Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan says he can’t stand watching Rachel pick at her face in the mirror …she looks like a beat up prostitute.

12am Up in the HOH room, Ragan and Britney are talking and making fun of Rachel. Ragan says do you think people believe her BLANK and like all their conversations revolve around Brendon and her. They make fun of how Rachel eats. They read Matt’s letter and laughing at it saying that it is passive aggressive. Ragan and Britney talk about how emotional they would get if they got letters. Britney says that she remembers seeing Rachel at the pool during casting and says she probably owes her being cast to the stuff she said about Rachel and one other guy during the casting. Ragan says he talked smack about some of the people in his group too. Lane joins them up in the HOH.

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In the backyard Rachel is drunk and talking with Matt and Enzo. Enzo talks about his jeans that haven’t been washed in 6 years that he only wears on the weekends. Matt says that Enzo has inspired him, that he is never washing his Pj’s. Enzo and Rachel joking with Matt about his Pj’s. Enzo says that he would cut the arms off. Rachel says that she would too …and then says that she would turn it into a thong. Enzo and Rachel talk about them having charisma…. And that the show is all about him and her. Rachel says that they are talking away half the show. Enzo says that she BLANK up at the beginning by taking away the wrong people.

Hayden and Matt talk about the Brigade saying that they are golden and that the only thing that can throw a wrench in it is the coup d’etat or saboteur. Matt says they are so safe. They talk about food and says he’ll fire up his pizza kitchen. Hayden says he’s going to take shower.

Rachel is trying to campaign to Enzo. Enzo tells Rachel that she has to give him her powers if she leaves. Rachel warns Enzo about Britney and Ragan and that they will give him a run for the money. Rachel tells him that he has a good chance of winning. Rachel tells Enzo that she will vote for him against anyone. Rachel tells Enzo that her social game sucks. Rachel says that in endurance she would gave Matt a run for the money and that’s why he wants her out. Rachel says that she’s not good at skills. Rachel tells Enzo that he, Brendon and Hayden have to stick together to make it to the end. Rachel says that Matt offered to be pawn and told everyone she put him up and Rachel says he’s playing a good game but also a sneaky game and will back stab them all. Rachel says she’ll fight her BLANK off if she stays and will not campaign against each other. They talk about the Saboteur. Enzo says that he thinks its Kathy. Rachel asks what the Saboteur wanted and today’s says that they wanted everyone to think Brendon was a strong competitor and for them to turn on each other. Rachel says that Brendon is not competing and try to reinforce that Brendon is the target and says that both of them are going because the Saboteur said you’ll have to talk about it in jury. Enzo says that it’s either Kathy or Matty and says that Kathy has nothing to lose. Rachel says that she is ballsy.

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Rachel tells Hayden and Enzo they need to trust each other. Rachel is trying to get Enzo and Hayden in an alliance with Brendon and tells them that they will go after Brendon first, then Kathy and you guys are next. Rachel says that they have to know that. Rachel says that Matt and Ragan are together, Britney and Lane. Rachel says that Britney tried to make an alliance with her and Brendon and went back on it when she didn’t use the POV on her. Brendon gets Rachel to come out. Rachel says that she is trying to see Hayden’s package. They leave as Enzo says we have Brendon and Britney and Ragan have to go. Hayden agrees and says that if Brendon wins HOH he’ll put up Ragan.

