**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Matt comes into the bedroom where Rachel and Brendon are and tell them he needs a scandal pic.

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1pm Ragan and Britney are playing checkers on the HOH balcony.  All four cameras are on them and they aren’t really talking.  Britney says that she just thinks its so funny. Ragan asks what?!  Britney says BLANK-a-Roaches!  Britney says it’s hys-terical!   Meanwhile, Rachel and Brendon are in the bedroom talking about how they can change and control there own destiny.  Brendon talks about how half the battle for people that have cancer is believing they can beat it.  Brendon tells Rachel that he is so excited to show her his school and labs …that there are so much cool stuff.  Brendon talks about this scientist that froze a mouse and then thinly sliced it to examine each slice.  Rachel interrupts him and says that she has already heard about it. Brendon questions her asking really?! Rachel says yeah and then explains what the guy did.


1:20pm Matt gets the HOH camera and starts taking pictures.  Matt comes into the bedroom where Rachel and Brendon are and tell them he needs a scandal pic.  They pose and then he takes more of them in the other bedroom.  They all head to the cabana room to take the usual entire house guest cabana pic. After the picture Ragan and Britney head back up to their checkers game. Ragan asks Britney is Matt actually talking to them? Britney says yes. Ragan says that he is so much more diplomatic than I am. Matt takes a few more pics and then heads up to the HOH room to write his blog post. Before going into the HOH room, Britney tells Matt to delete the photos of Rachel and Brendon. Matt heads into the HOH and is looking through the pictures… then the cameras switch…

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1:40pm – 1:50pm Britney and Ragan are up on the HOH balcony counting all of the chains and big links that are down on the living room walls. Ragan looks over and counts and then tells Britney. Britney adds them up by writing on the couch. Lane comes up and scares Ragan asking them what they are doing. Lane says that he hid Enzo’s pool tournament trophy under Enzo’s bed so that he couldn’t find it. Lane goes back downstairs…. Ragan whispers to Britney that they should start hiding things to freak the other house guests out. They talk about the things they could hid and where they could hid them.

2:10pm Brit and Ragan are going around the house hiding things. The hopes is that B/R will notice and will start thinking that the HOH questions will be based on missing things around the house. They have informed the brigade about their plan and then go sneaking around the house moving shit.

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102 thoughts on “**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Matt comes into the bedroom where Rachel and Brendon are and tell them he needs a scandal pic.

      1. Enzo is just like Brendon – always has an excuse why he didn’t win. Just a big Talker. They all would do better without him. Very annoying – Meow Meow – and how old did he say he is 12?

        1. yeah if everyone wasnt too busy playing high school and trying to come up with bigger and better insults (like Rachel is a tampon- such a classy thing to say) they might notice that enzo can’t win to save his life and yet is skating by, never even a consideration for a nomination…he has won as much as kathy and yet she has been the sacrificial lamb (or at least suggested to be) for every nomination….this should not make sense to people who are playing and should allow them to figure out the alliance- but you know, i guess they’ll figure out when theyre watching the tapes back home after enzo or hayden has the 500 grand

      2. may not be a stretch to imagine it happening..too bad it would be irrelevant..lol..kath wins puts up who?..if she didnt put Brendon up, shes screwed 2 ways. First, she would lose any ally she had, second matt would use Diamond veto and put brendon up w/whoever..done and done

    1. Oh, that would be perfect! I really don’t want Brigade to win next HOHs…that would just lead to absolutely boring and predictable eliminations. If Brendon wins HOH that would really put the cat amid the canaries…

        1. With Matt as there ringleader, they pretty much guarantee him a seat in the final 2. I hate to say it because I am not a Matt fan.

      1. Brendon winning may be the best thing for the Brigade. He seriously dislikes Brit and Ragan and would probably nominate both. Perfect for the brigade. Their hands are clean and none of them go home.

    2. I want Brit to win…
      1) because she is my fav. i love the brigade but love her as well.
      2) i want to hear her actually say “this is the nomination ceremony. I have decided to nominate you Pawn, and you Neanderthal……”

      1. Ok I am not a big B/R fan, but Brit is a self-center, two faced little twit and she really needs to grow up. Does she not see she is just as bad, if not worse than they are. I hope to God she gets booted out next week.

