Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon moves the kitchen chairs and says they’ll think the saboteur did it…

8:40am – 9:20am Brendon is the only houseguest awake, he gets up and goes to the washroom. Andrew was up this morning at around 6:40am to do his religious prayers and then went back to bed. Brendon goes back the bedroom and makes a lot of noise when he grabs his mic and puts on deodorant.  He then goes and grabs a couple bananas, a few tomatoes and the vacuum.  He takes the vacuum to the bathroom and then heads for the kitchen to make coffee.  Ragan is now up and says good morning to Brendon.  Brendon says today is the day.  Ragan says yup.  Andrew is now up and vacuuming the bathroom.  Brendon says yeah I’m looking forward to it.  Ragan goes into the lounge room. Brendon is in the kitchen making an omelet for breakfast.  He then starts grabbing all of the chairs that are around the kitchen table and moves them up against the memory wall.  Ragan says wow did you just do all of that?  Brendon says yeah, they’ll all think it was the saboteur.  Brendon asks was that a prank someone did last night too?  Ragan says yeah.  Brendon tells Ragan that Big Brother is already working on setting things up in the backyard, he says that he wanted to get in a workout before but won’t be able to now.
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chick from louisiana

Hmmmm, Matt was cast on the average joe 4.

chick from louisiana

It sucks that the people they are starting to put in the shows now were previously doing other types of reality TV. what happened to normal people getting picked for these shows?


I agree we’re in the age of reality TV stars

Uncle Cool

Jeff/Jordan were on the Amazing Race.

TN Mama

Doesn’t that make him more suspicious as the sab? I mean, he’s already done the “reality” show thing once……


Love the title Dawg.. that Andrew is so cunning


Simon were you able to add the feature to subscribe to a thread? to see how people are following it? Site looks as AWESOME as last year you guys are doing a great job….



Thanks akwingnut, the comment subscription thingy should be working I check it out the other day and it worked.. Could someone else who has use is please report if it’s working for them. theres a checkbox at the bottom of the comment that gets you started,


works for me


It worked for me. I only used it once to see if it worked, and it did. I got an e-mail for both comments left on my comment. Good job. Nice feature.


my bad sorry i see it now


i’m reading over these msgs, and cant figureout wats AMERICA problem with BRACHEL, i truely luv how the connected on the hammock and last nite show was even more LOVELY, how the admire each other, and dont forget rachel can actually play. they didnt make an alliance like the BRIGADE Boys. BRACHEL fell in LUV :):):), OH HOW SWEET IS LOVE. SO VOTE OUT ANNIE :):):)

Uncle Cool

If you want to watch love, there are other shows.

I want to see backstabbing, lying, cheating, scheming, yelling, screaming, crying, and hatred.

In that order.



wants the same things as Uncle Cool, although I’m pretty sure he does not want to see Matt naked but none the less, I want everything else. Kill kill kill!


Love = backstabbing, lying, cheating, scheming, yelling, screaming, crying, and hatred! So i like seeing both! I like Brenchal too!! I always root for the underdog and right now I feel like its them against the house!! Rachel would have won Veto id Brendan didn’t so she deserves to stay and i cant wait to see how far they can get with everyone else in the house gunning for them!!


whats up with the cameras? they are showing people sleeping when they are all in the HOH room??????


Annie is my favourite.
I really hope she stays!


So you’re the one huh? I knew she had to have at least one fan…..congrats. She may be the most annoying, worst player in the history of BB. But you may get your wish. I think they may end up voting Rachel out. That would be fine by me. It will give us a chance to rag on the worst player ever. I bet you liked Ronnie and Natalie last year too.


I liked Natalie. I’m not an Annie fan. Come to think of it, I liked Ronnie too. Annie cannot be the worst player ever. I could name at least 20 from previous seasons who were dopes.

Uncle Cool

I like Annie too.

She is playing the game.


How is she playing the game? I disagree completely. All she does is go around to the same people and repeat the same damn thing over and over and over. Is that game play? I think that’s the definition of insanity or something like that. If it’s not working then switch tactics. I’m all for game play, but what she’s doing is everything but game play. Did she not put any thought into it before she entered the house?

Uncle Cool

She is at least pleading her case with everyone and Rachel is doing nothing but sitting on her ass waiting for Brendon to come and kiss it.

Good riddence to Rachel.


Brilliant game play on Rachel’s part. Let somebody else do your dirty work and keep the target off of your back instead of pissing everybody off. And by having Brendan do her campaining she hasn’t had to make any promises that she can’t keep……unlike your friend Annie.


No coincidence Lebron James is from Akron. Traitor!


I don’t have any particular favorites yet but I do think Brendon is a real dumbass

Uncle Cool

I do not have any clear favourites, but I do have some people I do not like. Rachel, Brendon, Lane, Britney and Hayden.

Ragan and Enzo are funny, but Enzo’s stereotype routine is getting annoying.

The rest, no solid opinion of good or bad yet. Monet, Kathy (saboteur), Matt, Kristen, Andrew (weird, but just out of place), Annie.


its Brenchel not Bachel and I feel my vomit reflexes comming on when i see them and read your comment viva….oooooooooo……..mmmmmmmm……ggggggg……as rachel would say….heeheee…….. . .barf.


Is anyone else annoyed by Rachel’s laugh? And why can’t they see that the Showmance should be broken ASAP?

Uncle Cool

“And why can’t they see that the Showmance should be broken ASAP?”


The houseguests or the peepers (us)?

I stated from day 1 the showmance had to end.

That’s just because I prefer action over love.

Jeff/Jordan was a complete bore to me and I hope the producers don’t interfere to elongate the Rachel/Brendon mess.

I think some of the houseguests have noticed the showmance and that’s why they are planning to oust Brendon next week if they get the chance.