Big Brother 12 Spoilers:Brendon says that he doesnt want Rachel to go before he does… that she deserves to be here more than he does.

9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests for the day.  Hayden is in the bathroom talking to Enzo and Lane.  Hayden is making fun of how he was talking to Rachel in the bathroom and she just started crying and saying that everyone hates her.  Hayden says that she just looked at him and starts crying.  Hayden  says that Rachel said Hayden I am so sorry about sending Kristen home … and that everybody hates me in here. Enzo says oohh what?! Enzo says America hates her.  Hayden laughs and gets into the shower.

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9:15am Matt and Lane are talking in the lounge room.  Matt tells Lane that he was up until 4am talking to Enzo.  Matt tells Lane that he and Enzo talked about Enzo getting in good with Brendon and making a sub alliance with him.  Britney come in and tells Lane and Matt that Rachel was crying to Hayden last night in the bedroom.  Britney leaves.  Matt says that getting Enzo to make a sub alliance with Brendon will throw the suspicion off the brigade.  Lane and Matt talk about how it’s the best idea to get Rachel out now because Brendon isn’t going to win shit.  Matt says that Brendon is a big dumb oaf.  Britney comes back in and says that Rachel isn’t going to make pancakes this morning.  Lane says what?! …is she just going to stay in bed all day.  Britney asks Lane and Matt if they want cinnamon toast.  Lane does but Matt doesn’t.  Britney leaves.  Ragan comes in and they talk about whether or not there will be a competition today.  Ragan doesn’t think there will be but Matt asks why are they still working out there.  Ragan says because they are tearing it all down today.  Matt asks so they didn’t do it last night. Ragan says no.  Matt asks Ragan if Rachel was still crying after she left the HOH.  Ragan says yeah, that Rachel was upset and crying to Hayden last night.  Lane says that she said she was sorry she sent Kristen home and that everyone one hates her.  Matt says the self pity is disgusting.  Lane says they disgust me …like eating something rotten.  They talk about how sore they all are from the competition.

9:35am – 10am Enzo, Brendon, and Rachel are in the bedroom talking about the HOH competition.  Brendon starts complaining that the competition wasn’t fair and that he just wants a real physical competition.  Enzo says that yeah it was made for people with small feet and that all the big guys were dropping.  Enzo says that he cut a deal with Kathy ….she could be a have not and he would be a have.  Brendon and Rachel laugh.   Enzo says that he feels like doo doo pie… like fresh doo doo pie.  Rachel leaves the bedroom.  Brendon and Enzo keep talking about the competition.  Brendon says that he thought at least some of these competitions would be somewhat athletic …but they’re not. 

Brendon says that he cant stop thinking about how Matt is going to put up him and Rachel.  Enzo says yeah he probably is going to.  Brendon tell Enzo that Matt is probably coming after him.  Enzo says that if Rachel and you get split up and Rachel goes home …we should work together.  Hayden has no one now that Kristen is gone.  Brendon says if he goes they need to take him out.  Brendon says that he doesnt want Rachel to go before he does…. that she deserves to be here more than he does.  Brendon says that he doesnt trust Matt.  Enzo says yeah …he is always up there with Ragan or Britney.  Enzo says that he is pretty sure he is going to put you guys up.  Brendon says that Britney said that him (Enzo), Lane and Hayden are in an alliance.  Enzo says what the fuck because we play pool together.  Brendon tells Enzo that Matt had made a deal with them and now hes putting them up …and that Matt cant be trusted.
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10:15am Rachel comes in to the bedroom and Enzo and Brendon are silent.  Brendon looks at Rachel and asks what?!  Rachel says nothing.  Rachel complains that she was told her shorts are too short.  Brendon asks who told you they were too short?  Who?  Brendon asks if its Big Brother telling her they’re too short.  Rachel says no … and do you think any of the guys in here would tell me they’re too short …no!  Rachel says that they’re just jealous cuz she looks good in them and that she’s got a nice ass.  Rachel says that Kathy was telling her that they look like underwear.  Rachel then changes in to a  short yellow skin tight dress. Rachel leaves and Enzo and Brendon joke about the competition. Brendon starts talking in his wizard voice about how he forgot to cast a spell to shrink his feet and to make himself smaller for the competition. They are laughing and joking around. Hayden comes in to the bedroom saying he wants to take a nap.

