Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel says some times she likes to get gangsta and start booty pop’n.

10:15am Britney, Matt, Lane and Ragan are in the bedroom talking. Lane climbs into bed with Matt and Ragan and Britney yell how cute… come on snuggle up to each other. Ragan says that he cant believe they will be on lock down all day. Lane says that he thinks it will only be most of today. Ragan says that when he asked production about the set-up… Lane starts saying TV time, TV time. Ragan says that they could still do sit-ups and crunches inside. Then Ragan says that he might not because it could be an endurance competition tomorrow and doesn’t want to be sore. Matt says that he is still gonna do it. Lane tells them not to. Rachel comes into the bedroom and offers to make Ragan, Matt and Lane French toast. Ragan and Lane want some, but Matt is still self imposing the slop diet on himself.


10:35am Rachel is in the kitchen making French toast.  And Britney is making cinnamon toast. Brendon is in the kitchen cleaning up. Britney, Brendon and Rachel are talking about all the fried food they like. Britney starts talking about the dance she did for Ragan this morning to the Britney Spears song that they played. Rachel and Britney then start showing off their dance moves in the kitchen. Rachel says some times she likes to get gangsta and start booty pop’n. (lol) Rachel tells Britney that she cant wait for them to go out one night and rip it up.  Britney says oh I know …I get crazy!!


11am Brendon, Rachel and Britney talk about Vagas and how Britney should have her bachelorette party there.  Rachel tells Britney that she will hook her up!  Ragan and Lane come into the kitchen to eat the french toast and cinnamon Britney says that she is going to get called to the diary room.  And right after Big Brother calls her in.  Britney asks did you see that, I said I was going to be called into the diary room and they just called me in…. BIAM!!!  Lane and Ragan are alone in the kitchen talking about how Andrew talked about finger banging a chick in an airplane bathroom until she came.


Rachel and Brendon are up in the HOH room bathroom. Rachel is getting ready to try and bleach her hair because she doesnt like how dark it is. Rachel starts asking Brendon practice questions for future competitions. Rachel is banging the shit out of the hair product and it is distracting Brendon. Brendon asks her if she is going to continue doing that much longer. Rachel says yeah, maybe you should go down stairs and we can practice later. Brendon says no just repeat the question. Rachel says that they will have all day to practice and that he should leave. Brendon persists and she asks him the question again. Then Rachel says that she doesnt understand how he can be so grumpy in the morning. They are both getting on each others nerves.

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84 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel says some times she likes to get gangsta and start booty pop’n.

  1. I dont get to watch the live feeds a lot, but whenever I do Brendon is telling Rachel how much he loves her over and over until I want to strangle him … I’ve never once heard her say it in return. Has she?

    1. The both of them are soooo annoying with the repetition with a lot of things they say like vegas and the fight they had the other night.

      1. I couldn’t even watch BBAD the other night. Roach just so stupid repeating “I’m Vegas over and over again. I hit the remote and watched a good repeat of Chelsea Lately instead. If I have to watch another episode of this Drag Queen again like that I will surely cancel BBAD. She looked like a complete A$$ trying to channel the Devil looking at Brenda………

  2. Why is Matt self inducing slop? Does he just use that excuse to not eat Rachels food, or is he really eating nothin’ but slop? And why?

    1. slop is oatmeal and oatmeal is good. these muggles must have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth. a little dab of butter, a little splash of milk and some sugar and you’ve got an awesome meal, plus it helps to reduce your cholesterol. yeah slop! It’s Vegas!

      1. I eat oatmeal every morning and not the instant stuff, its great.. I tried to go on slop once to see what it was like I lasted 10 hours, mind you I was hungover at the time…

              1. Oatmeal is great, I throw all kinds of nuts, flaxseed in mine, some honey, slpash of milk 1%and blam! Just writing about it loosens my bowels. But its boring, no texture so on Sunday I eat unhealthy….eggs, sausage, fried spuds…BURRRRRRRRRRRRRP!!! Ahhhh

            1. haha@simon I ate slop/oatmeal for 9 and a half days to see if I could make it in the house. My friend brought back chinese food one evening and I couldn’t handle it anymore. I think I could go for 2 weeks if I ended up being a have not.

    2. With Lane training him and the slop diet, he will lose weight and become more healthy than when he went in to the house.

    3. Matt has said he was once fat and I think he just tries to stay fit and eat right. He thinks slop is good for you but not fattening.

      1. Sounds like I could use some slop myself then! Doesn’t look like too bad a stuff on Simons link……You’d think they were having to eat baby vomit the way some of them act! I thought someone had said it was like grits, to which I felt bad for them….about 15 years ago I got myself in a bit of trouble and in jail they like to feed you grits for Breakfast and I couldn’t stomach it……I know…poor me!! But this slop stuff doesn’t look anything like that!

      1. too funny! they should have a BB all stars all smokers show and evil dick , adam and all the other chain smokers from all the shows would be competing for who gets lung cancer first. first prize, a lung machine. LOL

              1. This kid is now in Suffolk County jail. Its just up the street from me! From what I hear, he’s a bigger Bitch Boy than Brendon”. Here’s a guy who really knows how to “toss a salad.”

