Big Brother 12 – Brit’s reason for not using the POV “we are afraid Rachel has run out of medication and she needs to go to jury and get that refilled”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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10:12pm Hammock Ragan and Matt They are briefly going over the past seasons of Big Brother and how there hasn’t be a “real” double eviction for awhile. Matt asks if BB10 had one, Ragan doesn’t know he didn’t make it through that one. Matt remembers BB10 there was a double eviction but it was late in the season, Ragan says that last year double eviction would be coming up. Matt thinking this week coming up may not be double eviction. Ragan: “can you imagine that theres a power that they have”.. Ragan runs through a scenario where B/R stay this week and it gives us all the chills. Ragan was thinking that maybe they need to try and backdoor Brendon this coming week because then theres that small chance of him not playing in the POV. Ragan is now thinking that it might backfire because then what if Brendon wins POV takes Kahty off the block then we have to put up a person we like. Matt agrees he thinks the only way to be safe is to put brendon up. Ragan: “He just can’t win HOH, cause he’ll put us up” Matt: “yeah it’s going to be like that but i’m going to fight I won’t be a whimpering whinny BLANK like they are”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:18pm Taj, Rachel and Brit Rachel is wanting brit to use the POV, she’s always tried hard to be friends and she really likes Brit. Brit sticks to her reasoning says that it doesn’t matter if POV is used or not one of B/R is going home and if Brit uses the POV everyone till be after her. Brit advices Rachel to get out there and start to campaign for votes. Rachel doesn’t think anyone will give her a vote to stay. Brit doesn’t think Rachel will know until she tries. Rachel doesn’t understand why Brit doesn’t want to team up with her she’s such a strong competitor. Rachel offers the 5 grand tells her it’s been her dream to be on Big Brother for so long. Brit pleads with her to understand what she saying, if brit uses the POV on Rachel Brit will be fighting off the house. Rachel we can beat them. Rachel whimpers that she isn’t even good at bowling and everyone was after them during the POV. Brit tells her that b/r are the biggest competitors in the house of course everyone wants them out they’re winning back to back POV’s and HOH’s.

Rachel says it’s like you and Nick being on the block what would you do if it was you and NICK. Brit: “I will prbably just let the house to decide that is asuming that we both want to be in the game” Brit brings up that they’ve heard brendon saying he doesn’t want to be int he game and h never really wanted to be in it but was persuaded.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


10:50 Backyard Couch Brit, Ragan Brit giving them a run down of the conversation with Rachel. She tells them how exhausting it is to talk to Rachel because Rachel just doesn’t get it. Brit: “It’s not personal rachel, we’re afraid you’ve run out of medication and you need to go to jury and get that refilled”. Hayden joins them to find out whats up, Brit gives a quick rundown of the conversation, Brit warns them that rachel is wearing a swimsuit where you can see her nipples. BRit mentions that Rachel was saying that she’s not going to campaign like Kristen because Kristen was campaigning against Hayden by asking people why should they vote for hayden to stay. Ragan gets pissed by this because he’s heard her say “why vote me out over Brendon” and this is exactly what Rachel blames Kristen for doing. They start some bashing, ragan: “The most disgusting liquid on planet earth is Rachel’s bath water.”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

“Big Brother Tips”, ragan: “let break it down live feeds”
(there talking about Rachel)
Brit: “Removable hair extensiosn not aloud
Ragan: “Theres no need to be talking about diarrhea coming out of your body when your at a party with a gourp of business nen”
Ragan: “Theres no need on national television to talk about waking up with vomit all over you clutching onto 100 dollar bills that you’ve received for turning multiply tricks in Las Vegas”
Brit: “I think the ruleof thumb in the big brother house is to always think is what i’m saying classy or not if it is not you need to rethink the statement.. and even if you are not going to say something classy and still want to say something perhaps don’t say something that’ll make you look like a giant BLANK… If you have slightly BLANKish moments then just try and not talk about it constantly and nobody want to see your aeurilos”
Brit: “we don’t think what is ok is rachel working out in her bikini..I think that in the future covering your labia is a good idea”
Ragan: “I just think it should be recommended to future houseguests to not walk around in underwear with their vagina’s hanging out”
Hayden: “players should follow the WWJD”( what would julie chen do)
They start laughing at Brendons toe Ragan picks up a hunk of fruit tells the camera that if your toe looks like this cut it off (this is funny as BLANK well worth a flashback if you missed it)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:32pm Rachel comes out tells everyone outside she’s drunk and asks them why they aren’t drinking. Ragan says he’s just not in the mood. Rachel: “Every day of the week I want to drink”

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107 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 – Brit’s reason for not using the POV “we are afraid Rachel has run out of medication and she needs to go to jury and get that refilled”

    1. Medication is a serious matter. Allison Grodner can’t go more than 24 hours without 40mg of testosterone. Some people are just trying to find themselves.

