Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon is planning on saying and doing something to get the house to evict him instead of Rachel…

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9:05am – 9:50am All the house guests are sleeping when the feeds switch to the we will be right back screen. At 9:35am the feeds come back. Enzo, Kathy and Hayden are sitting on the backyard couch talking about the music that was played this morning to wake them up. Enzo says that they played a nice set today. He says they played Umbrella, and Drake… and the feeds cut out again. Enzo talks about how he was up with Matt and had to come down with him to be an eye witness just in case some thing happens yo! Hayden says that he did that too. Brendon, Rachel, and Lane come out and join them on the couch. Enzo says yeah you cant be too careful, just in case something happens. Enzo says he’s gonna take a nap today …get in the pool …so some doggy paddles. They talk about Olympic swimmers. Then the conversation changes to all the people Rachel knows who have been on other reality tv shows.


9:50am Enzo asks if there is still an POV competition when it gets down to the final three.  Rachel says yeah there is always a POV its the most important thing to win, its more important the winning the HOH’s.   Rachel says that at the end the three part HOH always goes …enduance, quiz, skill,  …then she says quizzy skill.  They start talking about the saboteur… what the messages mean … what incentive the saboteur has …  Britney says that she thinks the saboteur messages are all lies.  Britney thinks the videos are all about what makes the most drama at that moment.  Brendon wonders if the saboteur is actually someone in the house that has it out for him and Rachel.  Britney says that she doesn’t think so, it could be just where production hands them a note telling them to read this and they think really you want me to read this?!

10:15am Rachel, Brendon, Enzo and Hayden are the only house guests still out on the couch talk about the saboteur.  Brendon says that maybe its Kathy because she has been sabotaging my workouts by smoking near me.   Enzo says that Kathy sabotages us all by not doing the dishes any more. … They laugh.  Enzo gets called to the diary room.  Brendon tells him to find out about the saboteur.  Rachel goes into get ready to work out on the elliptical.  Lane and Enzo talk about working out.  Enzo comes back into the backyard and Lane asks you’re already out?! Enzo says yeah.  Enzo goes over to work out with Lane.  Enzo is yelling and talking real loud saying yeah YEAH GET IT!  UGGHHH!!  Lane starts yelling too saying he wants to fulfill his BITCH-ESTINY.



10:30am Rachel comes out and gets on the elliptical.  Brendon comes over to talk to Rachel about game.  Brendon says that Britney is only good at winning POV’s. Brendon says that this season is difficult because everyone is no good… they are only looking out for next week.  Rachel says that they want to get her out because she is a good player.  Brendon tells Rachel that she needs to control her emotions.  Rachel says no I can’t.  Brendon says that he wants her to stay in the house and for him to go home because she has a better chance at winning this thing.  Brendon says if I say things and piss people off …you have to promise me that you won’t do anything.  I can handle myself.  Brendon says that at this point in the game I want blood.  Rachel says that if some doesn’t take out Matt he is going to take everyone out. Rachel says you know if I stay I am going to have to win every POV …every week because I am going to be a target every week.  Rachel says that they already tried to make a deal with Matt.  Brendon says that no matter what he says and does she (Rachel) cant come to his rescue… because if she looses control then they are right back where they started.  (Brendon is planning on saying and doing something to get the house to evict him instead of Rachel)….

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74 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon is planning on saying and doing something to get the house to evict him instead of Rachel…

  1. Just a question for everybody. Who has a better chance of getting further in the game? Rachel or Brandon? I’m thinking if Brandon survived this week and next week,he’ll go under the rader.

    1. Allison Grodner is planning on saying “Hot Fudge Chocolate Devil’s Cake” 3 times into her bathroom mirror with the lights out and the door locked. Hopefully it summons a cake. Wish her luck!

    2. I would like to see how Brendon plays the game without the tumor that has attached itself to him since day 1!! Despite being a complete moron so far, I don’t really think he is a “bad” person. Just seriously misguided/brainwashed/delusional.

    3. Are you kidding? Brendon is going home next week for sure. He is probably going to have a nervous breakdown after Roachel leaves on Sunday, particularly if he goes ape shit today and freaks on everyone cause he will have to live with them for a week after he does it. Bring it on Brendon – open up your lame can of whoop azz – BOOMARANG!

