Big Brother 12 Spoilers – The Brigade on Cloud 9, Enzo “This week will be a masterpiece”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:50pm Kitchen Lane and Enzo
There talking about how critical it is that they get Brendon out. Enzo believes that putting up Rachel and Andrew would be the best bet. If POV is used then Brendon goes up.. however if Brendon wins POV then there fucked. Lane thinks getting rid of Brendon would be awesome.
Enzo: “First we take out the Salvatore now we split up this years showmance”
Enzo: “we’re the most deadly group in BB history”
Enzo points out that there was 2 votes to keep Monet one from Brit and one from Brendon. Lane doesn’t think it was Brendon.. Maybe Andrew. Enzo for some reason if POSITIVE that Kathy and Andrew voted out Monet. Enzo: “We’re safe for another week”
Lane: “We’re Safe for another 2 weeks”
Lane thinks they should try and keep brit around at least for the next couple weeks because she can do their dirty work, plus Brit can win HOH’s and POV’s. Enzo points out that 5 minutes after Matt gets HOH Boy George is already kissing his ass. He continues saying that Brendon walked into the kitchen and said in a tough voice “He better no put me up i never put him up” Lane and Enzo laugh… Enzo “What the fuck was up with the other night we they caused all that shit”…”You gotta be watching yourself every 24 hours, he showed his whole hand at that point he’s fucked” Enzo tells him that Rachel was crying because she thought Matt is going to put her up. Lane “FUCK HER”
Enzo: “This week will be a masterpiece”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:00pm Have Nots ragan, Boy George and Brendon Ragan says that he’s finally gotten over the mental wall in this game that he had for the first 2 weeks and now he feels like he’s able to handle it. Rachel goes on about how her and Brendon have always been real to Matt. Ragan says he knows he reminds them that he fought as hard as he could up on that surf board. Brendon knows he adds that the boards were a lot harder to stand on then he thought. Rachel says she going to me who she is around Matt and see were that gets her. Lane walks in drinking a beer.. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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Wow, Noman Bates let his fingers do the walking on an airplane. I’m shocked! No, maybe not.

BAB - formally BB

Haha.. love the grenade!


Soooo Glad Matt won HoH! Hope Brendon or Rachel goes home this thursday. Hope Brendon goes first so we can see the Rachel breakdown. Also whenever Rachel does go I hope people leave her crappy goodbye messages like she left Annie and Monet (Granted Monet did talk hella s#!t about Rachel behind her back).


This could not have gone any better for the ol Brigade. I have a feeling that we will see a floater go home, and not Branchel.


how many actually get to go to the jury house? Anyone know –

Mike luke

the first 5 evicted won’t make it, but the 7 remaining will go into the jury house.


it is actually four go home and then seven in the jury


I think it’s perfect that Rachel is worried. She should be.
It’s made me sick all week that she was trying to gain sympathy from Britney and Monet for not taking out the big guys. She could have had the girls in her corner for a while instead of creating enemies.
She is PHONY (even tho I loved the way she played Annie) but can’t stand her now. She cries into the camera and plays on everyone’s emotions. Brendan doesn’t know it yet.. but he’s history as soon as the show is over.
Simon, for some reason you and I would get a long so well!
You say what I’m thinking so often!
Oh.. and didn’t you love Brit’s goodbye to Monet? Awesome!!! Got to be one of the best goodbyes’ ever!

tony b

I do not find this season as boring as many have posted because I am not really into the Russell and Chima level fights. For the most part I like a happier house. That said, Britney is usually the reason I am laughing at all this season and that exit message was classic. How she could not break out laughing during that speech was unbelievable. Go Brit! Down with the Brigade.


I don’t like the fighting and the BS from last year but still find this year boring so far. I miss the game play of the first years 1-5 of the show. I remember voting on who went home and who stayed. I wish it would go back to that because then the game would be played in a more civilized manner without all the lying and BS that way it is now. People don’t like liars and that is all this game has become which is not a fair way to play this game. Please don’t jump on me for my opinion concerning the game play, I just like good game play and not underhanded game play. Each year the lying becomes more prominent and just goes to show that the HGs don’t have the mentality to play the game.

