Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says that he can’t wait until the Jedi training starts and that Brendon is going to start levitating things with his mind…


12:20pm Rachel under the covers in the big bed. Brendon comes in and asks what’s wrong and she tells him about her conversation with Matt. Rachel is upset about it and Brendon gets mad. Brendon says that he’s going to confront Matt after he takes a shower. Rachel keeps complaining about how everyone has been against them from the beginning. Rachel says they had to win everything. They talk about how they lost one thing and one of them is going home. Rachel wants Brendon to hug her but says that he’s sweaty from working out. Brendon gives her a kiss. Brendon leaves and goes to shower. In the bathroom Brendon talks to Kathy. Brenden says that he is not coming after her. Brendon tells her that they others are planning of get rid of her in a double elimination and that she can’t trust anyone. Kathy thanking him for telling her and says that she knows she can’t trust anyone. Brendon goes off about people being mean. Kathy says that she cheered during the competition because she won and didn’t mean anything it. Brendon says that he is coming after all of the other ones that are two-faced, back-stabbing… Brendon says that when the time comes, he would appreciate her vote. Kathy tells Brenden that she is weak from no food. Brenden offers to make slop cookies for her. Kathy says that she can deal with the cold showers and the cot… that she slept all day yesterday and doesn’t have any energy. Brenden says hang in there and offers to make some food for her. Kathy says thank you.

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In the backyard Lane, Enzo, Matt and Hayden are talking. Enzo says that we could have sent one of them (Brendon and Rachel) home last week but we waited. So what are they complaining about? Matt says yeah, has she imparted her powers to any of you guys yet? I can’t wait until the Jedi training starts. Enzo says that Brendon is going to start levitating things with his mind. Enzo says that Rachel told him just wait until everyone comes to Vegas and we’ll see how personal it is. Lane says that Hayden and Enzo were playing pool and Brenden said that everyone here that Rachel likes will get to have fun in Vegas and that the people that she is mad at …..that Vagas is going to suck for them. Matt says so you can only have fun in Vegas if you’re with her. Lane asks that she is going to tell the bartender not to talk to us or look at us? Matt says whatever!! Lane says we’ll see who has more fun…. Branchel… that’s his new name. Enzo says no it’s waa, waa. Hayden now awake and says the Jedi training could have started last night but he wasn’t in the mood. Now they think the training will resemble some sort of Harry Potter scenario, with an owl in there! Matt leaves to take a shower.

1pmBrendon and Rachel talking in the bedroom. Rachel says that she can’t stop crying. Brendon says that she talked to Kathy and told her it’s not personal but it’s hard because she were celebrating and happy about us being out of the competition. Brendon says that it was insensitive. Brendon says that Kathy said she did not mean to be like that but she was just happy to have won something. Brendon say that he kind of believes her, but that things are insane here. Brendon says that he told Kathy they will all turn on her. Brendon says that he also told her that when one of us goes and they are still gunning for the other….so that he told her right now that if I stay I am not targeting you but I want to take out the backstabbers. Brendon says that he told her that he needs her vote. Rachel asks so you just asked Kathy to vote for you? Brendon says no. Rachel says that’s what it sounds like. I thought we were not going to talk to people about voting to keep you or I. Brendon asks are you kidding me? Are you out of your mind? I would not campaign against you.

