Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan gets Lane to scale words by how gay they sound..

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4:50pm Enzo is in the kitchen making dinner, he’s making breaded chicken. Most of the other houseguests are in the backyard talking and joking around. They are about talking about the first Have/Have Not Competition. They’re laughing about how Brendon’s shorts falling down and everyone was telling him to keep going. Britney says that that competition was crazier than POV. She says that the POV was like last year’s pimple competition, except with piñatas this year. Rachel says that it was similar to last year too. Britney says that it’s what viewers like want to see. Rachel then says the producers just wanted another technotronics moment from BB11 with Jeff. Hayden tells them that when they were playing in the POV he was just trying to not look like an idiot. Britney laughs and says she thought Hayden was spelling posse or possum. Britney says that Andrew had all of his letters reversed, but that he was trying to spell a hard word. The conversation keeps switching to different random stuff. Annie asks Britney what her favorite Popsicle is and she says Flintstones push pops. Annie then asks Britney what her favorite kind of cereal is? Britney says that’s a loaded question… probably fruity pebbles. Then they talk about 9/11, and where they were at the time.

5:25pm – 5:50pm The cameras switched to Ragan in the Have Not room by himself. He goes through some of his things, then lies on the bed, and then sits up on his bed while the camera just zooms in and out on him. Dead silence. I think the boredom is just killing Ragan, he has no idea what to do with all the spare time.
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Ragan then heads into the lounge room where Annie and Lane are hanging out. They talk about the fish again and decide that they really should be feed twice a day. Annie asks who said they had a 5 o’clock nipple? Ragan says that was me! They laugh. Ragan asks Lane to give a rating scale of 0 – 10 on the gay scale.  Ragan says Banter. Lane asks can you tell me what that means? Ragan tells him its having a conversation. Lane says it sounds like a smart word so ..5   Ragan says hullabaloo. Lane asks whats that? Ragan says its like craziness. Lane says ..10 Ragan says flatulence. Lane says ..9

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I love that Ragan, !!!!

Uncle Cool

He certainly has the comedy down pat. He should consider a career as a sit-com writer. He’d do good.


Is this bish pushing up on my man Lane!!!!??
Ragan, fall back and get outta of my LANE!