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Just noticed the last few posts were by DAWG, nice to see you’re still alive!
Britgade Yo!


rachel is such a skank, it’s ridiculous…uggggggghhhh. her family must be so embarrassed.


Rachel is awesome – your jealous!


I wish Rachel would have a little more dignity (just a tiny smidge would help) so I wouldn’t be so disgusted by her. I try to find something about her to like, to see some game in her….but she dresses like a hooker (and acts like one), uses her hoh position to intimidate people instead of trying to cut deals and be strategic, and then victimizes herself and cries like a little bitch as soon as things aren’t going her way. Is this the same girl that was a total badass a few days ago (“Bring it on?”) who threatened Britney not to use her POV? Yet this week, when she is put on the block, she is going to suck anyone’s @#$% to get him/her to use the POV on her. Hypocrisy. Ugh, go wash your face Rachel…you look like a damn circus clown with all that nasty pancake make-up.
That’s my rant. Brigade Fan out, yo.


Exactly. I’ve tried so hard ot find at least a smidgen of decency or something to like and everytime I do she blows it. Rachel fans must be exactly like her.

Grenedes yo.


Rachel’s fans probably consist of family and close friends.


If she washed off her makeup, we’d all bleed from our eyes.


Actually she’s one of the few women who look PRETTIER without makeup, well at least the strange assortment she does put on…. That being said Brendon is rather admirable, his chivalry knows no bounds, this guy will give up his spot for his ‘women’ (and I use that term lightly) to show how much he cares for her. I don’t like B/R showmance but Brendon is a stand-up guy..


she looks bad when wear no makeup and upset or stressed, she looks rather EVIL…but she is beautiful as well as the other females, hell even kathy i can see her beauty she just 40 years old


kathy look kinda like beverly d’angelo, KINDA


Completely agree with all of you!!!!!!!!! Well said!!!!


FINALLY….someone has said what I’ve been wanting to say for so long. She’s a bad a@@ until she’s not HOH, then cries! (It’s big brother) remember Rachel?


i am going to enjoy watching the train wreck cry all week! what did she think would happen when she said “come and get me”? they all were going to forget that.


LOL! Gotta admit I’m looking forward to it, too!


See- I posted this earlier that if Brendan gets put up and wins POV, he would use the POV on Rachel and sacrifice himself. For an educated guy, he is not too bright. I hope someone talks him out of it, I for one DO NOT want to hear Rachel whine and cry about “losing her man.” Come to think of it, Brendan wants to keep Rachel in the house so she can’t go back to Vegas and get drunk and boink every Tom, Penis and Harry within reach, while Brendan is stuck in the BB House. Brendan knows that Rachel can’t cheat on him and break his heart if she is in the BB nouse or the Jury house. He is definately NOT playing to win anything but Rachel.

Joliet Jake

What happened to Rachel’s supreme confidence? Funny how she power trips over a little bit of authority.


she doesn’t have any , the power got to her head, when she don;t have it she’s nothing


the big brother picture of the house guest is in the shape of a “L” for loser season

BigBrothers Big Brother

I want to know when Baby Jane/Bride of Chucky (Kathy) is gonna do something? That comp was designed for people with lower centers of gravity (exactly as Brendan said) and she couldn’t even last to win that? I despise loafers who add NOTHING to this game. At least Lane and Enzo provide comic relief (even though the two haven’t done anything to advance their games either). Did she bring a truckload of cigs in the house? Maybe they should take her cigs and make her win em back!


Baby Jane…lmao….omg..


Amen!!!!!! I know alot of people who’re afraid to say anything about her because of the C word, but I honestly couldn’t agree with you more!


i told simon a few weeks ago that kathy looks like the bride of chucky


hahah yeah she does

The Excitement

I love how the whole house is plotting against Rachel and Brendon. lol! And I guess I understand their reasoning for getting Rachel out first. But omg… it’s gonna be awkward as hell when Brendon’s still in the house by himself. He has no social skills whatsoever. He’s a bit of an idiot and arrogant jackass. And that’s why he gets clowned on.


If anyone I think brendon has the most social skills. He can probbably sweep any girl off her feet.

Yea he’s an idiot. Please ? are you going for a phd ?

Also the brigade are a bunch of pussyies.

