Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt’s HOH Room

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:43am Matt gets his HOH Room
Matt got a pirates flag and a shit load of candy…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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Did they show a picture of his wife?


My worst fear happened! Matt winning HOH means the end of Rachael & Brendon’s showmance. I did not trust him from the start, but he does play a good game. Good luck to the POV winner.


First off thanks to the guys that run this website, you guys do a badass job and is the best bb spoiler site. One more thing, last year’s winner Jordan was a total joke. It was so obvious they set it up so her dumbass would win, she so didn’t deserve it and jeff was a total idiot too. Anyways I completely dislike Rachael although she is not dumb but does have a very immature super jealous down right stupid way of her. Brendon could do SOOOO much better than rachael lets be very real, she is so ugly. She has these slanted teeth, UGLY pale white skin, disgusting red hair and of course huge FAKE boobs which I totally hate on women (trust me many men do not like fake breast). Shes so disgustingly happy that brendon actually likes her when you know shes never had a guy that was way better looking than her actually like her. I truly do not see brendon staying with that hag, shes really ugly. Brendon is an idiot of course, annie was easily the hottest girl in the bb house way better looking than all the girls, the rest are average. Kristen has a nice body but her face is kinda lop sided, monet :barf:, brittney is kinda cute but her attitude makes her ugly and those mr. ed horse teeth dont help. Kathy… no need to say anything. As for the guys, Matt is this stupid nerd wanna be tough guy with his lame ass tattoos “oh look at me im tough! i got made fun off in high school but now i have tattoos so im tough!” ya ok nerd your still the same geek and you will always be. But im glad he won because he will target brendon and rachel so hes alright as of now. Hayden is a total tool, really stupid, lane aswell but hes not really annoying. Enzo is not bad, he keeps it real and right away came into the house and started making moves. But the brigade is nothing impressive, brigade or no brigade those people would of left the house so they really havent done much. Andrew the jew, well hes pretty boring but I dont see much of anything interesting about him. Ragan is the black horse I think, he could end up surprising everyone ill keep my eye on him, hes alright so far not annoying I guess. But I really hope brendon leaves so that fire crotch racheal can go insane, and let her true colors shine because you know that girl is totally fake. Even though brittney can be annoying shes not dumb and is a great manipulator, she can end up going far in this game. Anyways sorry for the huge rant I know I come off shallow acting as if im some super good looking person but im not im average but hey if I want to criticize people on their looks or personalitys I can, these people put themselves into this show and thats what the viewers will do.


Rachel is not going home..Matt made a deal for HOH with Ragan not to put up Rachel.
Have you ever heard if you have nothing nice to say about someone..don’t say anything at must be perfect the way you rant..get a life its a game..


annie is hideous!!!




Xdream, I dont care what the others say……I totally agree with you on about 98% of your comments, infact I almost thought I wrote that myself in my sleep!

Hayden and Kristen Fan

I second LJ’s comment


The best thing about this week is watching Rachel cry and Bradon squirm to make her happy! Classic BB train wreck week!


Mat as HOH is death for Brenchal!!!


That challenge was designed for someone with small feet to win! Glad it was Matt. Maybe he will be able to keep his head up this week without resting it on something, like his shoulder. He always looks like his head is too heavy or he is doing his best Steven Hawking impersonation. Anyway, the game is getting good. Rachel will self-destruct this week and we all get to watch! I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!


ha head is too heavy, he does always lean to one side


So Rachel made up the rumour that Kristin was going to flip her vote in Monet’s favour. What unnecessary drama. I really hope Matt puts her and Brendon on the block. Their fabricated showman (CBS) is so phony it’s making me I’ll. I like Andrew even more especially the way he thanked the HGs for respecting his religious practices. That and he’s kinda cute.


I think hes cute too


I so agree, Scallywag! I think the showmance between Brendon and Rachel is scripted by CBS. Watch Rachel, she cries but never sheds a tear. The way the two of them behave romantically is for the cameras. They pose all the time!


I agree too. Andrew is cute, and he has integrity. He’s a class act.

J.P. Brigade

I told you guys. I told you. I KNEW the Brigade was money this week. As for those thinking a floater is going home this week, NO WAY. Brenchal is finished. No question about that. It’s just a question of which one. If I had to put money on who, I’d say Brendan right now, but getting Rachel out is just as well played.

