MATT Has the Diamond Power of Veto

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

MATT Has the Diamond Power of Veto

At either of the next two eliminations Matt can opt to use it and he can not only choose who to veto from the block but he also gets to select their replacement! The only requirement is that he not tell anyone he has it. The Diamond Power Of Veto is a game changer and could extremely alter the course of the big brother game.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:50pm Brit and Enzo practicing for the pool tournament tonight.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:55pm Backyard Couch Kathy and HAyden Kahty going over the conversation she had with Brendon and how Brendon is saying that Matt and ragan want to take her to double eviction. Kathy mentions that Brendon has been apologizing for Rachel’s actions, Brendon: “You don’t understand what its like to be rachel right now everyone hates her she’s on the block” Kathy goes on to explain that Brendon is saying the the house is up to something and Kathy is the one in danger. Hayden thats not the case as far as I now. Kathy is sure that Brendon isn’t coming after Hayden and her int he short term. Hayden tells her they will talk later he leaves to help Ragan make the fish tacos

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:09pm Everyone preparing food

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131 thoughts on “MATT Has the Diamond Power of Veto

    1. Matt lied, he did not win a dollar, he won the Diamond Power of Veto. He can control the veto for the next two weeks. If someone goes up, he can remove them. The Diamond Power of Veto was in Pandora’s Box which Matt chose to open. By opening Pandora’s Box, it unleashed The Saboteur which America chose as Regan. He accepted. He will get $20,000 if he can do 3 acts of sabotage for the next 2 weeks.

      1. Hypothetically, what if next weeks veto winner takes themselves off the block… can Matt override their golden veto and put them back up on the block with his diamond veto?

      2. Actually, doesn’t Regan have to commit 3 acts of sabotage per week, so he needs to perform 6 acts total during the 2 week period?

      1. I posted something similar this morning except said lips not tongue – never thought she would actually talk about botox in the DR and add more hilarity! Way to go Boy George! Made me laugh all over again, Rockstar!

  1. I’m so confused… was this on the actual episode tonight? I’m in Las Vegas (where Rachel’s from) and it doesn’t come on until 8.

  2. BEST EPISODE YET! I’m so glad CBS has realized that AMERICA HATES BRENCHEL!!!! Hahahaha. I love how the added the sniveling Botox comment at the end of the episode. :D

    1. How on Earth could Rachel think that comment would come off any other way than it did? That girl is truly an out of touch moron.

    2. Ya the Botox wrinkle thing was soooo funny..She gives a bad name to the red heads if you ask me.And her man Brendon….”are you upset with me Rachel….i love you”..come on,give me a @$$%%^ break.They deserve each other big time..Go Ragan go! i adore him..looks so fragile…lol.

    3. Hard to believe that at 26 years old, Rachel is shooting Botox in her face. Wonder what she’s going to look like in 5 or 10 years. Another Nikki Cox, maybe.

      1. Nikki Cox was one of the girls I’d do if I ‘did’ girls however once she put her ass in her lips and had her boobs stretched to tire size, she ruined herself and she makes me want to vomit. that girl was sooooo beautiful, she was breath taking and now, I’d have to plug my nose, put a paper bag over her head and a pork chop around her neck and even then a bear would think it was a booby trap. haha

      2. Thank you for posting her age!!! I wasn’t 100% sure how old she was but knew she was WAY too young for botox!!! Her money might be better spent on Clearasil…

    1. Diamond Power of Veto: from what I heard, Matt can use it over 2 weeks to save someone AND name who goes on the block in that person’s place. I assume that means he is safe for the next week/

      1. I assume the HOH is exempt from going on the block as a replacement otherwise no matter what happens next week Brendon is going to jury house to join Rachel.

    2. The diamond power of veto has to be kept secret in order to be valid. The holder, Matt, is allowed to use this power to remove anyone from the block, including himself, during the next two weeks only. Not only can he take someone off the block, he also gets to name the replacement.

      Essentially the next HOH could have his/her power completely gutted by Matt should he choose to use the diamond power.

    3. It allows mat to remove anyone from the block and replace them with whoever he wants. It looks like it’s good for the next two weeks.

    4. no.. i read it that he can use it at EITHER.. does not imply both. i could be wrong. giving him that power for two weeks is over the top.

      1. Leaving Matt the first of the brigade to go, if he is not careful….All the bloodshed has come from Matt…..Lane is sitting the best in the brigade at the moment imo…..He just needs to win something down the road to have a case for the $500,000…

  3. Well this was a boring and expected show tonight. I can’t wait until the brigade falls apart. I’m betting they are gonna come for Matt first.