They see brendan and they all team up like bitches.

down with brigade


You must be smoking crack, Brendon has no social game that’s why all the HG’s try to avoid him at all cost. He leached on to a gal who has no moral compass and is very insecure. GO BROGDE !!!!!


Rachels tears aren’t even real she is half smiling the entire time. I’m so tired of her act and her hienna laugh. Bendan is a little biatch that she wipes her skank ass with and will throw away in a minute. Britney , Lane and Hayden need to align and ditche the brigade enzo is useless and matt can’t be trusted.


You know I’m right there with you!
Rachael has not shed a tear, she is pathetic! And her laugh is so phony, But now when she;s laughing with Brenden she’s laughing extra loud so everyone hears her that they are still laughing with out anyone talking to them in the whole house. Now she will realize how she just turned on everyone and just used them for information.
I once was on their side but not after how she handled herself last week! It’s ok to have a argument, it’s just what you say & how you handle it. Plus not using everyone which is what she has done from the beginning, I just hope that Brenden doesn’t end up on the same side of the road! I don’t think she really loves him, I think she thought she could go farther with him so she attached herself to him, I don’t see this lasting, she has looked at him with such hate.
I hope Matt doesn’t win, he may be a good player but I just can’t handle people coming on board using a disease or illness in the family! This is the nastiest game to play, had he not used that things would be different.
I only have one person so far to go the distance which is Brittney, she has had to balance between B&R and the rest of the house, She has played a good game.
Just now Rachel just said I just want to go back to Vegas! She is going to DROP BRENDEN LIKE HOT DICE!!!!!!! Just you wait & see.
Enzo does more that Lane for sure and unfortunatly I love Kathy but she just has no energy or upper strength. She has not been able to perform a verbal game or physical game.
This is either going to be a interesting week or a very boring week!


now the saying “grab a life vest!!” actually makes sense because brendan and rachel need one. problem is, myself, america, and the hg’s are going to enjoy watching them sink! maybe b/r should have been floaters, then no need for the lifevests! think before you speak rachel… bring it on!


Quad, Roachel has some enormous rafts on her that might keep her afloat for a while (unfortunately). Maybe the Brigade should tie a concrete block to her skank ass to make sure she sinks.


Rachel done burned her bridge(s)!


rachel’s shorts were up to her butt cheeks, but that’s how she wears them on her job in vegas

BAB - formally BB

Rachel is psycho! End of story.


uhmm… this game is DESIGNED to talk behind ppls back. god forbid you be a man(no sarcasm).
honestly if matt told r/b last week “AYE PHOOOK YUU” then his ass would be home, same for anyone. nobody is gonna say anything upfront because it hurts game play


That’s why i said to shut your mouth then…it’s a game yeah, but does that mean you have to look like douche on national tv? I wouldn’t do it….you can still have class!


lol do you realize how bored they probably get in that house after all this time, you say you wouldn’t but when all you can really do is sit around and talk then odds are you would start doing it…just sayin.


I would never forget that their were cameras on me….I really don’t think that just because your bored in a house you HAVE to make fun of the people you don’t click with…maybe here and there I wouldn’t mind as much, but these people never stop. It’s ALL they can talk about. I think it makes them look juvenile and not that smart. Seriously, i’m an elementary school teacher and these supposed adults and my kids have the same conversations. Enough already and get to playing the game.


hahaha you know what. to be honest. without Matty the brigade is balls deep in losing everything. i mean he’s the freakin MVP of that team, he’s the only one who won 2 hohs


That gets me, too. Out of the entire ‘Brigade’, the strongest one is Matt. Hayden won HOH, I’ll give him that, but since that first competition, the only one who’s done anything has been Matt. All these guys who try so hard to be macho, yet Matt’s the only one who delivers. And watch the final two be Brigade floaters. Ugh.

DJ poopy pants

Hayden’s won an HOH as well. Enzo and Layne don’t do much but they still run things with their majority vote. Plus Enzo has the trust of Brendon, Lane has the trust of Brit, and Matt has the trust of Ragan. When Rachel goes it will be more dynamic in the house and the real game will begin. If she stays and Brendon goes then the game will be more dull as she would be an obvious target.