Brendon tell Rachel that he could hear her outside the bathroom and that he is upset. Rachel is tells him that you have to work. Rachel says Matt and Ragan are in an alliance and Brendon everyone assumes they are. Rachel says Britney and Lane are a pair and will do anything to stay and Hayden needs to understand that. Rachel says that Britney, Matt and Ragan are a huge powerhouse and will beat anyone in a quiz. Brendon says not him and she says yes they will and tells him to quite being egotistical, that they can beat him and warns him the Ragan and Britney will give him a run for the money. Rachel says that she’s good and has people backing her. Brendon whines about the size limiting competitions and then says that Big Brother needs to looks at the last finishes and then Big Brother will realize its unfair. Enzo comes out says that Britney is getting lucky against him in the POV’s. Brendon whines that there’s no guarantee. Rachel says that Britney is better and more dangerous than he gives her credit for. Brendon says he can’t tell something to Lane without Britney knowing. Rachel says Lane is telling Britney everything and warns both Enzo and Brendon about Britney. Brendon goes on about unfairness. Rachel says no it isn’t. Enzo says it was a tough challenge for big guys. Rachel says she’s going to go lay down and offers Brendon her wine.

Rachel is in the bathroom talking to Lane. Lane is in the shower. They talk about motorcycles and Rachel says that she was on the cover of a magazine with Steven Tyler. Rachel says she isn’t tooting her own horn! Rachel says America hates her. Rachel says that her boobs are to big and her personality matches and says they live in a bible and will not know until Set. Rachel says she would rather be curvy than skinny. Lane agrees that skinny girls are out. Rachel says she’s out and apologizes for drunk Rachel to Lanezo. Rachel looks at herself in the bathroom mirror.  Rachel says boom, boom, pow these BLANK are clockin …. jockin’ my style. Kathy heads into her have not room. Rachel says if she wore six inch heels she would look skinny.  Kathy tells her that she is skinny…that her bones are sticking out of her hips.  Rachel says thats awesome. Rachel is in a bikini looking at herself in the mirrors in the kitchen.  Rachel gets up on a kitchen chair and starts dancing and singing boom, boom, pow…and the feeds cut out.

1am Up in the HOH room Matt, Ragan and Brit talking about Andrew’s little shorts during the surfboard competition. Ragan says he tried to talking to Andrew while they were up there and he wouldn’t respond to him, he was totally ignoring Ragan. Ragan says that he wishes there was a spy camera in the backyard so he could see Rachel and her muff parade around. Ragan says this house is perfect for her, she loves having mirrors all over. Ragan says he can’t stand watching her pick at her face in the mirror. Ragan says that she looks like a beat up prostitute. They talking about all the things Rachel has done that have been disgusting or that they think she will be embarrassed about. Ragan now saying that he thinks Rach is lying about her chemistry degree because she says words wrong. They start talking about the saboteur. They hope it is over this week. Matt says it’s dangerous to get up to go to the bathroom during the middle of the night because people will be suspicious and could think you’re the saboteur. Matt tells Britney that the highlight of the entire season for him is going to be watching her diary room sessions.

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In the backyard Rachel and Brendon are talking game with Enzo and Hayden. Rachel says that Matt and Ragan are intimidated by her and that is why they want her to go. Rachel talks about the paint can HOH competition and says that she would have given both those guys a run for their money. Lane comes outside and Enzo heads in. Enzo is in the kitchen with Lane. Enzo says that Brendon and Rachel are desperate for an alliance. Enzo says they keep asking about Lane, Enzo says they are interested in an alliance with Lane! Enzo worries that Matt is getting too close to Ragan. Lane says that Ragan is expendable. Enzo hopes that Matt feels that way about him. Enzo talks about Rachel and says BLANK you’re going to the jury house this week. Enzo says that he is taking her powers just to get out Brendon next week. Enzo says the best case scenario next week could be Brendon winning HOH next week because they could get rid of Ragan. Enzo says that if Brendon wins HOH, that him and Lane need to stay close to him. Enzo says that him and Hayden are going to take Rachel’s powers and that they are going to use her until Thursday, then vote her out and use her powers to get rid of Brendon. Lane and Enzo are surprised at how close the end of the game is. Enzo says that Britney and Ragan better start to worry. Lane says once the Brigade makes final four the show is over. Enzo thinks they should make a deal to share the half a million. Lane says he is going to bed. Enzo asks without Britney? Lane then points to the HoH camera and points for her to come down. Enzo says that Britney is already divorced. Lane goes up to HoH to say good night and Britney says she will be there soon. Lane then farts and leaves.

