Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon tells Rachel that he guarantees the guys will keep her over Britney. Rachel says she doesn’t think so.. Brendon says are you kidding me she is all over Lanes dick…

10:20am Brendon, Hayden, Lane and Enzo are all laughing and talking about the HOH competition. Brendon talks about how his legs were shaking and couldn’t keep his feet on the ledge. They are all cracking up laughing. Brendon says that his goggles got knocked off. Hayden says that he got a hit right in the face with the paint and it stung his cheeks and that if he didn’t have his goggles on it would have blinded him. Brendon says really?!

In the storage room are Matt and Rachel looking for toothpaste and mouthwash. Rachel asks Matt if he will we be able to talk and if he already made up his mind. Matt says sure, when they give me back my room. Matt says that he wanted to talk last night but very body was upstairs. Rachel says yeah, they don’t want his to talk. After Matt leaves he says to himself please don’t give me back my room. I don’t want to talk with her. I rather shoot my face off. … Matt heads to the washroom and then goes up to the HOH balcony with Hayden to play checkers. Hayden asks Matt what he thinks they doing in the HOH room? Do you think its Pandora Box? Matt says that it might be too early for that but that he is taking it no matter what, even if it is something bad for you guys, I just want something to do. Britney comes up and Hayden leaves. Matt and Britney wonder what Rachel will say to save her butt. Britney asks why you think they locked you out? Matt says that he isn’t sure, but that he I doesn’t think its Pandora’s box.

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10:40am Enzo tells Hayden and Matt that told Brendon that they should work together and that he thinks him and hayden are in an alliance. Matt says that he was in the storage room and Rachel came up to him to ask him they can talk and he said yeah but that his breath stinks and doesn’t want to talk right now. They laugh. Matt says that she asked him if his mind is already set and he says no. Matt says that Rachel said that she feels like everyone is trying to keep her and Brendon from talking to him (Matt). Enzo says that Brendon was trying to play it off that there is suspicion that Enzo is in an alliance with Lane and Hayden. Matt leaves. Kathy comes in and asks who was telling Rachel that her shorts were too short. Kathy says that Britney said they were and that she did too. Enzo says that she was in here saying that she got a great ass and that she looks good. Kathy asks she said that?! Enzo says yeah. Kathy says Rachel’s in the bathroom popping pimples …that she might have a great ass but she has a busted up face. Kathy leaves. Brendon comes back in. Brendon says that Hayden is up talking to Matt up on the HOH balcony. Brendon says that he just wants to talk to Matt but that he isn’t going to suck his dick. Brendon says its like people feel if they are always around the HOH they wont get put up. Brendon says that he and Rachel just wanted to talk to Matt last night but that people just kept coming up and interrupting them.  Kathy comes in and they talk about how last night called Lane a bitch.

1055am In the lounge room Rachel and Brendon are talking.  Rachel is making fun of everyone in the house.  Rachel says that she can’t wait until this is all over.  Rachel says that she doesn’t want to be friends with anyone after the game is over.  Rachel says that Britney is a fake bitch and all Ragan does is cry and act like a baby. Brendon agrees and that everyone is fake.  Rachel says that she hates Hayden, Lane and Enzo…. Rachel makes fun of Matt’s letter, and that it was all about not mowing the lawn.  Rachel says that they are all fake and that she is better than them all.  Brendon tells her not to say stuff like that.  Brendon tells Rachel to not lower herself to their level. Rachel says that she could lower herself and still be on a higher level than them. Rachel says that she is going to go off on them.  Brendon asks if they are going to talk to Matt.  Rachel says that she already tried to talk to him and that he doesn’t really seem to want to and that his mind is already made up.  Rachel starts making fun of the other house guests again.  Brendon tells Rachel not to be so mean. Rachel calls them all lying lame losers. Brendon asks Rachel to please not turn on him.

