Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel starts talking about Vegas. Brendon says here we go again.

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12:45am Everyone up in the HOH to see Matt’s HOH room. Matt got a letter from his Mom , Dad and his fake sick wife. (Big Brother cuts the feeds when hes reading the letter, probably because he is lieing about his wife being sick.) He got White Castle burgers, ribs, California Pizza Kitchen, popsicles. Matt’s music cd is Weezer. He got another picture of his wife that he has told everyone that she is sick when she really isn’t. Britney looks at the photo of Matt’s wife and tells him that she is so cute. Matt says his wife is Polish. Matt tells Britney that she will meet her one day. Matt tells everyone that they are welcome to eat anything they want. Matt got a lock of hair from his old dead cat. Matt says that he didn’t get his fat picture. Rachel starts talking about Vegas. Brendon says here we go again.

Lane is the first one to leave HOH. Britney comes down after to where Lane is in the kitchen and starts talking about being trapped and that they have to be careful using that term. Britney teases Lane that she beat him in HOH competition. Britney pretends to talk on the phone and says that she got 3rd place and that Lane should be embarrassed at his performance. Lane keeps saying that Britney didn’t beat him, Lane says that he wears an 11 1/2 shoe. Ragan and Britney are laughing. Lane says that it was so much harder than it looked. Britney tells Lane and Ragan that the only reason she jumped off is because she thought it was only her and Ragan and Matt left. Britney says that she didn’t want Matt to fall and have it be between her and Ragan. Lane says that he is sure he lasted longer than her and tells her to ask the diary room who fell off first between them. They start making fun of Brendon for complaining about how the HOH wasn’t fair for big guys. They make fun of Brendon’s feet again. Britney says she doesn’t want to hear about Brendon’s big feet. They make fun of Brendon for wishing for a running competition. Lane says its going to be heaven this week. Everyone else comes down from the HOH. Enzo says that tomorrow he is going on a fucking diet. Lane tells Enzo that he says that every week. Enzo then jokes that he should have taken the Have Not that Kathy was given for dropping out first.


1:10am Kathy, Enzo and Lane are in the kitchen talking. Enzo talks about how he has not even starting to play Big Brother and he’s already won a movie screening and a 3D TV. Enzo tells them to wait until the sleeping giant wakes up and you will see what he can do. Kathy asks Enzo if he has the power of coup d’état. Enzo says the power he has is bigger than that or anything else Big Brother has. Lane asks if Kathy felt pain up there while holding on and Kathy says she was fine up there, she just quit because she knew she couldn’t make it to the end. Lane says her story doesn’t add up. Enzo tells Kathy that she needs to come to the station and answer some questions. Lane says that he is going to shine a light on her face and ask her some questions. Kathy asks if Lane wants a phone book up side his head! Lane says you can’t do that! Lane says that he wants her to show some cop moves and prove something. Kathy says that at least she wasn’t the one up there whining like a little bitch. They all laugh. Kathy tells them that if you call a cop a bitch, that you can be arrested for disorderly conduct. Both Enzo and Lane don’t believe her. Enzo says that it’s freedom of speech. Kathy says you can arrest anyone if they say anything that offends someone. Enzo goes on to say that’s why Europe is the home of the free because you can tell a cop to go shit in a hat and he can’t do anything to you. Enzo asks Kathy if she would arrest someone who had a blunt of weed on them during a traffic stop. Kathy says no. Ragan says that he thinks weed should be legalized. Enzo and Kathy agree that it should be legal. They talk about how it could be legal by taxing it and making money for towns. Enzo says now they Kathy smokes weed. Kathy denies having smoked it. Kathy says that she wouldn’t arrest them just make them put it out if they were smoking it. Enzo says he doesn’t smoke weed but used to. Kathy asks Ragan if he smokes week. Ragan says how dare you! They say that if they asked for libations and got weed instead that it would turn this house upside down and even more crazy than it is now. They all think it would be fun if they could all smoke up and get high together.