1:30am In the backyard by the pool table Brendon and Rachel are talking game with Hayden. Rachel tells Hayden he can’t trust Matt. Brendon and Rachel agree that their biggest mistake in the game was getting rid of Kristen and keeping Matt around. Rachel says that her and Brendon had a deal with Matt and he went against that deal by putting them up this week. Rachel says that if her and Brendon are gone, then the only person Hayden should trust is Enzo. Brendon says that Ragan and Matt are looking out for each other and Lane and Britney are the same. So Hayden should get with Enzo, Rachel and Brendon both say that they trust Enzo. Rachel says that Britney told her that the house would do what Rachel and Brendon decides regarding who leaves this week. Brendon says that between the two of them they can decide which one should go this week and the house would honor that. Brendon and Rachel head inside. Hayden says he’ll be inside in a bit because he doesn’t want to draw attention to the three of them.

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2am Up in the HOH room Enzo tells Ragan and Britney about how outrageous Rachel was acting tonight. Enzo says that she was dancing for the camera tonight, in her bikini, shaking her BLANK on the table. They are shocked Brendon doesn’t tell Rachel to stop showing her Vagina on live feeds. Enzo says her nipples are always popping out. Britney says that she is so disgusting, so nasty. Enzo and Ragan talk about how large Rachel’s nipples are. Enzo says they are like two silver dollars, her boobs are too big. Ragan says he would rather have her huge nipple in his face all the time than have to listen to her laugh. Enzo says it’s tough being in the house. Ragan agrees and mentions they are half way there, Enzo is glad for that. Enzo says he can’t wait to put on his cell phone when he gets out and talk to his family. They bring up how Natalie got a phone call home last season. Matt and Hayden join Ragan and Enzo in the HOH. Hayden says he got trapped tonight by Brendon and Rachel out by the pool table. Matt says Rachel is obnoxious. Hayden tells them about what Rachel was saying about how Brendon & Rachel will be deciding amongst them who should go home. Enzo says it’s not their choice who stays in the game. Hayden says that there is a zero percent chance that she is staying in the house. Hayden is showing the guys how Rachel was doing a stripper dance in the kitchen. They talk about how quickly Rachel and Brendon’s relationship will be over when Big Brother is over. Ragan says that there is a better chance of him and Matt being together a year from now than Rachel and Brendon. Ragan says Rachel should have been cast on Bad Girls Club, that she would have been a better fit than Big Brother. Matt says she can go on Celebrity Rehab. Ragan says the only problem is she isn’t a celebrity. Ragan says she could be on Dr. 90210, having something removed from her labia! Matt says he just wants to be on The Soup. Enzo says he wants a job through CBS, then says Put me in a movie and I’ll be happy. They ask Ragan what he wants out of this experience, he says $500,000. Ragan then goes on that at this point in his life, he’s got a lot of things but he would really like a relationship. He hopes this experience helps his self confidence. Hayden and Ragan say goodnight and leave the HOH room.

2:40am Matt and Enzo are talk about the Brigade. Matt says this is getting too easy. They joke that Kathy is the 5th member of the Brigade! Matt mimics Kathy’s accent. Enzo laughs. Enzo says when his wife sends him the Brigade shirts; he wants Kathy to wear one! He wants his wife to make him a Grenade shirt too and a new meow, meow one. Hayden and Ragan come back up to HOH and say they just had a conversation with Brendon and Rachel. Ragan thinks they should let Brendon think he is going home this week then evict Rachel, they say after that he’ll be shaken for the HOH competition. They agree to screw with Brendon’s head to throw him off his game for the HOH competition. They start to run scenarios for the next week. They think that they should just put Brendon up against Kathy. Enzo doesn’t think he’ll win the POV. Matt says he will probably be checked out after Rachel leaves so he won’t really be a threat to win POV and save himself. Ragan says he has alienated everyone here; he’ll be on his own when Rachel is gone. Ragan and Hayden again say goodnight and leave HOH room.