Rachel makes fun of Matt for getting dead cat hair.  Brendon says whatever, when we get out of here it is their lives not mine.   Rachel says that everyone’s life sucks.  Rachel makes fun of Britney living and says that she lives with her boyfriend and has boring missionary sex with him.  Rachel keeps saying that she can’t believe that Britney would turn on her this fast.  Brendon says that he knew it would happen.  Rachel says that she didn’t turn on Monet.  Brendon tells Rachel to just remember that everything is being recorded and he doesn’t what people to see her in a bad light.  Brendon says that he would never help Matt’s wife Stacy.  Rachel says well you cant hold it against her that she is with someone so stupid.  Brendon calls Matt the Gremlin.  Brendon says that he is really surprised at Ragan for turning on them … but that he wasn’t surprised at that Britney did.  Brendon tells Rachel that he guarantees that the guys in the house will keep her over Britney any day.  Rachel says that she doesnt think so and Brendon says are you kidding me she is all over Lanes dick…  Rachel says she might as well fuck him.
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11:20am -11:50am Matt goes into the diary room and then when he comes out he says that production is looking into how it could work if he told Rachel he would keep them safe if she gave him the $5000 that she won in the luxury competition. Matt says that he would still put them both up anyway. They talk about how Matt should offer the deal with Brendon and Rachel.  Lane, Britney, Ragan and Matt are all in the bedroom talking. Ragan is pissed that Brendon called him a cockroach.  They talk about how this entire week is going to be nothing but Rachel and Brendon bashing the rest of the house guests. Ragan says Let the games begin!  Britney says that she is pissed at all the negative things they are saying, including calling Ragan a cockroach.  Ragan says that is such a stupid statement to make when they know we all talk.  Britney says that is why she was always so careful about what she said when she was up there with them.  Britney says that it doesn’t make any sense for them to sit up there and dog on everyone else and think that I’m not going to talk to everyone else.  Britney says that they were asking if I was in an alliance with Lane … Britney says if you think I am why are you asking?!  Ragan says that he thinks Andrews speech outburst before being evicted was a planned effort because who did it benefit? Ragan says that he was going out the door anyways, so he was likely talked into by Brendon to benefit Brendon and Rachel in the game. Matt comes back in and tells Lane, Britney, and Ragan that production said that if any deals are made with money that he can’t double cross on the deal.  The feeds cut out.  When they come back Britney says well you can donate the money.  Matt says yeah. Matt says that someone else really needs to win next week because if someone doesn’t he is fucked. They talk about how they need to win the POV. Britney says that she wants to be the host if she doesn’t get to play in the POV. Matt says well I think thats up to me. Matt says just watch Rachel’s face when I pick you as the host, watch her roll her eyes. Britney says that Rachel will call him a cockroach. They talk about the HOH competition … Britney talks about how Brendon keeps complaining about how he lost because he had big feet. Britney says that Lane and Hayden both have big feet and they lasted longer than he did …so suck it! …suck it!

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132 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon tells Rachel that he guarantees the guys will keep her over Britney. Rachel says she doesn’t think so.. Brendon says are you kidding me she is all over Lanes dick…

    1. Probably when they were in the bathtub wearing the mud masks with Brendover looking on. They were ragging on everyone.

  1. Rachel
    Rachel Reilly (b. April 8, 1984), 26, is a Chemistry Graduate Student/VIP Cocktail Waitress from Las Vegas, Nevada. She describes herself as “bubbly, effervescent and adventurous”. Rachel’s favorite activities include painting, working out, doing anything outdoors, watching movies with friends, playing with her dog, getting dressed up and going on dates. The hardest part of living in the Big Brother house for Rachel is “having your entire life televised”. Before being cast on Big Brother 12 Rachel briefly was a swimsuit model for Hawaiian Tropic swimwear. She is a graduate of Northwest Cabarrus High School in Concord, N.C. and Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, N.C. Rachel is in a showmance with fellow Houseguest Brendon.She performed oral sex on him as well as having sex in the missionary fashion. She won Head of Household in both Week 2 & Week 4.