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1:30am Enzo, Lane, Kathy, Ragan change the subject and start talking about how they hope there will be a double eviction so they can get Brendon and Rachel out. They talk about how they all want to get Brendon and Rachel out of the house next. Enzo says he hopes Rachel goes. Kathy says Rachel will crack without Brendon. Enzo says she has been fighting from the beginning. They talk about if one of them would actually use the Power of Veto on the other if they won it. Enzo says Brendon might use it on her, but that Rachel might say she would use it on Brendon but wouldn’t actually. The house guests get some alcohol. Hayden asks if it is even legal to give nine people four beer?!! They all start complaining about it not being enough alcohol. (LOL production probably didn’t want Rachel to get drunk again.) Lane and Enzo head to bed and talk. They talk about how they hope they can win the POV to keep Matt’s nominations the same so that they can send Rachel or Brendon home. Enzo says he is due for a win since he’s played in all the POV and still hasn’t won. Lane says they have to win HOH next week. Enzo says it’s the 3rd most important. Lane asks why. Enzo says it’s not the end yet, but it’s a huge swing in numbers. Lane says they don’t have any blood on their hands yet. Enzo says that it’s coming and that they can’t get to the end without getting blood on their hands. Enzo says they haven’t even begun to play. Lane says they just need to send Brendon and then his wife home. Enzo tells Lane that he thinks Rachel should go home this week. Lane agrees. They laugh at how Brendon was acting in pain before he fell. He says you almost feel bad for him but it was horrible acting and too over dramatic. Enzo says they gave them both life for 2 weeks, week one and three with Hayden and Matt’s HOH’s. They both says that it is time for the two of them to step up and win something to help the Brigade. Enzo makes fun of how Brendon was acting before he fell. Lane laughs. They talk about how dumb Brendon is for trusting Britney. They don’t know how Brendon doesn’t know that Britney is close to both of them. Enzo asks what Lane thinks about how close Matt and Ragan are. Enzo says he is worried that Matt would choose Ragan over the brigade. Lane says that he doesn’t think he would do that. They talk about who it would be best to evict this week either Brendon or Rachel and why one should go over the other.

2am Up in the HOH room Matt, Britney and Ragan are talking. Britney talks about how Rachel was trying to get Britney to say if she had ever made out with a girl and Britney had refused to talk about and said that she doesn’t even know anyone that has made out with a girl. Britney tells them that Rachel admitted to her earlier that she is not going to moving to Los Angeles to be with Brendon. Britney says they are going to break up. Ragan said that Hayden told him that we have to do everything we can to get HOH next week because they will be coming after Matt. Matt says he knows he’s going to be taking a big hit for putting them both up and that they will come after him for this. Britney and Ragan say that they have his back. They talk about how Rachel has not missed a quiz question yet in a competition. Ragan says that it’s his idea to get Rachel out first. They all talk about how much they don’t what to have to listen to Brendon any more by think it would be best to send Rachel to the jury house first. They talk about how hard it would be to live with Brendon because he is so annoying. Britney says he and her have a big personality clash where they cant even talk and will never see eye to eye. They laugh about how Brendon complains about how unfair everything is for him. Matt heads down stairs.

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2:20am Rachel comes up to the HOH room and apologizes to Britney for putting her on the spot about talking about making out with girls. Brit tells Rachel that she is so ridiculous and that they need to hug it out. Rachel tells them to let her know if anyone wants to game talk. Britney tells Rachel to just make pancakes in the morning. Rachel says okay. Rachel keeps telling them that she is sorry for interrupting their game talk… Britney says no we were just talking. Rachel says that it just gets harder from here. They all agree and Ragan says that the more time you spend with each person the harder it gets. Rachel leaves the HOH room and Britney says that she wants to hang herself and says she can’t do it anymore. Matt says that he knows Rachel knows what’s going on. Britney says that she just cant fake smile any more. Ragan says that he thinks there’s going to be a double eviction this week. Matt says guys, if you don’t mind… obviously they are both going up but we have to get someone like Kathy out. Ragan says that he really wants to win the next HoH. Britney says that she does too at least in the next two weeks or she is going to shoot her face off. Lane comes up to the HOH room and joins Matt, Britney, and Ragan. Lane tells them that Brendon and Rachel came out of the bathroom fighting. Lane says that Rachel was saying everyone makes out with everyone. They laugh and Britney says they are still talking about it! Britney tell Lane about how she has never made out with girls and doesn’t even know anyone that has. Britney says that she can’t take it anymore and that she is going to snap on Brendon. Britney says that Brendon is condescending tone and his egotistical attitude. Matt says they have to keep Brendon here longer. Britney says that they have decided Rachel has to go first because she has not missed a single question in a quiz. Britney says that if they keep Rachel in the game she will win HoH next week. Ragan and Matt agree with her. Britney asks Lane if he understands. Lane agrees.