Enzo says he isn’t going to snap on Brendon yet, just in case he wins HOH. Enzo says that best case scenario is Brendon winning HOH because Ragan or Britney will go home. Matt says he may go up, but they say that even if a Brigade member goes up they have the votes to stay. Matt says he hopes Kathy, Britney or Ragan win HOH because Brendon will go home. Matt says his is so fun, I am loving every minute of this game, the final 4 is right in front of us unless we do something so stupid to mess this up. Enzo tells Matt that Rachel told him that Kristen was telling people that they needed to get rid of Hayden and keep her because Hayden, Lane and Enzo are in an alliance. Matt says he heard some talk about that last week. Enzo says he is so glad that Kristen went home; he says that she threw him, Lane and Hayden under the bus. Enzo says that Britney is always up in the HOH, he says she is a sneak. Matt agrees and says she is devious. Matt mentions that he came up to the HOH today and Ragan and Britney were in the HOH bed napping. Enzo says that when he is HOH, it’s going to be by appointment only. Enzo says that he isn’t going to have everyone hanging around the HOH at all hours. Matt hopes they will get a video on Friday after voting out Rachel that tells them that Rachel was the saboteur. Matt says that will be the end of the saboteur for the game; he says they wouldn’t bring a 3rd saboteur into the house. Enzo says his first reaction was that Kathy was the saboteur. They both think it is a possibility that there is no saboteur; and that Big Brother is just screwing with them. Enzo wonders if before the show started this season, did Big Brother groom two saboteurs in the event that the first saboteur got voted out. Enzo can’t believe they would ask someone half way through the season to become the saboteur. Enzo says that he doesn’t understand why someone would risk that! Enzo says goodnight and goes downstairs to bed.

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4am All the house guests are asleep.

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I hate Rachel,but I thought it was ironic how Ragen,Hayden and Britney were talking being classy on Big Brother.


Oh yea Matt too. He’s very classy.


It was one of the funnier things I’ve seen this season. Rachel actslike she is better than everyone and “toe”tally has to be the center of attention and she wont let anyone else have be complimented for anything without trying to out do them and get all their compliments. I like it when the hgs air all the dirty laundry. I don’t have the live feeds and definatly dont show that stuff on the shows. Long story short, I don’t like rachel. I laughed at the WWJD talkshow and this has been the best week of the show for me.


I thought “toe”toally was for Brit :p

Karen S

Me too! I was laughing so hard, I know I missed some of it. Funniest stuff this season. I don’t know how they could work the wwjd into cbs show, but omg! some of the best tv for this show. : )


Ahh NC don’t want her!!!

BB6 Fan

She’s sad and pathetic! So insecure, and she displays that insecurity all the time. You’re NOT sexy, Rachel. You’re classless and trashy. CLASSLESS TRASH!!!


That about sums it up alright.


I hate to agree, I was a Rachel supporter, but if she goes, I will not be dissapointed. What I will be disapoint though is how borring this show really is.

She is really starting to wear thin on her attitude. She should really be embarressed on how she acts. The other people are no better because they just talk and mock about her behid her back.

If they had class then no nude pics would be showing up on them, so they are just as trashy as Rachel.


