Big Brother 12 Spoilers – HOH Picture Time and El Salvatore Strikes Again

1:30pm – 2:45pm July 14th Around the house the houseguests are taking pictures with the HOH Cam.. Everyone getting along having a fun time… Theres lots of talk about el “Salvatore” it’s driving them bananas.

2:55pm El Salvatore Strikes Again Lane and Matt and messing around with the memory wall they’ve places tape on the Enzo and Britteny’s picture. Monet, Brit and Enzo stay in the back and watch laughing hysterically as Matt and Lane joke around that they are going to pretend that the “El Salvatore” is doing it. Brendon walks in after they are done and they are able to convince him that is was El Salvatore .. he believes them.

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Britney and Jordan (from last season) were classmates at AirHead U. There was talk of Jordan doing something on this season’s show – I hope not like last year when Dan hosted a competion (I will never forget the look on Jessie(ca)’s face – it was priceless!

That could be the link.

chick from louisiana

Who has the green tank top on flippin the finger in that pic? i can’t tell


That is Enzo in the grenzo flippin off the benzo. 🙂