                1. Oops, Rockstar?!! No oops is when you accidently fall down an elevator shaft! Opps is when you go skinny dipping in pirahna- infested waters. Oops is when you accidently douche with draino!? This is more of an “oh shit your right situation!” But your forgiven – here’s a cookie!

    1. More than likely they will have to solve mathematical equations – just to prove the show isn’t rigged. I think I heard Enzo and Lane ask if it was okay if they could play naked cause it would be the only way they could count to 21!!!!!

  3. hi guys i am a senegalese and i want to watch the live feeds so bad and i don’t know what to do
    someone can help me
    i like this site a lot because there”re updates and the comments make me laugh
    thank you for the updates

    1. i think it’s prep for HOH tomorrow.. some houseguests have heard from production that the lockdown is over at 4 but they’re not sure because we’ve been told that before and the lockdown lasted all night.

  4. OMG Britney is so hot! I love when she dances! she goes from hometown honey to sexy bitch, with one shake of that sweet ass! :) love it! does she even know how incredibly hot she is?? it’s like natural sexyness.
    hey simon, could you create a gif of britney dancing yo! that would be bojangles!

    1. Yeah for sure once I find the time, i’m still working on the updated houseguest images. we haven’t pissed enough people off so Boy George has to come back

      1. aww.. as much as i despise Rachel, I think it’s too cruel to put up that Boy George picture. it’s too mean yo. but that’s just my opinion.

    1. I agree jason. I look around the other ones but I never post anywhere else except for Perez and TMZ but that is another thing altogether.

    2. yeah, last night I looked up the 2 websites Britney,Ragan,and Rachel were talking about. Britney and Ragan said they usually go to realitybbq, while Rachel said she goes to bigbrothernetwork. Britney and Ragan were like “no, i’ve never gone there”.
      It’s funny… as soon as Brit and Ragan said she goes to realitybbq, i did a mad dash on my computer to that site, and it was all jammed up. I couldn’t even load that site. I guess everybody else was trying to get on it at the same time. lol
      I like this site here tho.

      1. this is BY FAR the best site….bigbrothernetwork sucks, i think if you are a real fan you go here so i am surprised they mentioned the other two instead

  5. Rachel is trying to be a blonde. Yikes… Is she trying to be the new Kristen? Is she going to dye the extensions also.

  6. thank you Jason but i am in Senegal and i don’t have a credit card to pay for it and i even don’t know if it ‘ll work i just want a free stream

    1. sorry bilolo, no free streams that I know of. I’m surprised us in Canada can view the feeds seems like half the shit from CBS is blocked to us nowadays.

          1. thats funny Simon…I’m also on the west (cuz its the best) @ latitude 34.06 degrees north & longtitude 118.38 degrees west, elev 171 ft

      1. You’re in Canada!?!?!? Ahhhh….nice! Im in Sunny, broke Cali (with a British citizenship)and at last election time my all American hubby said we were heading to Canada! I know what you are thinking….NOOOOOO, dont come here! ;O)

        1. That;s odd. Moving to a “socialist” country to get away from a “socialist” President. No wonder the world thinks Amerikins is stupid.

  7. Simon omg i like this site and i fell that you don’t have to do that to Rachel even though you don’t like her because there’re some fans here who are rooting for her and it is not cool i think

    1. the main image on the site will be showing the houseguests original pictures, there will be a second image setup lower down for us nutz to have fun with. We won’t be picking on just Rachel we’ll pick on everyone in the house to make it fair.

    2. Well last year year he posted a picture of “Cookie Dough” over Jordo’s pictures. I was a J/J fan and did not feel offended at all. People today are just so uptight about everything! – I know I am one of them!!!!!

  8. Did you know – that BB will not let you forfeit your stipend if you are Canadian. I asked. I figured I would offer because if I’m winning why would I need money every week.

    Canadians are not allowed to be on BB because of the fact you get paid, you can win money on a show if you’re Canadian but not work for money which is why I have a work visa now to work in the US. ha

    I want to hang out in the house. I’m going to weasle my way in there somehow.

    1. Brit is engaged and I don’t think Lane would know what to do with that pussy. Maybe try to shoot it? Lmfao

    2. I’d like to see Hayden & Lane do battle, wrestle, no need to slug but forearm smashing would be allowed. Have them do battle for 3 -10 min rounds, the winner gets the HOH room for 1 night, meal of their choice and they get the pick of the women, or guy who would be their slave for the night.

        1. I have no first hand knowledge here. Just commenting on other possibilities b/c I have a strong aversion to narrow minded thinking. Ask questions first, conclusions come later. Vagina comes in all colors. Re: Darkhairyhole… I think our bung holes all look the same. Somewhere on here there is a very informative post on anal bleaching. That was news to me. Point is assumptions suck!

        2. I’m a dude, straight, & I enjoy head on battles, my favorite being both AFC & NFC championship games, much more exciting than the SuperBowl. Those are 2 big boys and it irks me to no end that these 2 manbeasts engage in acts of strateegy when they should be running at each other at full speed to see who hits the hardest. Of course to the winner goes the spoils which could be money, at least food and 1 of the females.
          Funny with a name like Darkhairyhole you would assume it was a female tag. You must know some pretty tough broads.

  9. THe Brigade aka The Queens anti female all losers wait uttil they get evicted Haden played Krystan no sex I believe him sex with gay dude maybe Go Brit go

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