Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Did PP cheat in the HOH endurance competition?

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

DID Natalie cheat?
Thanks “All The Cheating” for giving me the pictures of Natalie

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

DID KTown cheat?
Thanks “All The Cheating” for giving me the pictures of Natalie


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356 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Did PP cheat in the HOH endurance competition?

    1. Just because he was last one standing then doesn’t mean he would have been if PigPen was called out on her lack of having her hand on the key. If producers said Natalie, you are out, your hand was not on the could have changed everything…Jordan could have kept her pace, kevin could have lost his…etc etc…
      Of course they won’t do anything about it…PP and Kevin have been cheating for weeks and nothing has been done about it…what makes this latest anything different?

    1. You WOULD have a biased opinion!!!! If this was a pic of Jeff or Jordan YOU would be screaming “FOUL”!!!! Be a man and admit it!!!!

      1. Her hand is on the key. It has nothing to do with Jeff or Jordon. Jeff lost. He is not coming back. why bring up Jeff when we are discussing Natalie? hmmm

    2. thats what i was thinking, her hand is holding the rope, but it is still touching the key. and she didn’t even win anyway, so why does it matter?

    3. OMG Rockstar,are you really gonna play that?You must be her sister or relative! technically her hand is not on the key,touching it is not the same as holding on to it,Julie stated 1 hand must be holding the key at all times,face your idol cheated again,and is caught!!!

  1. Your pinky is part of your hand. This picture proves nothing. Her pinky is touching the key. Obviously your entire hand can’t be touching the key at one time so any part of the hand touching the key should be enough, no?


  3. yeah i guess if she won the thing it would matter. But i doubt they would set that whole thing up again for a redo because Kevin won.

  4. I don’t like the way Nat played and if she wins this game I will not watch the show next year if it comes back (I have watched all the shows and this one sucks).

  5. the picture doesn’t make any sense. the headline talks about her cheating, but the only way to stay in the comp is to keep one hand on the key at all times. the pic shows her hand on the key. ok…what’s the point?

  6. well rockstar her hand isn’t holding onto the key its touching the key they were told to hold onto the not touch it but it doesn’t matter because she didn’t win anyway so who cares lol. They were not told to stay straight julie just said hold onto the key and stay on the log.

  7. And Kevin was not facing forward even after they were told to face forward–he was turned to the side and some think it was because he could see a gear that would let him know when the log would start moving again.

    1. He cheated as well,Julie clearly stated,one hand must remain holding your key at all times and players must face forwards at all times!

  8. Did PP “cheat” before or after Jordan fell? If it was after, it wouldn’t really have impacted the competition because she dropped and let Kevin win. If she “cheated” before Jordan fell, then that is really crappy. Maybe that’s why they decided to “shake up” the finale and have it be a final 3 instead of a final two. Who knows…

  9. at this point, who cares? the game and winner is crap. im more excited to see who wins the fav player prize. and i got so caught up at work this week that i missed the window to vote! :( i really really really hope there are less fools voting than for the cdt. jeff does not deserve that prize. michelle does. no argument. and i will be excited if she wins. i also hope she gets an apology from jeff and jordan at some point. she was really good to them and they treated her like crap. i watched her exit interview and was shocked! i actually like two players from beginning to end without hesitation- casey and michelle. everyone else sucks.

  10. Yes she did cheat and so did Kevin. the rules were to face forward and one hand had to be on the key at all times. Kevin was facing sideways nearly th whole time and was walking sideways! It gave Kevin the advantage of seeing the gears on the log… So they both didn’t follow the rules. WHAT A SURPRISE. Many people have complained to CBS already. I suggest you all do the same.

  11. Not sure she cheated…her hand is touching the key. Define “on key” at all times… BUT if it was cheating…a few asked what difference does it make, kevin was the last one standing. IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE. If I was on the log and one person got eliminated…my mindset would be different because I would bet thinking 1 down, 1 to go. Jordan’s thinking might have been different. Kevin might have been more nervous. If Gnat was the first to go, it would totally change Kevin and Jordan’s psche…and if she was the first to go due to a technical issue like that, no doubt their psyche would be different. Kevin would be a nervous wreck about the placement of his hand and his nerves get the best of him…and Jordan would have been focusing on her hand placement which would have made her more alert. .If the argument is it does not matter, the outcome would have been the same is a weak justification to not do anything if in fact gnat’s hand was off the key.

  12. i think that jordo and kevin should go right to round 3 and that pp should go to the jury house right now cheaters never go to the end bye bye bye pp. hope she has fun in the jury house all the jury members will be happy to see her come in the house that way they will not have to be worried that she is in the final 2 bye bye bye pp

  13. She cheats at everything so why not in the HOH comp. However it doesn’t change the outcome since Kevin is still the winner it just re-confirms what we already know she is a total slimeball and worthless human being.

    1. Thats what many Pigpen defenders don’t seem to understand – most Pigpan haters don’t hate her becasue she lied =- everyone in BB lies – they hate HER. Thats all – they hate her for many personal reasons that can’t be defended – thats the the reason we see articles in the mainstream press (EW, etc.) that call her the most despised person in BB history. Now GNAT defenders may not think thats fair but thats just too bad. She will never get Americas vote because most viewers don’t like her – they just don’t like her. I guess every person has their own reasons but when every poll I see about who America would vote for to be Americas player – her numbers are ludicrously low (etc. 57 out of over 6,000 votes???) and most voters don’t read these blogs – then there is something about her that really turns people away from her. And thats just how it is!!!.

  14. Oh go ahead, cheat PigPen, you too, Kevo. CBS and Big Brother won’t say anything. Why not cancel the rest of the comps and just divide the money between the 2?????????

    1. please people. natalie didn’t cheat. first off her hand is resting on the key. but even if it wasn’t it would just be a DQ for screwing up by absent-mindedly letting go of the key to scratch an itch or something. in any case she didn’t win anyway. and kevin is not hoh until the other 2 parts of the comp are played out.

  15. is it true that there is no eviction and all 3 will face off for the money on finale night? i just read somewhere that tomorrow night’s show will announce kevin as hoh…i’m confused

    1. I really don’t think it’s fair if they give the HOH to Kevin…he didn’t win it. If Natalie cheated, she should at the very least be out of the running for the final HOH and then have Kevin and Jordan face off…she would have had at least one more chance to get the HOH anyway. It’s not fair that she should be penalized…and no I’m not saying this because I’m a Jordan fan…I wanted Michelle to win.

  16. nasty cheated then should be sent home !! period end of story not to the jury house but home !! then its kevin and jordon finale 2

  17. Maybe the producers are just like us, they don’t like to look at the knat either and they didn’t catch her hand coming off the key…

  18. Her hand was NOT on the KEY it was on the rope above the key. BB11’s Allison Grodner thinks we are all stupid and she is going to do what she wants. The only way to show our displeasure is to stop watching or start a letter campaign to CBS about what we are beign fed. I know it’s a game but can we cheat at games?? In Las Vegas you would be thrown in jail for cheating on a $500K game. Maybe even be shot!!

    1. i don’t think letters will do any good – obviously emails and phone calls did not matter to AG – the only thing that gets their attention are ratings, so that is why everyone should just stop watching. Who wants to watch this crap anyway? There isn’t anything worth seeing.

    1. NO…her hand is touching the key, Natalie is CLEARLY holding the rope ABOVE the key…Julie stated that they must hold onto the key…NOT TOUCH THE KEY!!

  19. Yeah but if she took her hand off and got disqualified, then once Natalie went inside, then Jordan and Kevin could of made a deal, Kevin also cheated cause he was suppose to stand straight ahead. BB kept telling him

    1. at least one hand MUST be on the key, not the rope. For Kevin, he was warned several times that he MUST be facing forward which he did not comply.

  20. What time did this occur? Before or after Jordon dropped? If PP was cheating before seems like it would have been only been fair for her to be disqualified…. I’m sure BB won’t replay it BUT it should have been caught at the TIME… geez…. GO JORDAN!

