Big Brother 12 Spoilers: The houseguests got to sleep in this morning…

10am Big Brother is really letting the houseguests sleep in this morning. All the houseguests are still in bed and most of them are still asleep. Brendon and Rachel are laying in the HOH awake and not talking. Rachel is running her hand through his hair. Ragan gets up goes to the washroom and then comes to get back in bed and tells Matt that he had a dream about them last night. Matt asks about sabotaging? Ragan says yeah with my farts. Matt ask if his dream was about them being in the Big Brother house… Right then the feeds cut to the we will be right back screen. It looks like Big Brother is finally waking up the houseguests.
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Hey Jeff and Jordan fans out there! Does anyone know if they are still together? And if anyone from last years bb are still friends?


yes they are still together you can google them to see. They were on amazing race together and said that race solidified their relationship. I think they are going to be the next Rob and Amber from survivor. I am rooting for them.


Yes J and J are engaged. Most of them are still friends. Natalie got married and some of them were there. Some still hold grudges, some are still trying to be famous and trying to extend their 22 minutes of fame.


I thought only Kevin went to Natalie’s wedding?!


Jeff is doing a thing on the Early show something about traveling around the world

The Excitement

last i’ve read, they are still together. they travel back and forth to see each other, once a month or twice.


You can follow both Jeff and Jordan on Twitter


Here is a link to Jeff’s latest gig:

If you go to the videos section you can watch the visit he had with Jordan before he left on his journey. Enjoy!

jason voorhies

whats with all the guys and farting on here? It is a disqusting thing to talk bout. raygay is even more disqusting than I thought.


Sooo … you think that many people living in a house together should just pretend no farting is going on rather than accept its part of life and joke around?

jason voorhies

oviously you are scatalogical. good for you. next time your wife farts bury your head under the covers and enjoy.


Actually, I am the wife and have enough of a sense of humor to deal with the occasional passage of air without throwing a hissy 😉 Enjoy your fart-free existence sir!

jason voorhies

lol don’t go away mad just go away

Lennon's Ghost

You seem to only have a problem with Ragan farting. What about The Amazing Enzo’s grenades? Or Kritsten’s or Brit’s? You are silent on that, they aren’t.
Just get over it and enjoy the game.


jeff adn jorden are still togather but i dont know if anyone is still friends from last season


i am convinced that matt and ragan are life long friends or related. I have nothing against gay people, but i don’t know of any straight man (i don’t care how hard he’s playing the game) is constantly in the face of a gay man. he doesn’t talk to any other guy in the house that much like he talks to ragan. i really think they know each other.


True dat!

jason voorhies

there never was a twist where 2 people are friends outside the house. that was just somehing the sabetour made up to stir up shit in the house. maybe matt and ragan just talk cause they get along. I have gay friends and it’s no different than my straight buddys.


I think they talk because their minds work similarly. It’s easier to talk game with someone who thinks the way you do because you don’t have to keep explaining the same thing over and over again. And it’s probably smart on Matt’s part to have a lifeline outside the brigade in case it blows up.


Don’t think so. I’ve seen Ragan and his friends out many times in West Hollywood. I don’t ever remember seeing Matt. I know Ragan’s friend Peter. They are fun to see out when they’ve been drinking – hysterical. A fun group.


From someone who is a gay man and has a straight male best friend I can say with full confidence that you should stop seeing the world in a hyperbole tunnel; meaning just because you are xyz everyone else who is xyz should act/feel/do the same thing or else it just can’t be understood and is weird (because you can’t understand it). My best friend and I talk way more about life/existence because we both think alike and our higher thinking dominates, thus we cannot share that connection with others at times. Maybe Matt thinks the other guys are idiots and doesn’t want to degrade himself by limiting his brain to those guys vs someone who he may think is very smart and intellectually stimulating i.e. Ragan. Sometimes intelligence is the deciding factor in who one associates with, sexuality the last; groundbreaking as that may sound.

jason voorhies

you tell em girlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 🙂 the world is to round to think square 🙂


Well stated 🙂


There are a few homophobes on this site, eye of the tiger ,the worst his comments from yesterday still bother me


t.ross, I’ve talked to him. either he won’t be back or comments from him of the anti gay nature will not be allowed on this site


Thanks Simon I’m all for jokes and fun and games and love that everyone on here has their own opinions but that guy was just a big jerk

jason voorhies

maybe if you were’nt so insecure or ashamed of yourself you would not let someone bother you. after all only the truth hurts right?


I am a married woman who has been with my husband for 16 years I’m not ashamed or insucure about any thing , I just hPpen to have many gay friends and family members.

The Excitement

I’m not gay, and I had a gay friend in college. We got along very good.
I think Matt and Ragan get along because they’re both similar in size. The little guys in the house gotta stick together yo!


Matt, the self professed genious is playin’ a smart game by staying close to as many people as he can and trying to be sincere about it. That is his strategy…….plus when you are a mini man, who are you going to hang out with more, the 3 GIANT manly men who make you look 3 feet tall when next to, or the other mini guy that makes you look of average size in comparison???


that is crazy?? where are you from?? where i am from (uhh the world) tons of straight people are friends with gay people, why wouldn’t they be??….hate to break it to you but gay people are exactly the same as everyone else so it makes sense that a gay or straight person can develop close friendships with other gay or straight people, once you open your mind a little (which is sad you have to for something like this) you will see that

brit is hot

funny ragens friend PETER that is good

jason voorhies

oh yeah is his other friend dick?

hayden sucks

I have a feeling that Ragen is friends with a lot of PETERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He said he liked to be tied up.

Lennon's Ghost

Enough with the homophobia!
I’m straight and I don’t give a damn about anyone’s sexual orientation. To each his/her own.
This is the best BB site around, but it is sad that a few narrow-minded bigoted people are screwing it up for the rest of us.
Let’s just get on with the game and how good/bad the HG’s are playing it!
Thank you Simon and Dawg for providing this service to us. You are both BB Hero’s!


I Agree Lennon’s Ghost with everything you wrote


Hey remember the akward proposal from last season?? Wish I had that on tape!! The guy gives Natalie his soul and she just says thanks!??!
Ahh memories!
Has Rachel responded to Brendans “I love you’s” yet??