Too bad he is such a JACKASS


Where can I go to read Rachel’s blog? I read them last year but for some reason can’t find them now. Thanks.


they are under Big Brother it will say read feeds I think under the community tab


It’s on the CBS website under bigbrother. But I don’t know exactly where. Theres no HOh blong link, only a pictures link. Hmm.


no idea im looking for it too


oh i didn’t think to go into community


ty simon


brenden is really a nice guy see him make the cot for kathy last night? rachel would NEVER do something like that….


I saw that, but I was so tired I didn’t see Kathy see it, what did she say? I’m on the east coast and when I watch all night I’m up until Sunrise, it sucks but I like to watch at night, that’s when all the good stuff happens.
I just signed on for today and I missed everything. So now I have to read the blogs & figure everything out.
I do like Brenden but Rachael has to go. I use to side with them but now Rachel has just treated people wrong. Now pool Brenden. I see that no one is talking to them. That was planned last night.
So it seems that Matt opened Pandora’s Box, and now we have a new sabatore,, is that why Rachel said he was crying today?


not sure im still watching my DVR-tape BBAD don;t have feeds


I love the feeds because I can just watch when ever I can’t sleep, I’m on disability so it really helps during the night when I can’t sleep.
But I’ve had them for 3 years and I sacrifice to have them. But I realize not everyone has it, but I just love this blog page, I usually get allot information to fill in the gaps.
I do love the DVR too!!!


thanks Nancy glad you enjoy the site, I’ve been more addicted to the feeds this year then ever before.


I would hate to see the brigade in the final 4. But it looks like thats going to happen because the rest of the houseguests are too scared to make bold moves. Everyone is all focused on getting brenchal out, but after they are voted out, then what? who goes next? Britney, Ragan, and Kathy need to start thinking about what moves they need to make to further themselves in the game and they can’t do that if ALL their attention is on brendon and rachel. No one has considered that since Brendon and Rachel only have each other, they are desperate for allies, which would make them trustworthy. If Britney, Ragan, and Kathy could just swallow their pride and allign with them, they would be unstoppable. But that probably won’t happen since they are all dead-set on getting Brendon and Rachel out. And after brendon and rachel go home, its all down hill for brit, ragan, and kathy. I really don’t think the brigade deserves to win. Enzo and Lane are worthless in the challenges and they have yet to make a big move. Like her or not, Rachel is the only person that i could say deserves to win this game so far.

J. P. Brigade

4-Deep Yo. I’ve said it since the day they formed the alliance and Simon can back it. Those numbers are TOO strong. Truth is, they’ve not HAD to win battles yet. Brencheal hadn’t been smart enough to MAKE them play yet AND just by the presence of their sheer numbers they’ve already made changes and decisions in the house, both directly and indirectly.

And make no mistake aobut it, ONE of Brenchel goes home NEXT WEEK and the BRIGADE MAKES IT HAPPEN. Bank on it. There is no doubt. Matt has even said out of his own mouth that Stacey (his “poor sick” wife) could not even change his mind. They are going up and one of them is going to the Jury House. Let’s hope it’s Rachel. I do at least. I can’t stand that attrocious HO.

4-Deep Yo. Grenades poppin’all around now Yo.

“Ya Mutha.”


yup 4 Deep yo from day one, J.P. Brigade is legit.

we’re on the eve of a all grenade weekend yo..

DJ poopy pants

Unstoppable, lol. Nobody’s unstoppable. Rachel needs to go because she’s bad tv, bad for the house, and bad for the game. Plus you never know when she’s going to snap. Get her out of the house and then Britney Ragan and Kathy could possibly start to work with Brendon (although that won’t happen as Enzo has been smart with gaining Brendon’s trust). The game would be more interesting. Nobody wants to see the possibility of another Rachel HOH week, get rid of her and then they can play the game.

il Lane :)

Brendon needs to learn that he is there to play BB not making love, or a relationship wait until after the game! If your not playing for yourself you need to be gone.


Thanks, Simon. I read all the HOH blogs!!!

BigBrothers Big Brother

Ragan called it right in the last luxury competition when he said having Kathy on your team is like the movie ‘Weekend at Bernies’. All Bernie’s friends had to drag his dead body around to keep people from knowing he was dead, same thing with Kathy-DEAD WEIGHT! She’s a sweetheart but so was Mother Teresa. We all have to go at some point! So put up Rachel and Brendan. Brendan wins POV, takes himself down and the dynamic drama filled duo helps Kathy get nominated right out the door.