  21. No it’s not. Her hand had to be wrapped around the key not around the rope. She clearly cheated. Go figure! She can’t win anything without cheating. I can’t stand seeing her eat either! UGH!

      1. Julie said to “hold ONTO your key for dear life”….”the last person holding ONTO the key would win part one of the competition”

        Sorry, but HOLD ONTO the key, does not mean hold the rope over the key with your hand touching the key….


      2. These J and J fans really are grasping at stuff now. If you were not allowed to hold the rope, they would have put the keys up high enough so you couldnt reach them. Geez the rule book must be one beefy piece of reading. The key was just to keep your hand from slipping off, I would like to see if Jordan ever held on to the rope, I bet she did. It was not an infraction of any rule.

  22. The fact is Jordan could have had motivation in some way to keep going if she saw Natalie go down before her, or Jordan herself could have started making deals with Kevin. BB shouldn’t penalize Natalie in some way during part 2 of the competition, sadly they probably won’t. Anyone remember all stars when Janelle took her hand off her key, well I don’t see how BB can let this one slide

    1. Kevin and Jordon already have a deal to take each other to the final 2. True, Kevin and Natalie have the same deal and Natalie has the same with Jordon. The question is, which one is the winning combo????

  23. I voted for Michelle to get Americas Choice…even though I wanted Jeff or Jordan to win the show…they started playing like they ran the house and it got them NO where…they should have kept their word and kept Russell and got PP or Kev out when they had the chance…then they would have had a better chance of getting Rus or Mich out the next week…(well Jeff would have) Michelle has played a good game spending most of the time by herself but she would talk to HOH for herself or anyone else that asked her too….Jeff & Russ both had her go talk to keep them to different HOHs…she played GOOD weather anyone wants to admit it or not…like I said spending most of her time by herself and they must be hard to be the outsider in a house full of ppl…WTG Michelle U got my vote!!!

    1. I agree. I was a Jeff fan until he got HOH and the power went to his head. He acted the same way Jessy did, king of the castle. It is Jeff fault that we get to see nasty Natalie and jerk Kevin this far on the game. I would hate for Natalie to win the 500,000

    2. I think I’m going to have to vote for Michelle too. She was trashed so many times when she was innocent…She wouldn’t have been in such a horrible position at the end if Jeff and Jordan hadn’t screwed her and Russell. So I believe she played the best game without the kind of lieing that Kevin and PP did. Overall she was probably the best player.

  24. She didn’t cheat. Give me a break, BB never said Natalie, you’re out. It’s there responsibility to keep an eye on everything. Geez!

  25. Oh my god … you people are hilarious! Pigpen, cookie dough monster … this place is WAY better than the show!
    i am with grumpy … if Nat wins … I’m DONE with BB forever!!!!

  26. Natalie clearly cheated, hey Simon…what about Kevin? Per what Julie said you have to be facing straight forward right? He was to the side most of the time. Jordan was the only one who remained straight forward and had one or both of her hands on the key.

    1. Come on people get real. This is a game and the best players are Natalie and Kevin whether you want to admit it or not. The game involves alot of lieing and manipulation. There is not one person on there who did not lie and cheat at some point in the game. Evil Dick should have been eliminated for alot of things he did, but he wasn’t. Everybody wants Jordan to win and she did absolutely nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING!!!!!. She rode Jeff’s coat tail the whole show. She was good for nothing. The only reason she won HOH Is because Jeff threw it to her. She she should not get a dime. She is a sweet girl, but she is just as stupid as they come. So, whether you admit it or not Natalie and Kevin are the best players this year by a long shot!!!

  27. Why does 99.6% of the people around feel the need to discredit Kevin and Natalie? Why can’t Kevin look down? Why can’t Natalie’s hand be in a different place than directly on the key?

    If she was cheating, she would have been eliminated.

    Natalie read that rule book inside out, she’s not a dumbass. She is hardly going to do something that will have her fired. She has been the smartest played on BB in many seasons.

      1. If I give an opinion on the game, why must people criticize me personally when they don’t agree? hmm at least be amusing. If you hate Natalie and claim she is mean, why do you need to be mean to me? You hate who you are than?

    1. “Julie exact words were ?the object is, obviously, to hold on to your key?? KEY, not the rope, THE KEY!”

      natlaie clearly was holding onto the “ROPE”……. get your head outta your ass and stop makin up excuses…both her and kevin were not following the rules in the comp he was told to face front but he was facing his side, i watched the comp so i know what i saw………

    2. OMG! Sometimes you are very funny, but other times you are clueless! I do enjoy reading your posts, though, even though I can’t stand NastaLIE – Kevin really is not that bad, because he has made some really smart moves. That is why I think he will win the final HOH and hope he takes Jordan so Nasty doesn’t get anything! Kevin’s cheating was not by looking down, it was because he did not face forward – if you are on a rolling log for a long period of time it is much easier to stand sideways and move your feet than to have them perpendicular to the log as it rolls. That means Kevin had an easier time of it than the other 2, and BB did not enforce the rules — again!

      1. That is totally wrong, I have done a bit of log rolling in water, not on a bracket like BB log and its much easier to keep your body straight. If you get side ways on it, your feet get tangled up. The big brother log was a whole lot bigger then the logs we had to but I dont see that making any difference.

    3. I was going to reply something smartass, then I realized it was you. Sorry, I forgot you could not have seen PP’s hand as you were busy with your head up her ass.

    4. I totally agree with you!! How did this season get to be bash Nat/Kevin show? They are no worse than the other house guests were. Everyone had favorites and some of those did not make it, so get over it. What’s with the writing and calling CBS. If you don’t like this REALITY show, just turn your TV off or are you such an idiot you don’t know how to do that. I’ve never in my life heard such evil people as you on this site and the disgraceful things you are saying about the HG’s. Get a life!!

    5. Watch last nights BB smartass! Julie clearly states ALL contestants must remain facing forward and have either one or both hands on their key AT ALL TIMES!! Nasty’s hand is on the rope, not on the key,therefore she should be eliminated,Kevin was told several times to remain facing forward,which he did not,he should be eliminated also.But again,these ignorant assholes did not play by the rules again,if they was eliminated like they should’ve been,Jordan would’ve won it.morwe than likely they’ll get by with it as they have all season long!

  28. btw this endurance comp was total bs anyway. it wasnt measuring much. if i get three people, all different heights, and ask them to hold onto something hanging in equal distance above them, who do you think would win? uuuuhhhh the tallest person! ding ding its like me playing one on one versus Shaq and calling that a fair shot! wtf was the point to this comp? either bb staff is better at manipulating (“and a twist to the hoh will change the course of the game”) or just plain lazy and slow (like forgetting to use the new intro that didnt include russell’s name/pic, telling america we will vote in place of chima and not giving us the opportunity to-we wont learn the final 2 until finale night so its impossible to do this) or i am beginning to question the point of the game. wait, what the hell is the point of this game anymore?

  29. It really doesn’t surprise me that Natalie cheated…after all, when Chima obviously threw her mic into the hot tub, Natty tried to say Chima “dropped” it….Come Natty we see more than you do, and so do the producers…well, maybe not this time, since Natty seems likely to get away with cheating.

  30. on thurs show they should sit the house guests down, show them a tv screen and say: kevin, you were told multiple times to face forward and you continuously did not follow the rules so you are dq?d. nat, as you can see in this picture the rules were hold on to your key at ALL times with one or both hands. in this picture your right hand is off the key, your left is holding the rope, therefore you took both hands off the key so you are dq?d. jordan, that makes you the winner of round one and will go on to round three. kevin and nat, its time for you to play against each other live now in round two!!! lol wouldn’t that be fun. they would have no time to complain, they would have to start playing the next comp

    1. It sounds good in theory, Joy. Can we assume that these photos were sent to Big Brother to validate the fact that both Kevin and Natalie bent the rules a/k/a cheated during the competition. If so, why haven’t we heard an OFFICIAL announcement from CBS/Big Brother regarding same? Big Brother is simply dragging its viewers along until the finale where it will probably end unhappily. That is, unhappily for the viewers who believe that poor gamesmanship and cheating should not be rewarded. Many of us want to believe that this season’s wrongs will somehow be righted by next Tuesday . and someone deserving will end up with the $500,000. Time will tell but, as for me, I’ve lost faith in Big Brother.

