Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan’s “Guy with small pen!s Poetry Jam”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:00pm Cabana Room Ragan, Matt, Monet and Brit
Ragan is telling him about his very good friend Gabriola (something like that) HE explains how they met at a poetry reading. She was running one and saw me in the crowd and got me in the front of the line. Earlier in the day she heard Ragan read a poem he wrote about a guy with a sml unit and she liked it so much they became instant friends, “The next day we’re playing strip poker with your shirts off”. Ragan goes on to say she died earlier this year and it’s been one of the hardest things for him.. HE feels like he has very looking over him right now… The talk shifts to the saboteur, Monet and Ragan are talking about the chances taht Annie wasn’t the saboteur she just said she was because she was pissed at them for being the first to go.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


9:15pm HOH Kathy and Kristen Kathy tells her that earlier today she was outside folding clothes and Brit kept asking her “whats is wrong”. Kathy is upset by it because brit kept on asking her over and over even though Kathy told her there was nothing wrong. Kristen tells her that she now knows that you can’t try and be friends with everyone and still play the game. Kristen essentially tells her if Monet and Brit stay in the house it makes her job easier because she will put both of them up and not have to gain a enemy since both of those girls hate her already. Kristen then adds that if Andrew goes home it’ll be so unfair and upsetting to her. Kathy wonders if she should just avoid Brit and Monet all week. Kristen tells her it’s going to be tough to do.

Kathy I just pray i don’t lose my cool with some body
kristen it’s going to happen
Kathy it’s going to get ugly something is going to come out.. i just hope your around to stop me.
kristen they do not like me because it’s obvious
Kathy There jealous of you
kristen “YOU THINK? cause i’ve never done anything to them that would think that”
Kathy “They’re Jealous because you are so pretty.. there young Girls thats what they do ”
Big Brother 12 Spoilers
Kathy points out how scared Brit’s been lately because Kristen, Kathy and rachel are so tight now. They both agree that Lane is a floater that seems to be floating to Brit/Monet. They briefly talk about Enzo and how he’s got an alliance with Brit and Monet.

Kristen either I have to win HOH or Brendon has to
Kathy I would love to see they’re faces if you win
Kristen: ” Me or Brendon have to win”
Kristen “they’re always giving be random dirty looks”
Kathy :”she gives EVIL looks to me to”
Kristen: “Kristen I wouldn’t think it would be a smart thing to cause all this chaos they should be making friends instead of talking shit then saying sorry for it”
Kristen those two girls will stab each other in the back in a heartbeat
Kathy i would never do that
kristen hopefully the lines are drawn this week
Kristen I don’t know what Hayden is doing he won’t give me a straight answer

Kathy Why would Matt volunteer?

Kristen: “I don’t know why those guys want to keep those girls around”
Kathy: Maybe they want to keep the weak ones around.

Kathy explains when Annie sat Brit down to talk to her and brit was absolutely terrified “White as a ghost”. Annie was just trying to apologize to brit but Kathy thinks brit was scared because she thought her lies were getting figured out.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
9:57pm Rachel joins them “Who wants to have some Merlot!!!”.. they start drinking and chatting. Ragan knocks on the door “can I go Pee” rachel says of course.. she asks Ragan if they are trying to being him onto their side. Kristen starts telling them about thinking that Enzo is allied with Brit and Monet. She thinks this because enzo dropped 14 seconds before Brit. Kristen “She seemed so confident.. she wasn’t acting like she usually she’s not usually calm and collective” Ragan and Kathy agreeing with her. Kathy says that the other side is being smart.. Kristen thinks it might be a coincidence, Ragan says this part of the game is soo confusing. Brendon walks in and they start bashing brit and Monet a bit. Ragan brings up last year when Russell was HOH and was all buddy buddy with Chima but after he lost his power all shot broke out. Ragan tells them he doesn’t think putting Andrew up is a good idea because someone could flip. Brendon says theres now way the 4 votes we have locked in are going to flip. Ragan explains to them that there could be a person playing both sides. Brendon says he’s not worried the votes are locked in. Kristen begins to explain her theories about Enzo and the POV COMP to Brendon.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


10:11pm Pool Table The Brigade Playing pool with their ladies

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48 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan’s “Guy with small pen!s Poetry Jam”

      1. I agree with you, Hayden is so playing both sides of this ,! He does have a showmance with Kristen, check out live feeds around 4:00 am EST. So he is trying to keep her happy. But… He is defiantly with the guys!!
        These people are too worried that they are going to piss off someone & go on the block! Every move they make will have a impact, come on! They know that, so they are trying way too hard to try to cover every person! That’s not going to work. I thought Rachel would be a much stronger player, but now she’s wavering on her decision with the entire group. She’s going to piss off everyone and end up out there by herself & Brenden because no one can trust her! This season is driving me crazy. The trust factor is crazy! They are all trusting or believing the wrong players, they are not their friends for crying out loud!!

  1. not to get off the subject – but listening to Matt just now & I swear he has to be Ray Romano’s love child or something. LOL

    At least AD is getting a little more interesting now that sides are being chosen & game play is being talked about.