    1. Let’s hope…. it was a very boring episode and the diamond veto and sabateur will do very little. Matt will probably only use it on himself and Not sure what lame things CBS will sugest for Ragan to do.

      1. This season is so boring. Everyone on here is the same person! CBS you did not do a good job of creating diversity. You are giving Matt a clear path to the finals. The endurance hoa comps are geared for small people. Just look at the two he(Matt) won.both him and Ragan where the last two(the smallest in the house)standing. Please shake it up because we can tell what is going to happen every week! Big Brother is not what it use to be.

        1. I think the people are boring….rachel would have been perfect with the cast of season 9….Matt is just a re-vamped version of eric from season 8(personality wise)….Ronnie could go far with this group…..There just way too conservative gameplay this year…..Kathy might shake things up IF!!! she wins, but that will be when hell freezes over……

          1. where is the remote so i can fast forward to final two. We already know what the rest of the season looks like. Out of all people the snake matt. Omg!( looking for the remote)

  4. Brigade final 4 yo, 4 deep. All you Brachel fans can cancel your live feeds now. If you want drama watch Jerry Springer. Brigade gots this shit yo.

    1. Yo Brigade, keep tossing those grenades!! Do the math haters, The Brigade is golden. The Diamond Veto keeps them all safe, not just Matt, this and next week, then they have too big of a vote advantage for the rest of the house to overcome. Rolling to the Final Four, YOOOOO !!

  5. Brigade is now Golden (or should I say Diamond) until final 6. I really don’t see how these guys don’t make it to the Final 4 Now. This is as close to sealing it as possible.

    Sure, crazy things can happen, but for right now, the Brigade is set to be the strongest alliance in BB History. They gotta finish the job, but if they do, they are defintely in the conversation, NO QUESTION!!

    4-Deep Yo. Brigade Power.

    “Ya Mutha”

    1. Yep pretty much….Unless Matt does more over-analyzing of the game, which happened in his first HOH reign….The worst case for the brigade is if Kathy wins HOH after the D-POV becomes voided……She puts up Matt and probably Enzo…..

    2. The will be last as far as alliances go because they have no blood…Most fans like the in your face people. Not one of them have did that, not even one.

  6. He’s not going use aslong a B doesn’t win the hoh or veto, correct ?
    Not to sure
    And he can’t tell anyone about the diamond veto is that right?

    1. If any Brigade member gets put up next week he will take them down and put up Brendon and a pawn, then Brenda is out the door That gets it down to seven people left in the house and they control 4 votes. Do the math if you can count Brigade Haters ! GRENADES IN THE AIR, BOO-YAH !!!!

    1. yea they were and i can’t wait either to hear what jeff says to brendon after brendon threw a fit for sucking in the POV

      1. the other house guests said that Brendon showed his ass big time at the POV Comp and if CBS does not edit that out, Brendon will not have any supports left at all.

  7. he won’t need to use it , UNLESS a miracle happens and brendon wins HOH and that comp will be “who can whine the most”

    1. I don’t think he has done anything. I was wondering if they were maybe waiting to give him assignments until after the broadcast announced it??? IDK why?

      1. I think that CBS wants us to go to their site and give them suggestions as to what Ragan should do to sabotage the house.

        And now….in honor of BB finally bringing back the Diamond veto and the lil Matt-weasel having it…I shall also place my hand down my pants….as I watch football. (Cowboys lead the Bengals 6-0 )

  8. I wonder if Brendan wins HOH & puts up 1 of the brigades up will Matt use the GPOV to take them off, Hell…… I wouldn’t!

    1. Nope he will only do it…If TWO Brigade members go up…..They have the votes from here on out pretty much to evict anybody…..They just cant afford losing their voting block of 3….If 2 of them are nominated–they only have 2 votes, and have to scrap for POV and votes…..If one of them is up on the block, that person is pretty much essentially safe, by having the voting block of 3…

    2. I think Brendan will put up Matt and Ragan to avenge the love of his life UGH. Matt won’t need to use the Veto he has because he will get three votes from the Brigade to save him.

  9. Brendon get’s on my nerves he needs to go next week i’ve never in my life seen a grown ass man act like a whimp & whine bitch & complain when he’s not in power get over it you can’t win everything damn thing…you’ll be joining Rachael next week in the jury house!

  10. Love it Jodie. Did you see where Rachel says she has friends in the real world. Problem is Rachel doesn’t live in the real world.

      1. that is what I was wondering.. also, if matt plays and wins the other power of veto can he use both of them and take both nominees down???