      1. I found the address for CBS/BB. I emailed and put the links to the photos of nastys hand holding the rope. . I betcha they don’t even read any of the complaints. I think we should over load them with complaints. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Those two should be ashamed of themselves.

      1. ok u guys r trying way 2 hard..lets go back 2 when jordumb chest bump russ..lets disq. her right right..lets write bb on that also…so no winners… final 2 Nat/Kev. Even if you don?t like them, they have done a lot to be there now. Just think where they were 4 weeks ago, and they have turned this game. You may not like them but you can?t call them floaters anymore because they turned this game around by using mental games on the other HGs. It is what it is, you may not like it but you cannot call them floaters anymore

        1. Lets go back a lil farther,when Kevin chest bumped Ronnie,he should’ve been DQ’d then to! you gayboy.nasty lovers have a f’n excuse for everything,I see why you like them,they go through life floating,,like all you do!

    2. i’m with you Joy…they both cheat…so it should go to Jorden…let those two fight it out..then let’s see how close they are…

    1. I know double disqualification would be Jordans only hope but it aint gonna happen. Maybe they should have the second comp on who can hold a blank stare into space the longest, my money would be on Jordan for that, the harder she thought about that, the longer she would last.

        1. Thanks for that, I will stay with what I have, not going to run and change my name on here like half the people do. I give my shots and I take them too. As for my country ,it has bigger problems then what im saying on a blog.


    And yes, Julie clearly said that

    1. Jordan is the winner of the first compition as far as I’m concerned and if you let Nat get away with this you are going to loose allot of people who watch this show. Just checking the votes on who do you want to go to the finale 2 you can see that Nat is not well liked at all. So let the gal that is liked and let her go against Kevin even tho he should be thrown out too for not looking forward.

  32. Julie words were “the object is, obviously, to hold on to your key”… KEY, not the rope, THE KEY! I’m not a Jordan, Natalie or Kevin fan but them’s the rules folks. Alison Grodner needs to address this. This show by clear definition is a GAME SHOW. Therefore, it must follow game show rules. Fair and unbiased play amongst all contestants. If BB allows this to continue, they will lose a LARGE part of their already dwindling audience and could potentially lose its audience for upcoming seasons.

    1. obviously the rules don’t apply to certain hg – they don’t want more bad press – Chima was disgusting enough to last a life time

  33. Did anyone see this?
    Update 3: CBS? new press release says all 3 HGs will ?face off for the $500,000 grand prize? on finale night. So no eviction this Thursday or Sunday?

    1. this only means the BB producers saw her “NOT holding onto her KEY” thats why their doing this ….HAHAHAHAHAHA so natalie fans who worked so hard makin up excuses like you been doin for her this whole game

    2. Tammy where did you see that update at? I would have to see it to believe it, because I have lost faith in CBS. I sure hope you are right so please share where you seen that at,
      a fan

  34. I realize that everyone is wondering whether or not PP cheated…and while I agree that it is an important factor of the night….didn’t she really cheat when she stole Michelle’s gloves? I know that houseguests can ‘hide’ others belongings, but I didn’t think that they could steal. So, let’s go back to when that happened. Take her gloves away, then start the competition…. I would love for Jordon to win this, but I really think that it is a lost cause. As much as I don’t like PP, Kevin is not that bad…he certainly picked up his game in the end…and I hope that if it is down to him and PP that he wins. But, I am afraid the numbers are on PPs side.

    Jesse, Russell, Jordan, and Jeff will all vote for her over Kevin. Lydia I am unsure about, her and Natalie DID get close, but enough to get a vote? I don’t think it will matter. Jordan and her became BFFs after Jeff left, and Jeff may still not want anything to do with Kevin.

    Has anyone said what happens in the event of a tie?

  35. I don’t know if the hand just touching or having it completely on the key is cheating or not. But, it really is beside the point now. Natalie and Kevin had it all planned that Kevin was to win. He did. Poor Jordon herself said after the comp that there was no way she was going to win against Kevin. He was too focus and determine. She told Natalie that she knew she wasn’t going to beat him, either. (of course Natalie didn’t say anything because she thinks she could have but she jumped, she didn’t fall. However, Jordon doesn’t know that. ) Jordon got cold and tired. She said she fell asleep and when the log started she fell off. I don’t know where Jordon’s hand was, on the rope or on the key, but the fact is Jordon herself said she wasn’t going to beat Kevin in that comp.

    1. Hey Grandma, I was watching your Presidents address on the tube so im sure everyone will be happy ,IM BACK. Dont let the whinners get you wrapped up in this CBS conspiracy theory of the Big Brother season of the cheaters. The Jeff fans are such losers, I can see how they all relate so well to him. I was checking my past blogs and replies and thanks to Pamala for that informative leason on the workings of turning logs and gears. Also Pamala, I did go through kindergarten, it just took my a couple years, I cant help it, crayola shouldnt make crayons so good tasteing. Anyways, How ya doin Grandma?

    2. Jordan couldn’t have beat PP or Kevin. She is a total loser!!! I liked her so much until she and Jeff backstabbed their own alliance (Russell & Michelle). Look where it got them. NO WHERE!!!! She doesn’t deserve to win anything!!!!!!

    3. I read somewhere on the net that AG herself said that the two real changes in the game happen when 1. Jeff turned on his alliance and got Russell out. 2. When Kevin got out Michelle out. I think she may have something there. Grandma is fine, Canadian Fan, thanks for asking.

  36. she’s holding the ROPE not the “key” sorry natalie fans “no excuses for natalie this time”…………….. if she “won” this comp would be re-done, but she didn’t “win” so it don;t matter, she couldn’t beat kevin anyways you could see it on her face she was in major discomfort even more so then kevin and jordan was (her shit talkin about how she would’ve stayed up their all night was as all the shit she talked the entire game about “im gone win the next comp” was just that BULLSHIT,she did win 1 the HOH but lets face it that HOH was pure LUCK out of all the comps in this BB), she only fell because kev convinced her he would take her to finals which we all know is BS if you watched his DR session he was plannin on gettin her drop so he’ll win Pt 1 HOH so he could take someone he actually has an “equal” chance at winning that that money “jordan” , natalie has too many friends in the jury house they would automatically vote for her no matter how much she floated through the game , common sense she shouldn’t have ANY vote in the jury house of the shit she has pulled that ain’t have shit to do with the “game” just her being MEAN…

    1. Not only her being mean, but the people in the jury house know she lied about her age and believe me…..they don’t like it one bit. PP does not have the friends in the jury house that everyone seems to think she does. At this point, it looks like Kevin will most likely go all the way. I’m torn between Michelle and Russell as far as America’s favorite player goes.

    2. people people people! who care if nat screwed up and should be dq’d – she didn’t win! it doesn’t matter! i hate her too but get over it already. if you jump offsides in football are you cheating or just screwing up being anxious? she grabbed the rope at one point – maybe they should have dq’d her but again she didn’t win and even jordan admitted she couldn’t beat them in the comp – let it go!

  37. I agree… i really think the producers liked Nat and Kev and want them to win… cause it always seems like it favors them. Like the last PoV… if Kevin had a calendar, they knew he did because of cameras, they cant hide anything. As for the hand, well they had to see it and didnt say anything about it. There is NO WAY Nat could crawl her hand to do top on the rope unless she used her other hand and then grab the top of the key, she had to let go at some point!!!!