  2. Why would they keep Rachel over Brit, Brendon is just dumb. Rachel saying that everyone lives suck, will someones going to win BB and its not going to be her.

    1. Yes everyone lives suck……i agree with her. because she was trusting Ragan and Britney so much and they might go far in the game if they form an alliance. I guess not anymoreee…the Brigade is going to kick ragan and britney’s ass to the curb…watch and see.. Dumb people i am telling you!

  3. You know, I lost respect for Rachel when I dubbed her “Big Boobs” on her intro video. “VEGAS IN THE HOOOUSE!” She downright CLAIMED to be in it for a showmance. She claimed it from the very start. Her laugh, her extensions, her smile, hell, even her ass. They’re all fake. They scream fake. Now she’s trash-talking everyone, and expecting people NOT to come after them?

    Well, Rach, meet Karma. He’s here to make this week in Big Brother a living hell.

  4. ….
    Is Matt not going to put up Brendon and Rachel? Or is he just not going to put up Rachel and take the money and donate it?
    IS HE?!
    Please don’t Matt. Just let her take her money and kick one of them out please.

    1. Weren’t you just talking about explicit sex acts in the post before this? So swearing is a no-no but talking about hummers and missionary is appropriate for your 8 year old to read?

        1. But none the less, you posted it and here you are telling other people to watch what they post because your kids read it. So, your kids are reading what you post too. Doesn’t matter if you copy and paste it. Only thing that matters is you put it here where they can read it and then you tell other people not to do what you are doing. Suggestion: don’t let your kids read sites where you know there will be inappropriate content.

    2. Interrachael, are you Rachel’s family member? Well you must be so proud! She is giving head and sleeping with someone infront of millions of people. such trash!!! Just what i want my 8 year old to see. she is such a good role model.

    3. I am a mother of 4 grown children, I would recommend that children not read these posts, or watch live feeds or read about the live feeds. Not just because of the language and sex talk, but also because of the lying and cheating and back stabbing. It may be entertaining for adults, but children might learn the wrong lessons, because they misunderstand things that are over their heads.

    4. hey moaner how are you? i thought we was bros? dude i made that shit up. was joke. I am really a male and 18. just goes to show how gullible people are . it’s all good though.

        1. I haven’t fooled anyone. I’ve been consistent with my irritation at posters who try to establish rules of posting, like don’t pick on other posters, don’t hate on HGs, don’t make jokes about suicide, etc. As far as I’m concerned, everything is fair game except making up rules about posting etiquette on a site you don’t run.

              1. Moaner, you said:
                Hell no and don’t you dare ask me that again, EVER!!!! Or else!

                Or else what?
                That was a question, wasn’t it?
                Oops! That was another one.

  5. hahaha..sour grapes. I wanna know when Ragan turned on the dynamic duo? He’s been kinda siding wit the house all week so that’s nothing new, but was there a specific incident that made him a roach?

    The taking the $5G and not honoring your word isn’t game play. That’s a testament to bad character period. Who would even suggest such a move? I like the gremlin less and less each week.

    1. Of course Matt would consider taking the bucks and going back on his word…Remember now, you are talking about the same guy who has faked a serious illness for his wife in the name of game play. He better hope that lie doesn’t turn on him and his wife.
      And shame on the wife for playing along.

  6. I agree, Britney is a two face bitch and a ‘ho bag. Cmonnnn really? Yes, Rachel is super annoying and i hate her but i dont like people who is two faced. Yes, i am talking about you too RAGAN…

    1. rachel is also two-faced because up until monet left she hated brittney, now all of a sudden she wants to be her friend? brittney saw right through that fake shit and is using it to her advantage, and rightfully so the “REAL HO” rachel got her friend out and she getting her revenge by getting info out of Brechel(team delusional) and taking it to her real friends in the house….