Rachael Must Go!

WTF is with the live feed cutting out just before the HOH room reveal and not coming back on for several minutes after the letter and big HOH room entry…stupid, rat bastards running this crap this year and really getting to be a big pain in the ass with the way they are running the live feeds and BBAD (with all the B/R mega overload).


The feeds suck this year. They cut off the last part of the HOH comp. I guess they wanted to save it for Sunday’s show. Lots of bubbles last night. They really need to change up the audio during bubble time. It gets pretty annoying after 10 minutes.


If a floater goes home.. it would be another wasted week.
I know it’s hard to understand, but I’m rooting for Britney right now. She’s smart, funny and right now, she can move around the house without too much fear. Why? Oh yeah, I like the boys who are playing close to the cuff.. but they really aren’t seeing things for what they are. Matt offering himself to the sacrificial gummy bear was a bad move. He could of escaped all the drama and still won.
It wouldn’t have mattered who left, Monet or Andrew.. The House would have still been split.
Matt took a chance of showing his cards and outing his buds. Best defense would be to put up Rachel and Kristen and let them fight it out.. Brendan as back up.
*scenarios will change as HOH does* Ha!
I’m not a floater.. just an observer.. got it? GUD! lol


I can’t stand the macho brigade. Down with the
Brigade…. LOL
I really hope they get found out soon.


I really like ” Brit ” did’t all along until yesterday. The girl is what keeps the show going. I sure hope ” Big Red Bottle ” go’s up. It will make a real fun week it that crazy house. Starting to get good finely, watch BRB, start crawling like a baby. Now I hope it’s her turn to cry !!


It’s Rachel’s turn to cry, It’s Rachel’s turn to cry, It’s Rachel’s turn to cry, OH, the song goe’s { It’s Judy’s Turn To Cry } God I,m taking myself back to the 50’s. lol.


It’s 5:54a/m here in Michigan.


Matt deserves his genius status after pulling that off! I think he solidified his commitment to the brigade and gained allies from the other side all in one swoop. The rest of the brigade doesn’t seem to have noticed the latter aspect yet. At this point Matt has the sway to splinter before final four if he should decide he doesn’t want to go up against the tougher guys. My new final four would be Matt, Regan, Brit, and Lane… Kind of funny that Brendon hasn’t figured out his true place in the house yet. In reality it might be Rachel that compares to Jeff and Brendon that matches up with Jordan.


I’m hoping andrew calls out matt on his lie about matts wife being sick…although Andrew would be exposing himself as a doctor, i don’t think it would effect Andrew as much as he thinks it would


Rachel is really a nice person. Britney is a miserable spoiled brat. She will screw up and get put up if one of the nominees gets veto, and hopefully go home. Then Matt will be next when the find out the truth about him.

Yae Dum Dum

I think the plan is to backdoor Brendan by putting up Andrew and Boy George and hoping neither wins POV and if one does then Brendan goes up!! . Since that is going to be the ONLY way to get him out. If he wins POV then Boy George goes–HURRAY!! Either way it is a win win!!


I usually hate the all-male alliance groups (no, I”m not a man hater, just think that usually there is too much testosterone) – I’m thinking of the four horsemen or whatever they were called- but I like the brigade. I like that they are keeping it close to the vest and not acting all high and mighty. I couldn’t stand Brit when the game started, but her bitchiness is growing on me, great goodbye speech! Idiot comments of last night show – Rachel picking Brendon over the money and Kristen saying that she’s falling for Hayden (with no mention of the boyfriend). Oh, and loved realizing that no one had actually told Rachel that Brit said that they had Kristen’s vote – I didn’t know it was a lie and was all excited to see how it led to the big house meeting.


So Rachel made up the rumour that Kristin was going to flip her vote in Monet’s favour. What unnecessary drama. I really hope Matt puts her and Brendon on the block. Their fabricated showman (CBS) is so phony it’s making me I’ll. I like Andrew even more especially the way he thanked the HGs for respecting his religious practices. That and he’s kinda cute.

