Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan says he wants a secluded place to ..

11:30am In the kitchen Britney is talking about her fiance and how he comes into a room naked pretending to look for something and make a small talk just to announce his nudity.  She says that he does it to try and suggest they do it.  Then she says that if shes in the shower …she gives her fiance three minutes before he climbs in naked too and says so what do you think of the oil spill?  They all laugh.  Lane asks Annie if she has ever heard of bean dip. Annie says shes never heard of that. Lane explains that its when someone bends over and you stick your thumb up their butt. They laugh and says they’ve never heard of that. Britney says that doesn’t even make sense. Lane takes a minute then explains why its called a bean dip and says that she probably knows it called as something else. Britney says yeah, but I don’t want to say it. Then Britney says it, she says they call it a corn dog… but its with your knee, when someone bends over you kick them with your knee in their gouch.

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11:50am Britney, Monet, Enzo and Kathy are all talking about Annie. They talk about how hard Annie was working to swing votes last night and how they all still agree that she is the one to go this week.  Enzo says that next week they should putting up two pawns and backdoor Brendon. Britney says that one of them should to win HOH next week, then put up Rachel and a pawn, and backdoor Brendon if they can, but if they can’t they’ll still get rid of Rachel. Enzo says that’s a great plan. They tell Enzo Annie will blow his mind when she tells him something personal she told them last night. They tell him that she will tell him and that its not their place to tell him.  Enzo says I don’t wanna know… I dont wanna know.. Kathy says that Annie has told a lot of lies. She says that someone who doesn’t smoke wouldn’t pick up the cigarette the way Annie did last night.  Kathy says it was the Jerry Springer Show last night … it started off as the Dr. Phil Show and turned into the Jerry Springer Show.  Britney says there’s no way on earth shes voting to evict Rachel this week. Enzo says he wants to be on Howard Stern after the show ends Kathy is watching Ragan workout and tells him that there are thousands of men out there that want him after the show.  Kathy tells him to tell America what he wants.  Ragan is pulling weights to his chest and yelling out:

Number 1 ..I want to be on Letterman
Number 2 ..I want a boyfriend
Number 3 ..I want a secluded place to masturbate
Number 4 ..I want a man BLANK
Number 5 ..I want Enzos Chicken Parmesan
Number 6 ..I want to sleep on a bed with matress
Number 7 ..I want to be on slop ever again..
Number 8 ..I want a showmance with a gay man that you throw in here at the last moment..
Number 9 ..Uh Uh … I dont know what I’m talking about …
Number 10 Uh Uh……..

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12pm – 12:30pm Big Brother calls for an indoor lock down.  Everyone goes inside to make lunch.

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12:35pm In the kitchen are Annie and Kristen.  Kristen asks if everything is all cleared up now between her and Britney.  Annie says that Britney apologized. Kristen says well she should do it in front of everyone.  Annie says that Britney did says that she was scared of me coming after her.  Annie then says that she thinks she has a chance now.  Kristen says yeah its fifty fifty right now anything could happen.   Annie tells her that shes going to go take a nap, Kristen says yeah me too.

12:40pm – 1pm In the lounge room, Kathy, Ragan and Matt are passed already taking a nap.  In the bedroom, Enzo and Britney, and Lane are in bed. Rachel is sitting on Lanes bed smacking and chomping away at her lunch.  Rachel starts asking them about past Halloween costumes that were their favorites.  Rachel tells them that a friend of hers had pasties on her nipples and a G-string and thats all she wore.  Britney says but thats not really a costume …and Rachel says I KNOW!

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Rachel's Right Boob

Soo ironic. Yesterday I was thinking if I were in the house, where could I masterbate.


hopefully you could find a quiet place, I care! ha

Rachel's Left Boob

Why don’t they just do it in the little toilet stall? I mean, yeah, you could get walked in on. And yeah, it will be mic’d, but after a week they could probably get it over with fairly quickly before anyone figured out what was up.