Everyone keeps forgetting about Jordan and Jeff. Jeff was better at the game, and Jordan knew nothing and was not close to anyone in the house, but with Jeff’s help when they were on the block he told her what to do and who to hang with and it got her to the end, she won the last HOH and won the game. Everyone is counting on the fact that Brendan doesn’t know anything, and that he will get voted out, I don’t think it will be that easy to get him out once Rachel leaves, because now Matt, Ragan and Brit are threats to them. I don’t think they are going ot go after Brendan so quick, because if two of the brigade gets put on the block next week, like lane get put up against either hayden or Enzo, then lane has that extra vote in Brittany, and Matt has that extra vote in Ragan, Hayden and Enzo have no one, so they will want to keep Brendan. Rachel may not be staying, and gets on everyone nerves, but just like everyone before her that leaves, they always give the houseguests that stays knowledge of whats going on in the game, but the houseguests never believes them. Like Andrew and Kristen tried to warn each of them, but no one believes them, when they are actually telling the truth. So they better look out for Rachel, because I think the end will be Enzo, Hayden, and Brendan.


Don’t forget about the diamond POV. Unless Brendan wins HOH I would say Matt is going to use it to make sure he is up on the block.




Seriously it is really really sad how some of you and the house guest are acting and talkinig about Rachel. Yes she can be anoying and yes she might not carry herself the way that a lady should be. But what the house guest and some of you are saying is just disgraceful, you should all be ahsamed of yourselve, you are just as bad or worse than she is. SHAME……………… I say……….. Very imature and childish to do that. And that Britney I would be ashamed if she was my daughter on TV talking about someone like she is.


Suck it Spacey.


totally agree with u.
britney is a two face bitch
and ragan is a gay bitch.
ew there both ugly and discusting


I agree. Rachel is playing a game just like everyone else.



BB Mojo

Excuse me but Rachel is the one having sex with a guy she just met, and she knows that people are watching! Also she is emotionally immature. My teenager is more secure than this poor girl. Did she forgot that this is a game and that she is being taped 24/7?
Her family and friends must be so embarrassed!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brendon’s family must be freaking as well.
The rest of the house guests are talking crap but that is part of the game and I think it’s funny. Lies and crap talking is the game. Having sex and emotional breakdowns show how mentally unstable this person is.


Did I not say that I dont agree with some of the things Rachel has done????? My point is the others are just as bad if not worse for the vile things they are saying. They in fact are the childish ones.


Amen to that!!!
Can’t stand the way Brittney and Ragan just sit around bad mouthing everyone,
Rachel and matt are the only ones actually playing in the competitions even though I don’t care
for matt either. But Brittney and Ragan remind me of the mean girls at school who think they are better then everyone. Hope they see what we see when they watch and are totally embarrassed.
If not they should be.


So Enzo admits he wants a movie career out if this. How obvious. As a goofy Italian sidekick, I assume.


Do you think Scorcese will call him soon after he gets out of the BB house?


LOL enzo is going to be a big time rap and movie star yo .hahahah…

(Just incase people aren’t sure Enzo is joking about his movie dreams, however it’s still funny to hear about all his FAKE plans to make it big in show biz)


i think that he is serious about his movie dreams; he may be laughing it off in case it doesn’t work out


i thought he was an insurance adjuster


I think he mentioned both insurance and real estate. I dunno. It is just hard for me to see him in a serious profession.


ya insurance adjuster…. gimme your money or ill adjust your nose. come on. its gotta be a cover up. hes mafia. italian from jersey.


maybe they will cast him on the jersey shore


He’s too old for Jersey Shore–I’m sure that frustrates him to no end!

just a thought

Ever twist or thing CBS throws out there to try to make this season more interesting fails. I don’t think Ragan will be much of a saboteur. He will do the bare minimun to meet the criteria to get the money. Plus, if production doesn’t give him any real info to mess the house with, it’s kind of useless since no one believes the info because Annie’s stuff was lies.

I am still waiting for Kathy to make her “moves” in this game, LOL! She was saying how it’s all part of her plan. LOL! She’s hiding out in the have nots, are we sure she’s even still in the game, LOL!