      1. Exactly. Rachel is two faced and apparently dumb as well. She boots Brit’s friend, then a week later gets HOH and suddenly Brit (out for revenge for her friend) pretends to buddy up to Rachel and Rachel buys it while on a major power trip telling the whole house to essentially “bring it on”. Rachel at this point deserves absolutely every negative repurcussion of her HOH. She’s lucky. She screamed at Kristen for the way she played a game and made her week miserable. I wish Matt would just go ahead and tell Rachel and Brendon they are screwed.

        1. Sorry to disappoint but Rachel was only talking to hayden and kristen when she said that. She said you and hayden is gunning for me and brendon bring it on

  7. ppl shoudnt be suprised about rachel talkin about dem .
    all frikin talk shit about dem too,. so dont come here and tell rechel why is she talkin shit.
    frikin dumb bastards.
    and brendon is too much of a good person to make his mouth dirty by talkin about ppl like britney . ew blonde bitch get out asap |:)

      1. OMG, I am tard today…I was just going to ask you who “Dem” was!?!?!?! Then I read again…..WOW… pays to think twice sometimes before posting!

  8. this show is fixed they tell these houseguests how to vote, what to do and everything else they do. If production suggested this people should quit watching this show. Its not a game this way it is a love story and BB loves every minute of it for the ratings. brendon and Rachel make me sick. to my stomache It is not fair to everyone else if Matt takes the 5 grand cause no one else in the house has nothing to bargain with. And Rachel isnt happy not unless she is over the house and in th HOH room so she can have sex with brendon. I
    really hope this comes to a end soon. It is making BB look really stupid!

      1. same reason brendon and rachel they didnt want annie to try and come between them. I mean please . Production suggested to matt to take the 5 grand and dont go back on the deal then on top of that it was also production who hinted to ragan that there was a brigade. get real people this really isnt a game anymore. it is for ratings

        1. … but canwe believe Matt 100% that production actually said this, or is he covering his own ass when he grabs the money!

          1. Thats what I though cause with Matt he is the house liar so you cant believe anything until you hear\see it yourself! Tho….production knows that the site are blowin’ up right now with Rachole haters and that makes for good\bad TV, so why wouldn’t they tell him that! Plus she (Kid warning) has probley promised to suck off all of prodution if they do whatever they can to keep her til the end! Sorry Rat fans!

  9. simon, please don’t laugh at me or think that i am trying to be funny, but, when you guys say that grenades are going to go off,are you talking about farting? it took me a few weeks to get the nerve to ask this question

    1. thats a good question i’ll try to explain what we mean. When they’re talking about grenades in the house they are meaning fart grenades most of the time and some times they mean real grenades. When I say “tossing grenades left and right up in this place yo” I mean a real grenades. for example “If Brendon comes after me with more of his whinny bullshit i’m throwing a grenade up his arse” as opposed to “If Brendon comes after me with more of his whinny bullshit i’m jamming this bucket of slop up his arse”. Sometimes I even think enzo refers to grenades as insults like when he said he was going to start tossing grenades at Andrew if he was going to call out some members of the brigade.

      other brigade fans may have different meanings for their use of the word grenade..yo.

  10. Exactly….and I’m thinking Brit should eventually replace Matty too….I am worried he may make a deal with BR and screw the Brigade over.

    1. Yep! Matt is way unpredicatable. I still don’t trust in him putting them both up. Even if he is a target to B/R he has the brigade to back him up. He shouldn’t be worried at all. I’m sure we’ll hear all about his “super genious” Rationalizing in his DR sessions. Ugh.

  11. I am still standing with my earlier post. I seriously think Britney and Lane are the two that have the life long relationship. I think they are engaged to one another and are getting some big $$$ if they can pull this off without anyone inside or outside the house figuring it out!

    1. I agree..Last nite in the Cabana room they were all talking and she slipped and said….remember that place…..then the BBAD cut to commercial……I wasn’t totally paying attention, but it seemed like she caught heself and shut up right before the cut too and she happened to be practically laying in Lanes arms. So then it got me thinking exactly what you just said about the money…….plus…..she didn’t use the POV because Rachole threatened to put up Lane….why would Britany care so much about Lane and how would Rachole know…..another example of production interfering…….who knows, but I cant wait to find out!