Do you think that I would campaign for them to keep me? You better not! If you keep this up, I am going to campaign hard to get myself out just to prove it to you. Would you fight hard if you stayed? Rachel says that she has no energy to do anything and doesn’t want to work out…. That she doesn’t want to get up…. shes depressed. … and that she has never been like this in my life and that she has had some BLANK up BLANK happen in her life. Rachel and Brendon start kissing. Brendon says you know what is crazy. I have spent more time with you than 90% of my relationships. All my past relationships are past relationships for a reason. They were all preparing me for the perfect one for me. Rachel asks even when I get stress zits. Brendon says that those are character zits. Brendon says that whoever stays in this game has to fight their heart out. It it’s you, then you have to fight. You’re going to be sad but this is what you’re going to have to deal with when you’re in Vegas and I’m in LA. It’s really just preparation. Rachel says that you’re going to force me to move to LA in a week, stupid wizard power. Brendon says in his wizard voice that he is more powerful than originally thought! Rachel tell him that he is silly. Brendon says that he is nerdy and wonders how people view him now? Rachel says that hey think you’re a super awesome guy. You’re cute and handsome. We’re cute. Brendon says and handsome. Rachel says that the wizard voice probably got you more haters than fans. That’s possible. But floaters grab your life vests probably got me more haters than fans. Brendon says that when I put that wizard hat on, I transformed. At least people know that I’m a real person.
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1:35pm – 1:55pm The Feeds cut out for a bit and when they return the house guests got another saboteur message.  Ragan, Kathy, Lane, Brendon Hayden and Britney are in the living room talking about the saboteur message. Britney and Matt think saboteur is messing with the house trying to get them to vote out Brendon and something was said about throwing competitions. Britney says the message is obviously about trying to keep Brendon. Britney says that she thinks Rachel is the saboteur and that the message was about votes not veto because Britney had told Rachel yesterday she wouldn’t use veto under any circumstances so Rachel has given up on that so now its about votes. They think it would be funny if smoke bombs went off when Rachel leaves and they laugh about how it would be like the wicked witch meeting her demise in the Wizard of Oz. They say that this is the season of Wizard of Oz! Britney asks if she can be the good witch. Brendon is the wizard, The Wizard of Pinball. Then they talk about Brendon being the Tin Man. Rachel is in the kitchen asking why the saboteur just didn’t say Rachel, everyone hates your guts! Lane wonders about the next saboteur message, like a three person alliance you don’t know about. Ragan questions him. Lane says well like there’s a four person secret alliance in the house. Matt says you know whatever lie the saboteur can do to mess with us. Lane says that the saboteur message said something about Brendon throwing competitions but you two can discuss that in the jury house … maybe double elimination?!

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I think it would be funny if Rachel didn’t get any votes and had to be in the Jury house ALONE!!!

sickoftheir shit

Yah she seems like the type that cant stand her own company and requires other people around all the time.


i want brenchel to see the tapes and see the way they acted and understand they deserved every bit of the way the other treated them…………….. you think if Hitler was alive that people would not tret him like shit if given the opportunity??? thats exactly how it is in the house Rachel was Hitler her 2 HOHs and Brendon was whoever Hitler’s bitch was?


I’m no Brenchal fan but Hitler? that’s a bit offensive.


Are you a total moron!!!!!????? Comparing ANYONE’S idiotic acts to Hitler is well….. do you know anything about Hitler??? mAybe read A HISTORY BOOK instead of big brother blogs!!!!!!!!!


FYI i know about hitler and what he did… any anybody i see displaying “dictator-esc” qualities i call them hitler… just JOKES , bitch calm down


Wasn’t funny then either.

sickoftheir shit

I think the analogy you meant was that Hitler and Roach are psychopaths. I didnt take offensive to your comments. I understood what you were getting at.


exactly, some people really can’t take a joke, understandable

Dixie Doll

I just think there are alot more things to get upset about and climb up on a soapbox for than someone tossing out a Hitler joke in Reality forum. I get the analogy, and NO I don’t seriously think Rachel & Brendon would kill millions of people including woman and children. It was clearly a joke. Try not to underestimate the intelligence of people who read these forums. Most of them can tell the difference. So Lighten up folks. That’s all I’m saying!


and i know im not the only person in the world who calls an obvious “control freak” hitler….. i hate people ho take shit people say online too seriously…. it;’s people like that who gives social networking a bad name… nobody can joke around because someone will get their lil feelings hurt


hold up.. so why is the word Hitler off limits?? what we’re just gonna sweep that little bit of history under the carpet along with nixon and m. jackson?? he made perfect sense, hell just how hitler was tough when not in actual confrontation his austrian ass sure as hell wasnt tough when he got, got.. okay here’s an analogy Rachel=Saddam. what is everyone gonna cry about that too

Willy Loc

of course they will, i understand what he meant Hitler as well as Saddam were Dictators and Rachel was a Big Brother Dictator, he was not making fun of what Hitler did at all. i had this mean teacher who was a nightmare in HS and i called that dude Hitler everyday, it helped that his name was similar “Hatler”.


Hitler? Really? I’m pretty sure Rachel wasn’t responsible for anything remotely comparable to the deaths of nearly 6 million people while she was HOH. While Rachel is borderline insane and clearly power-crazed, your Hitler reference is offensive to anyone that knows ANYTHING about history. Try expanding your horizons beyond “reality” TV every once in awhile and your life will be fuller.


Don’t compare me to that skank ho!


so sorry hitler, did not mean to compare an evil skank to you, and get anyone on here riled up over a joke….


you fella are nuts. his analogy was a good one and i hate to tell you but murder was never brought up. get off your rag and enjoy a good joke. THE ONLY PPL WHO TAKE OFFENSE TO WHAT HE SAID ARE PPL WHO ARE INSECURE AND CAN’T UNDERSTAND A GOOD ANALOGY

OH! Brother

Oh give me a break!! If you want to spout history, BB isn’t the place to look to. Cool your jets — don’t you get it: THIS IS ONLY A **GAME** SHOW – NOT REAL LIFE!! Maybe you need a real life so you understand that people are only yanking your chain…….


