Big Brother 12 Spoilers: The saboteur gives the houseguests another message!! “I escaped the block this week”

12pm Most of the houseguests are in the kitchen eating lunch. A lot of random talk. Enzo asks Should I sleep, or should I sleep today?? They all laugh. Britney, Lane and Monet all head for the bedroom to nap. Britney asks Monet what do you think the name of the girl that will be on the wedding invitation. Britney asks Lane what his last name is. Lane tells her. Lane says not Hailey because when he hear the name of someone he already knows he’s going to think of them. Britney asks so why no Hailey. Lane says because we didnt get along. Britney ask what about Hailey, Reilly, …what about Krista …. Britney says she always though she would marry a guy named Brett. Britney says some times the name just sounds good. She says that Monet is going to marry someone with an odd name like Tiger Woods.

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12:30pm Big Brother cuts the feeds, and when they come back everyone is in the living room. They got another saboteur message. Enzo jokes which girls have their periods in line… life long friends. Britney says that probably whoever does our diary room, sat in front of the camera. They laugh that the saboteur might be going on a sabo-tour across America. Enzo says he is wants to go to bed but that he can’t because he has to decipher the saboteur message. Apparently the saboteur message told the them that he has escaped the block this week. Britney says that message didn’t do anything for me, because I already knew whoever sat in front of the camera was the saboteur. Ragan says I think the saboteur is 100% real deal but that things that the saboteur says isn’t necessarily true. Annie says that she wishes they would play the message over and over again so they could really decipher it. Then Kristen says well they are pretty simple messages. 1pm Andrew is up in the HOH with Hayden talking about the votes. Andrew says that he hopes Brendon is going home. Hayden says if you are on the block against him, he is going home. Hayden and Andrew both think that Rachel is too predictable of a choice, she will stick with Brandon though and Annie is the wild card. Hayden says that message, I escaped the block this week. Andrew says BOOM I know what that means. Andrew really thinks that the saboteur is Brendon and wants Hayden to change his mind and vote out Rachel. Andrew is pretty sure Brendon is the saboteur because during the message. Andrew says again that the saboteur said he escaped the block this week. Andrew says give me the two people who have been going around saying that I am the saboteur … who do I need to knock out in the competition. Hayden says Britney. Hayden asks what about Lane.. Andrew says I know he’s not after me. Hayden who do you think them …Britney and Monet. Andrew says yeah. Andrew says they are the two people he can’t stand in the house. Hayden says that they will talk when he gets HOH. Andrew leaves the HOH room.
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“i escaped the block this week”

sounds like either brenden,monet, or andrew … i think it;s andrew

Uncle Cool

Kathy escaped the block by portraying herself as a non-threat in each competition and by acting friendly towards everyone.

I am sticking with Kathy as the saboteur until I am proven wrong.

It would be cool to see when she really needs to win a compeition she goes nuts and blows everyone away with her physicality (as cops are supposed to be physically fit and trained for numerous obstacles).


Monet is the Saboteur! It’s sooooo obvious.


i get that annie is a wild card but thats because she has no alliance in the house, but they rather get rid of the wild card and keep the surefire team of one?? that don;t add up

Jordan (#1 BB Fan)

Something fishy is going on in the house. Besides the saboteur and the supposedly two life long friends.


something fishy as in their is more than 1 pair in the thinking kathy/brit and perhaps the twin theory seem 2 be true


Hayden, Lane, Matt, and Enzo + their puppets Brit & Monet vs Brendon & Rachel & NOONE

Ya Rachel & Brendon are huge threats <- sarcasm for those with low IQs

Wild cards:
Annie (crazy and will not stay loyal to anyone .. no idea where she stands at anytime in game)
Andrew (comes off as trying to hard to get along with people.. little wierd.. no loyalties at this point)
Ragan (floating right now but seems to get along well with everyone, does not seem to be a threat in comps)
Kathy (comes across a little crazy and either doing a horrible job of throwing comps or is simply the worst competitor in BB history… no really loyalties at this point but seems to get along with everyone)
Kristin (is in tight with Hayden now and is trying to bring Rachel in with her)

Being it the first week and Rachel not having any "visible" close ties to anyone other than Brendon, Rachel is not a threat at this stage and add to the fact she is extremely easy to get along with in the house the best move by the house is to get rid of the huge wild card and crazy person in Annie who can't be trusted with where she will place her loyalties from week to week and is simply annoying as all hell. House will be a much CALMER place with Annie gone.