  11. Matt is stupid as far that i know,rught now he needs to think strategically i know that im a fan of B/R but if he’s going to use it to get Brendon out next week then he’s a loser he needs to know that after he’s going to be a huge target and like all rachel haters said today karma is a bitch,well matt karma is going to be bitchy for you damn matt ur lucky i wish rachel was in ur place…..i want rachel to cause jury house drama

      1. Stupid that BB makes him actually hold onto the D-POV physically and not just give it to him in the DR for him to use later on — what if someone finds it, then he didn’t actually tell them so I dunno if he would lose the power or not or what would happen, but how cool would that be.

      2. If Matt is hiding it in his pants like someone suggested earlier, Ragen is just the guy to go hunting.

  12. YES! D-POV! I did not see that one coming at all. I really fell for the $1 lie, even though Weewee Gremlin said he didn’t think anyone in the house believed him. Sweet! Hand down the pants, tossing grenades, big fat KaBoom! The Brigade will absolutely love it if/when he uses it. Which would only be if two Brigade members are on the block together. Gremlin’s got this in the bag.

  13. What is Ragan saying in the hammock right now to himself? Around 6:50pm? Just talking to himself about house trivia?

  14. So Matt has the Diamond Power of Veto (down his pants). Brigade is safe for the next two weeks, the only way I can see matt using it though is if two brigade members are up and theres no chance of the veto saving one of them because if he uses it then he’s admitting he’s a liar as he lied about winning the dollar. It be best for him to just keep it on the DL and not even have to use it. If the brigade makes it to final four matt is almost guaranteed 2nd as whichever member of the brigade he goes up against is going to get both brendon’s and Rach’s vote as theyre not going to vote for matt, so it would be smart to try and go up next to him…

    Cant wait to see what Regan will do as the Sab…
    and thank God good bye brenchel

  15. Does the diamond veto override the regular veto? Like if brendon were on the block, won the pov and took himself off, could matt put him back up with the diamond veto or would they both be safe?

  16. LOL, I totally agree! I can’t wait until we get through these 2 weeks and don’t have to hear their shit anymore. I might even start watching BBAD again.

  17. What are the chances of Matt using the Diamond Veto and put up a Brigade member on Thrusday before the vote? Now that would take BALLS to do.

    At least it would make the show exciting.

    1. that wouldn’t make any sense, unless a rift happens between members and he decides to use it, but saving brenchel would be ultimately stupid only a idiot would do such a thing… onlyu real chance he would use it is if a brendon wins HOH and puts him up, which is doubtful seeing how he did in the last 2 HOHs and whined for HIM giving up instead of “MANNING UP” and enduring the pain to save himself and his so-call girlfriend rachel….

      1. BUT…did it NOT make sense for Matt to follow through with what he said he was going to do…2 weeks ago? He said he was going to put the 2 pain in the asses up then and didn’t and his stupid ass got an pain in the ass out, but none the less…he said he was putting Brenndon and Rachel up…I would have gladly put up with Andrew over hearing her annoying voice and looking at her zit filled face!! Hopefully Matt will take his hand out of pants…play like he has some “brains”! Oh by the way Matt…STOP lying about your wife having a terminal illness you little weaselily snake BASTARD!!!

  18. Hey what if Brendon wins HOH and puts Matt up….can he take himself off and put up Brendon? Wouldn’t that be sweet???????

  19. I will be surprised if El Sab can do anything to mess up anyone’s alliances or out the Brigade. It will be more of annoyance type things, which may rattle a few cages, but other than that, harmless. I’m with Enzo on this one – who cares?

  20. So if someone wins the power of veto, uses it and Matt doesn’t like the replacement can he do a double veto?

    1. I am not sure that they have divulged the specifics of use yet as they often don’t until it’s necessary to do so. For all we know, he may use it right before live evictions!

  21. Brendon wins HOH, nominates Matt and Ragan, Matt uses his Diamond Power of Veto to remove himself and nominate Brendon? This can happen?

      1. Matt has bee told that can’t tell anyone about the DPOV, but at the eviction, will Julie ask a blind question if the person with special power wants to use it now. That would really cause an explosion.

    1. Hey Rockstar, he still wouldn’t be able to put up the HOH or the POV winner, I don’t think the diamond veto overrides those, it just means Matt would chose the replacement instead of the HOH. I think, lol.

  22. I think all that botox has frozen some of her brain cells…what a whiney baby…she treats people like crap and then expects them to treat her well when she has problems…she is a demanding cow who has no manners, respects no one, her best friend is her mirror and her MAN would not give her the time of day if he wasn’t stuck in the house with no friends because he hooked up with her….

