Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan says that Ronnie could not have been more of a dork, he out dorks himself.


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10:30am Matt and Ragan are still talking in the bedroom.  Matt says that the meeting last night was a flamboyant performance …. throwing me under the bus in front of a whole group of people. Ragan asks when I was in HOH with her, what she was saying was so convoluted.. I am interested to see how I’ll do in an endurance competition that should be coming up. Matt says me too, if it comes down to me and Brendon, I’m not making any deals, I am not dropping. Ragan says sometimes when you see it on TV and you see someone drop, it’s like… how could you do that? Hayden comes into the room.  Matt asks him if Brendon and Rachel have talked to him about last night.  Hayden says no. Matt asks are you still cool with everything? Hayden says yes.  Hayden leaves. Matt says to Ragan, he’s too handsome not to trust. Ragan asks that if Rachel’s intent was to expose you but not get you out.  Matt says that Britney even came up during Rachel and me talking. Matt says that he is pretty sure she was campaigning for Monet after I left.

Ragan says that he’s hungry. Matt says he is too, but that he is afraid he will throw up. Ragan says that he wants to eat a burger. Matt says that he feels like he’s on my last meal, like on death row. They talk about how the awkward moments of silence during the commercial breaks while their sitting on the couch. Ragan says that he was even sweating the Annie vote and it was ten to zero!  Matt says it will be crazy crazy tension this Thursday. Matt says that he wants to be jazzed up to watch it but he doesn’t want to be a part of it like he is going to be. Matt asks if he should call someone the most horrible despicable person …calling them Ronnie.  Ragan laughs. Ragan says that Ronnie could not have been more of a dork, he out dorks himself. Ragan says that he thinks the HOH competition will be hanging. Matt says he thinks it will be a swinging competition. They talk about what the longest HOH endurance competition was…  they think it was about 8 hours. Ragan says that he thinks there will be prizes if people drop off early and they both agree that there will be people who will drop.

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11am Up in the HOH room Andrew and Kathy are taking all alone. Andrew asks Kathy what her thoughts are about what which way she will vote.  Kathy says that there is more going on in here than I know what’s going on, that’s part of the game. Kathy says that she has to look out for herself. Andrew asks Kathy who is more likely to come after us …. Matt or Monet? Andrew tells Kathy that Matt is going after him. Kathy says that some of the stuff Matt said in the meeting made sense and some of the stuff Rachel said made sense.  Andrew says that Matt is for sure in an alliance with Ragan and Lane.  Andrew says that he doesn’t like Matt saying that he couldn’t vote for Andrew at the meeting. Andrew asks Kathy which of the two are going after us?  Andrew tells her that he thinks Matt is going after him. He says that Matt was called out in front of everyone.  Kathy says yeah, but then they were all outside having a party last night, so who knows what’s going on. Andrew and Kathy both leave the HOH room.

11:30am All the houseguests are in the kitchen making lunch and talking about random stuff….


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52 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan says that Ronnie could not have been more of a dork, he out dorks himself.

  1. Hey Simon or Dawg, is there a way that under each older caption [..] you add the amount of comments? this way people can see if anyone added too comments…


      1. great looks good, how about the few posts before them, like the ones in BOLD BLACK TYPE after the [..] at the end, i think you always do previous two.. since they are the most current and people might review them again if they see the count change, but yes you got the idea man your site it great…..

  2. OMG…Ragan totally has the hots for Matt. Too bad Matt’s straight and married. Would be BB’s first gay showmance.

    1. I have the hots for him too so Regan has good taste in men. haha Now Matt has the brigade and Regan on his side. If he can make it through this week and shut his mouth about being put up on the block, he could win this thing.

      1. I like Matt, but he ain’t winning shit….I think Lane is playing the best game so far, and is odds on favorite to win at this point…..Ragan’s mouth too will catch up to him soon, if he is not careful….Ragan reminds me a bit of ronnie, he knows the game inside and out…but doesn’t have the ego of ronnie…

        1. Right now, Ragan is so busy playing “fair” that he will be the player who is the swing vote and tell everyone he is voting one way and at the last minute change his vote because he wants “to do the right thing”. And with my luck, it will be the vote that keeps Rachel in the game.

          1. Yep, I agree, I think he is aligned with Matt….in a pair alliance….and then he has separate thing going with Brendon and Rachel…he would vote to keep them over a Brigade member, with the exception of matt….If though the odds are too dire for brendon and rachel, he will bolt from them fast….

        2. First of all, is Matt really straight, or is his “wife” a lie? Andrew said he thinks Matt’s gay and that he and Ragan are the friends outside. Re EGO, nobody has one like Ragan – who does he think he is? I stayed up until 3 am last night just to hear Ragan acting like HE is the HOH, talking down to Matt!!!! Calling Brendon and Andre (a physician) dumb, and trying to tell everybody how to vote, like HE knows what’s happening. I can’t even stand to listen to the lisp and all his quirks, are revolting. I’d like to watch his students in class – BORING! I know that he needs the money for student loans, which is admirable, but who can stand to actually relate to him for weeks? Last night he was totally obnoxious, and thinks now that Brandon and Andrew are the friends. Yeah, right!!!

