Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney says she is tired of the diary room always asking her why she wants to save Monet…

11:40am Enzo, Hayden, and Kristen are sleeping in the lounge room. Britney and Monet are in the kitchen whispering. Monet tells Britney that she is going to try today to see who’s votes she can get.

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11:50am Kathy says that you and I know that we live with nasty people. Andrew says yeah I know I wish we could vote people out based on their cleanliness. Kathy laughs about how Andrew stood up and said I know all of you aren’t my friends because your not Jewish. Andrew says you need to tell me what we are doing?! Kathy says Brendon and Rachel both told her to vote the way she wants to. Kathy says that she is not sure what she is going to do. Andrew says well you will need to know tomorrow night! They talk about Matts motives. Andrew says that he didn’t know that Matt wanted to go up and was asking to go up. Kathy says he got, got! Andrew says it is going to change week to week. Kathy says yeah and 2 hours later everyone is all made up. Andrew says give me a break what are we in happy land now! Kathy says its time to worry about .. Andrew says yeah its one, one, one…. there is only one couple. Kathy says that she is uncomfortable around the drama gets on her nerves. Andrew says he knows he is higher than Kathy, meaning as long as he’s in the house, she’ll be fine. Kathy says she has to be comfortable doing things in the BB house that she won’t regret for the rest of her life.

12pm Britney and Monet are sitting at the kitchen table whispering. They talk about how its almost August and the summer is almost over. Britney says what if it is just Brendon, Rachel, Hayden and Kristen left in the house … that would be the worst TV show ever …who would watch that… Monet says yeah. They talk about how similar Hayden and Kristen look alike. They speculate that Hayden and Kristen are related because they are always together, they have never seen them kiss, and they look so similar. Britney says Matt wants Rachel and Brendon out and he has a way bigger target on his back. Monet says that she definitely has her (Britney), Kathy, Andrew, and Lanes vote… Britney tells Monet that if she leaves tomorrow …she will tell Monet  her  boyfriends full name so that she can look him up and tell him that she’s dying. Britney says that wouldn’t it be creepy if someone you knew like an ex-boyfriend got the live feeds and was watching you…. wouldn’t that be creepy?! Monet says yeah!! They get up from the kitchen and head to the Have Not room.. Monet comments that she hasn’t been called into the diary room for a long time.  Britney says that she is really getting annoyed that every time she goes into the diary room they keep asking her why she wants to save Monet…. (just then Big Brother cuts the feeds to the we will be right back screen)


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12:45pm – 1pm Ragan joins Britney and Monet in the Have Not room.  They talk about how Casey had to wear the banana suit when he was evicted and talking to Julie Chen in front of a live audience.  Britney and Ragan complain that all the outfits Big Brother gives them are extra larges so they are swimming in them.  Ragan says that he and Matt had to wear the womens sizes because all the mens sizes are extra large.  Ragan, Monet, and Britney debate whether or not to take a nap …because they are so bored.  Britney questions why Big Brother would take the backyard away from them when they are already so bored.  Ragan says and they will not be able to get into the backyard until tomorrows HOH competition because Big Brother told them to take all of their things from the backyard.  Ragan gets up and joins Matt in the other bedroom. Enzo wakes up, makes some fish sticks to eat and brings it to the bedroom. Ragan asks him what he is eating and Ezno says my nutz.

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I’m not Jewish, but I am a Torah Keeper, and would convert to marry someone like Andrew….

Let’s see if everything can boil down to a Sonny and Cher song….
“I got a Jew babe”
they say we’re young and daven too slow…..we invest our shekles and watch them grow
Babe, I gotta jew babe, I gotta jew babe……..


They should start callong him “Ju Ju Boy” instaed of “Ju Ju Beans.”


i don’t think kathy will vote for monet to stay like monet thinks.


Nor will Lane.

The Playa

yeah, monet has been smokin that wacky weed!!!!


Wow, according to Monet….Lane flips to her..

The Playa

Monet says to Britney” puff puff pass”


If you think Britney’s nasty now, wait until her girl Monet gets evicted. AG better have an exorcist on hand – cause that bitch ain’t right in da head as it is!


HAHAAHAHAH, Brit is kinda possessed now that you mention it.


I want Enzo to get HOH so I can see what his wife looks like. He is always talking about nutz.


I want to see Enzo compete some more, before I make a judgement call on how stong a competitor he is…..I liked him early on, but to me is kinda being a leech to Lane, Hayden, and Matt….If the brigade starts unraveling, Enzo might self-implode lol which would make good tv…


I think CBS thinks that the viewers like B and R because they get most of the camera time.
I don’t think we have seen true personalities in most of the house guests. At least, that’s the excuse I’m giving myself today as to why this season sucks so far.


Kathy wasn’t even in tonight’s episode….thought that was kind of funny.

The Playa

Wow, i didnt see the episode yet, so you mean to tell me i cant see someone named kathy who really is on the show, but you wouldnt even know it…lol


I’m watching it right now and I’m seeing wonderful B and wonderful R and they are both so wonderful, amazing-just geez the two most fantastic people ever! If I have to see this “couple” or hear them cuddle, kiss or talk much more……I’ll slit my wrists!


hands Sophie some band aids. don’t do it girl, wait until they bring Jesse back. haha


Ooooohhhhh that would be bad! I hated Jesse the 1st season he was on and I REALLY hated him last season……but at least I didn’t have to see or hear him kissing-ah, man I’m so frazzled I can’t remember her name.


I dont.understand why u guys hate brit n monet so bad I would rather watch them then have to hear hoe bagz mouth n dont get me started on brendon I swear he is to fem for me


Is there anything Britney is not annoyed about? She has issues with everything and IMO she did not realize what she got herself into with being the BB12. I wish she would just shut up because anything she says is soooo ignorant and whiny!!!!!


I think she is funny at times and with all the kissy kissy going on I need someone to amuse me.


Exactly-Brittney is very entertaining!


I agree brit is very intertaining! (: