**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – The House HATES LOVE therefore the House HATES B/R

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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2:00pm HOH Hayden, MAtt and Lane talking about the saboteur and how theres nothing they can do about it all they can do is get Rachel out this week and move on from there. Matt mentions how BLANK up Rachel was when she went into the Have nots room by herself and was crying then she went into the DR and was laughing and smiling to everyone when she came out. Matt thinks it looks suspicious that the DR gave her some power. Hayden points out that her behavior today doesn’t look like a person that has a game changing power or even the sab power. Ragan walks in. Lane thinks that they did tell Rachel something in that DR season that gave her hope. Ragan asks them what they are talking about, Matt: “We’re thinking Rachel could be the sab”. Lane: “Well we’re going back and forth on it”. Hayden leaves BRit comes up, Mentions that Brendon won’t stop talking about the house being against people in love. Ragan says sarcastically: “we’re after them because we’re so jealous of them, we all want to have what they have”. Ragan points out that Rachel went up to Kathy and apologized for everything and she’s making a good effort to be calm today. Lane interrupts says that right after Rachel went to “apologize” to Kahty she was talking mad BLANK about her to Enzo. Ragan: “Ohh I guess things haven’t changed, Wouldn’t it be great if we got the both of them out these next 2 weeks” Lane: saying that Brendon is saying he’s mentally quit already, he doesn’t want to be here if she’s not here, so he’s willing to go if it’s a double elimination. Lane brings up Brendon wanting to leave this week so that Rachel can stick around, but that everyone has been telling him to fight it out. Lane: “they are so crazy Rachel was going around telling Enzo that she’s going to give Brendon and Him her Studying powers so they can win the quiz comps” They briefly talk about the coup d’tet power and how Jessie didn’t know about it but he knew something was up. They start studying for the quizes going over the BLANK in the house and asking each other questions.

3:00pm everyone Sleeping in the house

3:35pm Ragan, MAtt and LAne Briefly talk about Rachel/Brendon apologizing to Kathy.
Matt and ragan go sit beside the hot tub to talk about the sab. Matt: “how sure are you that it’s Rachel?” Ragan: “i’m keeping a open mind this time”. Matt: “it’s a easy vote for the house if she’s the sab, to be honest i didn’t think it was Annie until we voted her out and we found out”. Ragan had heard some rumors around the house that Annie was absent during the blackout. Matt “this is the way I see it that video cam when Rachel was already on the block and the house already knows she’s going home…. The sab planned was to put a diversion on Rachel”. MAtt thinks this is a stupid move because Rachel is going home and they’ll all find out the next day that she wasn’t the sab. Matt thinks that this is the reason he thinks that the sab is rachel. Matt goes on about how stupid it was for the sab to focus on Rachel because she is already leaving, the sab wasted a video on someone doomed they could of used that video to pave the way for the next video and really zero in on someone. Ragan brings up Brendon’s behavior during the POV how he was calling people pussy and telling Jeff/Jordan to just put the medallion around his head because he’s already won 2. ragan is sure if CBS airs any of Brendon’s behavior during that comp nobody will like him.

Ragan thinks that things int the house will change dramatically after the POV ceremony. He thinks they’ll see Brendon working people for alliances. Ragan: “i’ll pit it this was that B/R are the 2 worse players of out season” Matt:” they’re the worse from the last 3 season.. none of them will be picked for allstar” Ragan thinks Rachel will be, based soley on the fact that she creates so much Drama. Hayden lingering around the backyard.. you can also hear Enzo screaming something silly.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:53pm Hottub

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


4:10pm pool Enzo, Hayden and Lane making a whirlpool trying to figure out who the saboteur is there thinking it might be Kathy because her and Rachel would be the only 2 that would benefit from it. There thinking is that Kathy wants to make as much money as she can and she doesn’t think she has a chance to win the game. They start talking about how awesome the brigade is and how never in BB history has an alliance made it this far and still be a secret. Enzo says the final six will be Kathy + Brigade and either Brit or Ragan but probably BRit. They start to joke around saying that Kathy is the 5th member of the brigade but she doesn’t know it. Enzo: “She’s in the brigade and she’s the saboteur”

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68 thoughts on “**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – The House HATES LOVE therefore the House HATES B/R

  1. lol Brendon is such a pussy…..”The house is against people in love” lol GTFO…..Maybe it’s because the house is there to win the prize…Not fall in love on national tv…

    1. We will just have to see if there “love” lasts outside Big Brother. How many reality show couples are still together; not that many.