    3. Britany,Ragan & Kathy will all be gone & Matt will be talking the rest of His stooges into going up as “pawns”…

  1. Wow, what a bunch of boring houseguests. Although I’m glad that Brit and Ragan are talking about something other than B/R. ;) Someone also needs to tell Britney and Ragan, when they go on one of their B/R rants that the audience has also already heard their bitchy stories before and we can recite it back to them. Brendon isn’t the only broken record in the house (hey do you the houseguests even know what a broken record is?)

    1. I dont disagree with it being a little boring, with live feeds most seasons are. For the life of me, I don’t understand why these HG’s and past seasons HG’s(with the exception of season 3 and all stars) don’t make up some type of game they can use to pass the time. Remember the duck toss in S3?, do something creative!!!!

  2. Britney NEVER stops talking about Brendon and Rachel! Does she have nothing better to talk about? She sounds like a broken record.

    1. no she’s only talking to make her self feel better. you ever see anyone that downs other people to make themselves look good. that’s brit. She thinks Ragan and matt are on her side, but those two will flip on her in a new york second, and lane only tolerates her, she is so busy talking about b/r she doesn’t even realize that she’s useless to the rest of the house. if she would shut up for a second she would have realized an alliance with brendon and rachel would have been in her best interest. i would love to know what her future in-laws think of her and all her cattiness.

    2. Neither do we? I feel as though they are expressing the same dissatisfaction as we are. To criticize them is to criticize everyone here! I am not calling you or trying to “bash” your comment. I just need an example to prove my point.

    3. And we don’t?! Blame Alison Grodner! They are bored not boring. just like we are, hence “the Hate Parties” going on herer, and many other blogs.

    4. I instantly hated Brittany & can not wait till She gets kicked out in the coming weeks W/ Her crybaby tears…I’m REALLY suprised at Ragan & dislike Him now!

  3. Brittany is. counting on the boys to carry her. And Regan is depending on the kindness of strangers. They r all hangers-on. I don’t see any real strategy from these folks. When she’s gone, I suppose they’ll sit around reaching Rachel’s antics until they get ousted. Brittany has lied to all the others, sucking up to the power person of the moment. And Regan is totally useless. Any chance production will intervene to keep Rachel?

      1. But she’s technically not in any alliance, which is going to bite her in the ass at some point. It’s puzzling that Britney and Ragan don’t ever look to form an alliance with anybody. They think it’s just a group of friends who sit around and joke and talk and it will all work itself out. Actually, that’s what Ragan told Rachel about how he envisions the game in that conversation before the fight yesterday – that he imagined a group of people just hanging out together for 2 months. Those two morons aren’t even playing the game. The Brigade are are going to ride those two’s idiocy right to the end.

  4. I actually enjoy Brittany and Ragen’s conversations. What else do they have to do? Telling it like it really is. However, I wish little Brittany would quit chewing on her fingers. Can you imagine the germs she transfers to her mouth after touching everything in the house? Makes my fingers hurt watching her. I don’t see how she has any meat left on her fingers.

  5. People keep saying how boring this show is going to be once B/R are gone. Actually, once they are gone, the show will become a game show again, and not some trashy “Skinemax” miniseries. I like drama, but I thought this was a game show. For me, drama is not watching “emotionally-challenged” individuals acting out their psychosis! If I wanted that I volunteer at the local Mental Health hospital. It is more dramatic for me to watch people use their intelligence to beat their opponent, not “histrionics”. Now that the porn stars are on their way out, I want to see the Bridgade walk the talk – they will have no more excuses for losing – once B/R gone. Matt, unfortunately, will be in the final 4 – his only alliance is with Matt, though I am sure his platonic friendship with Ragan is sincere, and therefore will take Ragan with him, along with Kathy, and Britney. The Brigade best step it up. I am just glad to see this show turning around and become about competitons, not bedroom gymnastics.

