Big Brother 12 Spoilers – **updated**Kristen talks about her DR sessions and Wonders If the Show is all about B/R

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:15pm Backyard Matt, Lane and Hayden Matt is telling them about his conversation with Andrew earlier today. Matt explains it as “Crazy TaLK.. bad shit CRAZY TALK” Matt explains that Andrew told him that if Matt keeps him in the house that he’ll tell him about an alliance that spans 3 people. Matt adds that Andrew told him if he tells anyone this he Matt will never know the truth. LAne starts laughing “WHAT the FUCK”.. Brendon and Andrew walk outside.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:20pm Cabana Talk Staring I gotz chew in my mouth kathy and Cool girl Kristen Kristen is wondering if the entire show is going to be about Rachel and Brendon. She feels like she’s making plays in the game and the DR isn’t really talking to her about it. A lot of questions are about r/b. Kathy has noticed that to. .. feeds cut..

Ragan is now in the room and he’s complaining about how hard it is to be on slop, Kath tells him it’ll be alright he’s got only 2 more days to go. She tells him next week she’ll throw the have nots competition so that Ragan doesn’t have to be. Rachel says that kathy will de-attach from Kristen on thrusday then attach to whoever has HOH.. She will continue to do this until the end. Rachel points out that during Rachels HOH “Rain” Kathy was up there all the time but she didn’t do anything regarding game, she was called into the DR just once the whole week. Brit ask her who brendon will put up if he wins this week. Rachel isn’t going to name any names but she sure that Kristen will be the primary target. They briefly talk about Ragan they know he’s close to Matt and that he’s not targeting them yet and thats about it.. at 11:30pm Ragan comes in.


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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:25pm Hot Tub brit and rachel Girls still up there bashing Kristen and KAthy. They are trying to figure out how to get rid of Kristen. They suspect because she’s so close to the guys that a super pawn has to be used. They figure they’ll put up a guy that way she only has 3 guy votes. They both think Kristen is trying to float through with the guys and let them fight it out while she sneaks to final 3.

they start talking about how they would vote in the jury house. Both say they’ll vote for the fighter even if that person wasn’t their “friend” in the house. RAchel bring sup that Brit really proved herself to Rachel when she won POV after Rachel put her up on the block. Rachel throws in a little campaigning to keeps Andrew. She says that even though Andrew is coming after her she still thinks he should be spared because he’s such a fighter. Talk goes back to the super pawn.

Rachel tells Brit that to make sure Kristen doesn’t win HOH and put both her and brit up she should throw the HOH to Rachel and Brendon (yeah brit do it). Rachel reminds her she has nothing to fear they only want to get Kristen out whose a threat to them both. Rachel says the only concern that she has with Brendon winning HOH is that it will put a even larger target on him.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:10pm Backyard Pool table Hayden and LAne talkign about Andrew’s “secret alliance” knowledge. Lane thinks it’s about Brendon, Rachel and Andrew and Andrew wants to pull matt in on this side to be the fourth man. Lane points out how Andrew and b/r avoid each other around the house. Lane asks what other alliance is there we’re the biggest so he had to of meant one of us. Hayden thinks it could be Kristen, himself and Andrew because Kristen is close to him and i’m close to Kristen.

hayden reminds Lane that they need to start thinking beyond the brigade they need to think about who they need in the jury house. Hayden thinks that Matt and Enzo are obvious votes for them, Kahty is a vote for them but they need to get her out. Lane brings up that Kathy is telling everyone she doesn’t want to win just wants to make it to the jury house for the stipend. Hayden mentions ragan is more than likely a vote for them. There not sure about Brendon though.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:40pm Backyard Couch Enzo and Lane Enzo says was talking to Brendon and Brendon said he wasn’t scared of Andrew because Andrew losses control sometimes. Enzo mentions he brought up the fact that Andrew is one person coming after yo in the house and Kathy is one person who likes you why don’t you keep kathy… Enzo continues taht kathy is talking MAD shit about b/r now saying she’s going to tell all their “secrets” eznos says that told him she’s not goign to say a word about it until she knows she’s safe and then she’ll tell everyone what Rachel and Brendon were talking about up in HOH. Hayden joins them… kathy not too far behind


Enzo July 27th cam 1 6:24pm

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Good night my friends. I will type you tomorrow. Don’t talk about me while I’m gone. If you do, make up some good stuff and throw in the some bad stuff, too. Enjoy the site.