I can’t imagine Brendon hasn’t knocked one or two out or he’d be doubled over in pain from the constant blue balls.


I think Kathy and Britney are connected if not mother and daughter Britney engaged to Kathy’s son also I think Kathys the Sabetour she was missing from couch when lights went out also in nightvison but was back when lights came back on and we saw where Andrew and Brendon was.

Uncle Cool

I just watched again and you are correct. Kathie was missing and unaccounted for. CBS showed us what Brendon and Andrew were doing, but not Kathie. She was not there when the lights went out, but was when the lights came on.

How would none of the others notice that she was missing?


I noticed that Kathy and Monet were BOTH missing and then back when the lights came on acting like they had been there the entire time. For most of the black-out which we could see with night-vision- neither of them were in the living room!

Uncle Cool

Just before the lights went out, there were ten people sitting in the living room. I think Monet is the one in the green and yellow shorts.

Kathie, Brendon and Andrew were noticeably missing.

The night vision followed Brendon and Andrew.

I taped it on VHS and if I could provide screencaps, I would.

I am not trying to be a know-it-all. I am just pointing it out.

I am sure others have screen caps and have noticed this before me.


Uncle Cool

I watched it again.
Just before Andrew throws the pillow, the corner of the couch has no one sitting on it. After he throws the pillow, the shot shows Kathie sitting there. She is also the first one to go after Andrew for ‘scaring’ them. Monet is not the one in the green shorts either. She is sitting on the blue footrest thing. The green shorts I think is Matt or Ragan.

Rachel's Left Boob

ok, I just gave last night’s episode a look. As the lights go out there are 10 people on/around the couch, Clockwise from the bottom left are Annie, Rachel, Hayden, Enzo, Lane, Matt, Andrew, Brittney, Kristen and Ragan. Missing are Brendon, Monet and Kathy. In the night vision shot, the same 10 people are in the same spots, no one had moved at that point.

When the lights came back on, Ragan moved from the right to the left, Kathy and Monet were back on the left, Brendon was back on the right and Andrew had moved to behind the left side of the couch.

Since we didn’t actually see the whole time it’s inconclusive, but based on what they showed, Saboteur suspects are Kathy, Monet, Brendon and Andrew. I’m going Kathy because I think it’s pretty obvious she’s been throwing comps.

That said, I would want to keep the Saboteur around. The Saboteur just wants to make it to the jury house, but (at this point) cannot win. So basically, the Saboteur is perfect to keep around because they want to leave when the game gets toughest. Sounds like a bargain to me, if I could figure out who it was I would work to keep them there until the Jury house in hopes that the favor would be returned in the voting.

Uncle Cool

I am sticking with Kathie. She is acting way too incompetent and non-physical for a trained cop.

Rachel's Left Boob

Interesting, I was suspecting Kathy anyway because of how she is obviously throwing the events. Both the HoH and the Have Not’s competitions when it was her turn to do something, it was all over. I mean, how many times can you fall off a hot dog before you’re faking it, and laying in the caramel while the other team gets like 3 or 4 people through. It’s ridiculous.

But notice that when Britney fell in the HoH competition, Kathy was the first one down there to help her. Reaction of a cop, or concerned mother. Maybe Aunt maybe? Sounds like a solid theory, but hard to believe that BB would be that obvious.


Also Annie said her mom was a cancer survivor and so is Kathy

Uncle Cool

Annie is 27 and Kathie is 40.

chick from louisiana

Annie also said that she had to dye her hair for the show, because BB said there was already too many blondes. Could be a connection. I don’t know. But I definately think there is something with kristin and hayden


The only thing is, when the lights went out, im pretty sure it was the producers who padlocked the food. But i do agre on kathy being the Sab. shes a sheriff so she knows how to avoid suspicion and she should be stronger for a trained cop. hust my opinion.


why are Kathy’s arms covered in bruises???!!!


one of the competitions messed her up, I think it was the hot dog one. check this one out