    Urgg its just frustrating… I cant wait for SURVIVOR TO START. Now thats a show where they work for the money!!!! :)

  38. I don’t think it would of mattered. I think both Nat and Jordan were super tired and I think Kevin put himself in a zone and just worked through it. Her hand is touching the key ~ although it be just the bottom of her hand. Julie said one hand must stay on your key at all times. Big Brother have let a lot of things go and this is just another technical thing that probably went un-noticed. It would be so funny if win they get to the finals, they tell both of them they were cheating and Jordan is the winner.

    I am so disappointed in that Pandora’s box. What was the deal with Jeff even finding a key? It was of absolutely no use and there was nothing to it but letting Kevin get free.

    I am totally hooked on the show this year till it got down to these three.

    But you have to give kudos to Nat and Kev. It was four against two and they worked their way to where they are.

  39. How funny! Last week it was Kevin cheated, now its Natalie. Join forces in your panic and protest! Someone YOU disliked did something YOU disliked. Perhaps you can call the national guard or homeland security!!! Oh no! Will life EVER be the same?

  40. it is just a game and if your going to stop watching the show becouse someone you dont like might win then that sad come on it just a game you win some you lose some
    ps she did not win so get over it

  41. actually it does matter. by her dropping and letting kev win, she showed her loyalty and now he will take her to f2. kev and jordan had f2, he was suppose to win she was gonna drop. if nat had been disqualified, jordan could have proven her loyalty to kev by dropping and maybe he would have taken her to f2!!! it did matter!

  42. She Lies , She Cheats ,She Smells ,She Eats with her mouth open , She Chomps her food , She Floats , She’s Nasty,She’s a man,She’s gay , She has a warrant , She’s already married ,She Backstabs , She’s Dirty, Did I mention she smells……………………SHE”S GONNA HAVE $285,000 dollars after taxes in her pocket next Tuesday …..SHE WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I am by no means a Natalie fan, she disgusts me, but really, from the picture you can’t tell that she wasn’t touching the back of the key with the palm/bottom of her hand. I hope Kevin wins and screws her by taking Jordon to final two, and then Jordon wins because of the 3, she has done the least crap/back stabbing/ harmful scheming etc.

  44. Wow..can’t believe how many people on here think that Nat had her hand on the key when
    the picture posted clearly shows her hand on the rope–no where near the key. I thought
    they had to have at least one hand “on the key” at all times. How is that not cheating???
    Give me a break.

  45. CBS has given Jordon and Jeff a million chances to win this game. Jeff was given the CDT, was told which players to keep and now last night the log was stopped to give Jordon a better chance of holding on. They knew she could never make it in a contest of endurance after sitting around for a month eating cookie dough and rolling around.
    It’s not fair Jordon gets so many chances to win. What makes her so special? It’s a proven fact she isn’t honest or would keep her word. Why are CBS trying to help her win? They’ve never stopped the game to give anyone a rest before but because Jordon is their golden girl, they give her ample time to rest and start again. I call shenanigans!

  46. Natalie is clearly holding the rope and Kevin didin’t obey the rules either. BB will lose a lot a viewers if they do not disqualify them. Sounds like Jordan finally won. BB make it right!

  47. i’m no natalie fan, but as BBGrandma said, she is TOUCHING the key… not sure that’s the same thing as having “one hand on the key” but i’m sure BB will say she’s at least touching it so it’s not cheating.
    one question: people have been talking about America having a jury vote, has this been confirmed or is it just speculation?

  48. Who is everyone voting for in America’s favorite player? I’m torn between Michelle and Russell because of the way they got screwed by Jeff and Jordan.

  49. Why BB disqualify Nat they?ve done it in the past? Maybe Jordan would have felt more encouraged to see one of them fall and stayed on longer or maybe she could have made a deal with Kevin.

    1. A deal that may not have happened. Also she to was holding just the rope. I think as usual things are being blow way out of wack. If you go back and really look and hang onto every word you will see they all cheated at one time or another.

  50. Jordan was holding the rope only at times too… In the early going of the competition too… I saw it on the leave feed and thought “Is that cheating”. So they are all guilty of this.

    1. Its just the Jeff fans trying to keep the Nasty Nat and now cheater Kevin going. I dont think it was a rule that you couldnt hold the rope or they would have put the keys higher so you couldnt reach the rope. Just because Jordan was confused and didnt have brains enough to hold the rope doesnt mean you had to hold the key. Was the key not just there to keep your hand from slipping off the rope??

  51. On what site did BB say that all 3 will face the jury? Also Julie’s statement was as lame as PP game. She has drank the corporate koolaid alright.

  52. honestly due to the changes that take place from a single comp, its unfair to make it not count, they shouldve DQ’d them on the spot…period…it wasnt a live show, it was showtime, but still…couldve DQ’d them then

    plus, you cant give it to jordan afterwardsm looks way too ridiculous

    as for you morons that believe the DR sessions, have you not heard kevin say he gives them material to use that isnt even what hes thinking.

  53. Guys….it doesn’t matter what PP did…cheat or not….Kevin won! Jordan wasn’t about to win! She is so out of shape she wouldn’t win any endurance comp. Again…it doesn’t matter….Kevin won!!!! It’s over!!!!

    1. You cant talk sense to these people. No matter what dumb insane idea they come up with, they wont listen to reason. They will just run and run and run with it, and when they are wrong, they will stomp their feet and cry and give the usual “im going to petition on!” or “IM DONE WITH THIS SHOW” Nat didnt do anything, they all were holding the rope and the top of the key at some point. They are just grasping for a reason to try and get Jordan further in the game. Even though you are right, Kevin won, so it doesnt make a flipping difference WHAT nat did.


  54. I just read on another Big Brother blog site that there will be a final 3…..can anyone confirm this? I’m assuming they would do this in order to ensure there wouldn’t be a tie ? But if that was the case….I don’t see the need in doing the last 2 parts of the HOA competition. Or maybe this was a decision made based on cheating accusations….? Hmmm…..

  55. O.K. BB and Allison Grodner, what about it???If there are rules and a HG doesnot follow them, what should happen?? A DQ, of course1 Are you guys biased in favor of Natalie and/or Kevin??? Neither one of them followed instructions and yet, you seem to have permitted it. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

    1. michele interview w/ ross she says her 1 word 2 describe CHIMA is STRONG..and she was ur only friend..what a weirdo(michele) 2 Nat/Kev. Even if you don?t like them, they have done a lot to be there now. Just think where they were 4 weeks ago, and they have turned this game. You may not like them but you can?t call them floaters anymore because they turned this game around by using mental games on the other HGs. It is what it is, you may not like it but you cannot call them floaters anymore

      1. now that i think about it…michele downfall was turning on chima…that was a better alliance for michele..and of course they can win comps better together…gosh what got into her that made her trust russ..he did her wrong until he needed her..

  56. I know people are saying that Nat’s hand is touching the key in the picture but it looked like to me that when she first put her hand up on the rope it wasn’t touching the key and then she slipped it down to touch the key. Did anyone else see that?

  57. I know people are saying that Nat’s hand is touching the key in the picture but it looked like to me that when she first put her hand up on the rope it wasn’t touching the key and then she slipped it down to touch the key. Did anyone else see that?

  58. I’m a big fan of the show, have seen every season, and yes, like all of you, I’ve had my favorite contestants, seasons, themes, etc. This season appears to have stirred up a hornet’s nest regarding character, rules,game choices, etc. A ton of conspiracy theories, letting people get away with stuff, stupid twists, to name a few. People have voiced such strong opinions about who they like, who they don’t like, who has played the game better, it just goes on and on. We hear rumors and think they are true, we’re confused about what we are told. I mean, has there ever been a season like this? To this extent? I’m not finger pointing or voicing an opinion, just wondering. Would really like to have some good honest feedback and not some lame ass remarks or cutdowns. If this is what the game has come to, then i too have lost interest. Too bad, because up until this season, I have really enjoyed this show. Your thoughts?

    1. i AMEN that comment/fact…to much bashing and hard work to find fault in the final 2(kev/nat). there is a rule that says u cant chest bump other hg but no 1 is emailing bb/cbs on that?????????