After this week, Brigade is on the precipice of being UNBEATABLE to final 5, maybe 6. At some point Hayden will choose Kristen, but that’s a while from now.

Anyways, Brigade power.

“Give ‘em da face. Ya Mutha.” LOL!

J.P. Brigade

Okay, I got the duplicate comment thing-popup. No biggie.

Brigade Power.

kathie from canada

hmmm … this should be a more interesting week as long as Matt doesn’t go over the top with his confidence level. He seems pretty sure that he is reading the other house guests clearly. He did tell Andrew about the ‘disease’ that his wife has and with Andrew’s medical training, he knows for sure that is a lie.


actually Matt did say in dr that the disease was one he read about, so it is real, just not for her. However Andrew said as a pediotrist he had never heard of it and was thinking it was bs. However is probably unsure of himself on that since he is a foot doctor not one who would have to know of this rare disease.


Thing is, Matt told Rachel he was going to play both sides of the house when he offered himself up on the block as replacement for Britney. So why did Rachel call him out? She was on a power trip and I hope he comes after her. Then Brendon will win POV, give it to RAchel and then Brendon can be put on the block. That would be my dream scenario! I LOVE THIS GAME!


Matt is a secret Butt Pirate….but I still love him


Me too pigpen….in the same way I liked Russel last year. I’m glad he got HOH and gets to shake things up a bit!


Glad Matt won HoH


Simon, let me start by saying I think you did a phenomenal job last night keeping up with both the BB updates as well as the non-stop viewer comments. There was more action on your site last night then Rachel will ever get if she were to marry Brendon. I bet you set your first record for this season. It also seems as though you had a quite a few new followers on the site. I hope your donations matched the over 300 or so constant comments you posted during last night’s HOH competition and well into the night after BBAD! You must be as exhausted as “Kathy” (or at least she imagines she is). I am looking forward to another long, but entertaining weekend. Again, last night you were amazing !!!! (But I am sure your girlfriend – lucky lady – has told you that on many an occasion – if she hasn‘t then she doesn‘t deserve you. So maybe you should ditch the bitch and switch!!!!)


How come Im not seeing the link to donate?


Gotcha, Canadian dollars huh, not sure how that translates…im a stupid american..


Forgive the 2nd tier newbies, it takes 2,000 of the same comments for them to understand and then repeat back the same shit. I, for one, appreicate your attempt to keep the pitter patter of uninteresting and repetitive comments to a minimum and encourage thoughtful, thought-provoking and nasty-filled fun comments to entertain us all.


Thank you electra!


So far, this is still the first season of BB ever where there’s not a single person I really want to root for. I want to know if someone new was put in charge of casting, because these new houseguests to me are about as interesting as a box of scabs. I’m still watching, though, because at least I’m enjoying seeing these people go home:)


I totally agree! What I don’t like about rachel and kristen is that both brit and monet were talking about them, but they chose not to like monet. I don’t think it had anything to do with the money. They only saw the”half black”, they didn’t see the “half white”. This years casting sucks! I wonder if their ratings dropped…….GO BRIT AND ENZO! Everybody else sucks.


I think Kathy probably really disappointed CBS. And I think in general it’s a roll of the dice. What made them pick Andrew? Did they think he would be so controversial just because of his religion? But Kathy, you would think as a cop, cancer survivor and a 40 yr old woman, she would have delivered more than she is. I swear some days they have to give her a kick just to make sure she is still alive!


Oh, and not to get petty, but am I the only one who looks at Matt and swears he must be Weird Al Yankovic’s nephew? Pull up a photo of the two, ignore the hair, and look at the faces. Terrifying!

Uncle Cool

I will bet that it will be Roach going home next Thursday. Brit will vote for her for sure.

Uncle Cool

Matt should have the bed burned and replaced before sleeping in it.

TN Mama

That’s hysterical even if it is true!


Wow a whole lot of hatin going on!! I picked Matt in a pool here at work to win the whole thing after watching 1 episode. So I am cheering for him, I do like the guy as well, but he is playing a dangerous game. He is spreading himself out too thin.