  3. They can say what they want about Ronnie! He made good TV. I’ll take him over 98 percent of this years cast!

            1. anyone know where we can go to see how past cast members are doing? Simon, Dawg is there a way to add that feature…

                1. Thanks Simon, my wife is killing about this. She so wants to know about the past guests and what are doing.. Like the people that got into relationships..


    1. I like this year’s cast. Remember the screaming and cursing of the past (by half of them who have no command of the English language)? Most of this year’s cast is intelligent, and are planning thru psychology and personality – of course there’s always going to be the “gut feeling” factor. I just wish Andrew could stay, b/c I REALLY love his convoluted game plan, but since Ragan has so much power (yuk), I guess Kathy stays.

  4. I hope brenden wins HOH since I want to see another week of drama and I fear a few HOH’s will provide a week of boredom…Andrew is another one that I hope wins….

    But it seems the likely candidates will be Lane…Brit…

      1. Jeff-I agree with you. I have no idea how I feel about Andrew, so I would like him to win HOH to see what he is all about.

        Alex-I’ll repeat what I had said earlier, if Brenden wins HOH next week, it will be a repeat performance of this week but with Britteny playing the part of Monet. The SHOWMANCE needs out of the HOH room.

        1. If Brendon wins HOH and doesn’t decide to do something CRAZY and flip the house this is what will happen
          a) Brit goes up against Matt … Matt goes home
          b) traffic to this site drops by 20% every day until the 4th HOH comp
          c) dawg chews off his leg
          d) simon cements his ears
          e) week 4 CBS having lost too many viewers gives someone in the house a special power to regain the balance
          f) week 4 Brendon goes home
          g) Rachel, kathy start crying in the kitchen about how much of a saint brendon is
          h) the entire show turns in the hayden kristen show

          1. The worst thing that could happen is if Hayden decides to abandoned the brigade alliance to just go solo with kristen, with those 2, making a final 4 deal with Brendon/Rachel…..Similar to what Mike/Erica-Will/Janelle did in season 7….

              1. The worst thing in the world for bb is if it becomes the hayden and kristen show! That has 2 break up fast! Branchel has to break up now!

        2. I’m not so sure….If Brendon gets HOH, he might put up hayden and kathy(as a pawn)…..with the chance of backdooring britney…..On BBAD, he was talking to rachel abut the possibilty that she would need to cut ties with kathy soon….

        3. I wish we could see more of Andrew, too. Because the BRILLIANT (I feel sorry for his students) Ragan said last night that Andre must go, I guess he will. Why Ragan has become the godfather is beyond me, or are they laughing behind his back???

  5. YES! Get the showmance out of HOH and out of the show entirely.

    The statements concerning Brendon having Rachel’s heart and how he can leave since he already won was the last straw. Cannot endure further nauseating insanity. They should be kicked off the show and fined.

    1. Rachel has already let her intentions known to most of the HG’s she just wants to get to the jury house with Brendon there…HE wants to stay, play, and win…..She doesn’t, she cares about making “good” tv, and letting her fun bags comfort Brendon…i would laugh if they got split up for along period of time, with one going to the jury house, and the other sent home….

      1. “Mexican heritage draws him to low class women.” You must be John McCain old. Ya know, he thought he was hip too, giving a shout out to Snookie on Twitter. News flash – racism isn’t cool.

  6. I am sure tomorrow night’s competition will be an endurance challenge. If I remember correctly, last year at this time, thet had the graduation competition where the HGs had to sit on a swing type contraption and avoid being hit by the big (phallic) diploma. I think it lasted several hours if not a day. It came down to, I think, Russell and Jeff. russell made a deal with Jeff, that he just wanted HOH because he needed to read the letter from his father(?), but Jeff would actually be the HOH. I remember that while they were getting swung around, I think it was either Chima or Natalie that got hit pretty hard by the diploma. She did a complete 360 roll over it.

  7. Brendon wins HOH convinces Rachel to go up on the block as a pawn with promises that he will love her forever…ectera ectera…Rachel goes home and Brendon starts paying the game… Brendon seems intelligent he has to know that the only way he will survive is to get that redheaded ape of his back….

    1. I like Brendon, but he is hypnotized by rachel’s fun bags…..The girl is not that attactive folks…Britney, Kristen, and Monet all look better than rachel overall….she just has basketballs as breasts…

    1. We don’t, at least I don’t. I fast forward thru BBAD whenever B and R are on. I pay for show-time and others pay for the live feed, we want our $$’s worth.

      1. They are boring! Then again the whole season is. I’m getting hammered like matt if brendon or kristen wins hoh.

  8. I love reading everyones comments as well as the blogs! I spend more time reading this than I do watching the feeds. I do remember all of the seasons ( except eight) were pretty boring in the begining. I’m sure this season will pick up.

    1. I do too.Even if people disagree I think it’s awesome to be able to connect with people.

      I find all seasons to drive me nuts the first few weeks and the people I hate are usually the ones I like as the season progresses.

          1. Well, I have to tell you that the first night I met ole’ Rattlesnake Jake, things got pretty heated. And, he’s still around going on 29 years. So, sometimes it just happens. Of course we weren’t on national TV… but there was a crowd in the bar that night……….
            la more la more

            1. mine walked up to me in class before he ever even asked me on a date, grabbed me and licked my face cave man style – it was true luv

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