    2. The BBT Show (Big Brother Tip Show) was hilarious. By far the best and most entertaining night so far…Loved, loved, loved it!!!!!!!

    3. Oh my gosh…that was the best ever! I am so lucky I decided to watch BBAD last night. I wonder how CBS can edit that for TV?

    4. This “talk show”, without a doubt, was the funniest thing my wife and I have ever witnessed on BBAD ever! Kudo to the BB crew for capturing it in its essence!

        1. The “talk show” last night was hilarious. I got home after a long drive last night and immediately turned on BBAD. I stayed up way too late watching Showtime. I wish we got this live at 9 pm PST and not have to wait til midnight to watch the “replay” The prior years I got both feeds for both time zones. Anyway, the show was so funny last night.

  1. Brit really needs to grow up. I mean serious does she have to be that two faced? Does she really think she is going to win this game. Everything she discusses with rahcel she runs to someone to repeat. I mean she can’t keep it to herself for five minutes. I can’t understand if ragan and the rest of the house manages to avoid Rachel, and not talk to her, why doesn’t she. If she is not going to vote for her stay and not use the POV to save her, then why try and be her friend. I mean realy what can B/R do to her at this point? one of them is leaving, and with only one of them staying in the house unless they win hoh the other have no power so why is she still trying to pretend to be their friend like she needs them? At this rate she won’t get their jury vote if she makes it to final two, so what is she doing? She seems like one of those girls that loves to be the center of attention and will say anything to fit in with a popular group even when she doesn’t make sense.

    1. People talk about Rachel being a bitch. I think Britney is a bitch as well, she just looks cuter. I also think I have more respect for a bitch that says it like it is, in your face, than someone who acts polite to you, but then talks a lot of smack behind your back. I think that’s the only difference between Rachel and Britney.

        1. I completely agree. I would be the first to say that Rachel, life is funny the seeds you plant are those you are going to reap. And while I was puling for you two early in the game, not because I like her per se, but just being the underdog, she was very myopic in he r thinking and he attitudes and behaviors have now come back to bite her
          That said, I really don’t want to even watch anymore as these clowns thinking getting rid of B/R is gonna make for the fantastic season we have all been dreaming of..I am dying to fast forward a few weeks when they have to start turning on each other…Britney thee bitching and talking about Rachel, she ain’t so perfect after all, and she should shut her mouth if she know what is good..thins constant backbiting of hers is so sickening almost on par as Rachels…can someone grew a pair of balls and actually do something? Guess they all think their clique is somehow gonna win the money together…

        2. Brir grow up, did your Mom ever tell you if you cannot say anything nice do not say anything at all, if that were the case you would not utter a word , You said “I think the ruleof thumb in the big brother house is to always think is what i’m saying classy or not if it is not you need to rethink the statement.. and even if you are not going to say something classy and still want to say something perhaps don’t say something that’ll make you look like a giant My word ass!! Brir take your own advise do you really think you are classy I do not think your parents are proud of the way you are acting, if I were your mother I would be ashamed of you.

          1. AMEN!!! Here’s the one problem with that though…Brit’s been doing this her entire life most likely….she’s clearly good at it…I’d go so far to say she’s a seasoned professional! Bless her ever lovin’ heart….she just thinks that she is the stuff….and those dumb “boys” keep eating out of her hands…as she sits there and ropes them in…OMG. It kills me. I’m not going to say that she is necessarily “jealous” of Rachel…but from some degree she is wishing that she had the ability to live a bit of the life that Rachel lives….without the repercussions. But, rather she stays in her little town, with her fiance’, who most likely is the catch of the area….and will be just like her “momma” and will have babies and raise them just like herself…caddy and spiteful, but just pretty enough to get away with it….and so the cycle will continue…LOL!! This is her time to shine…these “15 minutes”…I can’t wait for her to bring her southern booty home….oooohhh the way the gals are gonna treat her….LMA
            O!!!! We are so brutal….it will be brilliant!!! (“Look at you sweetie….aren’t you pretty’…..(NOT, she looked AWFUL on that show, playin’ with her hair all the time and sleepin’ in a bed with those other men… know that things were happening…you know why she REALLY wanted to go on that show so she could show her lady parts all the time……)). And yes…I do live in the south and there are STILL southern gals that judge!!!! hahahahahahaha
   my soap box!

