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BB Fan

Wouldn’t surprise me if she did.



BB Fran

Been at work all day… did PP cheat?


as langs hand touches key


it’s pretty obvious that she did…will BB do anything about it….probably not…..not a happy fan!


Why do you ask this? Does it show her cheating. And if so Kevin would still have won it?


The question is…Now will BB take care of the situation?


My understanding was that you had to have one hand on the key at all times…She didn’t that is cheating in my book.


she totally cheated and WTF??? are the producers sleeping??? Assholes!!!

Say what???

What difference does it makes? Kevin was still the last one standing!!!


Just because he was last one standing then doesn’t mean he would have been if PigPen was called out on her lack of having her hand on the key. If producers said Natalie, you are out, your hand was not on the could have changed everything…Jordan could have kept her pace, kevin could have lost his…etc etc…
Of course they won’t do anything about it…PP and Kevin have been cheating for weeks and nothing has been done about it…what makes this latest anything different?


What were the rules?

If you want to get technical her hand is on the key.


You WOULD have a biased opinion!!!! If this was a pic of Jeff or Jordan YOU would be screaming “FOUL”!!!! Be a man and admit it!!!!


Her hand is on the key. It has nothing to do with Jeff or Jordon. Jeff lost. He is not coming back. why bring up Jeff when we are discussing Natalie? hmmm


You must be a very bored individual! And pathetic to say the most!!!!


thats what i was thinking, her hand is holding the rope, but it is still touching the key. and she didn’t even win anyway, so why does it matter?

nasty h8ter

OMG Rockstar,are you really gonna play that?You must be her sister or relative! technically her hand is not on the key,touching it is not the same as holding on to it,Julie stated 1 hand must be holding the key at all times,face your idol cheated again,and is caught!!!


as long as her touches the key ppl


Pigpen is a cheater and should be banished.


Your pinky is part of your hand. This picture proves nothing. Her pinky is touching the key. Obviously your entire hand can’t be touching the key at one time so any part of the hand touching the key should be enough, no?


are u on drugs? Holding & touching are two different things, having a pinky on it doesn’t mean your holding it.




yeah i guess if she won the thing it would matter. But i doubt they would set that whole thing up again for a redo because Kevin won.


I don’t like the way Nat played and if she wins this game I will not watch the show next year if it comes back (I have watched all the shows and this one sucks).


No, no Rockstar,
Her hand is on the rope, they are supposed to be holding the key;).


the picture doesn’t make any sense. the headline talks about her cheating, but the only way to stay in the comp is to keep one hand on the key at all times. the pic shows her hand on the key. ok…what’s the point?


well rockstar her hand isn’t holding onto the key its touching the key they were told to hold onto the not touch it but it doesn’t matter because she didn’t win anyway so who cares lol. They were not told to stay straight julie just said hold onto the key and stay on the log.


her hand is not on the key and one hand was supposed to remain on the key at all times!!


And Kevin was not facing forward even after they were told to face forward–he was turned to the side and some think it was because he could see a gear that would let him know when the log would start moving again.

nasty h8ter

He cheated as well,Julie clearly stated,one hand must remain holding your key at all times and players must face forwards at all times!


Did PP “cheat” before or after Jordan fell? If it was after, it wouldn’t really have impacted the competition because she dropped and let Kevin win. If she “cheated” before Jordan fell, then that is really crappy. Maybe that’s why they decided to “shake up” the finale and have it be a final 3 instead of a final two. Who knows…


I know, maybe the Loser, Poor Sport Chima aint worth a shit, should have a little chat with the producers????

discuss game

at this point, who cares? the game and winner is crap. im more excited to see who wins the fav player prize. and i got so caught up at work this week that i missed the window to vote! 🙁 i really really really hope there are less fools voting than for the cdt. jeff does not deserve that prize. michelle does. no argument. and i will be excited if she wins. i also hope she gets an apology from jeff and jordan at some point. she was really good to them and they treated her like crap. i watched her exit interview and was shocked! i actually like two players from beginning to end without hesitation- casey and michelle. everyone else sucks.