Wow, that is just wrong.


Whoever Hitler’s bitch was? Try Eva Braun. You really don’t know anything about basics in history do you? Stop making historical references when you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it.


Oh okay, Grenademaster…YO! Your idea of humor is exactly what is wrong with today’s society. Joking about the holocaust is evidently hilarious in your book. Hitler was hysterical…NOT!

OH! Brother

Who made you the history guru??? You don’t know nothing — like Brenchel shouting their mouths off how smart they are.. Guess you’re in the same circle of friends as they are…..


OMG!!! I just want to throw up…..”I’m so depressed….I don’t want to work out….everyone hates me” !! GET RID OF THE BITCH-MONKEYBOY!!!!


It is fun seeing the guys try to guess who the saboteur. Don’t they know that the saboteur cannot tell anyone that he/she is the one doing the pranks?


did ragan accept the saboteur offer or did they pass it down to enzo? because everyone was in the room together accept enzo, and b/r.


Ragan took it as the rules stipulated that if Pandora’s box wasn’t opened or the selecte HG did not accepted the sab then there would be no sab from the vote (and that if the voted HG was evicted it would go to the next highest vote-getting HG).


what was up with the flamingo’s in the floor when they woke up?

C Note

I have waited for this moment all season. Ho Bags needs to go back to vegas and pop them zits in the privacy of her own home. She is just disgusting. I sure hope production doesn’t jump in and help her ass out because they want more drama in the house. Boo ya Biatch!

i smell something....

Rachel and Brendon are PISS OFF’s they are saying it’s being hard for them in the house….
WTF, when they had power…they were total bitches. saying “bring it”. well bitch, they brought it. honestly though, don\t wine, take it in. cause you being asking for it. YOU ARE GOING HOME.
this weeks elimination is for Kristen/Hayden: for putting them against each other cause you were actually really jealous that america would like their showmance better.

Lennon's Ghost

Poor Julie Chen on Thursday night.
She’ll need bodyguards and men in white coats to deal with Big Red after she gets the boot.
CBS will definitely have to have a time delay on the broadcast to bleep Red’s screeching.
I’m melting, I’m melting.


“They say that this is the season of Wizard of Oz!”…No it is not…It’s the season of The Wizard of OBVI!!”….Unfortunately,very few of them are actually paying attention to the OBVI things. *smacks myself upside the head for using the term OBVI* bwahahahahaha




WTF did she just believe that everyone has just going to hand her giggly ass the money !Her dumb std stripper ass needs to go!


when is the POV ceremony?

sickoftheir shit

Does anybody know what Casino/hotel she works for? I think we should start a facebook page to get her fired after her threats to those that oppose her, how they will be treated if they go to Vegas. That really bothered me.


I am sure she just said that as part of her manic depressive nature. I am sure she really would not do anything like that.


Haze at the Aria Hotel


The clock is ticking Rachel….BOOM….BOOM….BOOM YO…..BOOM.


Brigade 4-deep YO!!!!


Okay I was a fan of b/r when I first to watch, yes I have change my view. However the rest of them in that house are just as bad. Brit is just a stupid little southern girl who thinks she is the bomb, no don’t think so Regan is acting more like a little kid. Matt looks and acts like a kid. The only one in the house that is worth a grain of salt is Enzo, at least he shows his true colors and he is funny as well.


Yep, worst cast…Right up there with season 9…

sickoftheir shit

I would be sooo funny if Brendon was really playing Roach and won the money and told her at the Finale that he just used her during the show. Holy Crap…can you imagine what she would do? That would be priceless..

Lennon's Ghost

Damn! Now I’ve got that marching tune of the castle guards stuck in my head!
Ooh Wee Ooh—Ooh-Ooh–Oh! Ooh Wee Ooh—Ooh-Ooh-Oh!
I’m melting. I’m melting. Give me some more botox. Arrgh.


My question about double elimination…If one houseguest originally dropped out, are there still enough players to do a double elimination?


no if its going to be a double elimination and something happens and one of the HGs leaves b4 hand there is no double eviction , just a normal one , just like last year when chima got expelled, that week was supposed to be double eviction


Has anyone noticed that Rachel NEVER takes a Shower? She is just as bad as Nasty Nat from last season. I wonder how Brendon is able to snuggle up next to someone who NEVER takes a shower. When she worked out yesterday, she was all sweaty, and all she did was change clothes, she skipped taking a shower. She has got to smelling very RIPE !