    2. YES the house is against brenchel because they fell in love…….. AG need to turn the feeds off come in the house and sit on him for a while maybe his head will come outta his ass

    1. Brenda said that the house, hates them because they fell in love, another delusion of hypocrisy

      hence “The house hates love, the house hates B/R

  2. Who even says it’s love? Sounds like desperation to me. When will Brendon realize it’s not the real world in that house? He’s willing to throw his non existent game away for a girl he’s barely known for a month? If it’s meant to be, they’ll work it out AFTER this game is over. Not during it. This game is designed for fleeting alliances/alliances of convenience. Not seeking a life mate. Even the brigade will eventually have to implode to advance each of their individual positions. Meanwhile Kathy’s gonna sleep her way right into the final two!

  3. The thing is Jeff, I don’t see the house trying to win. All I see is the house slacking off, and someone else trying to do the dirty work so nobody will have “blood” on their hands.

    Why Matt dosen’t see this, I have no idea. For someone who acts like they are controlling the house, he is being played big time.

    1. I agree with that….The house is so conservative gameplay wise…..I’ve always felt that the “Dr. Will theory”–of wiining HOH is a kiss of death…..and Evil Dick was right, when he said the true power in BB is POV not HOH…..Matt is smart, but he is digging himsef a hole….
      Lane is ike a poor-man’s version of memphis….

        1. How can they be the last 2 standing? is everyone else going to walk out the door? Cuz thats the only way those 2 could be the last 2., They can’t win a POV or an Hoh to save their lives! They don’t even come close. Ragan on the other hand has strategically jumped off the last 2 times with Matt, I think the next endurance comp he will try to win and bust this game wide open!

      1. So True. I think playing too conseritive now, that when someone finally backstabs someone, it will look like they are even worse than Rachel then.

        This is almost looking like Surviour 2. Surviour 2 was a love fest and almost everybody hated it.

    2. I agree, Matt claims to be so damn intelligent he doesn”t relalize the rest of the brigade members are playing him big time, I honestly can se him being the first 1 kicked out & Enzo & Lane the last 2 standing all because they didn’t get their hands dirty because they haven’t done a damn thing & Hayden well….. he’s just a space cadet & so is kathy, Brendon needs to man up with his weak ass he’s not in love he’s just in heat, Ragan & Brit will be going right after Brendan & Kathy…this is the worst cast ever in BB history.

    3. Matt just called out Edzo as being a floater. That was basically what he meant. Edzo clearly jumped off the spinning thing, as did Hayden. They should be ashamed of themselves, relying on little Matt to win a physical challenge.

  4. These people are not in love they are in co-dependency due to their self-imposed isolation. Even if you have an enemy everyone knows its not smart to isolate yourself fromthe world.. its a sure way to never know what’s going on outside of your world. That being said, this is why Brendon will get burned by Hayden and Enzo soon enough. He’s totally codependent on Rachel and Rachel is clearly using Brendon for attention and (so she thought) a ride to the finals .. like Jordan did with Jeff.

    I’m not a fan of the Brigade, especially not Matt. I do hope Ragan wins it all.

    This season is a doozy ..I catch up by reading this site on the weekends..it’s so boring that there’s really no point in watching this season. None of the ‘characters’ have pulled me in.

  5. Sorry hit submit before finishing.

    Will Kathy have a job when she gets back? I mean a cop who said they will not arrest anyone if they have marijuna in their possesion? I wander what the police force she works at will think of this. Will that county be known as a drug free county now?

  6. i will correct ragan,B/R are the best entertaining player of this season i mean together and Rachel is the best player to me for this season after we got Britney and Mad let’s just say 1 hoh for matt because he made a deal with ragan this is why he has 2 so people don’t go yell that matt got 2(they ket him have one cuz of a deal)

    1. they made a deal both times, matt could’ve stayed up both HOHs he didn’t have to make the deal. it wasn’t like he didn’t have a choice.

  7. It is so funny how this time last week, Rachel was so happy and doing everything she could to make life miserable for Kristen. And what really drove me crazy was how Brendon was acting as if he was the HOH, everytime someone came in to talk with Rachel who was the HOH, Brendon was right there ! Now that R/B are on the block, they think it is so unfair how people are out to get them, they do not remember how bad they were treating people last week. I’m happy to see both of them on the block, I wish Brendon would wake up and realize that Rachel does not give a damn about him, if he would not have hooked up with her, maybe he would not be someone the house wants out !