    2. Also, if you look at the bio’s, they both happened to say that the hardest thing about the bb house is sharing a bathroom and another thing I just read here was Britany and Lane talking about being trapped and need to be careful that no one hears them say that! hmmm

    3. Ok, last Brit – Lane observation….same room same setting……Brit complaining about her shoulder to Lane. Brit says: Lane, my right shoulder hurts but my left shoulder doesn’t. Why would only one half of me hurt and the other not?
      Lane says: Because you are half a retard.

      My husband and I have been together for 15 years and that is how we talk to each other. For two people who just met and for one who is smitten and the other who is engaged (supposevley) It would seem his answer would have been “Really, do you want me to get you some ice?”

      Maybe Im off, maybe Im just payin’ too much attention to them because I want them to be together one way or the other!

      Maybe Im the retard!

    4. No Way. Remember, Brit was one of the first to be put up. Lane didn’t lift a finger to sway the vote. If they were truly a couple about to be separated by eviction I think we would have seen some indications of their relationship.

        1. I seriously doubt that Brit and Lane are the ones who know each other outside the house. When Brit was on the block week 2 he did not seem worried for her if they were friends outside the house he would have shown at least some concern, and also they don’t look like they would date one another. I really thing it’s Reagan and Matt. They are really close, and I remember when Matt volunteered to be the pond against Monet Reagan freaked out and did no want Matt to volunteer. They are really close and I think they are the lifelong friends.

  12. Oh my, how far the mighty have fallen. Poor little zit faced, greasy haired,smelly twat face Rachel is seriously beside herself now that Matt has won HOH, and there is a chance that she or Buttface, Pussy Wimp Brendon with NOBALLS could be on the block and out the door. Can she get anymore dispicable??? Even Moron Boy Brendon is trying to get her to tone down her venom, how can he care about someone so mean and hateful?? does she listen, NO!!! she just keeps digging herself a deeper and deeper grave.

  13. I love how Kathy’s getting a little vicious.
    But ofcourse she’s just doing what she needs to do to take the attention off of herself.
    Rachel is more dangerous than Brendon. Brendon’s height(and big feet) is evidentally a handicap. And he’s much more easily manipulated. Enzo and Hayden have a great plan of trying to align with Brendon, as a backup. The Brigade is makin’ moves yo!

    1. You dam right my man. Haters keep complaining how the Brigade don’t do kaka. They didn’t have 2 yo. The Brigade have been extremely covert and will now put their plan in course yo.

      1. I am extremely impressed on how covert they have been! That is a first because in past seasons some one is always sneaking around listening to conversations and busting people up! And this season Andrew was the only one catching people and they ousted him but I think if he would have stayed longer he would have eventually heard one of them say something!

      2. The Brag-ade have been TRYING TO PUT THEIR PLAN into play since week 1. They just haven’t been able to do shit even when they get HOH. As much as I dislike Rachel- she had a plan each time she got HOH and she fulfilled her plans (Monet-out, Kristen-out) The Brag-ade has had HOH twice and still haven’t gotten B/R out. Lane and Enzo have done alot of gragging and blustering but they ain’t done squat. You can’t take 4 people to the finals and Lane and Enzo are gonna be roadkill At some point they will be picked off and they won’t be able to do shit about it. – So much for the brag-ade. Matt is a stronger player even tho he is a sleeze bag. If you want to make a final 2 or 3 alliance you need to make it with folks who can win some comps- other wise you each get picked off. Ragan understands this and I think Matt does too. I just hope Matt doesn’t win it all..

  14. to be fair, they have said some horrible things about brenden…and hes pretty fair…he tries to keep it from being a bash fest

    at this point im worried that even a double eviction would lead to just more weeks of B and R bashing

    lane says it will be “heaven”….

    they still dont understand that the game DOES go on.