      1. Has anyone been listening to Rachel? Seriously. The girl walks up to Brit…please use the POV, PLEASE. Then in the next breath to Brendouche she calls her a stupid bitch. She has done everything that she is complaining about and more. If she won HOH next week you would see Power Rachel again and Loser Rachel would return when she has no power. Be honest…you know Rachel is just as two faced (or perhaps even three faced) as anyone else in the house. Only difference is she is much more whiney when she is on the block….good bye and please take that laugh with you.

        1. Lets be real, Rachel may be all those things, but she has been HOH twice, how many times has brit. Rachel is been true to the people that she wants to aline with. She keep Britts 2-faced but off the block, she told matt she would not put him up. and Ragan she believed in him with his sickning azz, she (he) sucks up her butt when she has power and become a mad dog when she doesn’t. He will be a sickning sabator. Rachel is all that is said about her and then some, but one thing for sure THEY all are afraid of her, she is the strongest h/g this far. Even the douchgade. They are to sickning. They have not won nothing ( Enzo, Lane). they are a lot of testostrone gone to waste.

    2. I totally disagree with your post. Rachel’s moods & conversations have just given Brit enough fuel to spark the quick wit that she obviously has. She’s comfortable talking with everyone in the house, and doesn’t turn into a big, big flirt around the guys. (Though I’d still like to see her & Lane in a little showmance!) Rachel sets herself up to be made fun of – her drinking, her poutiness, her wild antics. She IS the epitome of the ‘bad, loose’ girl in HS that tease all the boys, requires male attention, and then pouts about how the other girls are mean to her. I wonder about her relationship with her father. I’m thinking it wasn’t good. Anyway, rather than psychoanalyze her, Brit is TRYING to keep her mellow enough there’s a chance Brenchel WOULD give her jury votes. It’s a game – she’s about GOTTA be 2-faced at this point!

    3. Brittney is hysterical and everything she says is right on! MM, is this your first season of BB? This is how the game is played. Brittney is only trying to remain friends with them so that she will have their vote. As it stands right now, if Brittney were up against Matt, Ragan or even Kathy, she would have their vote!

      1. Just remember once you get to the jury house you get to watch the game. Britt will be seen for who she is. brenrechel will not vote for her and neither will kathy or ragan once they see the kind of person she is sickning. You can play the game just like Ragan is playing with smarts.

    4. Did you miss the memo? This game is about coniving – like duhh? Brit is being smart by trying to keep herself out of Roach’s back books because Roach is a woman hater and if it came down to Brit and a man at the end – who is Roach going to vote for to win? Roach is a very vengeful person and Brit is smart by not fanning the flames on her.

        1. Hahahahahaha!! You seriously make me laugh! Brit is playing the game….sure she is. AND no one else is except Rachel..and she has let her game slip up by not stepping back and looking and seeing what is going on….Brit is a B**** who talks crap about everyone that she can…whomever is the “out” person of the minute….and then just skates by…whatever…I don’t hate on her…BUT don’t want her painted as a saint. This is a boring season because these folks are the most passive aggressive group ever. Most on this board side with the liars, which is fine…but don’t paint them as something that they aren’t….Sure…Brit and Ragan’s bantar can be very funny…but it’s still very hateful and biting….say it for what it is. Id Matt had put Brit and Ragan on the block and they were the targets the S*** talk would be very different….so, whatever. Matt is a liar….his wife is a jerk to support it, Enzo and his “Bojangles”…what the heck is that?? and Ragan…I don’t even know what to say about him…’re pissed because Kristin is gone…are you kidding me? Really???? Kristin??? Right….and I have some land in Florida that I will sell you really cheap….give me a break….lame. Anyway, it’s just a reason for the two of them to act like little B***** girls and get away with it and not realize that they are being used like pawns….pppttthhh

  2. The “Big Brother Tips” was the MOST hilarious thing I have ever heard. I’m so glad I stayed up to watch that.

    1. Remember though, all the good material could not have happened without B/R. I cannot imagine what we would be talking about without them.