    2. I agree Jb. This season has been dissapointing. I also miss the fun that would go on during BB After Dark. This season never had that.

    3. IMHO
      I think more then anything this season fans are disappointed with the HG’s
      and are voicing their opinions and venting on the characters, they can seem to GET why BB let these sorry a$$ souls onto our TV screen and into our favorite show.

      the evil doers this season are not like Evil Dick, or Dan
      where there were slick game players, when they were on the BLOCK they didnt QuIT and get kicked off he show, or walk off cause they were loosing.

      Some HG this season are plain out dishonest, Cheaters, Racist, bigots, four mouth lowlifes

      its not back dooring, its backstabbing – its low class – smell bad, let me take a shower feeling

      I mean I am watching HGs this season that actually TURN my stomach
      not for their looks but for their actions, their beliefs that this is how you play a game
      and think they are actually good at PLAYING the game –
      CHEAT every chance you get even when it doesn’t matter (not game play)
      blatantly LIE even to yourself (borderline psychosis)….

      When your ROLE model is MIKE TYSON …. that says something about you
      even though He made it to Heavy weight champion he was always a THUG from the streets of Brooklyn who used to snatch purses from old ladies and bully other kids, he grew into a Rapist, Wife Beater, EAR biter, sore loser…….. that’s some ROLE MODEL

      this season I am very disappointed
      I keep watching cause I hope to salvage something out of a show I used to enjoy and looked forward to watching.

      Hopefully next season BB Production will learn something about picking HG…
      maybe we can put this DISASTER behind us………………. after all someone has to win

        1. did you hear Nat say that she would do whatever it takes to win

          slap a Bi**ch
          cut a throat
          bit an ear

          its on the feeds
          when she was discussing with Kev the physical comp
          that he just one

          she is a martial arts fighter
          it was her words

    4. I feel the exact same way. I don’t mind the character diversity but I do hate the inconsistency in the rules enforcement. They have allowed physically threatening contact(Jordan and Russell), stealing (Natalie taking Michelle’s gloves) and supposedly some type of cheating. The guests have been really off-putting in many ways. If they will sacrifice the rules of the game for ratings then I don’t really trust the results to be untainted.

  59. O.K. BB and Allison Grodner, what about it???If there are rules and a HG doesnot follow them, what should happen?? A DQ, of course! Are you guys biased in favor of Natalie and/or Kevin??? Neither one of them followed instructions and yet, you seem to have permitted it. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! 2nd time you’ve allowed them to win illicitly. (Kevin in the POV).

    1. Im not trying to come across rude cause I dont like Kevin or Natalie..but how did Kevin cheat in POV? when I was watching i didnt see anything that could even help him cheat. Can someone please answer this question without being mean. thanks!

      1. It is being said that Kevin “cheated” because he was told several times to face forward on the log, and still continued to stand sideways…

        Natalie was NOT holding the key…she was holding the rope just over the key…Julie said the hg’s were to HOLD ONTO the key with at least 1 hand….last one left holding the key was the winner.

    2. I agree 100%!! If you go onto, scroll all the way down, you will see a link for “user feedback.” If you click that link, you can contact them in regards to BB. It asks you what show, and if you have a complaint, comment, etc. I chose complaint, and I wrote “I am writing because I am OUTRAGED!! Natalie and Kevin BOTH broke the rules that were clearly stated by Julie at the start of the competition. Natalie did not have EITHER HAND on her key at one point, and should have been disqualified. Kevin also cheated by not facing forward like everyone was told before the competition started and he should be disqualified as well. I am NOT a Jordan fan – I see her as sweet, but dumber than dirt, but she deserves the win for Round 1. Please review the tapes!!! The proof is there!!!” EVERYONE SHOULD DO THE SAME, AND THEY MIGHT GET THE HINT!!

      1. Are you truly outraged about “cheating”? Or are you just finding more fault with people you don’t like? Why don’t you spend time on a cause that actually matters? You seriously want to protest something every ONE of these 3 people did? LOL. If you don’t like cheating, then be sure you mention all the rules that were broken in your complaint … like Jordan cheating at POV and breaking rules by chest bumping, and Michele using her birth control pills as a calendar. But I’m thinking you excuse people you like and want punishment for those you don’t. Hypocrite.

  60. I?ve felt that, for some time now, the producers rig certain elements of the game to try and control the outcome ? staging various competitions for specific times (physical comps when some players are better at Q&A?s , and vise-versa). This controversy just supports that ? Nat was clearly not holding the key, and I?m betting production saw that but decided to ignore it in order to provide a way for their chosen player to have a better chance to win it?

    1. CBC would not promote cheating in sporting events on their channel. Game shows were removed from the airwaves once upon a time for cheating by the network, what gives with this ??

  61. Uh hello??? Of course she cheated!!! She is a sociopath with narcissistic tendencies. and for all of you who think I am just hating her game play… people scare me!! This girl isn’t “playing” anything!! This is who she is!!!! How you can’t see this astounds me and how the BB psychologist passed her baffles me!!

      1. Even though she didn’t win the outcome may have been different if they disqualified her and it was down to Kevin and Jordon. You never know! So it does matter!!!

  62. Got to go with my sport analogies again…. rules are broken all the time and the wrong call is made against your team but when that happens aint nutin you can do about it. Oh you can cry and I have…when the call dont go my way I whine like a starving puppy but I dont get my kibbles & bits… It happens, if rules were broken and production or whoever’s supervising the game, doesnt react immediately, than its a non issue, life is the same way… Looks to me like Nats hands are touching the key and Kev started off semi-side stepping but BB let it go.
    Now who wants to hear the story about evil mommys & daddys cheating on their taxes?

    1. Ah, I am not going to tell you about my taxes but I can’t argue with your statement. No one threw the flag for off sides, did they? Another thing I saw on the net that Production said about the show (which they said was a success this year) was that if it was as rigged as so many claimed, wouldn’t they be rigging it for the favorites to win? They said that they do not have control of the individuals and their choices. If they did, it would be best for them to keep the favorites ahead and make the watchers happy. They said that they can’t. That you are seeing these people try to win the game the way they feel they can. Lying, cheating, backstabbing, manlipulating, and all that stuff comes with the game.

    1. If you go back and review the tape at you will clearly hear Julie say the hg’s were to HOLD ONTO THE KEY WITH DEAR LIFE….THE LAST ONE LEFT HOLDING THE KEY WOULD BE THE WINNER….she never said “touching” the key….sorry, proof is right on the tape!

  63. Just an aside, has anyone seen the youtube video of Natalie? from ’07. It’s her, and boy is she a bonafide tramp! As for the game, Allison G. clearly has no production skills, and deserves a swift kick in the pants! (just a suggestion)

  64. The thing is it DOES matter…they DQ’d people in the past…they should take care of this ASAP…and who knows what the outcome would have been…especially if this happened BEFORE Jordo fell!! It could have changed the WHOLE OUTCOME!! Sux…that pic is clearly 2 cheats going on…Kevin walking sideways anf Pigpen with the hand on the ROPE not the KEY…HULLOOOOOOOOOO

  65. AS far as the Kevin pic goes was this pic prior to the game starting or while the log was not moving. Just wondering. There has been cheating by others in this game and they were not put out so stop complaining now. I like Kevin but none of he HG’s should have an unfair advantage. I read on some blogs here last week Kevin cheated by seeing questions last week before others NOT I saw for myself how that game was played and they all had the same chance. He probably told Nat to see if she spilled the beans about to the others left and maybe freak everyone out. There was no way he cheated last week which many had said. Also others guest told they cheated but no uproar because you like them. Facts are the final three all got here different ways.
    One rode the coattails of another (admitted this herself) one lied cheated and stole her way through(as she said she would in the beginning) and one stayed loyal to his group until forced to do otherwise and tried to play hard. I am not going to judge them for how they played. The object of the game is get them before they get you. Be the one to say you got got!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone of them had to remove people in order to get here. If you complain about Nat game play them Jordan has to go because if Nat had played differently Jordan would have been long gone by now.
    Also for all you Jeff lovers if you don’t like this years game blame Jeff he didn’t have to use CDT. He didn’t need to him and JOrdan were safe. He said Jessie was on a power trip well he went on an even bigger one. If I had played there is no way I would have announced to the other HG’s america loves me best.No safety net this year as in years past with the special gift. Jeff messed up big time by using the gift. Then he screwed himself and JOrdan by getting rid of Russell. They all have backstabbed and lied it is part of the game. BB has some blame too, by forcing people to be stuck together and not freely choose thier buddies. This game play by BB allowed Jessie to be safe for sometime with the help of his group.
    I can bet if Jordan had been in Jessie’s group with Jeff we would have seen a whole different game. Jeff let a showmance cast him the game.