    1. actually everyone wanted him out before rachel was his ally. If anything Rachel has helped his game with the 2 HOH’s she won.

  8. Why do people keep saying “they’ll” go home or “we’re” gonna go home. Only one person goes home a week. Maybe it’s a stupid thing to be irritated about but I HATE it.

  9. OMG – if you have the feeds Rachel is talking about how she USES rich guys for very expensive dinners and calls her her clients – Isn’t that what call girls do. She has dropped the name of every expensive liquor there is, and you can see the wheels in Brendons mind spinning – he can’t afford that bitch. OMG.. 510pm on the feeds. it is so funny…

  10. The Brigade would not be the brigade without Matt. He is taking grenades left and right. If he does not win and if his team goes against him there will be hell to pay. Go Matt!

  11. Haha finally stupid brendon and rachael squirming, finally one of those two will go home. I hope brendon goes first just to see rachael go nuts, aw that would be some tv. Ya most of us thing rachael is beyond annoying, but at least she tells people what she really thinks of them which is so much better than that trailor trash brittany. Brittany is such a two face manipulating beeyotch, she runs her mouth about everyone like shes some beauty queen, ya right mr. ed , you and your huge horse teeth and ugly personality. She will get whats coming to her, she thinks shes so slick just sitting their trying to look pretty all on lane’s dick. She and kathy are seriously stupid not for joining forces with brendon and rachael, and so is dumbass ragan. They all think their in this special alliance with enzo, matt etc. but hello?! they are in the brigade, its them not all of them. As soon as B/R go home they will be picking off the stupid floaters left and right (ragan, brittany, kathy) if they were smart and not stupid sheep that do what the majority of house do they could actually get far in the game. I want to see brittany squirm, she has it coming to her that broken piano keys mouth of hers.

  12. this is the lamest cast this season. not even 60 mins on that paint can and they all dropped! the only 2 who remotely deserve to win are matt or rachel. at least they stayed in the comps til they won. brigades are a joke (except matt)
    floaters are def enzo and lane, those 2 should be on the block as they are dead weight. hopefully matt sees this eventually.kathy has got to be the dumbest person ever on here. take one for what team? no one asked her to jump to be have not. she is nothing to the rest (especially the jokeade).

  13. Rachel you are irritating to watch. Do us a favor and go home, I don’t even want to see you in the jury house.

      1. Turn on the tv, don’t miss it, Matt won it. Holy shit. He can change who is on the block. OMG, finally, thank you Big Brother. It’s not going to save Rachel but it will save Matt. -faints-

  14. It doesn’t surprise you that Matt lied about the $1? haha. He gets the Diamond Power of Veto for the next two weeks so basically he chooses who stays and who goes this week and next. Sick

  15. Great Matt the Rat has more power then anyone in the house. Just what that little snake needs. I would say that the brigade is done after next week because he kept this secret from them. Bye bye Matt after next week.

    1. He has to keep it secret or else he will lose the power! The brigade will love him because of this once they find out. They will understand a two week secret!

      1. Matt wont use it unless 2 brigade members go up or himself….The brigade can always afford one of their own to go up, because they have a voting block of 3…If 2 of them go up, then they are in trouble…..I highly doubt this power will get used, unless Matt has to save his own ass….

  16. With the diamond power of veto to Matt that pretty much guarantees that Regan will be able to complete the sab pranks and win the $20K too.

    1. Unless it had been editted, I sidn’t hear him say a word – just glazed expression. I am always amazes how easily Matt a
      can spin and tell a lie.

  17. matts nom speak was well put, brendonlooked like he was ready to cry and rach needs more than botox for that mug. she needs michael jacksons plastic surgeon

  18. I don’t understand why people bash the show saying it’s boring and predictable but they continue to watch??? Why is that??? Be damn if I do something that makes me miserable…Life is to short, if you don’t like it then move on…The only reason I say this is because I am NOT a B/R fan but I didn’t find the show repulsive when they were in power, the operative word being “they” lol. I continued to watch and had faith that the tides would turn, and look at what that positive thinking did…Gotta love it!!!

    Geaux Matt!!!

    Geaux Brigade!!

    1. Nikkie girl relax, It is boring fact! On every website the majority of people say it. Maybe people watch it because there loyal to big brother. Just sayin’ lol brigade=lame
      ( where is the fast forward button)

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