    1. @msnomer I completely agree, once one of b/r go home the show will really pick up. I can’t wait to see if the brigade lasts to final 4 and Brit is going to cause some serious shit in the house next week regardless if shes HOH or on the block.

      I hope after the gummy bear monster goes home that Brendon grows a pair, he’s a smart guy he might figure it out. It would be EPIC if he found out about the brigade and teamed up with brit, Kahty and ragan, You never know brit and him might be friends this time next week.

      1. I agree! Lets play ball! I am sure Britney is a much better lineback than Lane. If anything, Britney is Lane’s Achilles Heel. Brains vs Brawn – she got’em both to win!

    2. I agree with you too, I think the dynamics of the house will completely change again once those two are gone. It will be interesting to see where the chips fall.

  6. two dumbies if b/r fall for that they’re crazy. Don’t the realize they are on an indoor lock down, and if rachel really knows all of the seasons she will know that when things went missing the houseguests were outside. Who would believe production would move things while you’re in the house.

    1. Too true..however, even if it wasn’t what they intended, she may believe if it wasnt production, it could have been the Sab. may have the same result.

  7. Brit can dish it out but …as they say…can’t take it worth a poop. As for Brendon who seems to think that he and Rachel have been sweet contenders, I just ran across an interview with Brendon on starcasm.net. Here’s a little quote from him:
    Q: Do you believe in backstabbing or backdooring someone while in the house?
    A: Well, I definitely do believe in backstabbing and backdooring someone in the house just for the fact that this is what we’re here to do, we’re here to win, and if that takes turning against somebody or backstabbing somebody, ah, this is only a game, so I’m here to play and I’m here to play competitively. And if it means turning against somebody, well so be it. I’m here to win half a million dollars and I hope that the person I do that to understands when we’re out of the house. Unquote.
    It was quite a sight watching Brendon tower over Brit and Ragan when he was so furious because they hurt “the girl he loves”.
    I wish CBS would air an interview with Brendon’s parents to see how they feel about his “love”.

  8. The best way to secure a win is to have B or R with you in the Final Two. Both are so hated that even once they all find out about Matt’s HORRIBLE lie, he’d still win against one of those two. A good game player would make sure to keep one around. I’m telling you if Sleeper Cell Kathy wins,I’m gonna pull an Ollie on somebody’s house (not my own) and go on a rampage of destruction…lol JUST KIDDING!

    1. Well its too late since they choose to go out without a shred of dignity. The only thing left intact is Brendon’s hyman and his ugly ass neandertal (thumb) toe.

    2. “I’m gonna pull an Ollie on somebody’s house (not my own) and go on a rampage of destruction”

      huh? ollie went on a rampage?? was trhis after the blow up with memphis?

  9. Hiding stuff is a boring, lame saboteur trick. The only interesting thing is that Regan got Brit to do it with him. Probably production’s idea anyhow.

  10. when will Ragan do his saboteur actions? I thought he had to perform three acts of sabotage for two weeks to get the money. unless i’ve missed something, he hasn’t done a thing.

  11. It will be interesting to see the dynamic next week depending on who wins HOH. Who knows? Matt could turn on the Brigade and let one of them slip away not using the Diamond POV because of some long term strategy he thinks up. If Brendon won it would actually be pretty interesting to see, without Rachel there, if he would think emotionally or attempt rational thought for a change. If Brit, Ragan, or Lane wins I think it will be the most predictable as they’d probably stick it to Brendon. Now Kathy would also be an interesting HOH next week. I think Enzo and Hayden would be slightly less predictable than Brit/Ragan/Lane.

  12. I just watched the fight with Ragan, Brit, B and R from last night and I have decided that B and R are going to have a LONG life together. They are both so OUT THERE! They will always be the victims and R will always have a strong hold on B’s balls!