2:50am Lane heads back down stairs and goes into the have not room and talks to Hayden. Lane tells them that they want Rachel gone first. They all agree because Rachel is better at competitions. Lane repeats everything they talked about up in the HOH. Lane leaves the room. Enzo says that if he wins HOH next week he is going to put up Brendon and Ragan. Enzo says that it might be a good idea to backdoor Ragan. Enzo says that he really needs to talk to Matt. Enzo says that he thinks he and Hayden should offer an alliance with Brendon in case he wins next week. They say that they want to talk to Brendon before the nominations tomorrow. Hayden says he can talk to Brendon first because Brendon thinks he’s all alone in the house now that Kristen is gone. Enzo starts talking about who is close to who, Lane is tight with Britney, Matt is tight with Ragan. Enzo and Hayden are waiting in the lounge room for Ragan to come out of the HOH room so that they can talk to Matt. Enzo says that they’ve got to get Ragan out because he is too close to Matty. Enzo says that Ragan is also liked in the house. Enzo says that it’s awkward talking to Matt about Ragan. Enzo says they have got to keep Britney and Kathy until the final six because Kathy won’t win anything. Matt comes down from the HOH and joins Enzo and Hayden in the lounge room. Hayden tells Matt about their idea to talk to Brendon about having a sub alliance with him. Matt says that he thinks it’s a good idea. Britney joins them and Matt leaves.

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3:30am Hayden and Rachel are talking. Rachel is crying saying that she feels like everyone hates her. Rachel says that she is probably just being an emotional girl. Hayden tells her that he knows what she means and that he has nobody now that Kristne is gone and that no one talks game with him. Brendon comes into the room. Rachel tells Hayden that she doesn’t think Kristen and her will be friends outside of the house. Rachel says that she wants to but Kristen doesn’t. Meanwhile in the other bedroom Britney and Ragan are laughing and making fun of Brendon’s toe again. They call him the Freddy Kreuger Claw and the Toe Mare on Elm St. Britney laughs and says that Brendon wears a size 13 shoe to fit the extra size of the toe but that his real size is a ten and a half.
4am Up in the HOH room Enzo is talking to Matt. They are talk about making an alliance with Brendon and getting Rachel out first. They say that they need a deal so that if Matt goes up he goes up against Kathy, Ragan or Brittany. Matt says that he is going to hang out in the HOH so that Rachel and Brendon don’t bug him all day before nominations. Matt says that its time to get some business done. They think double eliminations are next week. Enzo says that it’s good to have Kathy around. Matt says that they are going to cause so much drama this week. Matt says that he is worried that no one will try to win HOH next week because they think they’ll be safe since Brendon will be gunning for me. Matt says that he thinks he doesn’t have a choice, and that he has to put up Rachel and Brendon. The conversation changes to the competition and how Lane stayed up for awhile. Matt says that assuming they don’t win the POV, they will stay on the block and they’ll isolate themselves and think we are getting rid of Brendon and then we will get rid of Rachel. Enzo asks if he think that would happen, do you think she’d use the veto on him? Matt says yes. Matt says that keeping Kathy to final 5 isn’t bad because she can’t win anything. They talk about if they should reveal the brigade in the jury house. They says that this week is going to be crazy. They make fun of Brendon in the competition again. Enzo leaves the HOH room and heads downstairs to go to bed.
4:30am All the house guests are asleep.
8:30am The house guests are still sleeping….

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91 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel starts talking about Vegas. Brendon says here we go again.

  1. Rachel doesn’t think Kristen will want to be friends with her outside of the house? She needs a reality check.

  2. wow your site is awesome and so up to date. how do you find the time? i am unemployed ( like most of the planet) so I’ve got nothing but time but dudes you rock to do this all day 24-7

  3. This season has a bunch of horrible competitors, especially when it comes to endurance challenges. Remember that swing last season with the diploma hitting them in the face? Jeff and Russell stayed on that swing for like 3 1/2 hours and only stopped because they cut a deal. Russell couldn’t even walk after they were done. Both endurance challenges this season were over within an hour.

  4. it’s really getting difficult for me to believe that kathy is a cop or had cancer. why would she say that marijuana should be legal? it’s against the law and she is the law. to me that is a conflict of interest and i can guarantee you that if her superiors get wind of this, she will not be a sheriff much longer. someone mentioned that before entering the BB house, kathy had just finished chemo. she still has all of her hair and smokes. it’s just odd to me.