J.P. Brigade

I told you guys. I told you. I KNEW the Brigade was money this week. As for those thinking a floater is going home this week, NO WAY. Brenchal is finished. No question about that. It’s just a question of which one. If I had to put money on who, I’d say Brendan right now, but getting Rachel out is just as well played.

After this week, Brigade is on the precipice of being UNBEATABLE to final 5, maybe 6. At some point Hayden will choose Kristen, but that’s a while from now.

Anyways, Brigade power.

“Give ’em da face. Ya Mutha.” LOL!!


Lane wants to keep Brit around…..chicks before dicks….always….Love Brit….She will def. do all the dirty work….


I don’t know why Matt is thinking so hard about this. The choice is obvious. Put them both up. So what if they’re mad. It guarantees one of them leaves this week. He can play up to them that the rest of the house will send him home next week if he doesn’t put them both up. It doesn’t matter. At best, only one of them will be in the jury house, so it’s only one vote. They are both so fake, I think they would both vote based on personal feeling instead of good game play, so get them out now. If one of them wins POV, Cathy goes up. If he does anything else, he is stupid. I had previously missed the Matt/Ragan connection. I didn’t know they were so tight. That’s what I get for going to bed early. LOL. It’s refreshing to see the token gay guy hanging more with the hetero males than with the girls. I don’t think that’s happened since season 2.


I agree Chloe, put them both up, 1 is outta there! Although Annie had a few shakes of crazy, she was right. Get them out while you have the chance!!


Why get them out when he has big problem Enzo! he’s out of control


F the brigade. Enzo is such a dip shit and matt is no genius. None of these 4 idiots will win. Does Hayden even have a brain doesn’t sound to smart?


did you all forget Matt promised not to put up Rachel if Ragan let him win HOH

Brit's a b!tch

I can’t stand Bratney for the same reasons I despised Chima last season. Angry fake b!tches do nothing for me. Anytime they open their mouth, nothing but venom spews forth. IMO, individuals like that are a complete waste of flesh. And its very pathetic how jealous she is of every woman in the house. There is nothing genuine or real about her. Well I take that back, she a real raging b!tch. She could be the posterchild for “Fake People”. I thought she was cute until she started talking. Now I see that she’s ugly to her core…

J.P. Brigade

“F” the Brigade? What?? Whoa there homeslice. The Brigade is large and in charge and anyone with half a brain sees that. They were in charge last week too. They’ve been in charge since the alliance was formed. Whether it be directly (Week One), indirectly (Week Two), or directly again (This Week), the Brigade has pretty much decided who goes home.

I expect NOTHING to change over the next couple of weeks. “4-Deep Yo”

Brit's a b!tch

“The Brigade is large and in charge and anyone with half a brain sees that.” I agree, you need to have half a brain to see that the BriGAYde is large and in charge. The first week they wanted Rachel or Brendon out, they ended up settling for Annie, then acted like that they knew they were getting the sab out in hindsight. This past week, they were almost exposed by their own member(s). And I don’t recall them having much if anything at all to do with Monet being booted. So yeah, it would take a half wit to see them as “large and in charge”…


the brigade is the threat not Monet

Brit's a b!tch

Not disputing that they are a threat. I just don’t think that they are the puppetmasters that JP portrays them to be. For starters, 3 of the 4 couldn’t spell puppetmaster. Also, I could never root for someone that nicknames themself Meow Meow. Instead of calling someone a dumba$$, I think I will just call them a Meow Meow.


enzo is a tool.


britney is funny, but she may be one of the biggest assholes i’ve ever seen on BB. she has a put down for everyone and seems to feel justified in tearing everyone apart. she’s cute, but i’m still trying to figure out which eye to look at. i wonder how she’d feel if people would relentlessly rip on her lazy eye. glass houses, britney.

Brit's a b!tch

Maybe one of the HG’s will do her a favor and slap her hard enough to fix that lazy eye for her. I know that would be the highlight of the season for me.


Isn’t this game about vote the person you don’t like at the end. So keep Brandon and Rachael to the end.

Uncle Cool

The earlier they are out, the less compensation they get.

I say get rid of the ones who are not liked as soon as possible.


But, Uncle Cool, that would be everybody. All the cast members have someone on here that likes them or hates them. That is want makes it so interesting to watch.