Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Houseguests get to Practice for HOH comp Part 2, Natalie “F*ck this is a crap shoot”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:19pm Houseguests have a large ramp in the back yard with balls (Basketball sized) the goal is to throw the balls so they go into the holes without touching the sides. Natalie seems a little worried this isn’t the mental competition she was hoping for. Natalie “Fuck this is a crap shoot, I should of stayed on the log longer” Natalie jokes that production doesn’t want her to win because of this. Kevin thinks she’s being silly, he tells her to keep practicing. She asks Kevin to be with her when she practices.. Kevin isn’t too excited about that he tells her it’s too boring to watch. Natalie is starting to get frustrated as she continues to struggle with the game. “Why did they make part 2 so random!” .

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Are they really letting them practice for part 2? why practice how is that a competition. good news bb live feed is now a great remedy if you can’t sleep. Sometimes i wish crazy lydia and jessie were still around to atleast have some drama.I miss they days of evel dick talking to himself alone at night!


Haha and burning Jen (I think that was her name) with a cigarette. Haha like evel dick said on the season I will be remembered and most of you won’t. And he was right I mainly remember only him and his daughter well for being his daughter

nasty h8ter

Again heres Nasty thinking she runs the game,because it wasn’t to her advantage..what a bitch!


I hate the gnat


you are right she is nasty and gross she needs to go to Grammer school I cant stand the way she eats ok I just cant stand her (lol)


Maybe she really is 18


She certainly acts like she is 18. LOL


More like she’s 15!! God I can’t stand her! I pray the Kevin and Jor go to finals and Nasty doesn’t win sh**. Those of you that want Michelle to win $25K, I would LOVE to see Gnat’s face if that happened!! Karma is a bit**!!!!! There was no reason to play as vicious and malicious as she did.


She would be pissed if jordan and kevin won final 2 and michele took americas choice! haha she deserves it!


Maybe they could have a Red Vine eating contest while talking


OMG Freakin Hilarious! I just laughed really hard! Thanks! Has anyone ever mentioned to Natalie’s Fiance that she is actually a Lesbian???!?!!? Just wondering.


Hopefully her fiance has been watching the feeds and gets his twisty tie back before his bread gets stale




That’s hilarious…did anyone notice Gnat didn’t look excited when her hubbie proposed? She fairly calmly said “hell yeah”. Nice. Maybe she was thinking..I wish it was Jessie proposing…hell yeah.


I believe they were already engaged – trying a little Johnie Fairplay trick – best part is that no one seemed to care too much including Tampex


Cursing while being proposed to, boy Nat is a keeper. That proposal was creepy. If I hadn’t seen my other half for two months, I would have jumped his bones!!. She was smug and looked uncomfortable. Nat has her boyfriend just as fooled as she does the HG’s.

Imagine Kev or Jordo getting to see a loved one, they would have at least been excited & it would have been fun to watch. nat’s segment was just filling air time. “The real ring is at home” Yeah right, more like on layaway at walmart.

Gnat hater

She has a way in her own mind that she is the best player ever on BB. She is just a know it all.


When you get to the Final 3, you can think that way. You have to be confident that you can win the game.


Gnat is a legend in her own mind!!



Gnat hater

Kevin wants to go against her but she has him believing he can’t win except to be second place, I hope he wakes up soon. before it’s too late.


Natalie is a whiner. Especially if it’s not her cup of tea


Oops… I don’t think Nat & Kevin expected this. They were so sure part 2 would be mental & they could easily eliminate Jordan. It seems they didn’t have this game quite as wrapped up as they thought. It appears Natalie is beginning to panic, as she is “struggling” and (amazingly) Jordan isn’t. Apparently, Jordan is doing very well. I don’t think Jordan deserves final two. I didn’t want her in final 3… but I’ll take her… ANYONE but Nat! Thank you, Jeff, for the floater final three. I can’t believe I am saying this, but here goes… Go Kevin & Jordan! … Kevin ftw…(Still wish it was Russ & Michele. LOL).


Jordon did pretty well on that golf comp. She was ahead even tho Jeff did throw it for her.


Plus she did win the veto that week, beating michelle…and she’s come closer to winning other comps. than natalie (remember the endurance one where she was on the swing even longer than kev)

nasty h8ter

Jordan just needs to quit listening to those 2 and play her game,she is better than them in almost every aspect of the game,I just think if someone was there rooting for her,she’d wipe the smirks off their faces! She has beaten Jeff,Russ and Michelle before!