        1. Good point! B/R does make for great material! lmao! Waiting on B to try and defend his “woman” and get knocked out with one punch by Lane! That would be priceless! hehe

    1. Yup and fifteen years from now she’ll be a dried up, wrinkly, saggy, old-before-her-time, cheap, has-been escort in Vegas clutching a wad of hundred dollar bills.

  3. Is it me or does Britney have a lazy right eye? It seems to go way off to the side, while the left one keeps in the middle. I just noticed it on TV tonight, but you can even see it in the picture above.

  4. Brit and Ragan need to get a life. I can’t wait until they find out that they should have teamed up with B/R because the brigade is coming after them. They are so stupid, they are worried about two people in the house and not even thinking about the reamaing 4 (not counting Kathy). And Brit says Rachel needs medication. She needs to realize her and Ragan are expendable.

    1. They need to get a life??? hahahaha what a great like you must have to judge people playing a game on a reality show……

      1. Hey there BB-Ma! Im getting a late start tonight (been out celebrating the hubby’s 40th and my nana’s 96th B-Days) and have been speed reading thru this while watching CBS first and now on BBAD! I thought it was interesting how mild they made the incedent with Rachel and Regan look……I felt like Simons version from the live feeds was more dramatic. Do you think CBS is trying to make Rachel look like less of a mental case now?

        1. I think they are trying to tone her down. I have friends that just watch the CBS show and don’t believe me when I tell them about her on BBAD. Happy Birthday to Mr. LJ and Nanny!

          1. Also, LJ, if you stay up tonight to watch all of BBAD, at the end of the show Rachel is so starved for attention she is really sad. I mean she can’t stand that they aren’t listening to her and she keeps getting loud and repeats. This girl has some problems. I watch the East Coast Showtime so I don’t have to stay up so late. I hope you had a good time with your family!

            1. I think I must be recording the East Coast too then…..records 9pm-12am. It looks like it is going to end in about 20 minutes! Thanx for the B-Day wishes! My husbands was actually last month and we went to Vegas, but my nana’s was last wednesday…same as Obama’s! Anyways, we always do a nice dinner out for B-Days so this was Hub’s and nana’s combined dinner, drinks etc. All of our family is in England except for me, my mom and nana, (hubs family in Oregon, Nevada and Idaho) so celebrations are pretty low key except for the traditional steak dinner! We have a place here in the Bay Area called Flemming’s and it is awesome! The Lobster Tempura appetizer is screamin’!

              1. Yup! She loves the attention……that is why her mission from the start has been to knock out the girls! Cant handle the female competition. It is very sad!

    1. The Toenight Show starring Brittany, Ragan & Hayden.
      Toenight’s topic is “Tips for Future BB Houseguests”.

  5. MMM are you serious?? I agree with Brit and Ragan 100%, I want to puke at how fake Rachel is … Shes so superficial and shallow. And Brit and Ragan are doing a good job. The brigade will soon turn on each other and they will be the floaters and would likely win the 500K. Rachel acts like a queen bee and so arrogant when shes HOH. so Karma just served her

  6. Will Brendan or Rachel be this season’s Chima? Causing the drama and being escorted out? Hmmm… could Rachel and Chima pair up in some Diva fantasy world and everyone else is just left to watch the loftiness of their diva achievement? The horde just stays behind , never quite measuring up to their grand delusions, because no one else is worthy of opinion and air time. But these two are off into their own world where windchimes whisper their names and botox/realitiy checks are ugly matters to appease hateful criticism thrown their way.

  7. I really dislike Enzo. He sounds like an uneducated schmuck when he speaks and is so high on himself. I think he wants to get a movie career out of this, thinking he’s all cool and fun to look at. I find him annoying more than anything. I mean, I can stomach Joe Pesci only for so long before I want to smack him in the face with a shovel. That Italian thing is so tired. Edzo basically sounds and looks (facial expressions) like some kind of a cartoon character at this point.

    1. The are a million or more guys in the New England area…..That look, act, and sound just like Enzo….he ain’t acting, that’s just who he is…

      1. I’m in NYC. I have quiet a few Italian friends and have spent a good part of my youth in Brooklyn. So I understand what you’re saying, but it seems to me Enzo goes out of his way to go to the extreme to sound and act the way he does. I think he does it for the effect of it and for the show (I don’t mean BB, but just to impress people around him). I think he’s overacting his part, basically, and I don’t feel it is completely honest.

        1. You are right about Enzo. Something ain’t right. The sleuthers can’t find anything online about this guy and he states that he sells real estate and insurance but there is no listings on line.