I really dislike Matt. He seems like a nice guy that decided to try and be one of the cool guys. His lie about his wife is disgusting and I hope he is found out and kicked out in the next couple weeks. He thinks he is entertaining but he comes off as a joke.


why is everyone hating on Rachel & Brendon


Because Rachel is extremely annoying….Week One I was a fan and was happy she one HOH but she soured me this week


Because they are totally phoney and they suck.


So is Enzo, Kathy, Britney, Matt, and Hayden. So why should Brendon and Rachel go next?


you should be banned from the site..


I don’t know who you are – nor do I care – but your name is sun “dried’ turd, not Simon, therefore it is not up to you to say who should be banned. If anything you should be blocked for lack of a sense of humor.


I agree, this person should be banned from saying all that garbage.


Wow at “xdream” you can’t even use your real name and your ripping on people? Get a life man, your probably the nerd here

J.P. Brigade

Rachellaho and her showmance have 7 days left.

Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock . . . .

“Ya Mutha”


sigh…why hate on two people that like each other? hayden and kristen will get just as bad…

idiots, you call rachel dumb for taking out weak players….how the F is rachel and Brenden NOT weak players…brenden has scoliosis and cant compete as well as others sleeping have not…rachel wont have votes further in the game

you axe out cathy and brit THEN handle rachel/brenden with numbers

I think they will STILL be together post show.

Mr. Me Too

WHOA kristen is cross-eyed? i thought when people said that they were talking about monet LOL… don’t think your little rant will change anything but it’s nice to hear ideas


LoL! All he did was take all the cmnts u guys have been making & list them. Its hilarious & I get it: ppl keep saying the same things over & over.


so people felt nat’s lie was disgusting…therefore matt’s is,…fifty times worse…its wrong as someone WITH a “disorder” or disease(over used term) its offensive!

matt will overthink it, put up rachel and cathy saying “rachel you are the pawn this week” then will TRY to b ackdoor brenden, but if brenden or andrew win it, rachel will fall of the sword

those thinking brenden would pull rachel off the block are nuts….he has more votes against him


if brendon won pov and took rachel off he can not go up in her place right


that’s right


Rachel needs to leave so Brendon can actually play the game and get over that tragic mess of a girl. I want to like Brendon, but it’s making it hard being with her.

Buh-bye Rachel. Go home.


Who Dat

Is this Monet?


If Kristen’s tits are really crooked she should definitely be evicted ASAP. Can’t argue with that.


I think everyone is forgetting that it’s just a game…..reality game. Some people take this a little too serious. I like my reality shows but I still don’t need to put down people nor call name to people we truly do not know.


I agree, this blog is filled with hateful talk & useless name calling. You can call someone out, even swear but why call these players hateful names? What if their family is reading these notes? What if they were related to you. So call them out call them jerks or what ever but there is no need in calling them hateful personal names. We are adults after all. HOPEFULLY

Matt hater

Matt has to go home after his HOH is over.
Lying about his wife how low.
I hope the house finds out before his HOH is over.


Who cares?? Everyone lies. It’s a GAME. A game based upon lies. And he obviously is doing more for the melorheostosis society than they ever did for themselves. The foundation is going to milk this for everything. His lie didn’t directly effect anyone. Nothing bad was said and everything he said about the disease was all factual information. Not only that, he said he would give a sizable donation to the foundation, so stfu. If these people aren’t smart enough to call him out for smiling when he says this, than he deserves to win the money.


If he wins, he’ll give the foundation money.


The foundation is trying to capitalize on this. The last time their FB was updated was in 2008! Clearly it’s not THAT big of a deal. Had Matt said MS or diabetes, would there be this big of a stink about it?? I doubt it.. He brought awareness to a disease that is unknown to 99% of americans. Never thought a foundation would b*tch so much about free publicity and awareness. Geez. The foundation has received more donations the past week than it has in the past YEAR. Everyone wins.


I’m sorry, Abbey, I think it still would have bother me. I have already explained why. But, I guess if the foundation is getting donations something good can come out of it. Something good came from my illness, I found this site and some very good friends. Thank you.


Bother you if you had this disease? Or him saying this just bothered you in general? (sorry, I missed your explanation before)


How do you know he’s lying about his wife with this disease?


the comment was intended to reply to this.


I know everybody says this but here it is one more time…….Simon and Dawg ROCK!!!!!!