Easy decision. Ba Bye Annie


What a train wreck of a post! “Noone” is “no one” unless you’re talking about Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits. “Wierd” is w-e-i-r-d and yes, i before e except when e is before i.
And finally the word “ya.” If you are trying to say yes without saying yes the word you want is “yeah.” The word “ya” would be slang for “you” as in “have ya taken English 101 yet?”
Got it now?


Ya I agree, it’s wierd that dawg didn’tt catch those misstakes.. even his name dawg is wrong it should be DOG… noone hates spelling mistake most than me i’ll ask him to clean it up neck time.

seriously though Thanks for the tips TK we’ll try and keep the spellin and slang easier and funner to read


grate reepli simon! wee all like ur “trainwreck” & hope you & dawg keep doing what your doing! Regardless of the speelling!


You forgot TK is slang for Douche.



Sorry for being such an alarmist. Its this shitty “grass” Ive been smoking. Iguess I have been hitting the Enter key instead of Submit Comment when trying to post. The problem as been on my end not your server.

This amy sound like a stupid question, but its about your site’s compatibility with IE 8 and Windows 7. Those are the 2 programs I have been using. Are they compatible with your server. Just trying to rule out whether or not its this “beat’ bag of dope or my computer (LOL)


Told you it was the person on the other end of the computer not the site…Put the dope down and pay attention!!! j/k


I think that besides Kristen & Andrew being brother & sister, I that Lane & Hayden are related as well. Either they are actually brothers or are cousins. They both have such cromagnum size “bobble-heads.”


I think that Lane is really Nick, Brittany’s fiance. Those two were immediately close around each other. They are always sitting near one another, playing pool on the same team, or giving each other quick glances. Also, on the first ep when we met all of the houseguests and saw them packing, they never showed her fiance!

Saboteur is Matt.

I hope anyone from The Brigade or Brittany wins.

bb fan

I think Kristen or Rachel may win the game. And I think the saboteur is probably Andrew or Kristen. I wish I could of gotten on the show to be the saboteur. That is one lucky person they get to screw with everyone. Awsome twist this season. Season 7 was the best so far. I think they should do an all stars next season and bring back major alliances. Chill town, renegades, horsemen, etc. thank god there is no Jessie this season.


I wonder if production will let Enzo know that George Steinbrenner died. I am sure he is a Yankee fan.


I’m sure it will be part of the True or False game they always play towrds the end of the game after the HGs have been secluded long enough for the “headlines” to be believable.

mad dog

In 2001 they didn’t tell them about 9/11 why would they over GS – come one!!!


It was just a question? By the way, have you been tested for rabies lately/!! Back Off Kibble Breath!!!!

Uncle Cool

Today’s clue clearly says that the saboteur is not Brendon, Rachel or Annie because they are/were clearly on the block and the saboteur escaped being on the block this week.


I would take the Saboteur messages as a grain of salt.
Andrew is dumb if he doesn’t even consider the messages could be bogus or he is the saboteur. Bleh.


Just to throw out an alternate view, what if the message is just very literal? The only person who truly escaped the block was the one who was on and then came off – Brendon.


interesting point… hmmmm…could be. I’ve thought that Lane is the saboteur from day 1. Dunno, just a hunch.


I think the couple is really Brendon and Ragan are together outside the game. No way on earth Brendon isn’t gay, it’s obvious regardless of his show with Rachel.

A. Stounding

I thought it was EITHER two people that knew each other OR have a BB common background. For all we know, maybe 2 of them know a past person like Jannelle without knowing that someone else there does too, or it might be as simple as this: remember the clip last year showing Casey being DJ at body building comp that Jesse was in…and they both didn’t know!!! BB just put this out there to get people talking so we wouldn’t be bored.