          Also, in the beginning he was always talking about his momma and her cooking – it seems like he still lives at home. I never heard him talk about a wife until I saw it here on blogs.

          As well, during his pre-interview they show him outside a large tacky italian house which looked like prob his parents house. I dont think he could afford to buy a house of his own. I am pretty sure he lives at home still and doesnt have a wife.

    1. She would never get help. She does not have the insight to acknowledge her issues. Alchol is only a mask for her mental problems.

      I have a feeling that this girl is going to end up in a dumpster. Pretty sad but I just can’t see her life going anywhere but in a bad way.

    1. Sure Brit is pretty quick to run and tell someone else what happened with her and Rach, but who in the house does not pretend to put up with Brendon or Rach when theyre in the same room then bash them when they leave? Brits trying to be nice to them cuz she knows that their going to the jury and if by some miracle she makes it to final 2 she wants their votes so of course shes gonna put on a show for them. In this game everyone is gonna put up a front and act differently in front of different people to get them farther in the game… the only time people are gonna show their true colors is in the DR

    1. I agree, I don’t think I ever saw a dumber player on BB. Not just a player, but a man, a guy, a person. He is so embarrassing. I am telling you guys, Rachel is going to dump him after the show. A girl wants a guy who treats her well, true, but also a guy she can respect as a man. She can’t respect that schmuck. I really think she’s getting tired of that stupid, love-sick puppy, look in his eyes and the constant “I’m sorry” and “I love you”.

      1. When someone tells you who they are…LISTEN! Brendon is as stupid as they come. I hope he gets tested for Aids when he leaves cause I have a bad feeling…


  9. Hey, l live near Arkansas & I can attest to many, many different levels of southern dialect around here. Kathy’s family is probably born/raised/inbred in Arkansas, for sure. It’s sort of like the New England accent – some have it more & play it up more, others you can barely detect the accent.

  10. That “talk show” was lame. not funny. yawn.
    Let’s break it down shall we?
    Enzo, he’s just bored and taking his frustrations out on the town idiots.
    Lane. still like him. Quiet but holds his ground. Funny
    Matt, still a LOSER.
    Kathy, who?
    Hayden, boring
    Brendon, one of the town idiots
    Rachel, seriously needs help. it’s hard to laugh at someone who clearly needs help
    Brit, total bitch but still makes me laugh.
    Ragan, hypocrite, but makes me laugh
    Overall, they are all jerky mcjerkytons!
    including me

    1. OMG! You are talking sense for a change! Haha!
      And no Im not trying to be confrontational with you….have had enough of that…..yawn….

    2. But dont think the Talk show was lame in any sense! Thought it was really funny and witty! Some people leave themselves open for this type of commentary and we all have to agree Rachel has given them plenty of material! Who could resist?

  11. I seriously hope production realizes how much the fans loved WWJD- Etiquette for BB HG! They need to tell those 3 to keep it up! Yo…maybe next time they will interview Meow Meow!

  12. “Just the Tip with Britney, Ragan and Hayden” was the absolute funniest moment ever. I as laughing so hard. I love Britney and Ragan. They are hilarious. There is a huge difference beteen being spitfully evil (Rachel) and being annoyed and funny (Britney and Ragan).

  13. Who is Nick? is that Britney’s Boyfriend? I swear that I thought Lane was the Fiance (hidden relationship) Think about it….

  14. I live in Italy and watches big brother online..Enzo is a fake and the Italians here are nothing like the ones in North America with their fake accent and all…What a shame to the rel Italians here..Half of the ones in North America cannot even speak Italian..Britney is just the same as Rachel but she is the one that sneaks on you and they are the ones you have to be careful with.Brendon wow get a backbone buddy Rachel is not for ya….I liked Ragan but all those horrible comments he says about rachel not called for…my opinion they are all stupid except for Kathy….Matt another idiot…Hayden (hate the way he speaks)….

    1. I’m confused about your post. First of all, why would the “real” Italians be anything like the Italian Americans? The accent that you speak of is not Italian. It’s Italian American and after living in this country for 200 years or so that’s what it’s become. It’s not a fake accent because when you visit the northeast states that’s what they sound like. It’s no more fake than if you go to the south and listen to their accent and so on. And why would they speak Italian? They live in America and it makes sense to speak English. How is that a shame to real Italians? Real Italians chose (chose being the operative word here) to leave Italy and move to the US generations ago. Sorry but it just seems that your post was more about takin a dig at Americans and less about Big Brother.