Yes she did cheat and so did Kevin. the rules were to face forward and one hand had to be on the key at all times. Kevin was facing sideways nearly th whole time and was walking sideways! It gave Kevin the advantage of seeing the gears on the log… So they both didn’t follow the rules. WHAT A SURPRISE. Many people have complained to CBS already. I suggest you all do the same.


Not sure she cheated…her hand is touching the key. Define “on key” at all times… BUT if it was cheating…a few asked what difference does it make, kevin was the last one standing. IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE. If I was on the log and one person got eliminated…my mindset would be different because I would bet thinking 1 down, 1 to go. Jordan’s thinking might have been different. Kevin might have been more nervous. If Gnat was the first to go, it would totally change Kevin and Jordan’s psche…and if she was the first to go due to a technical issue like that, no doubt their psyche would be different. Kevin would be a nervous wreck about the placement of his hand and his nerves get the best of him…and Jordan would have been focusing on her hand placement which would have made her more alert. .If the argument is it does not matter, the outcome would have been the same is a weak justification to not do anything if in fact gnat’s hand was off the key.


i think that jordo and kevin should go right to round 3 and that pp should go to the jury house right now cheaters never go to the end bye bye bye pp. hope she has fun in the jury house all the jury members will be happy to see her come in the house that way they will not have to be worried that she is in the final 2 bye bye bye pp

just me

I think she should be kicked off the show!!


I do think that pig pen cheated, but as much as I hate her, Kevin still won,so there is really nothing for BB to do.


She cheats at everything so why not in the HOH comp. However it doesn’t change the outcome since Kevin is still the winner it just re-confirms what we already know she is a total slimeball and worthless human being.


Thats what many Pigpen defenders don’t seem to understand – most Pigpan haters don’t hate her becasue she lied =- everyone in BB lies – they hate HER. Thats all – they hate her for many personal reasons that can’t be defended – thats the the reason we see articles in the mainstream press (EW, etc.) that call her the most despised person in BB history. Now GNAT defenders may not think thats fair but thats just too bad. She will never get Americas vote because most viewers don’t like her – they just don’t like her. I guess every person has their own reasons but when every poll I see about who America would vote for to be Americas player – her numbers are ludicrously low (etc. 57 out of over 6,000 votes???) and most voters don’t read these blogs – then there is something about her that really turns people away from her. And thats just how it is!!!.


Oh go ahead, cheat PigPen, you too, Kevo. CBS and Big Brother won’t say anything. Why not cancel the rest of the comps and just divide the money between the 2?????????


please people. natalie didn’t cheat. first off her hand is resting on the key. but even if it wasn’t it would just be a DQ for screwing up by absent-mindedly letting go of the key to scratch an itch or something. in any case she didn’t win anyway. and kevin is not hoh until the other 2 parts of the comp are played out.

another fan

I am not sure why they are going through the motions of the comps, because the outcome is a given. ho hum.


is it true that there is no eviction and all 3 will face off for the money on finale night? i just read somewhere that tomorrow night’s show will announce kevin as hoh…i’m confused


I really don’t think it’s fair if they give the HOH to Kevin…he didn’t win it. If Natalie cheated, she should at the very least be out of the running for the final HOH and then have Kevin and Jordan face off…she would have had at least one more chance to get the HOH anyway. It’s not fair that she should be penalized…and no I’m not saying this because I’m a Jordan fan…I wanted Michelle to win.

just me

just watch, she is hanging on to the string!


nasty cheated then should be sent home !! period end of story not to the jury house but home !! then its kevin and jordon finale 2


Maybe the producers are just like us, they don’t like to look at the knat either and they didn’t catch her hand coming off the key…


Her hand was NOT on the KEY it was on the rope above the key. BB11’s Allison Grodner thinks we are all stupid and she is going to do what she wants. The only way to show our displeasure is to stop watching or start a letter campaign to CBS about what we are beign fed. I know it’s a game but can we cheat at games?? In Las Vegas you would be thrown in jail for cheating on a $500K game. Maybe even be shot!!

another fan

i don’t think letters will do any good – obviously emails and phone calls did not matter to AG – the only thing that gets their attention are ratings, so that is why everyone should just stop watching. Who wants to watch this crap anyway? There isn’t anything worth seeing.

wild bill

how does that show her cheating??? can’t stand her but that just showes me her hand is on the key

Totally Disgusted!