Good point. But I’m not counting her veto win against michele. Because she admitted she could hear michele’s steps and just moved after she heard michele move.


I don’t know why scarf crazy Kevin let Nasty gnat make him believe that the second part was mental anyway, as long as i have been watching B.B. it has always been physical, and part 3 was the mental part! please correct me if i’m wrong? I am with the rest of you as far as not wanting the she man to win anything so i have to say goooo Jordan and Kevin, now that will be a toss up as far as the jury goes! And i hope gnats b.f. takes his twisty tie back and gives it to Kevin instead, he’s the better boy of the! don’tcha think?

BB Fan

Kevin is super, he helps Nat practice even though he’s bored with it and even makes her a sandwich! He’s her BFF for sure!


KEvin is her lap dog. I wish he would grow a pair and stand up to the little witch.


I love Kevin. i hope he wins the whole thing. Who won the HOH???

nasty h8ter

Is that super or Supeeeerrrrrr????


kevin is getting tired of natalie and is waiting to burn her in the end. dont you see him getting short with her lately when he is realizing he does not need her as much? remember he hated he in the beginning?

kat - to simon

sigh – great picture updates… yup – I love you. Douche…..straight jacket…
too funny.. thank you for humoring us all!


How about the knife for Russell. He did get stabbed in the back. Have I said that too much, Simon? You do whatever you want.


chima picture should be tnt or a bomb that blew up. love the pictures great job who ever is doing it


I know Chima was fired but maybe a chia pet for Chima’s replacement photo 😛


Or maybe a chia pet on fire!

kat - to simon

PS: sorry to be mean, still think a tampon is best fot Nasty Nat…. sorry, I can’t stand her.


Naw… Pig Pen is perfect!

Jeff Fan

There are just sooooo many things to apply to Gnat. But I think Pig Pen is great also.

nasty h8ter

Used or un used?????


You should put a cauliflower on Russell’s picture


Mr. Ed for Laura….

nasty h8ter

Thats just not nice,funny as hell,but not nice!


A cauliflower is just plain mean.
Russell had final two’s with everyone, so maybe double mint gum?
Or a punching bag?


If I was Kevin, I would tell Nasty to get off her lazy ass and do her own stuff. She told him to get her laundry out of the dryer and fold. WTF? Who does she think she is? Kevin better wake up soon and realize he is just her bitch nothing more.


He ends up doing it! so why not, right? He has NO “coglione” ….remember?? LOL


I believe the best photo for chima would have to be Shit Face from Seed of Chucky! God she was UGLY as F**K!!!! Omg why would BB allow someone THAT ugly be on television???

nasty h8ter

I still don’t really see how Jordan is being hated on as a floater? did Gollum and Nasty not float to? Jordan won a POV and HOH,yes Jeff gave it to her,but who’s to say Jeff wouldn’t had missed and got a higher number than her,she did hold her own in that comp! IMO she deserves to be final 2 as much as they do,which I don’t think any of them should be there,but they are.If Jordan wins tomorrows comp,than she is a legit player also..


Jordan slept her way to where she is. She laid around in bed everyday with Jeff and had him do everything for her.

nasty h8ter

Isn’t that what Nasty did to,she slept the first month of the game!

nasty h8ter

Simon,Russells pic should be a timebomb,Jeffs a chicago bears symbol,Nasty’s is perfect,michelle’s should be the devil,Jordons is good,Kevins should be snake,


Timebomb is good!!!


Nah, Jeff should be a Cub – still a loser no matter how you spin it.

nasty h8ter

outta 20 tries,Nasty makes 6 balls,earlier Jordan hit 10 in a row..are they sure Nasty should’ve been on the athelets team?


Years ago she was a Bronze Medalist in the Junior Olympics – now she is an asst.mgr at Blockbuster – of course shes an athlete

nasty h8ter

Oh ok, I played golf once with my friends,so I’m an athelete… no I got ya guy,I know she’s a jr tkd champ,but man she has no cordination in anything that has to do with sports,did ya see her trying to play badmitton…..looked like a monkey trying to hump a football!


She’s got skills, she can walk like a Duck and eat every ten minutes


Junior Olympics or Special Olympics??


why do they allow her to practice? Surely there should be a cap for it.. she drives me crazy..
Dear little Jordan.. I hope she wins by the sheer law of attraction.. all of us rooting for her and Natalie out..
In fact we could be focusing so much on hating Natalie that we’re actually helping her get to the end.. We best stop saying how much we don’t want Gnat and instead focus on how much we DO want Jordan!