WOW, what doesnt the house know about B/R? but i do respect kathy for finally trying to play this game. maybe after next week, she might voluntarily quit and relax in the jury house.

geaux BRachel

wat kind of stipend will the jury receive???????????????????????????


I saw on another site that it was 750. a week.


If I was in charge of BB, I would grab andrew, and say listen mister, if you are voted out, you EXPOSE that making out at night stuff and the kathy kristen hayden alliance…if andrew can do that before he goes out the door, then I will not be AS upset over the loss of maybe the most interesting houseguest!

it would really make the house start to play the game…we would see the brigade split…the game would get good.

geaux BRachel

on sunday show..enzo/lane/matt..talked about the hayden/kristen 2getrness…they say they dont mind he trying to be loyal to her..and they dont mind if he takes her to the final 5…but they will keep an eye on the 2 of them…so andrew isnt throwing a surprise 2 matt at alll..the brigade allready knows about hayden/kristen puppy luv

Mr. Pickles

Hayden and Kristen were doing a fairly good job keeping their relationship undercover until Rachel got hammered and spilled the beans. I think Andrew was the only one that knew for sure and that’s only because he pretended to be asleep and got all pervy listening to them make out. At least he is finally considering using this information but he went to matt instead of Hayden and Kristen. I still think he would have been better off making a deal with Hayden and Kristen to keep it quiet in exchange for their votes.


Production needs to get real and stop trying to rig the DR sessions. Why do they insist on pushing Brendan and Rachel down our throats? They are deluded if they want to reproduce the Jeff and Jordan phenomenon. I was sickened by the way they played up that showmance last season, but I would much rather watch them than these two idiots. Jordan at least was genuine and cute, dumb but she didn’t pretend to be anything she wasn’t. Jeff was much more likeable too. Above all, they had the class to become friends first and restrain themselves from mauling each other on TV. I was never a fan of JJ, but I do have to admit that Jeff treated Jordan with respect and care, which is more than I can say about B/R. I have no respect for these two. They fell into passionate fake love within days of entering the house. If they think we want to see them making out, they are sick. I don’t want to see that. At least Lydia and Jesse made a tent and spared us the gross details. Since season 8, CBS keeps running the show into the ground. It’s too scripted and predictable. If Andrew goes this week, I don’t see how they will rescue this season. It could turn out to be even worse than season 9.


Well….since Brendon did not use the POV, these people would have to be foolish to keep Andrew. Never keep someone who can kick your butt in comps. Anyone who has watched BB should know that. Kathy isn’t the brightest lightbulb in the house. I can’t imagine that she couldn’t go anytime they wish. They need to be “nice” to her to protect her jury vote. I don’t have live feeds, but I would think their strategy would be a little more public. We seem to be “in the dark” a lot.
Love this site, don’t even have to watch the edited version on broadcast. Yippee!


I’m trying hard to get into this season, but I just find this entire cast so lame. Watching these people is like watching grass grow. I come here to see if anything happened overnight that might stir the pot, but this cast is DULL! Nothing is happening. DULL, DULL, DULL. When is BB going to throw something in to make it more interesting?? They better do it quick because they’ve gotta be losing viewers with this crew.



BRanchel Hitler

If I was in charge of BB I would take disgustingly nauseating Brendon and Rachel off the show. Andrew has nothing new in terms of information about a 3 person alliance. What a waste of a week. All I can do is hope they get booted next week.


HEY SIMON… i know its early, but i always come on this site for kristen/hayden updates on their late night happenings. i cant even look at boy george pics anymore! especially ever since she was given the nickname. please bb, focus on k/h!!!!


For those of you Jeff and Jordan fans……here is what they are up to now. Haters need not check this out.


D-Wolf, thanks so much, I loved Jeff and Jordan. It was great to see they are still seeing each other and possibly doing more in their future, Thanks again !!!!

gettinluckyinkentucky T.ross

this made my day !


What are the odds of Andrew staying? Is it a lost cause? I think Brit is using Rach just as Kathy did during R’s hoh time. Surely she will not get into a serious alliance with her!!!??? I think the brigade will cut Matt first, then enzo when the time comes. But then again, it could change if Lane and Matt suspect Hay would take Kristen to the final 2. What do y’all think?


brit. is a fake as bitch; she kissing up to rachel. ugh; i hate ppl like that.
b/r are just annoyinq, kirsten & hayden are cool. andrew is misundestood; but i think he could actually go far, ragan reminds me so much of matt; its very freaking. enzo is amazingly funny. LOL lane just lane. i only wish brendon wasnt with rachel; but he is. his game has basically hit the curve…