      1. If they’re smart, they’ll keep him til the end. He’s dead weight and the only vote wasted on him will be Rachel’s.

        1. thats what im saying….why the heck dont you take him with the brigade to the top 5…if I was matt, I would TOTALLY do this…then break him down over rachel late, and try to weasel him into the top 2….guarenteed victory for the other person…its like taking russ on survivor…little did he know he had no votes

          1. This is what I’ve been wondering about all season. Why is everybody always talking about taking floaters out? If I were in there, I would want to get rid of the strong and/or popular players, and leave the shitheads behind. Great for winning competitions against them and also for the vote in the end.

          2. I wish Russel would go on BB, I think he is lacking in the morals department but you cant deny his game and the constant drama he causes. Have to say I am a fan lets all write his facebook or what ever the hell he has.

  2. Yo-yooo.
    The season will be much more boring if the skank let’s start “Keep Rachel” karma. We need for her to stay a bit longer….unless CBS will put hidden cams in the jury house. That would be awesome!!

    1. Are you crazy. I never want to see her ugly face ever again. If we see her at the Finale that will be too GD soon for me. Hope that bitch leaves the jury house and is never seen again.

  3. ….. can’t we PLEASE just fast-forward to eviction night?!?! I am so tired of all things Rachel. She must be near the top of the all-time most hated BB players ever by now! I can’t see even one redeeming quality in her anymore, and I’m usually the one defending a house outcast ;p

    1. I agree. I have been watching for 12 years and I can’t remember a more vile person. She is the defination of gutter trash.

    1. I’m positive it can. He can use it at evictions, I think, and put up the two people he wants and they have to vote without talking it out.

      1. but he cant put up the person who wins pov reguardless……… so it overides the decision of the pov winner but they are still safe

        1. Thanks Simon!
          It sounds very similar to the coupe de taut from last season. Was that from the pandora’s box or a viewer vote…?

    1. Cripes – $400.00? Maybe in your country but not in Canada! We pay triple what you guys pay for everything down there. Plus 50% of our income goes to taxes to pay for our third world health care system. This place blows chunks!

      1. I’m super curious where do you live? My province pays the highest hst of all of Canada, even our postal shipping rates are more expensive but you can buy a net book here for 299.00 at Walmart

  4. They do an absolutely amazing job of keeping up with these posts as it is … I honestly don’t know how they do it. They have to watch the live action, filter through the crap, and type up comprehensive summaries all while the live feeds continue … rinse and repeat. Just check back every couple hours and there is usually a new update :)

      1. I dont know how you guys manage. We all appreciate it very much. I wish I could watch the live feeds but I am holding out on using the free 3 days until I really need to. Probably near the end if things get really twisted.

  5. From now on CBS should audition possible contestans by seeing if they could at least last in the competitions. This season sucks because nobody is good they’re all floaters and noone is trying.

    1. this season is actually really entertaining and people arent “trying” becuase there was no need to this week. Once brendon was out is was automatically determined that he and rachel would go up so why would they kill themselves when they know their safe. ALso everyone wanted to compete in next weeks hoh because a possible double eviction could come.

    2. Isa it just me or does it seem like some folks are confused about the terms “floater” and people who play “under the radar? I always understood floater to mean a HG that has no alliances. An HG who plays under the radar doesn’t try to win POV or HOH comps until later in the game to keep the blood off their hands and the target off their backs. And HGs who can’t seem to win comps no matter how hard they try are just called losers- who sometimes get to ride on other HG coattails-because of an alliance. Now did I get it right, Simon and Dawg?

  6. DAWG, Quick question how often does Rachel shower because I never see her bathe only a couple of bubble baths w/ Brit ?

    1. Dawg is swamped doing updates so i’ll try and answer. Rachel showers they just don’t give us much camera time for it. You would think the camera’s would be zoomed right in on her every time but almost never do they show her in the shower

      1. I always wonder what they DON’T want to show us on the live feeds … sometimes all four cameras are focused on the most boring thing going on in the house … like someone taking a nap for 15 minutes lol. Now … if they would give US control over what cameras to spy through I’d be a happy camper ;)

      2. CBS/BB made a new rule as of Season 5 (I think it was 5 but I have a headache and I can’t find my info right now) that the camera must be aimed down or up over someone when they shower however there are times when a camera clicks up and someone is in the shower. They try to zoom away if you can see something. The only times we see nudity is if people strip in front of the cameras or if someone pulls their boob out and the live feeds catch it.

      3. Probably because she does not try to hide anything. There would be no ‘oops’ moments – just ‘look at ME’ moments.

  7. honestly i can’t believe how stupid brendon is. It doesn’t matter how much of a dbag he is this week rachel is still going to get evicted. She told the hgs to bring it and they did. They just need to enjoy the time they have left together until next week when brendon gets evicted. I can only imagine how terrible it will be for the hg’s to have another week of brendon’s whining. He is always making excuses and everything is always somebody else’s fault. Grow up already and start taking responsibility for your actions.