Kathy is kind of just… sitting there, lol. It wouldn’t syrprise me, though, if Kathy and Britney were mother and daughter. They’re from the same state and their ages are about right. Either that or Lane and Hayden, as they’re both 24 and probably just moved to different states after high school. They’re kind of similar.

just a thought

Kathy and Brit aren’t ever really around each other. If I was her mom and in the house, I’d tell her off if I saw her acting that way. Granted Kathy is also guilty of the same behvoir, just not to the extreme. If they are related, they are playing it off really, really, really well. You’d think some where they’d be caught on camera talking, letting something slip.

I just feel like I am sitting her still waiting for the game to begin and the show is over a month deep.


Ragan has gotten really nasty, which is surprising to me, considering he is a gay guy who was supposedly tormented be others when he was younger.


Hahahahaha i agree

BB Mojo

Regan was one of my favs but his comments regarding Rachel are getting raunchy. Brit has been doing it since day one, and that is one reason I LOVE HER. Regan has changed and I am having a hard time with it =(

bb12big fan

As much as people don’t like Rachel’s behaviour, she is the only thing on BB
that is remotely even entertaining; albeit in an incredibly annoying, narcissist, grotesque sort of way. Besides her, the dissing by Brit, Ragen et all of her behind her back comes a close second. Without her they would have nothing to talk/ make fun of. Once they give her the boot, watching this show is will be pointless.

just a thought

Well, it goes without saying once Rachel is out, they will rag on Brendon more, when he is gone, Kathy, then one another. They are just those types of people that need other people to make fun of to feel better about themselves. I know the house adds pressure because of the game and not to mention not being able to get away from these people they were thrown together with. I’d be climbing the walls and losing it. I think being in the house makes your flaws larger, kind of like when you drink, you do more than your would sober.


I have to agree. Once she leaves there isn’t going to be that much to watch. She is like a walking train wreck, and who looks away from a train wreck? You just need to see the mangled wreck and horrified people, and a train wreck isn’t bad either.


I think things will get more interesting once Rachel leaves. They’ll start to turn on each other, and the real drama will begin. People will feel backstabbed and it will be chaos. I think the Brigade will turn on each other before final 4. They’ll all get paranoid and want to eliminate the stronger players because they’ll know they can beat Kathy in the end.


Thank you for bringing this up sooner or later they have to turn on each other then the shit will hit the fan. Maybe some of these side alliances will break away from the brigade and make a run for the final 2. Either way in my opinion once Rachel is gone on Thursday Big Brother 12 heats up.




It seems to me that the show is so boring because Rachel is dominating every aspect. It’s all about how annoying and bitchy and whorish she is. They’ll have to turn the nastiness on each other once she’s gone, and I think that will start some fireworks. If the Brigade is smart, they would start going after each other now. Hell, the best final three position would be with Brendon and Kathy. Who would give either of them the half mil?




i saw kathy in the hot tub on BBAD last night for the first time, smoking her cigs


Yeah I remember seeing that it was the first time she’s ventured of the couch.. A big night for Kathy!!

just a thought

maybe she is in deep hibernation. Remember, she has big moves she is saving up. She is just trying to make everyone think she is a slacker and weak. On a serious note, I wonder if the stress hasn’t gotten to her and made her ill.


lol ur right that gay dude is really annoying


I hope they show clips of Rachels parents watching the game just like they did with Kristen and Haydens friends and family… I would be interested in their thought and opinions on Rachel and they way she is behaving in the house


I picture Rachels mother looking like that overly-tanned woman in “There’s Something About Mary”

BB Mojo



Speaking of Jordan, I have no respect for her at all. In one DR seesion she cries how she needs the money to help her mom, but Jordan has enough money to get a boob job.

Ah I better stop, if I can’t say nothing nice about anyone, I shouldn’t say anything at all. I guess it’s hard not too after reading all these posts here.


After winning, I’m sure Jordan had plenty of money to go around. Even after taxes, she should have had money to give to her mom and to get her boobs done. Boobs aren’t THAT expensive.


Jordan worked 2 jobs to pay for her boobs. It was something she had always wanted because she wasn’t blessed with a huge rack. I think that was before her mother’s financial troubles.


