpet. Jordan has crapped all over the house and not one person has called her on it because she is “sweet”

  83. I miss Michelle in her bikinis… So if I’m jumpin on hopeless campaign to bring back an HG it aint gonna be a dude… Michelle or Lydia for no good reason other than to seem them in a bikini… I’m a Nat fan but the poor girl just is not sexy…

  84. oh please give it a rest with poor laura shouldn’t be compared to a horse. My horse is starting to take offense to being compared to laura. He is much cuter!

  85. If the final show spends a lot of time on Ronnie more than the others (like banana man) I will be soooooo pissed!!! He’s had how long to practice what he is going to say??? and he didn’t even make it to jury???? what a dorkopotamous! If he has read the blogs, he knows NO ONE care what he has to say!!!!
    Maybe the cameras can blurr his face out so we don’t have to see him.
    And since when is a geeky unemployed gamer a brain??? really???

  86. Good Grief!!! Did anyone watch BBAD and see Natalie eat that ham sandwich oh my goodness that made me sick. What is the deal with her she has no manners at all. She takes huge bites and chews with her mouth open and also talks while she has a mouth full. Please Please Please do not let her win BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Friggen disgusting, saw that. Did you see her using her tongue to get the food out of her teeth instead of brushing them and spitting it out??? Nat seriously needs a course in table etiquette amongst many other things.

    2. I cringe when I even see Natalie. I don’t remember the last time I did not like a house guest as much as I dislike her…Notice how she walks like she has a stick up her a$$?

      1. Does that mean that Nat, Kevin and Chima are less than or not quite human?
        What are they and where did they come from?
        How can you tell if some is a sub-human?

  87. I have a great idea for BB12 how about a house full of bitchy hormonal women there would diffinately be some great cat fights yeah!!!!!

    1. oh please no! We actually have Nancy Pelosi & Sarah Palin for reality television. Why don’t they take a group of j/j fans, Nat fans & Kevin fans…and Jessie and put them all in one house. That would be hysterical! The HOH could bring in a fallen BB11 jury house member. Atleast, we are more creative than production.

  88. CBS Big Brother 11 has changed things up for their three part HOH and finale it seems. In past years all three competitions were done within a 48 hour period and coming to a head on Thursdays live show. But CBS? new press release says all three Houseguests will face off for the $500,000 grand prize on finale night. No eviction this Thursday or Sunday. It seems this may stretch until the two hour live finale on Tuesday September 15Th. 9 ET/PT.

    1. Sounds like the BB plan is to have the winner of the 3-part HOH eliminate one of the remaining two HGs on the Tuesday live show and then have the current 5 jury members vote on the winner. The Tuesday elimated HG and america will not have a vote.

    2. I just read that as well; if this is true Jeff truly messed up EVERYTHING!!!!!
      Wow who should win now?? I would give it to Jordan just so Nathalie don’t win but Kevin has proven himself he should win…

    1. i might watch in hopes that the other HGs will ream natalie or kevin in their questions and see how stuck up and holier than thou natalie acts.

  89. Does chima get a funny pic–like the wiked witch of the west of wizard of OZ HEHE Jeff was not from OZ, but he was the wonder wiz of a wiz if ever a wiz there was that vanquished chima!!!!!
    It’d be great if a cartoonist out there could do frame one as wicked witch (chima) saying to (Lydia)”I’m going to get you my pretty…” “…and you little dog too” (Russ)
    2nd frame of the wiz Jeff countering her spell with his own “pretty (Jesse) and your little dog too (Gnat-lie)
    then 3rd frame poof Jesse is gone as all the winged monkeys cry cry cry.
    4th frame: Dorothy (Michele) throws water on the witch as she is nominated
    5th frame: witch screams “I’m melting…No, make that I”m having a melt dowwwwwwn”
    6th frame: Wizard makes out with scarecrow (Jordo) while Dorothy looks on…..
    7th frame: scrappy dog/winged monkey (nat) and Lord of the Lollipop Guild MUNCHKEVIN (Kevin) one by one eliminate the wiz, dorothy and almost the scarecrow-since she finally found her brain which was made out of cookie dough and she stuffed it in the dog-monkey’s already full mouth and went with the Munchkevin to the final two.
    cliff hanger for now

  90. how about a steak for Russel. He was always cooking them and is kind of a meat head. His steaks did look yummy and he even cooked them for Chima after the big fight so atleast we know he could seperate game personality from human being….unlike Natalie

  91. OMG. I hope Natalie or Kevin don’t win. And what is this with the All Stars for BB 12. Don’t you people have any imagination to put on a show. You have been there and did that aleady and it stunk. Screen your people more carefully. This is the worst bunch of people you have had yet. They will be taking you off the air if you keep it up. Jeff was a keeper though.

  92. Since when is riding someone’s coattail not playing the game. She’s in the final 3. It’s just a different strategy. Jordon should win. Those other two girls should start packing.

  93. The only way to save this season is for Jordan to win…. Natalie is an egotistical (with no substance to back it up) spoiled little turd, and Kevin is clearly every bit of a sneak & liar in real life as he is in the game (to decieve other hoseguests during the game is one thing, but you don’t need to belittle them in the diary room for beig stupid because they trusted you). Jordan may not be the best at the challenges, but she’s obviously made it this far in the game, and done so without sacrificing her morals. Jordan deserves to win it all.

  94. I still want PP arrested for making terroristic threat to Michele for when she said she wanted to shank that bitch. Cmon Michele do your civic duty and file charges on Pig Pen before show ends. Would be SOOOOOOO funny to see Pig Pen cuffed and hauled away on live tv.
    Should be good for 30-90 days in jail.
    Also I would like to say, isn’t Michele adorable?

  95. Why does Natalie keep getting away with the cursing and breaking rules – like
    Chima she alos should be shown the back door walk of shame. Leave it up to Kevin and Jordon and the Jury House the way it is now.
    Also, solves the problem of even voting in the Jury House. Get her gone

  96. Why does Natalie keep getting away with the cursing and breaking rules – like
    Chima she also should be shown the back door walk of shame. Leave it up to Kevin and Jordon and the Jury House the way it is now.
    Also, solves the problem of even voting in the Jury House. Get her gone

  97. Come on Jordan pull through and win when it is crucial!!!! I love how Natalie thinks she knows everything haha PP it’s a completely random competition and hopefully you lose. I can’t believe how much I want to strangle her. I have never had such negative feelings for a HG even that disgusting rat Ronnie.

  98. Natalie is just a 24 yr. old cry baby. She needs to woman up and act like one, she seems like she’s spoiled, she seriously gets on my nerves. I want Jordan to win or even Kevin but not Natalie……..

  99. i can’t stand GNAT she is so stupid….after the hoh comp they were sitting in the living room and like she said i didnt mean to put this in that and that in this

  100. Natalie needs to face reality that soon she will not be able to boss around Kevin or talk nonsense to Jordan. However, outside the house she can continue to rule her future husband, poor guy! He needs to stand up to her and say good-bye.

  101. if the houseguests were SMART, they would remember that on the eligibility requirements to apply for big brother, it states that you must be at least 21 years of age at time of application. duhhhhhhhh houseguests! they should have realized this and evicted PP very early in the game! i hate Gnat

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