    1. that may be a stupid play…shows that he can lie….I would hold onto it if things play out

      if brenden puts him up he can override it and drop kathy/brit up there or something

      but if someone else wins, he wont use it

      brenden would be a waste of outing yourself as a liar with the 1 dollar thing

      1. if brenden wins HOH, kathy is going home due to matt’s veto, unless brit can get voted out
        otherwise brenden will go…dumb

        then brit/ragen


      2. I doubt anyone would blame him for lying, then using the DPOV to save himself or get rid of a mutually despised competitor. They would all do the same. It’s called strategy.

        Matt is smart for keeping it to himself.

      3. the only way he will use it is if brendon wins and puts him up, it wouldn’t make any sense otherwise like you said…. and the chances of brendon actually winning HOH is remote rachel doubts it and even he doubts himself, so much all all the BIG TALK while they were in power, he was riding her coattails FLOATING

  8. yeah brenden SUCKS at reading people wow…

    and the diamond veto…what good will that do for matt? he cant use it to get rid of ragen for votes…so brit is the ONLY option…he wouldnt axe a fellow brigade

    and its only this and next week

    will he use it?

  9. If the people in the Brigade want to win, they will have to turn on each other soon. You telling me, nobody in the Brigade made a final 2 allience with the other 3 members yet? This is usually done on day One.

  10. Brit.. You need to shake up the house and win HOH put up members of the Brigade.. Lane flat out told you on the couch Saturday night that he was gonna have to put up up soon and basicallly that you are not gonna make it down to the finals. I like how you are spinning it to Lane… You are so right.. Lane will not win against Matt, Hayden or Enzo because Matt and Hayden have both won something and Enzo is just the most likeable… She is right wisen up Lane!…. You wont win against the Brigade. I’m a brigade Fan but I want a shake up soon. Brit you betta not be getting sweet on lane..I see that look in your eyes…Lane isn’t gonna take you with him…Drop a Grenade on the Bozo Brigade.

  11. So Brendon has a plan?lol. Probably a plan most people can see through. Somebody mentioned that is isn’t a good judge of character. That’s for sure. Look at the company he keeps. And I guess he can’t use 500,000 either. If he was trying to impress Rachel. Would it be good to try to win it all for himself first?

    I really think that he thought he was Ken and was going into the Barbie House instead of the Big Brother House. He gravitates to the girl with plastic boobs and fake hair and let’s her run things for him. She is going to drive him crazy once they get outside the house. I think she does and says things to set him off. Like when Hayden said she was talking about her ex-boyfriend last night, and how he could tell Brendon didn’t like it. I wish they would have shown that.

    1. So true Marisa. I was hoping cameras would switch to the kitchen so we could see him freaking out. The two of them are pretty strange. I think they (subconsciously) recognize a deficiency in each other and instead of running like crazy in the opposite direction, they collide into an even bigger mess.

  12. Rachel is a goner, which is good….she was likeable at first….then with her hair growth came her BITCHINESS. But she can’t claim it all….Brittany is a Double Bitch….Two faced….mean…..young lady….I still think Kathy is her mother in the outside world…..something gone awry. Oh and while I’m on my soapbox…can we please get rid of Hayden and his weird mouth.

    1. I agree – I find it hard to concentrate on anything else when they show his mouth. I find under-bites to be quite strange. He does resemble the Beast, great photo pick!

    2. I like Hayden but he does have a Muppet Mouth. I think Brit is hilarious but she goes too far with her comments sometimes. I talk trash with the best of them but I try not to go too far with the personal attacks.

  13. Brendon……that nut…………is the stupidest man I have ever seen on TV…………to give up
    a chance at 500K for a stupid…ugly…Vegas hooker ! His family and friends must be
    TOTALLY embarressed at that idiot ! When he finally sees himself on TV…..he will
    probably cringe and go into hiding !

  14. I don’t like how Brendon and Rachel are playing the game but the other players go too far in their incessant talking about B&R. The herpes comment was way over board. That being said, Brendon still is creepy and Rachel is going home. Once those two are out, I’m wondering who’s going to be the next target to heap ridicule on? Smurfette (Kathy) day’s are definitely numbered unless she’s got game we don’t know about!

  15. Brendon and Rachel wont last 5 minutes outside the house. Especially when he sees how she acts in Las Vegas. The eye makeup, the trampy clothes are not his type…. why is he so dumb and not seeing this..

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