Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan says I need some stimulation BADLY, BADLY!

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9:30am – 10am In the kitchen, Ragan says I need some stimulation BADLY, BADLY!! Andrew asks you need what?!  Brendon says stimulation, mental.  Lane comes into the kitchen and Brendon says hey look what the saboteur did last night… he gets us again!  Lane just keeps walking. Annie and Enzo are now up for the day and in the kitchen making breakfast.  At 10am the feed switch to the we will be right back screen….

10:15am The feeds come back.  In the bedroom, Annie, Enzo, Ragan and Lane are talking. Enzo says that its a guill- a – day!  (Guillotine day) Matt says that he is dreading having to be locked up in HOH for an hour or longer. Enzo goes into the kitchen, laughs and says that bananas look like cocks… why would you eat that?!! Annie and Rachel are in their bedrooms packing their suit cases.  In Andrew is in Rachel’s bedroom about to vacuum and she asks him if she is going to go home today.  Andrew says NO, you know that… Rachel says I don’t know that…


10:40am Enzo, Matt, Ragan and Hayden are up in the HOH room.  They are all getting comfortable because they know they will soon be on lock down in the HOH room.  Enzo says hes going to break in to pandora’s box.  Matt says he had a dream about Big Brother …he was trying to figure out a puzzle and couldn’t do it.  Kathy, Annie and Britney then join them up in the HOH.  Britney says they let us sleep in late today.  But that Captain Kosher was vacuuming early.  Annie asks why was he doing that?!!

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10:50am All the houseguests are on HOH lock down.  Enzo jokes around saying he is going to win HOH, put himself up on the block, win the power of veto, then backdoor himself, then evict himself…  All the houseguests laugh.  Hayden asks the houseguests if they are all prepared for any questions Julie Chen might ask them tonight.  Britney says to Rachel “It seem like you romance has really heated up with Brendon this season, do you think it will continue if you get evicted tonight.  They all laugh. Britney asks Enzo what if Julie Chen asks him about his Enzo-isms, like what does grenade mean? Enzo says I’d tell her its like dropping a deuce or if you wanna end a conversation you say grenade.. Enzo says the he wants a question about his family so he can give them some love, and that he will end his answer with a meow meow. Enzo then says that he will ask Julie to do the face. All the houseguests laugh.

11:20am Enzo says that he can hear a song being played. Enzo says Big Brother is the pimp and we are just the hoe’s. Andrew listens and then says no, no that’s the theme song for Big Brother when they play the credits. They think that Big Brother is doing a run through of the show. Britney asks Brendon what if Julie Chen asks you and Rachel to kiss on TV. Brendon says I’d tell her to go blow herself. Britney asks what?! Brendon so no … not really.. They are all laughing and joking around. Kathy was reading the Big Brother rules and now Andrew is. Andrew says you don’t get to keep the HOH slippers when you leave… Britney says or the food from the HOH room. They are now eating the HOH room candy and relaxing…

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Hilarious video of Rachel, pre-boob job:

She’d be a lot more attractive if she just kept her weird mouth closed, in that her mouth is both weird looking, and her voice is GRATING.

Uncle Cool

Here is a question (or two):

Do the producers help the saboteur by telling him/her(Kathy) what the other guests are saying and/or doing?

Does the saboteur have access to outside sources like internet message boards?

C Note

I do believe the saboteur is helped in some way by the producers, but I don’t believe they have access to outside sources. But who knows expect the unexpected. Oh and Kathy is the saboteur..

C# Note

Yeah Kathy is totally the… Oh wait.


Why the hell would Julie Chen ask Rachel and Brendon to kiss on TV? That’s all they’ve done since they got there. It would be more interesting if she asked them to STOP kissing on TV.