  15. Dosn’t anyone think that Bradon complaining about how it’s made for smaller people would keep him around then? They might think that they being smaller than him would mean they would do better at HoH competions than him.

    Maybe he is just saying that to throw them off. Make him look like he can’t win endurance competions.

  16. Ok does anyone else see what exactly Brendon sees in Raunchel? I hate her voice and her power trips!!! He is so sweet to her and all she does is roll her eyes and talk about herself!!! I don’t get it!!! I’d love it if Brittney and Lane were the life long friends, but I don’t think that was true just a prank by the sabatour to freak the house out!

  17. Dawg & Simon, off topic, I enjoy the sections on your website to allow me to go directly to a Comment from a favorite (yes, jimik, rockstar, BBGrandma & Simon) when I don’t have time to read much — and it is very generous of you to share your links to other websites, although I find no need for them, except for Bitchy BB Blog when I feel the need to self-mutilate. It’s funny that so many people say they’ll never watch again if ____ (fill in the blank) _____ happens, but, there they are again! I do like the anonymous nature (nobody would guess my real life) and the ability to poke fun and vent. Great site — and leave it to jimik to make you guys famous, I sense the guy has much much more to offer and he wants to help you guys. So, thanks!

    1. Glad you like the site and thanks for all your positive feedback. Links to other sites is all part of the blog game we have to play. If it wasn’t for interlinking we wouldn’t of been ranked high in google and would therefore never have found all these great people to enjoy BB with us. BitchyBBlblog gets our full support because unlike other BB blogs she produces unique content which is funny. I really need to give the site a overhaul to better facilitate the huge number of comments we’re getting but thats something i’ll have to address next year. We have some real great people that post on here, thanks to all those people that share their BB opinions it’s what makes so enjoyable for me….

      oh and before i forget

      4 Deep YO..

  18. Britney is an excellent player with a nice, funny personality and seems like a GOOD, honest woman.

    Too bad she has a fiance because her and Lane really get along well.

    1. Well I agree she is funny as hell sometimes, and is doing a good job of staying in the game … but not sure how you can say she seems like a good, honest woman? She takes great pleasure in mocking others, picking on their every flaw, ridiculing them behind their backs and kissing up to their face, and lying whenever the mood strikes. Not saying it makes her a bad player … but good andhonest?? Are you watching a different show than I am lol :D

      1. hello, this is a game. in real life you surround yourself with good people but in the bb house they are surrounded by obnoxious people, hence lots of ‘name calling’

    2. couldnt agree more-love Britney and all of her smack talking. she is hysterical. and when she gets going with lane or ragan-some funny stuff-thank goodness-cuz i really cant stand to watch. i think lane is more like a brother to her-but she is a doll. she has fun with her bs-when u think about the fact the that all of these people just met-its not like they are talking bad about a ‘friend’ jsut trying to make conversation-silence would be awful!!!!!!!!

    1. definitely a tough decision-being humored so the sl*t can show her true colors or having to listen to whiny baby another week-which cud we take? :D

      1. personally speaking..her whorish antics are acceptable! because Brendan’s whining is enough for me to Elvis my t.v….LOL

    2. HAHAHA! Isn’t that the truth! She sickens me….she best remember what comes around goes around – but I’m sure she’ll play the poor victim when she gets what’s coming to her.

  19. what r they gonna talk about when B/R leave?
    Left Eye(Brit) is just plain ol mean. She must do shit
    like that outside in the real world. she is so quick
    with the jabs, stabs and digs ….. I think that comes with some years
    of practice. U feel me?

  20. I love that Weewee Gremlin was asking about taking Boy George’s money and backstabbing her. He would be the hero of the house if he did that. I think people who don’t watch the feeds or BBAD may not understand how annoying B/R are and how much the HGs can’t stand them. They are always trying to avoid talking to them, play the “trap a HG with Brendon” game, make fun of them behind their backs AND directly to their faces, and talk about how they want to kill themselves or hit B/R in their heads with a lamp, etc. I would very much enjoy it if Matt could get away with taking her money one day and orchestrating her eviction 10 minutes later. But I guess BB has to draw the line at that, which frankly, does seem fair and the right decision. Still, it’s a nice thought and warms my heart that Weewee is thinking of all the ways to screw over these two ass wipes.