  15. So, who else is waiting for Kathy to make her big moves? LOL! In DR after HOH talking smack that this is her strategy. They haven’t seen anything yet. LOL! Neither have we Kathy, neither have we.

  16. I’m confused on time lines – will this week’s evictee go to the jury house or be the last one NOT in the jury house?

  17. Does anyone think that Rachel is using Brenden? Hes an idiot and follows her like a puppy and does whatever she wants. She treats him like crap and I’ve seen her roll her eyes when he trys to comfort her, I think she knows exactly what she is doing and is using him to further herself in the game, even though it’s not going to work this time LOL! I can’t wait to see her go home!

  18. Brit wait till you find out you were showing your vag on camara too. I would do you but you are a bitch a big one.


  20. Rachel has a classic histrionic personality disorder, I know because me ex-wife was just like that. OK, not as bad as Rachel, but the same traits…unfortunately I found out too late.

    As a medic in Vegas for many years I should be used to seeing bimbos like her. Luckily, they kept most of them contained in strip clubs and didn’t let them roam the streets in the daylight hours.

    P.S. Brendon needs to turn in his man card.

  21. I used to like B/R now i can’t stand their asses R was throwing her weight around when she was HOH talking about bring it well now bitch they brought it & it’s not a damn thing you can do about it, B is so weak it’s sickening i be damned if i leave cuz he wants her to stay..he so gullible its disgusting! B will go next week cuz his big feet dumb ass can’t win HOH, after that Kathy, Brit & Ragan will folllow Brit thinks she’s doing something by running & telling the Brigade everything lil does she know they are using that against her ass….these are the dumbest group of people I’ve seen in all of my days! lol

  22. I would get Britney’s ass out before Brendon, since it seems Britney can be a strong player considering the 2 POV competitions she has won. Brendon is a nobody without Rachel, I would just forfeit everything to get back with her in the Jury House.


  24. Britney is a fantastic improv talent and all of the naysayers would be laughing their asses off if she were performing on TV or writing one-liners for the sitcoms.

    Right now, there is no sitcom worth watching. I am sure though, the CBS writers are taking notes from this show and will steal Britney and Ragan’s words.

    1. I agree. I like her snarky sense of humor. Good combination of sarcasm and cynicism plus she imitates Rachel whacked out behavior right in front of her and she doesn’t get it.

  25. Is everyone forgetting what Matt said about his wife and how he lied about getting a dollar instead of telling everyone he got a diamond POV necklace. He is the biggest phony on the show and I hope his BRIGADE finds out about him and gets his out. I don’t like him at all. Britney is a phony also, she sits with her legs open and shows her private to national TV. See the nude shots. She is 2 faced and I hope she leaves soon. I can honestly say, I can’t find anyone on the show that deserves to win. Kathy is always laying down. Lane has no brains, Matt is a liar, Brendon is in love (nothing wrong with that), Regan can’t hold his gas, Hayden is useless and Rachel, well, she is just a piece of work, but she is smart and probably could have won this game if she just shut up about her Las Vegas life.

    1. A) If matt would of told everyone about the Diamond power of veto then we would of lost it that power. He’s been pretty honest with the Brigade so theres nothing really for them to find out or be mad at him.
      B) lieing to people in power is part of the game every single person is 2 face in the big brother house

  26. Why are there still people looking for twists where there are none? No, Britany and Kathy are not related. No, Matt and Ragan are not brothers. Perhaps Big Brother spoiled us in the past with good twists however this season it’s the Saboteur. That’s it. No one’s related and that was a lie told by the Saboteur told in the 2nd week. Can we please get past this now?

  27. OMG, WHEN Rachel gets evicted this week,, not only will she be OUT of the BB house, she’ll be in isolation in the jury house ALL BY HERSELF !!! She’s going to come seriously undone when she has no one to whine to, and then she’s going to drink herself into a coma !!

  28. Little Britt, knows just what she’s doing. ” I LOVE HER ” she is just talking people, & being funny. She has not hurt her Rep. @ all. Rachel is scum threw & threw. Britt has class & you can tell was raised with class @ home. Rachel makes money all in the wrong ways & she is proud. Give me a break people. Everyone in the house has talked behind backs, Britt’s just FUNNY, NOT A DIRTY SCUM-BAG-LADY as Rachel . Even the guy’s are yacking & gossiping. She has not hurt herself but Rachel has. Can’t ya see the difference ? I can !

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