NO…her hand is touching the key, Natalie is CLEARLY holding the rope ABOVE the key…Julie stated that they must hold onto the key…NOT TOUCH THE KEY!!


Yeah but if she took her hand off and got disqualified, then once Natalie went inside, then Jordan and Kevin could of made a deal, Kevin also cheated cause he was suppose to stand straight ahead. BB kept telling him


what’s the above pic supposed to point out? it was one hand at all times not both.

absolutely disgusted

at least one hand MUST be on the key, not the rope. For Kevin, he was warned several times that he MUST be facing forward which he did not comply.


What time did this occur? Before or after Jordon dropped? If PP was cheating before seems like it would have been only been fair for her to be disqualified…. I’m sure BB won’t replay it BUT it should have been caught at the TIME… geez…. GO JORDAN!


Post where I found the same picture showed 9:24PM BBT. Can anyone verify the time?


I was before Jordon fell. The Cameraman even zoom in on her hand on the rope last night on BBAD


Who cares!!! He wasn’t the winner. Check on Kevin’s picture and then we can talk.


Fack PP
She cheated!



No it’s not. Her hand had to be wrapped around the key not around the rope. She clearly cheated. Go figure! She can’t win anything without cheating. I can’t stand seeing her eat either! UGH!


Julie never once said your hand needed to be wrapped around the key.


julie did say you have to hold on to the key so if she was holding on to the rope that is cheating

Totally Disgusted!

Julie said to “hold ONTO your key for dear life”….”the last person holding ONTO the key would win part one of the competition”

Sorry, but HOLD ONTO the key, does not mean hold the rope over the key with your hand touching the key….


canadian fan

These J and J fans really are grasping at stuff now. If you were not allowed to hold the rope, they would have put the keys up high enough so you couldnt reach them. Geez the rule book must be one beefy piece of reading. The key was just to keep your hand from slipping off, I would like to see if Jordan ever held on to the rope, I bet she did. It was not an infraction of any rule.


The fact is Jordan could have had motivation in some way to keep going if she saw Natalie go down before her, or Jordan herself could have started making deals with Kevin. BB shouldn’t penalize Natalie in some way during part 2 of the competition, sadly they probably won’t. Anyone remember all stars when Janelle took her hand off her key, well I don’t see how BB can let this one slide


Kevin and Jordon already have a deal to take each other to the final 2. True, Kevin and Natalie have the same deal and Natalie has the same with Jordon. The question is, which one is the winning combo????


should* not shouldn’t. I’m all for the downfall of PP


Simon Is this when Jordan was still on the log?


she cheated biggg time


does it really matter?


Her hand is touching the key; that’s not considered cheating. Kevin won anyway, so what’s the big deal?


I voted for Michelle to get Americas Choice…even though I wanted Jeff or Jordan to win the show…they started playing like they ran the house and it got them NO where…they should have kept their word and kept Russell and got PP or Kev out when they had the chance…then they would have had a better chance of getting Rus or Mich out the next week…(well Jeff would have) Michelle has played a good game spending most of the time by herself but she would talk to HOH for herself or anyone else that asked her too….Jeff & Russ both had her go talk to keep them to different HOHs…she played GOOD weather anyone wants to admit it or not…like I said spending most of her time by herself and they must be hard to be the outsider in a house full of ppl…WTG Michelle U got my vote!!!


I agree. I was a Jeff fan until he got HOH and the power went to his head. He acted the same way Jessy did, king of the castle. It is Jeff fault that we get to see nasty Natalie and jerk Kevin this far on the game. I would hate for Natalie to win the 500,000

Not a JJ fan anymore

I think I’m going to have to vote for Michelle too. She was trashed so many times when she was innocent…She wouldn’t have been in such a horrible position at the end if Jeff and Jordan hadn’t screwed her and Russell. So I believe she played the best game without the kind of lieing that Kevin and PP did. Overall she was probably the best player.