Just a hunch.


I think the message was that two BB HGs are lifelong friends or have a previous BB alliance. This is apart from the saboteur, probably came as a surprise to the sab. I think a lifelong relationship is a stretch, it’s been done before. I am starting to think that maybe 2 houseguests are being coached by 2 players from previous seasons. Maybe they have a prior connection, or maybe not. The key word is “alliance”. How could they have a previous alliance with someone that already played the game. It makes more sense that BB paired the two up with ex guests. I understand that someone dropped out before the game even started, so that either shortens the scheduled episodes (one less person to evict) or it means that they will bring someone else in or bring back an evicted HG at some point.

I’m sticking with my Kathy or Brittany theory on who is the saboteur. I don’t think that is related to the “life long friend/previous BB alliance”. I thought at first that Kathy and Brittany were related, but I don’t think so now. It would be too obvious. If they do have a connection, it rules them both out as the saboteur. I think the outside alliance with ex BB players would be a good twist. Or maybe the saboteur is just full of shit and making things up to stir the pot.


Escaped the block means that they were never on the block so it can’t be brendon like everyone thinks I’m going with Matt as the saboteur .

chick from louisiana



Sorry all…. But ANNIE is without question, the Saboteur….. Watch, wait and see……

Uncle Cool

Kathy. If I had money, property, (anything), I would bet on it being Kathy.


I’m with you uncle cool


Has anyone noticed that when watching the show, every single time that the announcer mentions the Saboteur, Annie is ALWAYS one of the faces that shown for our and her reaction. Everytime single time. Did anyone also notice where she was sitting when the storage room got locked. At the end of the couches sitting in the middle of the floor. Exteremely EASY to get up without being felt or heard. The silloutte that BB shows, even though shaking around, appears to be a thin head with long straight hair.

I’d bet it all too. It is Annie.


lol “thin head’!


Kathy and Monet were both MISSING when they showed the blackout shots – they were not even in the living room that I could see. But when lights went back on they were at the front of the couches . I am leaning towards one of them. Monet was also sitting with Brittany in bedroom on last episode and said was going to get a blanket. She never came back and they later showed her in kitchen. She could have run into the diary room while everyone was occupied- they showed the saboteur message soon after. Assuming there wasn’t too much editing. Since Kathy and Brit were crossed out on the wall, I don’t think either is the saboteur. I think they are the friends- that Kathy’s SON is Brit’s boyfriend Nick. So my money is now on Monet.


I say it’s Kathy too. No one can be that weak as to not get out of that carmel…she wasn’t even trying. To be a sheriff I think you have to have some strength. She just layed there like shit on a log.


I think that the person going home tonight (probably Annie) is the Sabateur. The promo at the end of the show said the identity was being revealed tonight, and it doesn’t make any sense to reveal it this early in the season

Who Dat

BB said that the identity of the sab would be announced after the first show, it’s nothing new. I think that it’s either Kathy, Monet, or Andrew.


No. If you take it literally, it just rules out Annie and Rachel. Everyone else escaped being on the block for the vote.

mad dog

I think the SAB is either Lane, Mr. Quiet and laid back
or Enzo, Mr. Funny and get along with everybody.

You do no want someone too plain they won’t last long aka Kathy or Andrew.

Plus someone that would want to get into an alliance ASAP to last long enough to win the $$.


i say it is kristen and hayden for sure


i think theyre the life-long friends
maybe kristen is the saboteur, but i think its annie


mimi , i totally agree…they even look like each other (eyes..) they are the ones who know each other


How can it be annie if the message said “I escaped the block” she’s on the block!
I say its Kathy or Britney…..Most likely kathy


ummm, watching the show on the east coast and AGAIN how many times was Kristen given any airtime. I comletely 4got she was even part of the season. That;s why I think the enigma called Kristen is >el salvatore< …….

BB Sab

Once again. Kathy is Britney’s mom. (LIFELONG friends) hello lifelong. It is way to obvious now that Kathy is the sabotuer.