  13. Simon Dawg..just wanted to let you know, in case you didn’t talk to your lawyers, Defamation of Character can include using public record as an act of defamation without posting statement of fact (that is, whether or not the person making the statement would be perceived by the community as being in a position to know whether or not it is true) and using with an intent of ‘actual malice’ – there are many jurisdictions that now have eliminated the distinction between fact and opinion as long as damages can be proven

    This posting is in regards to your blog in regards to Brendon’s certificate suspension/termination

      1. As a school employee, I believe that record is public, so everyone should have access to it anyway. As long as you didn’t make it up or change it to your liking, I think you’ll be fine.

  14. I love Brit & Ragan’s conversations. They are so funny. Rachel on the other hand is annoying and thinks she is all that. Brendan is insecure and comes off as pathetic.
    I think it would be funny if in their goodbyes messages they would say to Rachel that Brendan wanted them to get rid of Rachel, but kept it on the down low.
    Maybe Brit could even say I am going after your man…to Rachel..

  15. 12 seasons in. Did we really believe b4 this season started would would’nt have a token gay guy/girl, a token boob chic, 1 or 2 token “hunky” guys, a token person from a minority group. Always the way it is. Appealing to many demographics is prolly the nature of the bizz..they want ratings, we get cookie cutter reality TV.

  16. Did anybody else catch Brendon saying something about Ragan having slept with 200 men ? And what’s this other issue with Brit having a mailbox that alerts her when the mail is delivered? My mailbox has a bar scanner on it too. When my mail is delivered, I’m emailed too. Big F’ing deal!

  17. Guess what…. the sab just came on and said something like “love conquers all so Rachel and Brendon may not be leaving after all” Thank you Ragan for shaking up the house. Rachel and Brendon are all ecstatic…Brendon is telling people they should have watched what they were saying. Hinting that they were both going to be there and pay everyone back. The rest of the house is going OOOOH SH…..T!!!!!!!
    Now things are going to get interesting.

    1. dude/dudette..its referring to the Diamond Veto.. Sure its possible matt could use it..he wont though..they r not only s
      crewed they will be disheartened too…double the fun.

    2. dramalover……, I too would love to see both of them stay, It would be great if they lock the doors so noone could leave and if they leave the house will be so boring with no DRAMA I need it to survive.

  18. Sabatuer messages saying “Love conquers all” and (paraphrasing) ” Its possible for those that are nominated to not go home”..IMO just referring to the fact that the DPOV is out there. Aint gonna happen, but its possible.

  19. Britney disgusts me.
    she is backstabber a puppet and all she does is snitch.
    She loves to cause drama. I wish Rachel would have just punch
    her right in the face since she going home. I would love for Britney to
    go home next week. she needs to stop being all up on lane and realized
    that she is engage. I would be so embarrass if i was Nick.

      1. Who said anything about class. no one in the house has class. Especially Brat and on the Rag. All they do is talk about people instead of playing the game. Who do you think the next target is going to be next week Those two

        1. Whenever you see this person’s comments – ignore it! She says the same thing over andover and over! She’s probably in her late 30’s, and still can’t get past the fact that she has a ‘body dismorphic” psychosis. No matter how hard she tries she will be the “Dawn Weiner” of her HS class. Fat, goofy looking, and had buck-teeth. She only own 4 outfits. One for each week of the month, and one in red, blue, pink and black. “Why doesn’t anybody understand me?” Because you’re illiterate.

          1. sounds like the kind of woman QAZ would like, we might end up playing matchmaker here folks, bigbrotheronline.com bringing BB nerds together forever

            1. Was I being too harsh on her? Or are you just goofen on me you little rascal! I can take a joke, I was married to one for 6 years – then I got sober!

  20. Cabana:  Talking about Jeff and Jordan.  

    Kitchen:  Enzo eating cereal.  Tells Kathy they will have a food comp and she will get her eat on.   Kathy is trying hard to get down some slop, Matt sits at the table and has some with her.  Rachel is told to put on her mic.  Kathy says why does she have it off so much.  Matt says she takes everything off a lot…  Kathy smiles.  Matt finishes and goes to the HOH room.  Still locked.  He and Britney are stretched out on the purple couch.  Matt says we should get a video tonight.  The sabo must be laying low because we have had no pranks and two videos.  Matt says what ragan did was pretty cool because it could be….