  66. I can’t see them letting all 3 HG’s face off for the $500K cause then there could be a 3way tie, assuming that America will still get a vote. Maybe America will decide who the final two should be? And include the jury members? That would be awesome! Give America Coup d tae!!!

  67. Is there always cheating scandals when everyones favorite doesnt win? Damn fine make them redo it but I can almost guarentee its wasted time because jordan wont win.

  68. I know Jeff and Jordyn shouldn’t have went against Russle or Michelle. But like you said look where it got them. But I sure don’t want Natile winning and why do they call her PP. I am still going for Kevin or Jordyn.

  69. I think Kevin is so tired of hearing Natalie brag about she won this against him or she let him win, etc. She is always bragging about she can do the best, she is the best at everything, etc and so forth. Her ego is so huge. So, I hope Kevin knocks it down a few pegs if he wins and takes Jordan. He can finally tell her I won.

  70. Why are the rules pick and choose? Chima cheated or I mean didn’t listen to the rules and they booted her out, so why do those two get away with so many things? Are they biased?

  71. This season has definatly been the biggest upset for me. Has it always been so darn boring when they had gotten to the final 5? I watched the first season and none of the others, due to no cable and I was so excited to see this one. But if BB cant get better houseguest and get strict with the rules regardless of who it is, I dont know if I could bare another season.

    1. No she isn’t,her hand is on the top of her key,not once on BBAD did her hand ever touch the rope,I watched it again earlier!

  72. we keep playing natalie for playing mind games, lying etc but the producers of big brother should win their own game! they have you guys chasing your own tails to figure out the nonsense they are selling. the finale will be the same crap as always- one winner, one runner up. im sure they will be royal butt holes and announce the final two in the first hour and give us an hour to vote and call the winner in the final hour. i only want to see the fav player winner. i hope we stuck to what we said mattered and rewarded michelle.

  73. They can’t let all 3 houseguests compete for the 500K becuase there then could be a 3 way tie. Maybe they are letting America decide who the final two is? Better yet maybe they are giving America Coup d Tae!!! Could you imagine!! Go Jeff go!

  74. BIG QUESTION????
    What would you do if you encounter while you are walking to pp or nastylie lol
    me>>>>> I would spit on her nasty face lol

  75. If it’s all 3 facing the JH there would be no tie and Jordon could win. Russell (who by now knows it was Kel and Nat who lied) Jeff and Mich vote Jordon. Lydia and Jessie vote Kel. The Gnat would get nothing (yea). If it were a 2 votes Jordon 1 vote Gnat and @ votes Kel. The lowest gets kick out and the vote again between the 2

  76. So if all 3 are in the finale . I guess Jordan is living proof you don’t have to do a thing in the BB house to be in the finale. Thoughts???????????????

    1. So the hell what, she got there, didn’t she?
      GNAT on the other hand, floated there, but THINKS she’s king, that she did everything in this game, that she played best, nobody could possibly beat her.
      At least Jordan knows she won nothing and admits it.

    2. I’m sure alot of people will disagree with me, but getting to the end without doing anything is playing a good game. How many do you know that hasn’t done anything have got to the end before? I would say she aligned herself with strong players. I know though, lots think she was carried. I agree. I would much rather see her win than the other 2.

    3. If Natalie is in the finale she’s living proof that you need other people to do the dirty work and to provide the coattails in order to make it to the end.

  77. I definately think she cheated, but she didn’t win so it really didn’t help her anyway. If she’d won I think she should have been DQ but she didn’t so who cares? Her cheating ways didn’t help her. Kevin still won and he’ll take Jordan to the finals over Natalie. Unless production makes him take their ‘golden child’

  78. What I didnt like was when nat and kevin were ready to jump off the log kevin spoke spanish to nat about how long he would stay on the log. I thought english was the only lang. they could use!!

    1. Yes they cannot speak spanish. They also cannot keep calendars. Natalie should have held onto the key, not the rope. And Kevin saw the final POV questions. Its such a crock what they (Nat & Kev) are allowed to get away with.

      Kevin even got a warning when he broke his slop. Jeff didn’t get a warning, just one more day of slop.

    2. OMG, what else are you going to find, to say that everyone but Jordan is cheating. What’s next? What else are you going to find to complain and say they are cheating?

  79. Simon….about Ronnie’s picture….my suggestion would be to make his picture YODA of star wars since he loves star wars and he looks like a YODA hehe

    1. OH…or was it star trek?? oh boy I forget now…oh well…he still looks like a YODA….if it is star trek…maybe he can be a klinggon? hehe…just a suggestion :)

  80. If nasty did cheat then it DOES matter even though Jordan fell first. Seeing nasty go first could’ve given Jordan an extra boost and the strength to keep going. Kevin in turn wouldnt have had to continue to reassure that controlling b***h that he was taking her . If no promise was made the no promise could be broken. Who knows, maybe he’ll grow a brain and screw Natalie in the end. Yeah!!

  81. There are only going to be 6 votes in jh coz Chima was fired so her vote does not count. So u only have Jeff Jessie
    Michelle Lydia
    Russell ????

    Unless BB production brings back the last person to be evicted b4 Chima got fired which would be Ronnie-but it BB who knows what they will do.

  82. The final vote WILL BE 2 players. They wouldn’t have an HoH comp now if there wasnt going to be 1 more elim, but part 3 will be live Tuesday. The ONLY other poss is that the HoH will cast vote for the winner to replace Chima’s….. but I doubt it.

    As for the BB bias crap… please stop WHINING!!! BB handed Jeff a chance in the game that he didnt deserve, then they tried to tell Jeff and Jordan NOT to backdoor Russell (go back, both Jeff and Jordan said DR told them not to backdoor Russell).

    I love the Jeff fans hoping for a new coup for him to get back in….. THEY GAVE HIM THE CONTROL and he BLEW IT…… don’t forget they came out with the special gold cans when Kevin was easily winning the HoH that Jeff won and he only won because of the gold cans they came out with DURING the comp.

    BB wanted Jeff/Jordan/Russell/Michelle final 4 and Kevin and Nat stole it away. They deserve to win.

    Now, stop pretending you know Natalie because of her in house actions. She came here with a gameplan to win and while most of the stuff she did were underhanded, that is the way THIS GAME is played. Same people who hate her loved Evil Dick who was 10000000x more scummy.

    1. But. Evel Dick did NOT go around the house preaching how honest he was, how his christian values were so strong, and how he had been honest the whole time. Natalie is being a complete hypocrite. Evel Dick made it clear from the get-go that he was going to play a dirty game, and he stayed true to that and played the dirty game he said he would. However, Natalie has gone on and on ad nauseum about how she was the only one who still had integrity and hadn’t lied or cheated through the game. She called out Michele for not having christian values. Where the hell are the pig’s? If she had said through the game hey, I lied, I will lie again, this is my strategy, then yeah I’d like her. And no I realize they are not going to walk around telling everyone their strategy. But. Remeber the old proverb, “Me thinks he doth protest too much.” The houseguests still left with the pig would do well to remember that. She stresses the value of honesty, and has no honesty in herself. I don’t know her, I don’t want to know her, and even if she isn’t that kind of person outside of the house like she is in the house, anyone who would want themselves portrayed on national tv as a horrible person deserves to be treated like one outside the house.