I want Jordan to win the next two comps, but, watch, she will take Natalie. If she does, I am going to SCREAM..




With all her BS about being 18 it makes me wonder if she got her Tae Kwon Do medals by lying about her age and fighting children…….like Kramer in that episode of Seinfeld…….except Kramer didn’t lie about his age…..


The Hooters logo for Laura…..


Watching BBAD and Jordan is much better at the practice the nasty. I can’t believe it-Kevin and Nat I Lie are lying to each other about what they are saying tp Jordan. They have both promised her final 2 but have not told the other-did the world reverse its rotation on its axis??? Of course they are covering their asses in case Jordo wins but would K/N actually stab each other in the back?


I hate Nasty Nat with a vengeance. I hope Jordan wins. I’m a big fan of Jeff’s but what the hell was he thinking trusting nat and Kev? I always say the problem with smart people is when they start thinking everyone else is dumb. How could Jeff possibly think they’d be dumb enough to keep him in the game?

I can’t stand nat. People like her just disgust me! I hope jordan wins, or Kevin. I don’t really care as long as mrs smelly annoying voice gets the boot.


I am going to love it if Natalie has to leave and isn’t in final 2.. and then is exposed at the finale for the evil little liar she is. I hope she is humiliated and I hope she finds out soon enough how unpopular she is and that none of us take her seriously. Did you see how blank her expression was as she ate her mentos on the log last night.. Eyes wide open with the most vacant, dumb ass expression.. She’s an embarrassment to women, nay, to the human race!!


Actually, we should have 2 tampons — one for where the sun don’t shine and one for her mouth TO SHUT HER UP!

kat - to simon

I love you to Marigold.


you should put bikini barbie for laura and donuld trump with (YOU FIRED)on it for chima a cartoon of a musle guy bulling little people

Jeff Fan

I think for Chima there should be a BRATZ doll because she looks just like one.

Jeff Fan

Oh….and of course she acts like one too!!


Simon please have Russ pic of cauliflower, and Laura’s pic of maybe some horse teeth!


How unkind. Not everyone can be perfect like you.


Let’s all hope and pray Jordan wins this contest….if for no other reason she’s just plain thoughtful to everyone…Natalie truly is a pig and Kevin irrates me to death being her lacky…..COME ON JORDAN…..YOU CAN DO THIS


Well maybe Nat’s man ain’t even her man, the way this show has been going… he was probably a paid actor…. i work in a movie-film industry related job and one of the BB guys came by today and he even says they don’t like Nat, he could be just swerving me… oh well


Kevin acts so much like a gay caricature with all the finger snaps and head bobbing and gay one liners followed by lip puckering – he seems more like an actor’s creation than a real person…..


No, that’s really him honey, Kevin is what he is, what you see is what you get, ain’t no bull shit flying his way.


Seriously, I mean calling everyone a “bitch” or a “wench”, snap fingers, over the top style…I live in a predominately gay area, and gay men don’t act that stereotypical.


I thought that also. I have a gay male friend and he does not do any of that. You would not know he was gay. He does not dress loudly, or anything like Kevin.


He is her real BF. I had seen a picture where they posed together with some other people. They were broken up and recently got back together. The proposal came at the perfect time don’t you think? about your other comment….only despicable people like herself can like her.


oh i think bb wants ole nat to win, i think they are thinking she is helping their ratings………Oh MY!!!!!!!!!! GO JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nasty h8ter

I heard she’s offer BJ’s from Lydiot to production,in exchange for final 2!!!




I’m surprised she didn’t offer up Kevin as their personal man servant for the day while she was at it.

Goooo Jordo!!!

Does anyone know if Chia pet Chima will be there for the reunion show?

Jordan All-time BB

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s show! Go Jordan!

nasty h8ter

If Nasty would shower once in awhile,the bugs and flies wouldn’t chase her nasty ass!


Goodnight, my friends. I will look for you all tomorrow. Sleep well.


if jordan wins? will people start to give her credit? since nasty nat only beat michelle and jordan…barely call that a win. even kevin only beat weak players like jordan and michelle.

like saying you beat the rams and lions and deserve to be in the superbowl.


Jordans’ bare ass is why I con’t to watch BBAD! go Jordy.. the bobble head luvs you!

