Big Brother 12 The Nerd Herd is Back and Andrew is Still Going up

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:41pm Backyard Brit, Andrew, Monet, Matt, Enzo The Girls are in the hot tub the boys are on the couch. Andrew’s with them and theres something clearly on his mind. Matt:”Theres mad schemeing going on up there.. i want to go bust this shit out”.. Enzo “Kathy is a non smoker now” Matt:”thats how she quits she schemes” Matt and Andrew go up to HOH and they weren’t allowed in by Rachel. They head back down and Matt tells them that Rachel wouldn’t let them in. She told them to come back in 10 minutes. Matt tells them there some serious shit going on up in HOH Andrew tells them one of them 4 is going up. he’s wishes that the bell would go off. Enzo tells them he doesn’t give a fuck what they are doing up there Him and Lane want the bell to ring to break up the HOH meeting. Enzo keeps telling Lane and MAtt That Hayden will come down and tell them everything (Andrew is not around when he does this)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
10:30pm -midnight HOH Ragan, Kathy, rachel and Brendon Ragan is very adamant that putting up Andrew is risky and not the best thing to do. Ragan says that in that very same bed Chima and Russell kissed and “DAYS…DAYS” after she was calling him a terrorist with cauliflower ears. All because he lost the power. Rachel tells them that she knows taht everyone in the HOH room is on her side but she needs to know how the other side is. Ragan says that Lane is a wildcard but he’s playing a very layed back game not trying to do many big plays, “Ryans Game” They go back and forth dozens of time, Put Matt up.. put Andrew up… put Matt up Brendon wants Andrew up, Ragan wants Matt up and rachel flip flops Rachel tells Kristen that she needs to lock down Hayden’s vote. Kristen tells them all that Hayden is solid he’ll vote out Monet regardless. They bring Hayden in and give him quick summary. Hayden asks if Andrew knows about it. Brendon says that he talked to Andrew today and everything is cool, He knows not to get all mad about it. Hayden doesn’t think Andrew is going to be ok with this they could lose him to the other side. Brendon doesn’t think so. Rachel explains to Ragan that if she puts Matt up then Rachel is Matt’s target now, “it’s too much blood on my hands”. Kristen thinks that rachel will be a target anyways.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Rachel tells them this is a huge moment in this BB game the house will split. Rachel is convinced that if Enzo wins HOH he will put 2 people in this room up. She goes on and on about putting up Andrew or Matt. Kristen tells them about Lane and how he talks like he’s allied with Brit. They start breaking down next week’s HOH. All are convinced it’ll be endurance, they think Lane will not be good at endurance but Brit will most likely be one of the better players. Rachel thinks that Kristen will win the HOH if it’s endurance. Brendon suggests the group doesn’t work out on wednesday so they’re in the best shape for the HOH. Brendon says taht Lane isn’t good mental and only good for strength comps and Big BRother never has strength competitions. Hayden says that Enzo is not a athlete but he does have good social skills, He doesn’t believe that Enzo will be a problem for them, Hayden thinks enzo’s main threat is mental. Rachel makes a comment about Brit wanting all the girls out of the house, Kathy agrees says that brit wants to be the centre of attention, “brit doesn’t care about me i’m not competition I’m just some old lady to her”

They start going over Endurance and strategies to win it. Ragan points out that if you have 2 people in the final 2 and they represent individuals from different side of the house they always make deals. Rachel says never give up HOH for a deal always get them to. Ragan brings it back to putting Matt up he tells them he thinks the world of Matt. Rachel says but he’s coming after us why put him up and make a enemy and learn nothing in the process.

They speculate that Enzo is allied with Monet and Brit. ragan brings up a point “We are the Nerd Herd” ragan says that putting up Matt is the most fool proof plan to get Monet out. They all agree that Andrew is a lurker and he’s gathering up information. Rachel and Brendon want to talk to enzo and Lane. The nerd herd breaks apart. In summary They have no idea that Enzo, Lane, Hayden and Matt are together and their planning to put Andrew up as a pawn.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers
11:12pm Cabana Room Matt and Ezno Both are shocked that no one is in on the brigade. They share notes over who they will put up. Matt: “Andrew kathy and backdoor brendon”, Enzo: “Ragan and Kathy and backdoor brendon if I can” They say they need to talk to Hayden as soon as he comes out. Enzo says they need to talk now no more waiting a day when they “gotta talk they gotta talk”.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


11:39pm Backyard Bean Bag Game Monet, Lane, Brit and Matt chit chatting
Matt: “Mad scheming going on up there there ploting right to the end Matt: “not everyone of them can win so they can’t plan too much”

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Rachel is a moron, if she puts up Andrew….Just watched BBAD, Andrew is a floater…..He is an asset to brendon, rachel, ragan, and Katy, but also an asset to the brigade alliance at the moment….

If Andrew goes, the Brigade is coming after Brendon and Rachel before Britney….How dumb was it for them to call Hayden into the HOH room, to get the scoop on the otherside of the house for the brigade lol…..Kristen didn’t do herself any favors by being so active in game discussions with Brendon and Rachel…


what bell are they talking about?

Evel Jim

After watching BBAD tonight, I have to say that Ragan has become my favorite. Excellent strategist and he’s got great game knowledge. The rest of those dimwits need to start listening to him.

Kristen’s showing that she has smarts too, but she needs to get the stars out of her eyes for Hayden and realize that he’s not as solid as she thinks.

If Rachel puts up Andrew she’s a complete idiot. So expect it to happen.

C Note



Didn’t Kristen just pull Hayden into Rachel and Brendon’s alliance by telling him everything they want to do when he said he did not want an alliance with them right now. So they are trying to pull him in with them on the sly Kristen must of been told by production to wake up and get in the game because she has a voice now after all this time, you never heard a word from her until now


Kristen was an idiot on BBAD last night….Ragan was the only one trying to talk some sense into Rachel/Brendon, Kristen, and Kathy…Brendon/Rachel are so clueless about who to go after, it just irritates the hell out of you….They are more concerned about an alliance with Britney/Monet/Enzo lol….You could tell Hayden was uncomfortable in the HOH room last night, I wouldn’t be suprised if he told her in private, to backaway from Brendon/Rachel….Ragan needs to be told the samething….You watch as soon as the Brandon/Rachel ship starts to sink, Ragan will be the first one to bolt…ragan’s tyring to help them, but B&R don’t listen…Kathy has to be the worst player in BB history…


I can tell you for a fact I am dumber than I was before listening to this crap last night.

Im not sure whose dumber the people aligning with Brendon and Rachel or Brendon and Rachel.

The Playa

cream of wheat….just dumber and dumber…hope ragan has a life jacket, cuz he’s gonna need it, ridin wit these ducks.