  2. OMG the game is on! The other side now realizes that there is a game! I love it. thay thought they had the advantage, i guess they know now Rachael is not so dumb! Matt is so scared now!
    What’s up with the Bell that they are waiting for, I know they had to stand in the box last night, does Big Brother have a plan for every night, or what?

    1. I don’t think Rachel is quite right? She keeps changing her mind over & over again. She’s driving me crazy! If she keeps trying to protect herself she is going to piss off everyone else because they won’t be able trust her.


  3. the idiocy thats surrounds the entire branchel alliance is just pathetic, ragon make SOME sense but not much and kristen has no clue what she’s talking about she just throwing around nonsense ideas in order to continue to hide her floating…. i love the andrew pawn thing it’s gonna destroy branchel HAHAHHA

    1. will it looks like matt is going up,lol. Hayden is up there saying put matt up. The four of them is not going to last much longer. the best move for the four of them is if andrew goes up and leave. they know that brit and monet wont put them up. Haydenis stupid too. The whole cast is stupid. I cant wait until its over. Ragan is the only 1 who makes sense but hes on the side of week players,lmao.

    2. Why is everybody calling Rachel and BrEndon BrAnchel??? First of all,there’s no ‘a’ in Brendon…and second of all, Rachel IS CALLING THE SHOTS!!!!! They should be called Rabren, don’t you think???What are you gonna call Hayden and Kriten’s budding romance?? Pllllllease!!!!!!!!

  4. matt wins HOH = branchel goes up

    brittney wins HOH = branchel goes up

    lane wins HOH = branchel goes up

    enzo wins HOH = branchel goes up

    hayden wins HOH = branchel goes up

    monet wins HOH = branchel goes up

    get where im going , branchel is DONE

        1. Well, when Lane was talking to Matt he made it pretty clear he was targeting Ragan, ‘cuz he is a strong competitor..

  5. I can’t believe they are still debating who to put up. Are you kidding me? Can someone please put a gag in enzo’s mouth for the rest of the season? Why do they not see or put together the four guys as an alliance? All they keep talking about are the girls and enzo but not the rest. It’s right in front of them and they don’t see it.

    1. When you have all the pieces it seems so much ‘easier’ when in fact it really isn’t. The fact that most of the HGs have classified Lane as a floater means he’s probably associating himself with ‘The Brigade’ as seldom as possible.

  6. I am glad they think they are entertaining for us BBAD. I wish I could think they were. I would like it if they would switch to the other guys for awhile. We have got their upstair game plan already.

  7. I hope they finally realize that putting up Andrew is a dumb idea. I don’t really like Rachel or Brendon, but I don’t want Andrew to get screwed over because of Rachel being an idiot.

  8. its really comical how stupid rachel and brendan are. if ragan was smart he would just switch to the other side of the house. he’s already pretty good friends with matt. andrew annoys me so i really wont mind seeing him go.

  9. Hope she puts Andrew up and he goes home. For next week I hope Brit gets HOH and breaks up Rachel and Brendon by sending one of them home. After that the game will be wide open.
    I started out liking Kristin but she’s a very arrogant FLOATER and needs to be put in her place.
    Ideally she goes home 3 weeks from now.
    Enzo, who initially annoyed me to no end, seems ok to me now and he along with Hayden and to a lesser extent Matt and Lane are worthy of final 4 status.

  10. It is too soon for me to have a favorite. But, I do have to agree with the person that said earlier that if Ragan doesn’t shut up, he is going to go next. I think he is showing that he is to good of a player and they will get him out. Also he is a good influence on Rachel and Hayden has just witness that. I also agree with the person who thought it was a dumb idea for Hayden to tell them to put Matt up instead of Andrew. He just heard that they (well, they think) they have Andrew on their side. He should be thinking for the other guys and want Andrew to go for them to have one less on their side. . i don’t know about him????

    1. If they put up Andrew then it makes it toughest on Hayden. He then has to choose to side with his “shomance” or his “bromance” = the brigadiers

  11. Okay I’m sorry to bring up something old…but I just watch the latest show…I understand game talk and “making for enjoyable” tv personas. But Monet and Britney are rude. The way that they talk about the others isn’t game talk , They they’re poop dont stink…O wait…maybe thats called angel whispers loudyl!!

  12. Crazy game tonight…..I think Hayden is playing the best game right now coz he has 3 sets of ears feeding him info(kristen, brigade, nerd alliance) he gets to filter every info & choose to share what is gonna benefit him more in the game or maybe he is not smart enough to see it, time will tell….If he is smart he can position himself perfectly e.g (everybody already forgot he was HoH last week i.e huge competitor & he put 2 pple up that are not putting him up this week.That should raise a red flag to the rest)….Anyway hope the brigade can go all the way after this weeks drama!

    1. you can say that now but u know everything always came and it’s going to look like he’s playing all sides

  13. 5″34 am EST. Hayden is not playing a perfect game. I like him but if you turn on the live feed right now you will see Hayden & Kristen having a showmance and they wish it didn’t happen. So his perfect game, he’s now playing for 2!
    So there are “2” SHOWMANCES this year!!! But you have to watch late to catch Hayden & Kristen, they learned from Rachel & Brenden’s mistakes!

  14. normally I just read these blogs and not respond but I so agree with you about skanky saying “expect the unexpected” 50 million times. I wanted to slit my wrists…lol.

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