Rachel is just a country bumpkin from N.C., attended a small High School and small College there, went to Vegas and has let the wild life absorb her. So nasty!!!!!!!!!! Wonder what all those nice N.Carolinanas think of her now?


Brigade yo.. 4 Deep

BigBrothers Big Brother

Matt’s gonna eventually turn on the Bigade. Watch.


I kinda hope he does. It would at least be more entertaining. I think he should have an alliance with Ragan, Brit, and Lane. I think it would be a diverse group that could dominate later on.

J. P. Brigade

Thanks Simon. I get paid next week. This site gets a donation 4 sho from ME. I ain’t rich, but I’ll give. My word is solid YO. Our alliance is strong and may the force be with you. Your site rocks. Again, thank you!!

I will play fair, for a moment, toward the Brenchel fans.

IF, IF it’s Rachel that goes, the dynamics MAY change . . . . somewhat. Brendan is an okay guy, and HE MAY gather a couple friends (allies) if Rachel walks out the door. I admit that. I ain’t a homer and I ain’t blind. I know all-to-well a few bad turns can send the Brigade home OR severely weaken them. However, that gets soooo much tougher to do with each week that passes and they are ALL allowed to stay.

We KNOW one more week goes by with the guys being totally safe, this week. Soooo, it gets even tougher to adversely affect them in a completely disasterous way. Poppin’ a cap in one don’t break up the whole gang. Ya gotta take out at least two, IF NOT Three, to totally destroy this alliance. AND NOW, Brittany seems to be ALL buddy-buddy with ’em, so that makes it that much harder. AND ONE of the Brigade’s biggest threats walk out the door this week–guaranteed. The odds are stacked right now in the Brigades favor. Numbers don’t lie.

Anyone wanting to bet at least ONE Brigade member won’t be in the final two, I’ll take that bet. Name ya poison. I know I’ll make out large. NO WAY ya take ALL 4 out with this little amount of time left. No way. I’m not saying a Brigade member wins the half-mil, although it becomes way more likely with each week that passes, but the odds of not having a Brigade member in the final two are almost astronomical at this point. Even PRODUCTION could not kill the plan this week and we ALL know they tried. Production is actually the ONLY thing I truly think that is capable of taking down this alliance at this point.

4-Deep Yo. The Brigade IS runnin’ this house now, without question. The house is playing by Gremlin rules this week.

“Give em da face.”

J. P. Brigade

I am a country bumpkin from NC too and I CAN TELL YOU , we do not act like that. We act waaayyyyy more like Lane, Brtiney, and even Hayden.


She’s from NC? I thought I spotted a hint of what I call “hillbilly jaw”.

J. P. Brigade

I have spotlighted too and have played baseball, prefer football, and I can make ya feel foolish with a well placed “Bless Your Heart.”. LOL.


J.P brigade, I am also from the south lucky in Kentucky and your right a bless you heart goes a long way… It’s like a sweet way of slapping someone in the face


J.P.Brigade…………Bless your heart too!!!!!!!! I’m a country bumpkin formerly from Ga. Can’t beat good ‘ole southern charm like N.C. and Ga. I’m more like Lane, Britney and Hayden too. I sure didn’t want to offend any from N.C. I have relatives there.

J. P. Brigade

Shirl . . T.Ross~

Glad to see some of my peeps on the site. Bless your hearts.

Contribute what ya can. Simon and Dawg run a top-notch operation here. They gotta change it up a little next year though, which they’ve already said they have plans in the works. We gotta help all we can. And TELL YA FRIENDS about ’em!!!!!!!

Here’s to next year.



Thanks bud, Yeah i’ve already laid the groundwork down for the future, last year we shutdown for 5 months due to hosting issues but this year will be different. I’ll be tossing grenades all year.


yippe because girl nearly had a meltdown when the site disappeared. I started crying and then I wrote a letter but I didn’t have anyone to send the letter to so I mailed it to myself. It was hard times I tell you, hard times.. haha


J.P granades I ‘m not new to the site it ‘s my 3rd year I was a diff screen name and yes Simon and dawg are the men this is by far the best site hands down I just turned a friend on to these guys and soon I’ll donate… BROGADE DROP GRENADES!!!!