    1. So cops cant be for the leagalization of marijuana? Maybe, unlike yourself, she sees how much money the government wastes on investigating, prosecuting and jailing marijuana offenders!

      1. what i am saying is that i would not say that to anyone being a cop and put my job in jeopardy. i don’t care if marijuana is legal or not, people smoke what they want to , that’s their business

      2. No, they take an oath to uphold the laws of their State,and it doesn’t matter what she “thinks” we have laws weed head. I hope they piss test you on your job. Policemen have been murdered over dimebags of pot. You’re an idiot.
        Give it to your kids if and when you have them……

        1. One day when you have children or a member of your immediate family a policeman in a city like Philly. You will let them fire it up? You la liar if you answer yes.

        2. Ohhh. so having an opinion means that she doesnt enforce the law. ohh so when the governer of california made it legal for prescribtion marijuana he should have been impeached. i get it now! wow Lemmy you really made a great point. so now anyone who works for the government can no longer have an opinion. Thats a great way to control people.

          1. Hey Obama//Bushy,, must be high right now weedhead.. The governor doesn’t make LAW. The Governor signs the law that the legislature passes. Go back to school dummy.
            Look get clean and understand politics,
            Bye the way ………….No Kathy on the job has NO opinion, she must uphold the law of her state you retarded pothead. Fact.

            1. Ohh so the governer doesnt support bills or have his party put bills up on his behalf!! So presidents and governers dont have an agenda they just sign. Wow, maybe you should teach me and the “potheads” who use marijuana for helping them with the site effects of chemo. i apologize for your inferior intelligence. So all marijuana use is bad! You think that government employees are not permitted to have opinions! Your mommy must be so proud of you! Get off the breast and open your mind!

                1. OK Doper. I’ll get off the breast and you put out your methhead giirlfriends croth out. It’s burning.HHAAhAAHAHHAHA.
                  I noticed you admitted you were wrong. ARNOLD was not the sponsor of the bill, You are a case of drug damage.

                    1. You have to go because Fox News is running a special report? Also dont laugh at your own jokes, makes you sound immature!

    2. iTS HARD FOR ME TO BELIEVE that racHO is a chemist..she may have a degree but she is NO chemist..she better go back to her street corner in Vegas

    3. read this then you will know the facts about the cancer.
      Kathy Hillis (b. 1970), 40, is a Deputy Sheriff – Sergeant from Texarkana, Arkansas. She has a 22 year old son, who was revealed to have Leukemia. She’s a deputy sheriff sergeant from Texarkana, AR and describes herself as “tenacious, passionate and fun-loving (silly).” The hardest part of living in the Big Brother house for Kathy is missing her family and being a “TV and telephone addict so no contact with friends will be hard too.” She claimed to enter the house so she could get money to care for her son. Kathy was nominated for eviction in Week 3 by Head of Household Matt but, ultimatley was saved for eviction by a unanimous vote.

      1. was this info that she gave on CBS site? not saying she is not a or sheriff or anything, her actions speak contrary to what she says or does.

        1. I actually agree with you…BB lets them be whatever they want to be, obviously the hunchedback said how sick his wife is…..I am also doubting Britney is enaged until the season is over.

          1. Good point about Britany and being engaged. For being engaged, she doesn’t act like it. She doesn’t talk about the guy…I’ve never heard his name. She always says she misses friends and family, but never him specifically. O’well. I think she is actually engaged though, otherwise she would have said something in the diary sessions?

  5. Rachel doesn’t think her and Kristen can be friends outside of the house? NO WAY!? LOL… Duh… She just called her a BITCH in her goodbye message and yelled at her for trying to get in between her and her man… Which btw, makes me nauseated EVERY time she opens her bigass mouth to expell that shrilly voice that is worse than fingernails down the chalkboard.

    I hope they do double eliminate R&B next week… they can share the jury house together for a whole week ALONE… She will blame him so much for getting the boot! They can fight all they want, and I think the jury house is stacked with alcohol.. maybe she will get drunk and fall into the pool.

  6. How hard has watching this show become with Rachel? I cant take her anymore. AG needs to cast regular folks who are in for the money, not the fame.

    I also saw Rachels YOUTUBE video with her trying to get guys to buy her drinks. This girl is a mess and is making a fool of herself and the indenial homosexual Brendon. do you see him when he tries to kiss her? its like he is forcing himself to be straight.

