Big Brother 12 Spoilers: HOH lockdown is over … Now we get TRIVIA…


11:30am None of the houseguests are talking, they are all just laying around trying to sleep or staring at the wall.  At 12:20pm Big Brother calls an end to the lock down.  Everyone leaves the HOH room, some head to the kitchen to make lunch and others get into their beds to take a nap.  Hayden packs up his things from the HOH room and heads down stairs as well.  Lane is vacuuming the bedroom while Britney and Enzo are trying to sleep.  In the other bedroom Rachel and Brendon are in bed under the covers taking about the live show tonight. In the other bedroom Kathy is talking to Annie about what she will say to night. Annie says that she isn’t sure what she will say and that she is nervous. Kathy tells her to just be herself and only tell the truth. Annie says that’s whats she’s going to do…..

On tonight’s LIVE show we will find out about the identity of the SABOTEUR and see who is evicted!! See what they can’t show you on TV! 3 Day FREE Trial


At 12:35pm the feeds cut to the TRIVIA screen…. Tell us who you think will be evicted tonight…. Rachel? or Annie?

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C Note

Rachel (hopefully)


I honestly think it will be Annie but it would be wild if Rachel goes home! Sure hope Britney is the next to go.

Karen S


Uncle Cool

I want Rachel GONE, but have a bbad feeling it will be Annie.




Hopefully Annie!


i think im more concerned with who the sab is rather than whos going home……… although i dont care for rachel……… i cant watch annie play any more…….. i will stop watching bbad if she continues to annoy me……. at least on the cbs shows she isnt as annoying……….lol


Honestly I like almost everybody in the house. I hate to see either one of those girls go home tonight. But if I have to chose I deffently pick Annie, it’s just to soon for Rachel to leave. Honestly if I was Hayden Kathy and Britney would have been up and I would have back doored Annie if Kathy or Britney would have won the POV but then again I’m not there.

Joe Mama

I think that Annie will go home. I am also interested in who the sab is too. Hopefully it is someone that no one expects.


annie is outta here tonight

who u guys think is the sab? im going with Andrew…


I hope Annie goes home She’s annoying. But really I don’t care they can both go home haha


I want so bad for Rachel to go home, But I have got a feeling that Annie will be going home, Because Enzo and the Bergade wants to backdoor her :|,

I really want to know who the Sabetour is I personally think that it could possibly be Monet, And for the life long friend thing, I think it is either Kathy&Brittney, or its nobody (:

Lovee Haydennnn ;D


Annie – especially if she takes “The Demon Pawn’s” mother’s (Kathy) advice – to be herself “Annoying”!


I really hope Rachel leaves but sadly I think it’ll be Annie. I can’t wait to find out who the saboteur is.


it would be wild though if she (annie) stays and wins hoh and sends brit home……. or any of the brigade…… besides matt…… then she would redeem herself for how pathetic she is coming across now…………… but id rather see rachel stay and annie leave


Can you explain where the time stamps anre coming from on the comments? It’s now 5:30pm ET on 7/15 and the latest commnents are all in the 10pm range.


the time where the server is at right at this moment is 2:35pm I think it’s PST. the site right now is UTC +2… it’s alittle messed right now but we’re working onj it


Annie’s my favorite for some reason. I would be ecstatic if she stays, but she’s probably going home. Rachel should be going for the mere fact that she did ZERO campaigning and relied on Brenden to talk to people for her. At least Annie did and said everything she could to try to stay. It’s not her fault that people are too stupid to see that sending Rachel home severely weakens Brenden which is who everyone’s target is. Rachel being there gives him twice the chance of winning HOH since her winning it is essentially the same as him winning it. For the life of me I don’t get it.


major stupidity in the house people are too busy hating on annie for how annoying she is instead of realizing she telling the truth about branchel and keeping her is the only chance they have of weakening brendan , and that they will most-likely win HOH and take over…. branchel is a smarter more conniving Jeff & Jordan minus the gullibility


Annie goes home (thank god) and Kathy and Britany are related and the sabateur is Andrew.


The only way to make Annie stop talking is to send her home. Please! She has got to go! I also want to know who the sab is, my guess is still Kathy but she seems obvious. Hope it’s someone else for the surprise!.


I hope Annie goes but I think it would be smarter for them to get rid of rachel cuz she is the strongest female in competitions so far and her and brendon can easily get HOH together cuz both of them are physically and mentally strong. However Hayden would be stupid to have the vote swing to Rach cuz Brendon would be open for other players to make an alliance with and slowly take out the Brigade not to mention going after HOH like crazy!!!

On another note I was under the impression that the Sab was one of the 2 people that knew eachother… Is it possible that they arent its just 2 people and a Sab! So there are 3 players with secrets…. Craziness!!


Happy that Annie went home and VERY glad Rachel is the new HOH! I kinda figured the sab was Annie aha suckers, I can’t wait to see what kind of last trick she left for sunday nights show :).