Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan Weather Report: “Its hot and muggy I guess this is what it’s like to be inside a vag!na”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:20am Backyard Couch Ragan and Matt The entire house is locked down outside. Matt with one hand down his pants and another stroking his balls.. (this is fucking weird YO, has anyone seen a grown man do this so often?) Ragan is whispering to Matt that the best thing for the 2 of them will be if Rachel or Brendon win HOH. Matt agree’s he says the best thing for them to do would take B/R out during the double eviction but he honestly doesn’t see them lasting that long because almost the entire house is gunning for them. (My predication is Brendon and Rachel will be in the final 3) Ragan says : “Its hot and muggy I guess this is what it’s like to be inside a vag!na”Matt says that is exactly what a vagina is like. Matt is giving Ragan some reasons to why they should get rid of Andrew. Ragan thinks they need to keep Andrew, “If Kathy stays to final 4 she’ll make it to final 2” Ragan recommends they keep Brendon and Andrew in the house and let the 2 sides battle it out while ragan and Matt sit pretty.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers


11:43am Bubble on the feeds must be the POV ceremony
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You mentioned in the previous update about Lane’s idea to try to trick brendon to use the pov, did matt actually talk to brendon about that?


When Matt was a little boy his mother told him that if he did not go to sleep when she told him to, a goblin would come and steal his “pee-pee”. He has not let go of it since!
He is not as smart as he makes out because he is constantly counting one…two… one…two, in case he forgets how to count. He is using his balls to help him count!


i think he wants to pic hayden s balls. the house guest seem to be oblivious of this little habit


So’s thats where them sissy ass pj’s come from…his mommy. Please tell that they’re the backdoor kind. That would be perfecto


Come on Ragan. If there was ever a time for you to SHINE – its now. Get your hemrhiod laden little gay ass into that house, don that “Dorothy Gale” blue ginghum dress ( the one you worn for “Gay Pride”), find yourself a makeshift haystack (use Kathy if she’s sleeping) and belt out Ethel Merman style “Somewhere Over The RAinbow. Lane is the TinMan, Enzo, the Cowardly Lion and Matt is the Scarecrow (OBVI!) Britney can play both Glinda – the Good Witch, and Elvira Gultch. Now come on gang “Let’s put On A Show!!!! Please – anything thing but B&R!!!


That aint no tornado – that’s just alison’s fat ass getting kick of the CBS studio’s backlot by Mooves. Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead! Come on everybody SING!!!! (Okay, I know this an overdone cliche we gayboys like to refer but beats watching BR).


What if Hayden and Kristen are brother and sister but they just don’t know it? Just like Cowboy and Nakomis. Would Big Brother tell them before or after they hooked up?


okay, i am SO TIRED of everyone saying that kathy and andrew don’t deserve to be up. it is a game, EVERYONE deserves to be put up because EVERYONE is there for the same reason, to win. wtf is wrong with these people? it’s like they are trying to be goody goody when really they need to be cut throat.


okay – time for some more look a like observations ——–

Kathy – Beverly D’Angelo (without the overbite – Rachel got that)
Andrew – Paul Ruebens (when he is NOT peewee herman)
Enzo – a poor man’s Stephen Bauer…….remember Scarface – he was Tony’s bud


Laura, i don’t mean to be a bitch but, Bev is a good friend of mine. So pick someone else. if anything, she is what Lyndsey Lohen is going to look kike this time next year.


OKAY – i HEAR YA – How about Matt as the little known Caulkin brother????


and rachel just gave away that andrew was with B and R…

we just got ourselves Kathy for the rest of the season.



If Andrew goes I hope B&R take out the Brigade( Douchebags )


UGH. Please vote KATHY OUT. Andrew is awesome, and Kathy is a cop. You don’t want to be playing a game with a cop! Andrew needs to start doing what Kathy is, and going arond and talking to people, guilting them in.

Andrew said at the POV that he was against Brendon and Rachel, but everyone just thinks is lying…PLEASE I wish they would vote Kathy out


Im Bored.. let Andrew stay at least he contributes something…Smartest thing that Enzo has said since he has been in the house is If they vote to evict Kathy “What kind of Brigade are we, Yo!” Matt I love you man but give your balls a rest…..I like the way you are thinking Zane…Keep up the scheming…use Britany… that even more…I thought that Zo would be the first to go in the Brigade…thinking not now….hmmmm


Jimi, I don’t mean to be a bitch but Wyn is a good friend of mine. So, pick someone else to compare Rachel to please!!


Yeah I’m not a big fan of the Brigade either. Lane and Enzo have this weird tough guy mentality about them that bugs the shit out of me, and Matt’s an idiot and a liar. Hayden’s alright though, and least he can keep his romance private and talks game with people outside of the Brigade.