  21. please, can anyone tell me if they wash the sheets before they sleep in them? I could never be on BB, I hate when people even sit on my bed, just can’t imagine anyone lying in my bed, under the covers, using my pillow!! EWWWWW

    1. HAHAHAH, last nite when Rachel ran off from Brendon and went and climbed in a random bed I thought the same thing! I have a rule in my house, if you wore the clothes outside the house, they must come off and you must put on new clothes before you sit on the furniture that is not covered with a cover. And beds are off limits too anyone except me and my man…hahahaa……..I have a total Germ phobia! I drive myself crazy with it… shoes in the house either! If I was in that house I would be doing laundry 24/7!! I cringe the way they all sit or lay down and grab a random blanket and wrap it around themselves!! URggg

    2. Sorry to up the ewww factor for ya but Brendover was sniffing pillows last night as he was making the bed, presumably to figure out which one smelled better and was the keeper.

      1. I saw Brendon sniffing pillows and taking the better of the two. Cracked me up. I wonder who got the more “scented” pillow?

    3. me too i think about that everynite when i see them especially MEOU MEOU and Matt feeling their junk up all the time and dumping farts into the bed and wiping some head cheese from their dog dicks on the sheets and pillows and blankets…humm they said the other nite the cabana room smelled like ass..imagine the HOH room…yumm you got any crackers to go with that cheese spread?

    4. I hate how everyone puts their dirty feet and shoes on all the beds. especially on the spots where people put their heads. that’s just filthy, yo.

  22. How delusional and clueless is Brendon that he thinks the guys would rather keep Rachel instead of Britney. omg, he’s so retarded.

  23. Can somebody explain the pictures to me…i see that matt is the gremlin and rachel is boygeorge and kristen was barba streisand….but the rest are over my head…Ive been waiting all season for those pics to return i loved them last year.

    1. I guessed correctly that Brit’s pic is Pazuzu. I don’t see the connection, though. From what I hear, pics will be redone this weekend.

  24. Okay Simon and Dawg–I just saw the cat-fight between ****** and ******. You guys need to post it so we can comment. LOL. Let’s get it right. LOL. I hope you know I’m just busin’ chops, but I do wanna see the comments once everyone sees it.


  25. Brit is a mean girl, but she’s also funny. I enjoy her humor. I knew plenty of girls like her in my younger years. I also learned to never trust the mean girls with any info I didn’t want the world to know, LOL. Rachel on the other hand is just nasty. I liked her in the beginning, but she has just gone to far and her voice makes me cringe.
    The Brigade really hasn’t ‘done’ anything yet, hopefully Matt will put Brenchel up and we can get rid of one of them.
    Don’t have a favorite yet…. still waiting for a game changing move out of SOMEONE!

  26. Good job dudes?? I say “dudes” ’cause Simon and Dawg sound like Dudes.

    I respect the work Simon and Dawg. I was dying to see the crowds reaction to the cat-fight. I was here last year and the year before, but didn’t post. I promise I was not rushing the post. I know you guys work so hard and have to get it right before putting out for public consumption. YA GOTTA BE HARD WORKERS!!!! To summarize all that happens takes great will-power and committment . . . . . and a love for the game.

    KUDOS to BOTH. May the FORCE be with Both of You.

    Brigade 4-Ever!!!! Grenades!!!!

  27. Ok… so is it me or would the only way to not see the Redwitchdragqueen in a bad light would be for a major blackout to occur on a moonless night in a room with no windows?

  28. thanks for the updates Simon and Dawg…go Brit and Lane… I know Matt will not put up R/B…he is a big lier and a coward :(

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