  23. Well we don’t know if the HoH would be immune or not, or even the person who wins that weeks PoV. If someone won the PoV and didn’t use it, would he or she be safe as well? Nobody knows yet.

    I have a feeling though that the HoH could be put up since it said anybody. So my guess is yes.

  24. This Diamond Power of Veto is Bogus. That’s what the Chenbot meant when she kept saying this could be the most Powerful HOH ever. I hate unfair advantage,regardless of who gets it. It might be time to end this show on CBS if they can’t come up with more interesting and even twists.

  25. Omg…why does Matt always have his hand down his pants? All the time. haha.

    I wish the Saboteur aspect of the game was more interesting….like they should get more power or should have to convince people to be put up other players even if he is aligned with them.

    Rachel is annoying. Botox…and she is 26? She already looks like she is 30 something.

    As of now I am team Britney or Enzo.

  26. I agree that is what I am wondering as well. If Brendon somehow gets HOH and then say puts up MAtt and Lane (or Enzo or Hayden) can Matt use the DPOV and take himself off and place Brendon up even if he is the HOH? CBS HELP

  27. I am sure that Brendon and Rachel will be leaving soon. I already pity those who are being sequestered. Now here is a something I am still wondering about…who are the two that are life long friends?

  28. Ya know its still 5 non brigade vs 4 brigade, but they don’t realize it. Even with Rachel gone, its Kathy, Brit, Ragen and Brendan but they will never realize it without CBS’ help, which I hope they don’t give them. For me, it will be very entertaining to let it play out naturally.

    This week: Rachel out
    Next week: Brendan (unless he wins HoH but if he wins PoV Matt will likely use the diamond)
    Then it gets tricky, because Kathy, Brit and Ragen won’t realize they are the targets of the other four. The diamond will be gone by that time and its very possible the HoH that sent Brendan out was in the brigade. So you will have, in that case, 3 brigade and 3 non brigade members playing for the HoH. There won’t be any obvious person to put up anymore now that Braechel is gone.

    I think the Brigade will want Kathy to stay and knock out stronger players like Ragen and Brit, if Ragen/Brit have HoH at that time there is a possibility of two brigade members on the block for a vote but its very unlikely. Kathy will likely go up and out.

    Brigade is looking very very solid for final 6 and as long as they don’t self destruct, Final Four.

    Thats going to be funny as hell to see Ragan and Brit get the boot, especially if they are completely blindsided during the vote.

    The irony is that even right now, if they knew what they were up against, Brendan, Britney, Ragan and Kathy could unite and stand a chance, but divided they are T O A S T.

  29. so is the DPOV good THIS week and next… or next week and the week after.. cuz I really don’t see why any HOH would use it if they are the ones that made the nominations in the first place…

  30. I hope the first thing America has the Saboteur do…is put super glue on both of Matt’s hands…that would teach him to put his hands down his pants!!!…ROTFLMFAO

  31. Okay…really? Seriously….I read and read and read and all I see is how terrible Rachel is…how she “hates” on everyone and talks about all of them…are you kidding me? Yes..she has since she was put on the block, but am I watching something different than you all? I mean come on!! If there is ANYONE in that house that is a true to life “hater” it’s Brittany! She has been at it since day one people! She has talked crap about Rachel being a stripper from the beginning…called Kathy an idiot, talked about Kristen’s V-jay jay and how you could see it thru every pair of pants she wore because she wore them so tight and so high…she seems to know everything about anything there there is to know in the world…and doesn’t hesitate to share it…offline of course because she clearly wouldn’t want to have her reputation tarnished…OMG…I’m dying here! The biggest mistake that Rachel made was being upfront about what and who she is….she just happened to hook up with Brendan…whatever. THEN there is Ragan…are you kidding me…when he was in the “Have Not” room “having a moment”..who comforted him? Who made sure that he was okay and soothed him? Who opened up their HOH room and let him have free reign? Umm…yeah…Rachel….duh! Ragan is acting like a little B**** right now! He has hooked up with Brit and they are being little high school girls taking crap….that’s all! OF COURSE Rachel is acting out….let me think….ummm….pretty sure that Brit boo hoo’d and did the whole, “can I talk to you” speech with EVERYONE when SHE was on the block…..yup…she made sure that she did what she had to do to save herself….Bye Monet….hate to see you go…blah blah blah….whatever. So…back to my point….someone please tell me how the heck Rachel is the one that is so talking crap about folks and it’s NOT anyone else….hmmmm….I’m missing it!

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