    AG really screwed up with this cast. i havent watch one BBAD this year because of Rachels voice.

    Enough of my rant I just see how bad casting can ruin a real good reality show!!

      1. I don’t think anyone is jealous of Rachel. There is absolutely nothing to be jealous of. She just doesn’t get it and never will.

        1. I say that little hunchback won’t do it, because he is going to believe it will beneifit B and R. Being HOH why would you open it, makes no sense.

            1. oooooh- wouldn’t Jimminy Cricket be a good pic to put next to Ragan??? or something with big teeth like brad pit or someone from a vampire movie-not the good looks part of Pitt just the big extra looking teeth part! I like Ragan and I think he’s a smart player, but its a wonder he can close his mouth around all those teeth

        1. julie said if regan was to win HOH ( and only regan, americas choice) he would be given pandoras box to open and if he opened it only regan would be given the sabetour option, i just watched the dvr and thats exactly what she said. so who’s wrong? only people with 5% brians.

          1. Who knows what BS is going to be in Pandora’s Box for Matt. Doesn’t really matter to me. What I took from the description is that if whomever the current HOH is opens Pandora’s Box, then the chosen person (Ragan) will receive the option to be the sabotuer. America would be really pissed if they spent a dollar to text message a vote for who they wanted to be the sabotuer and their vote had to be a correct prediction on who would win the next HOH.

            1. LOL @ people who spent money for texting their vote, why not go to the site through internet wither on cellphone or computer?? thats the way i always vote when given the option, but i do think that in SOME cases when trying to get prize money they do look at the text messages more(since they are paying)

              1. I agree with the LOL @ spending the money, but I bet there are bunches who do it, and, hey, it’s their money. Where the real LOL is gonna come in is when they spent the money and Ragan doesn’t accept.

                The HG’s keep talking about a double eviction. It was my understanding that if Annie would have made it to whatever point in the game that CBS and she agreed to, she would have been exited and paid. In other words, she wasn’t there to win the 500K. If Ragan accepts and makes it, will he be exited and paid?

                I guess the questions are this….If Matt opens the box and Ragan accepts and makes it the next two weeks, or whatever the time is, will he be exited and paid? The other question is this, is the typical double eviction contingent upon a saboteur being paid and exited? CBS clearly put a lot into this being sabotaged or they wouldn’t be offering it up again.

  7. The brigade really needs to stop worrying so much about the prospect of a backlash against Matt. Brendon has had no chance in any of the HOH comps, and he’d likely put up Matt against a floater anyway. Come on guys, grow a set and make your move. BTW, I’d love to see Enzo, Lane and Brit as final 3!!!

        1. The only way being the strongest player helps you to win BB is if you win every HOH and POV competition you participate in. And, let’s face it, odds are strongly against that. Being the strongest competitor is not always the best. The game is not solely about competitions. The strongest players are the ones who are popular with everyone in the house. Probably one of the best positions to be in is an extremely popular floater. Sorry to pop your balloon, but removing strong competitors is the way the game is played. If strong competitors is what you fancy, hold tight, football season is right around the corner.

  8. why all the anger towards Ag? instead of everyone bitching about ag and this season why not just enjoy the show? after all AG is a producer , not a writer or director. she just has her name behind it, just like barack obama, he’s america’s president but he doesn’t have any actual power, the senates and congress pull his strings.

    1. Really? You don’t believe the producers don’t step in and steer the direction of the show? I believe they have determined winners/finalist way before the show even airs. Now it might be a fluid decision (meaning they gauge public sentiment and change up accordingly). But for the most part I believe it’s rigged. I’m just saying, I don’t believe nearly as much as I see on tv. With that being said, I still try to be entertained.

    2. i remember last year when jeff and michelle were on the block and michelle won pov, they kept calling her into the diary room. she came out and said that they wanted her not to use the pov on herself so that jeff could stay in the house. she was really angry at production. lydia was mad at production because when she had got ten mad at the other hg’s and wouldn’t talk to them, production told her she had to talk to them

  9. I can’t wait until the whole house finds out about Matt’s lie! I hate Matt and can’t wait until he goes home!
    I want to see Lane, Regan, and Enzo as the final three with Lane winning.