    Sunset room:  Rachel says I’m like in love with the saboteur right now.  Rachel says they are so pissed!  She giggles and kisses him.  She says I love him even if it is 100 percent not true… Oh my gosh.  He says the sabo said he might be coming back… don’t sweat the eviction tomorrow because one of them might be coming back.  Brendon says are you sure he said that – I don’t think that… I thought he said neither one might be going home.  They giggle.  Rachel says did you see their faces… they are SO pissed!

    Living room:  Hayden says so they can play saboteur in the jury house?  Matt says he said one of them may NOT go home.  Hayden says not necessarily both going home.  Matt says I took it as one of them has a power.  Enzo says that is the best message he’s said so far.  Britney says she just completely called herself out!  Enzo says did you see that?!  Enzo and Hayden have a fit of giggles.   Enzo says he said true love conquers all,  Hayden says then don’t sweat which one you send home… Kathy says they may not go home at all.  Enzo says because if they go home there is no drama in here and they want drama…

    Brendon and Rachel come into the living room gloating and grinning.  Rachel says it said true love conquers all.. Brendon says be careful who you f* with.  Love it.  He and Rachel go to the kitchen.  

    HOH:  Matt says we should absolutely not change what we are planning and doing.  Matt says it’s nothing, nothing at all.  Ragan says I totally agree.  Lane says look how happy they are now… and they are out of the room.  Lane says I wish she would quit grabbing her boobs like that.  She does it every day!   Matt says they are going to be prancing around all night tonight.  Lane says mm hmm.  Prancing around all night.  Ragan sits quietly watching the spy screen with Lane and Matt.

    1. LOL..i love this..Those 2 Bren/Rach are so seriously delusional. Does she reallly, i mean really believe America loves her, seriously. Enough to grant her a special power..lol..this eviction is gonna be some sweet watchin!!!..She says ” did u see their faces?” Ha, wait till tomorrow hunny, yours and your ballless bf will put there’s to shame.

    2. Weirdos. Everybody was suspect of Sab messages having meanings. Could it possibly be he’s messing with their heads and nothing has changed? Or has the hand of God (AG) reached in yet again to manipulate the game. Where’s QAZ when we need him?

        1. AG comes with a warning label tattooed to her back, “Do not operate heavy machine while taking any medication that may cause drowsiness!”

  21. I’m so glad we just have one more day to look and hear Ratchel. I can’t stand this woman. I hope Brendon falls flat on his stupid face when the comps are held. He will go home next week fo sho.
    I also can’t wait till Ratchel gets out and can see how much she is hated. She thinks everyone loves her. She will be so sorry she acted the way she did.

    I hope Brit, Hayden, or Ragen wins it all.

    1. Sadly, we’ll still see her weekly when they show the jury house. At least my vomiting habit will die down between Thursdays.

  22. Remember when Brit/ Monet hated on Krist for trying hangin with the guys and burping?
    Now u see her talking about bowling, golf an college football plus the arkanas razorbacks.
    Funny how thing change

  23. Just a thought on Enzo. It’s been stated a few times how he is lackluster in comps. Cant dispute that. If i were in his shoes, in a 4 person alliance, with a guy who has won 2 HoH’s and two other guys younger and by all appearances in much better shape, I may not want to win anything now either. If i were the other 3 wondering who to take to the final two (assuming they make final 4 of course) I would have a very strong argument in taking Enzo, the guy who hasnt won squadoosh and the older and less built of the 3.

  24. I’ll be sooooo glad when B/R leaves this week & next, I’m so sick & tired of the other B/R talking about them non-stop especially Brit can’t she find anything else to talk about I used to like Brit & Ragan but their constant bashing is driving me insane now they’re acting like 3yr olds hiding things , do these 2 dummies realize they’re being used by the brigade & in a few more weeks their asses will be stuck in the jury house with B/R til finale night! If these 2 dummies were thinking they can definetly win the $500,000 against B/R they will not win against any of the Brigades, so it would’ve been in their best interest to keep them around.

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