Really Enzo thinks Britney is a sneak thats cause she is


Regarding Ragan, does anyone think that his sudden personality shift might be part of his sab game? He is supposed to cause havoc amongst the HGs. In response to all the people out there saying Brit, Ragan, Enzo…etc are shitty for talking crap about Brenchel behind their backs…..have you been watching BBAD or reading the summaries on this site OR do you live in a bubble? Rachel talks more shit than anyone else in the house; she is in no way innocent. She alienated herself from the other HGs with her shitty narcissist attitude. Last week, when she was HOH, she made Kristen’s life hell (“are all the HGs here? Oh yeah, after this week, this is all the HGs”).
I give Matty props for not being shitty at all to either Bren or Roach. He has been completely rational and polite to them both.


You are totally right. Reading something of these other posts it feels like i’m taking crazy pills!


Agreed! Matt is so calm and collected and rational with the two of them!

Kathie from Canada

I know I asked this before but no responses. Matt is not allowed to let anyone know about the DPOV. But on eviction night, do you think Julie Chen will ask if the person with the special powers wants to use it now? Didn’t the kinda happen last season when they backdoored Jessie?


Julie will ask right at the last second. She won’t give it away early.


I was also wondering about that. It also happened to Mike “Boogie” in S7 All Stars

Kathie from Canada

Some might automatically think she is referring to Matt, but some might start to sweat the saboteur. Either way,it would rattle a few cages, maybe not for this week, but next week for sure.




Bye Bye Rachel maybe you will get a offer to be on Diaries of a Call Girl.


Just wundering about Annie lieing. The sabatuer didn’t like when he said he wasn’t gone from the house. When he said “I have escaped from being on the chopping block” wasn’t a lie.
The sabateur came back as another. So in fact he didn’t lie. He wasn’t gotten rid off, So maybe when he did mention that 2 people in the house know each other could be true. Maybe Annie thought it was lie to say, but did the producers tell her to say that, or did she say that on her own accord without any involvment involved whats so ever? Maybe the producers told her to say that on TV to throw us off.

So we can’t believe anything we hear from the people right now.

Kathie from Canada

I do think that the saboteur is merely a puppet for production. Otherwise, what does CBS get out of it?


But he is a boring puppet. If you are going to sabotage something, then sabotage, Votes, sabotage the game, not just locking up the food and people have to eat slop. That is not so fun for the viewer.
Nice to see a fellow Canadian on the forums.

Kathie from Canada

Back at ya’!


I really don’t like Rachel, but I almost feel sorry for her. She is so insecure that she thinks it is okay to act the was she does, especially when she is drinking. I think she looks really good when she doesn’t wear much make up and has her hair washed. She may never be “beautiful”…..but she can certainly be pretty if she would grow up and stop acting the way she does.
Don’t get me wrong….I can’t wait for her to leave the house, I didn’t even watch any of the shows or live feeds the last time she won HOH……I just can’t “do” her anymore….but something is seriously wrong with the girl.


Im confused, so are Britney and Lane “Together” now ?? Enzo said “she is already divorced” implying something, and Lane goes up to say goodnight and Britney says she will be down in a min? ummm … I can see her starting a relationship with Lane personally.. he looks very much like nick only hotter. lol
Can someone please fill me in??!


no brit and lane are not together.. they flirt and joke thats about it.


what is the silver thing on matt’s pic at the top of the page?


You all that are ragging on rachel are pathetic.To be a gay guy and talk that much crap is disgusting considering he must have been ridiculed in highschool. Britney is just a BLANK if she got hit by a bus know one would care. Hayden is not hot at all he has no upper lip and matt is just…gros…Rachel is the best thing this season and when she leaves the ratings will also.Get over as much as you would like to admit it she will be on allstars and none of the rest of these losers will even get looked at.All the people bashing her on this site are fed up with their lives and are sad little brats..Point Blank F***** Period!