  83. kick NASTY NAT. out, where she can go be with the chimacabra… i hate kevin and her speakin spanish..i hate she cheated!!! this year SUCKED !! oh yeah NAT you aint too little to have ANY baby..that thang will big dummy..he aint a big guy and you aint so damn little!! in my opinion they should give the money to Jordan and be done!!

  84. You know if they cheated, someone should make sure big brother knows about it. I mean come on, are there going to let cheaters win, thats not right. I think CBS might look bad on that part.

  85. What if…..the key Jeff has lets him go in after the eviction of one of the other hgs. So there could be an eviction and then the key lets him back in to go against the other two. Just a thought – I keep thinking the twist might have really been the key?

  86. How was anyone cheating ? if for some reason both hands happen to be off say while switching hands, then they should have been called on it. Did any of this happen? Tell me why Cheating has come up again with Kevin & Nat…

    1. Um, cheating has come up with them because they cheated…what is it that people aren’t getting. One hand had to be on the key at all times…natalies hand on the rope is not her hand on the key. The producers told jordan they had to face the pool. Kevin facing sideways to his right is not facing the pool.

  87. i like this blog when you just give the facts…when you started calling Jordan, Jordough and only posting of her eating, it really turns me off. and really cant you just write the happenings as they happen and keep your opinion to yourself? and instead of putting up the stupid pics that you have up now (of the houseguests faces on the top right) JUST PUT THEIR FACES THERE, jeez. especially if we have to donate- if you are just going to give your opinions then i am moving on, c u!

  88. who you wanna see in the final 2 voting…Jordan 93% Kevin 65% Nasty 6% now thats funny a lousy 6% of people want her in final 2,so you see people on here,it isn’t just us on here,94% of america hates this bitch!!!

    1. They have to hold on to the key basically, with one hand on at all times. If they let go, they lose. They are walking/balancing
      on a spinning log.

  89. I think Jeff still has the Diamond Veto and he will get to place 2 votes for someone instead of one because there will not be an America’s Vote for the winner due to the fact that they changed the rules of the game and the final three fight to the end like Survivor did when they changed the rules.

    1. I believe, if all 3 face off the final night. The winner of the HOH comp will have one vote. I do not think Jeff will have two votes

  90. During last nights competition if the three were told to face forward there were many times that Kevin was facing to the side and very often Natalie was facing to the side.Jordan was told by Natalie that it was a violation to not face forward. Yet she turned. At one point it also appeared she was holding on to her rope and not the key so there was a violation of the rules and no one in production made anything of this. Some said it made no difference since she did not win but it was deifinitely a rules violation which could have disqualified both players and Jordan would have won. So what gives?? Some of you may like Kevin and Natalie but rules are rules.

    1. The thing with nat holding the rope yes it looks to be against the rules. So if she would have went down, that would have gave Jordan a chance to make a deal with Kevin, so yes it would have made a difference……

      1. It’s not against the rules, they said you must keep one hand on the key at all times. In the picture, her hand is on both the key and the rope.

        1. No! Julie first said “Hold on to your key for dear life. Let go and you will be eliminated from this part of the competition.” This stataement was followed by” At least one hand must remain on your key at all times. So be very, very careful” Since the word “hold” or grasp or grip preceded “remain”, it is clear that the rule was at least one hand must hold the key at all times. There is no question that Natalie was in violation of the rule and should therefore have been eliminated from the competition.

  91. on the show intervention on a and e there as one about a gay guy who had an eating disorder and was an alchoholic he sure looked like a spitting image of kevin and i swear his name was kevin also this was like a year or so ago it aired i just want to know if it is

    1. I totally remembered the episode you were referring to. And I did remember the guy maybe resembling Kevin so I went to research the past shows. That young man’s name was Asa and he was a medical science student.

  92. The idea who ever wins gets to pick who they go against in the final two. They have to win the best out of three. If Kevin wins I think he will pick Jordan.

      1. Your right…natalie is one nasty chick….and Kevin…such an outcast. I hate that guy. That thing he does with his lip….always looks like he sucking a nipple. GO Jordan!

  93. Is the cheating related to Natalie wearing the rubber bracelet and wrapping it over her key as reported elsewhere? Or is it the log stopping so she could catch her breath!?

    1. Wait! I just looked again and were they supposed to keep BOTH hands on the key??? Missed that instruction…. Is that it?? Anyone??

      1. LOL. That would mean they all should be disqualified. Then what? Bring back Jeff, Michelle and Russell? **instantly regrets saying that**

    2. The whole thing is if she would have slipped her hand wouldn’t have come off of the key b/c it was reinforced by her bracelets. It’s like when Jordan slipped she would have been able to catch herself before her hand came off the key. Jordan’s did and Kevin’s would have too if he had slipped. I watched showtime and her left hand was up there the entire time. Not once did she bring it down for circulation like Kevin and Jordan did. Then like you said she was holding the rope instead of the key. I think she had to do that for her circulation to have it loosen some. That’s when every time I saw her face with that creepy little grin on it, I just wanted to slap of her. She knew exactly what she was doing.I think C.B.S. should watch the tape very slowly and perhaps give Jordan some kind of up on her in the next challenge. She wasn’t going to make it much longer is why she made it look to Kevin how she was giving it to him.That way she can hold that over his head to go to final two. I hope he takes Jordan. I would just love to see the look on P.P. face. It would be priceless

  94. Simon I love your website. Do you run any others for other shows other than Big Brother cause I am gonna go through Withdrawls when BB11 is over and I will need a fix to gget me through till next summer. Lol. Thanks for the great site.

  95. Why the hell is BB letting Gnat /Kevin get away with cheating?????????????? What the hell is wrong with this freaking show?? They have really lost it. They are letting the patients run the asylum. How sad that BB has come to this. How desperate they must be.

    1. flood CBS with emails!! i’m really enjoying all the posts so keep ’em coming, but CBS will never change this nonsense unless the viewers voice their opinions. just keep the language in check or they’ll just disregard it. power to the people!! ;)

  96. I think that if it is a final 3 maybe the point of winning HOH will be you can cancel out someone from the Jury House’s vote before they are revealed.

  97. A clear violation as the HG were instructed to keep to hold their key, not their rope. Why is BB cheating. Is it not their job to watch these comps closely.

  98. I also sent a complaint to CBS and also dont feel as if it will make a difference. I just needed to say it. It’s really a shame that such blatent cheating is allowed. I’m sure production knows the outcome of the game too. I have watched BB from season 1 and have never been so dissapointed. Oh well at least it will be over soon and maybe they will learn from the mistakes made and have a better season 12. Lets hope so anyway. Even tho Jordan isnt a big comp winner, neither is nat or kev they are 2 floaters who happened to make it( thanks to production) to the end. It just sux that this is the way it will end.

  99. I think Nat has something on BB for them to let her cheat like that…she seems like the “sue” happy type…..Please America do not let the skank win $$$ she got ingaged so let that be enough. I would have liked to see Michelle get a visit from her husband better, not skank Nat

  100. I do not have one friend that continues to watch BB. We all keep up with and read the blogs and even find this funny. The ratings are up and maybe it’s because of all the publicity and this has people that would normally NOT watch BB tuning in…just to see what all the hollowing is about. I still say the best thing any of you could have done is simply this…email your complaints to CBS then stop watching…the ratings would have dropped and to save themselves, CBS would have got involved and things would have probably been a lot different. So this is a case of BAD PUBLICITY

        1. Lynda, dear (September 10, 2009 at 10:02 am) —

          This is meant as a friendly thought for you, and for all of us —
          Most people do not proofread what they type online;
          they simply type quickly, make typos, and hit SEND.


          Regarding your typos, as you said, you “haven’t had a drop to drink”, just like Nat-a-LIE is “18”. (Just kidding.)
          %^} (Picasso smiley)


          FYI — Just nitpicking, I know,
          but you changed “hollowing” to “hollorig”, which of course should be “hollering”,
          which is a colloquialism for “shouting” or “yelling” (and those words are shorter).