He said its very obvious who the life longfriends are, I think its brit and kathy, with the obivous part being they had the tape on their pics…..


I think that the life long friends are Kathy and Britney.
Kathy, being Britney’s mother. On the first episode when they announced who they are and stuff, Kathy said that she had a 22 year old kid. And right after that Britney said she was 22. And they look JUST ALIKE. As for the sabeteour, either Annie or Kristen, I think.


The saboteur is Matt.


It seems to obvious for Kathy and Britney. It could be Hayden and Kristen. Them seem to have an easy way with each other. I’m sticking with Enzo as the sabetour.


I thought Kathy was the saboteur from the first HOH comp. when she kept slipping off the hotdog, instead of trying to grab the top like everyone else. And then, when the lights when out, if you pause it at one point, she’s on the end of the couch. And then you wait, and pause it again, she’s gone. And then she’s back after a few seconds.

So, Idk. I think it’s her.

Or Britney.

I think they might be related too, because they look a lot alike sometimes when they make the same facial expressions.

I think Matt & Monae (sp?) are the ‘life long friends’

This is all just a guess though, I can’t wait until tomorrow when they show you who the saboteur is :3


Kristen and Hayden are TWINS! Both 24.


Lane is for sure the saboteur. The Kristin and Hayden twin theory is interesting, could be.


okay, i am a little late catching up but 2 nights ago, hayden and kristen were sitting in the cabana room talking about “do you think they kinow about us” so to me this means they know each other. I also got stalker and googled both of them, and they are the same age but on their facebook/myspace pages they are not on each others (and yes i know they could have deleted eachother for production). My husband and i both argee they are the lifelong frieinds. They dont necessarily have to be in a relationship. I think they are twins, or cousins, or something of that nature. Maybe bestfriends growing up. Now, onto the “sab”. At first i thought it was Kathy because of the way she over reacted the first show. BUT, then we started talking about lane. and we only think lane because he is so quiet, hes going in between alliances and they showed that on last nights show. he said in his dr that he was going to act like he didnt say anything. and then they did the famous face shots when rachel said she didnt know who told him to put her up. I dunno, i could go on forever and its nice to have an outlet for opinions because it could straighten my head out.


Okay the saboteur is Kathy and the lifelong friendship is Kathy and Britney because they’re mother and daughter!


OK. The sab said that two HGs are lifelong friends OR have previous BB alliances. Nobody here is focusing on that second part. What is a previous BB alliance? Could be that they know a previous contestant, or maybe they are paired up with ex players on the outside who coach them or help them pull off things like locking the door while they are sitting on the couch. Remember a few days ago Hayden and Kristen were saying that they weren’t at the same hotel as the others before they entered the house. Maybe that’s because they were getting to know their previous BB connections??

Here’s a scary thought. One of the dudes this season is from Arizona. Maybe he is connected to Nastily and she will be back to torture us with her lies and general lack of personal hygiene and self respect. Uggh. Please BB, not THAT!

C Note

I hope that message messes with everyone’s heads and Rachel gets voted out. Annie is annoying but she has been fighting for her life and she has gained my respect. Rachel is riding Brendons’s coattails. Im utterly sick of the makeout sessions. Kathy better be the sab or she just sucks at BB period. That could be her gameplan tho, look very weak so no one wnats to get rid of you cause they know they can beat you. Is it just me or is Britney and Monet growing on me. Britney is getting hotter by the minute. As much as I have blogged here I have not mentioned Andrew once, seems a little suspicious to me.


I agree with you C Note! As annoying as Annie is, she is trying to stay in the house and play the game. Rachel is just sitting there making out with Brendon as if she knows she has this in the bag. (which she may) Kathy could be playing everyone and making herself out to be harmless with the “Mommy” card. I mean, she is a deputy, you would think she could be a little more physical with theses competitions. As for Britney, she is digging her own grave! Maybe if she keep her rude comments and her mouth shut, she could get far in this game.. but she has failed and I think the other HG are catching on to that. With that being said… I think she is the Saboteur! – We shall see!


BB shouldn’t of had the sabatour say they escaped the chopping block.