Ashamed my real name is Natalie

OMG!… Did anyone read Nasty’s HOH twitter and blog on cbs she claims that she is doing this for her fellow evicted houseguests and how she blames Michele for Chima losing her mind! Wow that girl is not only dilusional but also is lying to herself. I wonder what everyone else thought of her Tweeter and Blog? I know it made me sick! Lol


if jordan wins next round, will people give her a little bit more credit? i mean nasty nat only beat jordan and michelle. and kevin only beat the girls. nat and kevin act like they have done so much more. but actually they beat the weakest players in the game.
thats like saying they beat the rams or lions and now expect to be champs. its a joke.


I think Natalie is the worst player ever, fly thru player. But I must sadly say that unfortunately it will be Nat and Kevin because Jordan is a real Blond Bimbo. Dumb as a blonde can be; they should auction her as a NASA experiment gone wrong a True US Blond women its no longer a fiction, this species does exist, its called JORDAN. If she wins the competition in round two, I will run for USA President in 2012 this is my official announcement. And once elected my first two laws to be in place will be making a quarter after eight; eight twenty five and all playing cards to be made out of two suits only, hearts and diamonds. In honor to our new USA symbol, Jordan. No longer will be the eagle.


kevin needs to wake up and throw gnat under the bus,,,,,that might really throw her game off……maybe we should all do a group mantra……to get rid of her!

Melissa Cyr

I have been a faithful watcher since the very beginning. But this season, I am very
disappointed. BB dropped the ball big time. I can’t understand why Nathalie would be allowed to lie about her age. Although, she acts like a 12 year old. I have an 18 yr old daughter, and if she ever acted like Pigpen, I think I would kick her A**. Kevin is such a moron, he knows that she’s lying to him, but still takes it…Of course, Jeff was my first choice,
but now I am hoping that Jordan wins this thing.

Big Brother show America that you don’t have to be a lying, hateful person to win in this world. Good people can get rewarded….Not idiots like Nat & Kevin.
Go Jordon!!!


I agree that she should not be allowed to lie about her age but the other house guests are pretty dumb to have not caught on. (Wll, Kevin did in the beginning but he never thought about it after) In the eligibility for the show, one of the first rules is that you have to be over the age of 21 to apply. First hint that they wouldn’t allow an 18 year old on the show. Secondly, she drinks alcohol, which I’m pretty sure CBS would not want to endorse underage drinking. So, someone should have figured it out before. She still shouldn’t have lied though.


Part 2 is going to be playing with a ball because it means Jordan doesn’t
have to use her brain. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA GNAT, big brother is playing randomly and
now Jordan has a 50/50 chance of moving on to the next round. If she makes it to round 3, I wonder
what are they going to do next! An eating challange!?!? So she can win.




Okay so I tivo’d last nights bbad at exactly 57 minutes into it Kev got called in the dr and his mic was left on for a few secs and u hear a producer saying something about ” the technical issue just came up and hes okay” and then the mic is turned off so what the hell is up with that?? anyone else hear this?


Anyone know what the story is with Kevin being called to the DR to address a “technical issue”.?


That s**t was funny they didnt let Chima pet sit down when she got FIIRED!!! ha ha h…She thought she was going in there to chill when they called her nope ha ha you outta here dumb a**..


Im not understanding this season? Why ?


Dam it Nat, you should have stayed on the log like I said. When you make it to the final 3, you just can?t take it out of your own hands by letting someone else win. By stepping off that log, I now think Kevin is the stronger player between you two. I thought it was weak of Jeff to let Russell win on promises, and wouldn?t think you would be just as stupid.

Congratulations Kevin!

You?ve played a hell of a game dude, and you deserve to win. Rather a competition was a mental or physical challenge, you were right there with the best of them. Nat was your only competition, since Jeff said Jordumb was a waste (in so many words). Julie tried to get him to say more, but at the end he said Jordough helped him by being the only one that would talk to his ass.

Spend the money wisely Kev and have a great life, laterz!


im not understanding this season? they crying because someone leaves dumb.sticking to there word to farther someone else not there self. This a single playing game.they act like there are playing the game for others to win.Only one person can when the 500000k..


Is it just me, or does anyone else feel the needs to hose the GNAT off when she comes in a room? She has no redeeming qualities. If you don’t have good looks, you need a good personality. PP has neither.

Ewwwwwwwwwww Ewwwwwwwwwwww Ewwwwwwwwwwww


okay, i love the new pics, how about you put

russell – kimbo slice 🙂