    1. How will the house find out Matt is lying about his wife? He won’t bust himself, production can’t leak it and Matt hasn’t confided in anyone else who could bust him. No one will know till the end if the first HGs evicted bring it up on the final night.

  10. Im getting as tired of all the “toe” comments and other snarkiness as I am listening to Rachel whine. I understand that Brendon is frequently annoying, but its getting ridiculous how the rest of them take joy in cutting him down. Its boring as all hell to listen to for the 19172711347th time :P

    Regarding the HoH competition … it does seem true that it was geared toward smaller people? All of the larger/taller guys dropped like flies and keep talking about how awkward it was and how much pain they were in due to positioning. Its definitely not just Brendon complaining.

    1. Total disagreement.

      The big guys are athletes.

      The thing last night was endurance.

      They lost. Fair and square.

      No excuses.

  11. In Annie’s exit interview she admitted that she made up the lifelong friends bit…there are no lifelong friends in the house!

      1. Probably because the HGs keep talking about it (since they don’t know for sure it was a lie) so anyone who doesn’t keep up with interviews and sites like this don’t have the scoop :)

      1. We will see how honest each of them are after they have professed their ‘love’ for one another.

        If they’re both on the block…

        Will Brendon take Rachel off if he wins POV?

        Will Rachel take Brendon off if she wins POV?

        I say NO to both.

        I would take Brendon out first.

        Rachel will be a wreck when everyone alienates her and she realizes she’s next to go. She won’t win anything.

  12. Rachel is an idiot.

    When she is the ‘boss’, she is an evil tyrant bitch.

    When she is not in control, she is a whiny suck that sees herself as a victim.

    Of course Kristen is not going to be friends with Rachel in the outside world.

    It’s too bad Kristen didn’t get to go to the Jury house and wait for Rachel so she could smash her in the chops.

    1. fair, but brenden was NEVER mean…they talk about how he “acts” but its such a freaking hypocritcal thing to say because the rest of them are snakes who arent any good at the game…they REALLY shouldnt be throwing stones…brenden is a nice guy about to get crushed…why the need to bash to no end?

  13. yeah, eventually they need to talk about other things…WE GET IT HG’s…brenden has a big toe, hes annoying, blah blah blah…..ENOUGH!!!! then they make it seem like coming to them to talk game is…ILLEGAL!!! they would go to R and B if THEY were on the block…its just so hypocritcal…

    R and B served their purpose in the game, but no one else has woken up…brit STILL seems to believe the guys will just hand her votes…is she really that stupid?

  14. I guarentee the winner will be someone who isnt bashing R and B to no end, at this point…I guess thats kathy

    her pro 420 stance has me on Team Kathy…do I want to watch her? no…but I hope she somehow takes down the brigade…would be hilarious..

    she basically already has 2 votes

    1. I was thinking last night about Kathy and Ragan that because they are nice to everyone, don’t get into conflicts and are not part of any type of alliance, they may be vying for America’s choice honors.

      1. Agreed yo! I don’t see why two votes in the jury house is a big deal either way. The fact of the matter is, if they’re both in the jury house, they’re going to HAVE to vote for somebody they don’t like seeming as how they don’t really like anybody but themselves very much and they surely won’t when people vote them out. So, they’ll vote for someone they don’t want to win. Doesn’t make them any different from anybody else in the jury house, everybody always votes for someone they didn’t want to win because the person they wanted to win were themselves.

  15. Call me a damn sap but I’m starting to feel bad for Brendan too. I think he’s as socially awkward as Andrew was but just hides it by trying to come off as a know-it-all. I’m beginning to cringe when I hear how badly the rest of the HG’s constantly bash him. Rachel, not so much. I think she really is a trainwreck who is full of herself. But she’s young, so she has years to get it together. But let’s boot her ass, please!! Although it doen’t make sense to boot them both. You need at least one of those ‘villains’ go to up against in the finale.

    On a side note, Matt sealed his own fate with that HUGE AZZ lie. Nobody will vote to reward him for that if he makes it to the final two. Best he can hope for is $50K (if he makes it that far).

  16. Great site! Does anyone have any idea who the lifelong friends are? Watching last night’s BB, I thought maybe it was Andrew and Kristen. Andrew was my fave and still is, but I was a bit surprised that he seemed so hurt by Kristen. Why? Maybe he knows Kristen’s boyfriend (ex) and he was disgusted what she was doing to him; hence, the warning to Hayden that Kristen’s not a nice person. Just wondering.

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