          (“Hollowing” would be to hollow out something —
          like Nat-a-LIE has done to her soul, by her narcissistic, perpetual lying.)

          You then said, ” I need to start to using spell cheak again”, which of course should be
          “I need to start using spell check again”.

          0 : – ) = (Christian smiley, with halo and in prayer —
          I have prayed for Russell, Jessie, Natalie, and all the other HGs,
          but especially for each of those who *claim* to be Christians,
          while their actions and language are definitely NOT Christ-like — Matthew 7:18-23)


          Careful, polite grammar and spelling, along with common courtesy and respect for others, are fast disappearing. This is evidenced by the profuse profanity, shouting, and the hurtful, irrational, and egocentric comments made by most of the houseguests in BB11.

          That grievous corruption of our communications is the only reason I bothered to offer my suggestion that we should all be more careful in how and what we type, as well as how and what we speak.

          Words mean things, whether for positive or negative influence on others. My intent in this is only positive.

  101. I hit the submit button by mistake so I will continue with my comment…Bad publicity is still publicity. Curiosity is what has made this years BB ratings go up. Thanks to all the whiners….

  102. get back to the subject–where are you getting the information about all 3 going to the end? what can be done about HG not following rules?? I think they should be eliminated or suffer a penalty of some sort (like Amazing Race)
    I would love to see the smirk wiped off Gnat’s face–please

  103. WOW, she did cheat.. Wait maybe CBS dosen’t care because Natalie is so hated by so many people that everyone will watch just to see her lose.. MORE MONEY for CBS… they let her violate the rules.. I think CBS owes America and all other Countrys that watch BB11 an ” WE are sorry for a bad season of BB” They CBS needs to do something different for BB12 because everyone going in might think it’s ok to cheat at this game……

  104. what a bunch of petty crapola… sorry no cheating , besides if BB cared they would of given a warning, witch is fair…. but they are not petty and against natalie… she will win… Fair and SQUARE

    Thank you CBS for another GREAT SEASON

  105. Someone: Right! If I knew right now that either Kevin or Natalie wins any money, I won’t watch the finale. that little Southern way of talk’in grates on my nerves, and the girl isn’t too adept. but there isn’t that, what even Kevin says, “trash talking”. Now, he and Natalie run one to the other, ea. assuring whomever ( Jordan) that the other is lying to her and that they will take her to final ..all the while hoping to get her. Kevin, if there is one piece of spine in his back, would not let that little shite boss him constantly TELLING him what to do and HOW to do it! She smirks and lies and cheats and lies, and lies. Neither of them is worthy.
    Jordan maybe didn’t win so much, but look at the gnat. She finally won an HOH and that’s it! She rode Jesse , then p.u. on Kevin. I think she is a fag hag. Nothing against the homosexual, I don’t care what they do, but they do fawn over certain type women and this girl? manages to attach herself to them. Yes, I include Jesse. Why else would they be her sheep! If only HE would surprise the h— out of the gnome and take Jordan. THEN BB would be worth the ticket! See they’ve got next season in the bag, so they can afford to “do somethinig”. I heard Gnat saying last night that they brainwash them for hrs and hrs. on who to take and why? No one, until the very end, corrected her. Guess they know who’s in charge. She will continue to say and do what she pleases………she’s a street thug.

  106. Is there an contest that the gnat cannot win? No matter what or what our own eyes are telling us. SHE lets them win. She continues to threaten that poor lame boy into doing whatever she wants, even to practicing and how lone.
    I don’t give a damn about a “pinky swear w/ a kiss” crap from that mush mouthed dummy.
    “You suspect gnat MIGHT be telling Kevin what you tell her? No crap!
    the only possible justice……at all……………since CBS won’t stand up for itself w/ this little witch, is to have her sent packing by the very girl no one expects! AND Michele should get the $25,000, even if it’s just for being called a demon! Show that little thug…..w/ that nasty, nasty mind and mouth…………she is worse than Evel and I despise him! Somehow, it goes w/ his life. She got that stupid little blondie to propose to her! Is she really even a woman?
    WHY rhe CBS ok for her to lile about her age. I hope it counts to disqualify her from the whole game………………..

  107. Simon, thanks for the info on the final comps.

    I still think that sucks. Jordan who has won nothing(at least not fairly) stand a chance of being picked at the end and being eligible for 2nd and First place.

    That’s what happened with Evil Dick. He lost the endurance-Danielle lost the endurance-Danielle lost round two and still made to final two.
    A big time loser should not be there at all. I think whoever drops first should be eliminated-sent home. Than the final round should be between the two standing during endurance.


    And, what have you heard about Nasty’s cheating-the rubber band and not holding on to the key???

  108. Even If Kevin didn’t break any rules in the comp Nat certainly did. That means when her hand was on the rope and using an elastic band. The others didn’t have that advantage. The rules weren’t a part of your hand must be touching the key.That means Natalie would have been out and perhaps Jordan could have made some sort of deal with Kevin. If it is true that Kevin was also cheating, then I think they should just disqualify both of them and Jordan should win.I can’t believe Nat said right in front of Jordan how she could have stayed up there all night and Jordan didn’t even catch it, I would have said then why are you in here? Nat didn’t have much left in her. I know Kevin would have beat her. I can’t stand how she acted as though she had just given that to Kevin. He would have beaten her for sure. Kevin already knows what a little backstabber Nat is. I don’t know why he would choose her anyway. She put him on the block. If he didn’t win the P.O.V. he would have been going home. Then when he was stuck in Pandora’s box he asked her to get the key and she went back out to get more money. I don’t know why he would trust her now. Then when she told them they were allies from day one made me sick. He would have been the next to go after Lydia. The only reason she hooked up with him was because Jeff had the power and they were all scrambling. The only person she had left was Chima after Jesse was gone and she couldn’t ride his coattails anymore so she caught a ride on Kevin’s. I can’t stand how she thinks she is this good competitor. She only won 1 or2 things and the one where she screamed out this is for you Chima was a guessing game. I’m going to contact C.B.S. too. Because if people are going to be allowed to cheat! What is the point in watching anymore!

  109. pandering to the gNat…. her getting the boot (because of a violation) would have mentally affected her in round 2… BB knows that and that’s why they didn’t do it….. btw, savanna god is a figment of christianities imagination…… read THE PAGAN CHRIST: Rediscovering the Lost Light, by Tom Harpur which outlines how the early church took pagan myths, holidays, events, etc and molded them into what is now referred to as God, Jesus, miracles and all the slight of hand that goes along with them…..

  110. Wouldn’t it be cool if Jeff got SOOOO much Hollywood attention leading to some major bucks??? That would make the BB house so jealous. Especially that scant Lydia, conceited Jessie and pitbutt Natalie.

    I hope Jordo and Jeff eventually end up getting married. They are so into each other.

  111. Kevin is NOT gauranteed the 2nd place money right now.

    Kevin and Jordan will play against each other live on Tuesday in the final part 3 of the HOH challange. Gnat lost both part 1 and part 2 challanges so she can no longer compete in part 3. I’m sure it will NOT be an endurance challange for part 3 because the show is live and they have to finish the show within CBS’ given time slot. It will most likely be like in past seasons where they will have to guess an answer that a jury member gave about a question to the game. Then, either Kevin or Jordan will win the final HOH and make a live decision of which one person they want to go to the final 2 with. The evicted person will have to immediately go to the jury and soon vote for who they want to win the $500,000.

    I was so proud of Jordan tonight! I hope she pulls through and wins the final HOH. After that, I’m not sure what she should do. Seems like quite a few jury members will not vote for Gnat, but Kevin has floated and backstabbed so much too. It’s a toss up!!! I want Jordan to win simply cause her and her family NEED the money and she’s been such a sweet and nice girl throughout the whole game. I’d love to see someone like that win it rather than a manipulative, loud and obnoxious a-hole (like win evil dick won). I’m sick of society rewarding horrible behaviour. GO JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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