Big Brother 12 Spoilers – BB Lesson of The Day: Sex Talk is Exhausting and Lane Eats While he Sh!!s

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:20pm JULY 13TH Backyard Pool Annie and Kathy. Annie is trying to explain why she is the one made out to be a target. She says she started talking to everyone early on because she wanted to get to know people she thought this is how you play the game. She says “Don’t think all i ever did was talk game” she goes on and one about this. . At one point Kathy tells her she doesn’t want to talk about game anymore she wants to know more about who Annie is and about Annie’s girl. Annie goes on to explain her partner. She says she’s a administrator at target and that she’s totally different than Annie. Her partner Jen, is the most kinds generous person, there always giving out money to strangers and making sandwiches for the poor.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:45pm Main bedroom Monet and Britney Sleeping after all their sex talk.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:50pm Backyard Enzo and Andrew joins Annie and Kathy out side near the pool
Annie is telling them that lane told her he wants to eat a peach while he shits.. Enzo “he’s a ogre that kid he eats when he shits”. kathy “Uh what?” Andrew “A ogre”… “A O G” (lol what?) talk drifts around Andrew tells them that he was a member of the pie of the month club and they shipped him a pie every month… Like apple pies and cherry pies etc.. Enzo is planning on making chicken Parmesan… He’s complaining to Andrew, Kathy and Annie that he can’t stop eating.. .he starts to get up to go get more food and they talk him out of it. Eventually Annie leaves to go bug ragan and the talk between them shifts to Annie. Both Kathy and Enzo agree that Annie has to go this week. Kathy says whats she’s doing isn’t helping her out one bit.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:10pm – 4:30pm Backyard Hayden 100% tuckered out… until Annie goes and wakes him up.. poor Hayden listens to the same thing Annie has been saying for the past 36hours. (Annie’s trying hard but it’s pissing all the houseguests off and pissing the live feed viewers off) Ragan is there as well, Annie tells them she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get to stay in the house. She says she’ll throw the HOH, she’s 100% trustworthy. Hayden tells her that she’s up on the block becuase she’s such a big threat and that is the only reason. He says physically your on par with the other girls and mentally you are equal to some of them but socially you are very string. Monet joins them eating a nectarine. Ragan does a good job of the changing the subject, they start talking about going on a trip after BB is over. Hayden suggests they do it right away after the show because after 6 months nobody will care about Big Brother.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


4:35pm Kitchen Monet cutting up fruit and making a salad.

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46 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – BB Lesson of The Day: Sex Talk is Exhausting and Lane Eats While he Sh!!s

  1. Annie was my favorite but she’s really getting on my nerves now..

    and I just wanted to say thanks so much for running the site, I really appreciate you take the time to do all this!

  2. The more I hear about Lane and listen to what he says, the more I am starting to hope he gets booted out next.

  3. i cant even imagine how u get it done so u do as a writer do record it then write wat u record??? lol #imjustaskn…seriously

  4. Too bad Annie didn’t play it smarter. She could have saved herself, but she is the first meltdown of BB12. Maybe a miracle will happen and Rachel will be gone. Annie would be good for some drag down drama later on. Oh well. Dick was my only first day pick that went all the way. I thought Annie was smarter than that.

    I hope BB waits a while longer to reveal the identity of the saboteur. Speculation is always more fun. For now, I am sticking with Kathy, and if it is her, I don’t think she will make it to the halfway point. I find it hard to believe she is a deputy sheriff, she is clumsy and awkward. I also don’t see why people insist on Kristen and Hayden being related. Their secret is their secret alliance, final two. There is too much sexual tension there for it to be anything else. I don’t think Hayden will be around long though. Brendon promised to keep him safe, but I would trust him about as far as Brittany or Kathy could throw him. His relationship with Rachel is going to hurt him really soon. It’s good to see that overall we have a much more intelligent group than last year. Watch Enzo. That dude is always observing and he covers it with his nutty comments, but the eyes tell the story. He doesn’t miss a beat. At first I thought he was annoying as shit, but he might turn out to be this season’s Russell, who ended up being my favorite last season.

  5. I wish someone in the house would just grow a pair and tell Annie she’s going out! I still like Annie more than Rachel, or at least think she deserves to stay more, but if she was told none of this would be an issue. We wouldn’t have to hear about it anymore

  6. Annie needs to tell everyone about the education levels of Brendon and Rachel. The others may then believe them to be intelligent and get rid of Rachel ASAP, then Brendon next week.

  7. Right Uncle Cool. I don’t know why she hasn’t used that information to her advantage instead of whining and complaining. That kind of info would make people rethink keeping the science duo.

    1. I think she will let that out before she’s gone. I suspect that she still thinks that she might be able to talk her way out of things, and if that happens she knows that Brendon will need her and wants to be able to capitalize on that still. If it doesn’t come out before the vote, expect it to on her way out the door.

      1. We still have until Thursday and Monet is figuring it out that Rachel and Brendon could turn out to be another Jeff/Jordan and that will not be good for the other houseguests. Monet is showing that she has brains.

        1. Yeah but I feel like at this point, their mind is so made up and the people who don’t really care about Annie, want her to be the target just so they aren’t. I don’t know if Monet will really campaign for her.

  8. I think she has told somebody and they said “so what.” She doesn’t stand a chance at this point. She’s done herself in by shooting her mouth off ninety two too many times. And if I hear her say “literally” one more time I’m going to scream. Literally…..

  9. Just because Brenden and Rachel have an education does not mean they should be out the door. Andrew is a doctor. Should he be thrown out. Maybe it is time for Kathy and Brit to go. They both cause drama. Kathy cannot do the challenages. They need to go. The show is better when the weak players go first and toward the end you have the strong players. Brenden is one of my favorites.

    1. I know that education does not equal intelligence. I just want no part of any type of ‘showmance’. So, Rachel should be booted out this week, then Brendon next week. Then Lane, then Hayden.

      1. Education does NOT equal intelligence whatsoever. I have found that most intelligent people who spend their lives in college/university have no street smarts. I know a lady locally who is super smart, has a wicked job, makes tons of money but has no friends and cannot have a conversation. I also believe that (some/most) intelligent people have no imagination. Matt is one of those people who seems to have it all together. He’s smart and cool all at the same time. I like that combination in a man.

        1. Matt is staying low-key. At least for now, because it will keep him safe. Same with Kristin.

          Brendon is egotistical and Rachel is acting like a tramp. I don’t like either of them.

          1. First off, I’d rather have some intelligent people in the house that talk about a variety of interesting things other than just who should go next. i don’t know how many of you have the feeds but I do and don’t think Brendon is egotistical at all. I listened to Brendon and Rachel the other night and they didn’t come off as anything other than warm, smart, caring people. i think it’s dumb to have a showmance at this stage but I don’t hold it against them. Yes, Rachel is showing off her ‘assets’ as most women do. But ‘tramp’? No, for that term, you have to have listened to Annie conversing with that pig, Lane, in the hammock. It was a low-budget porno flick for the ears. Those 2 got into some low-grade, degrading sex talk and both enjoyed it. Nothing shocks me – I grew up in the 60s – but I had to go to another camera; that’s how gross they were. Let me tell you – that Lane is not the quiet country boy everyone thinks he is. There’s nothing wrong with sex or normal sex talk. But this guy will make you be like, “WTF did he just say?” and Annie responds favorably to everything. They even talked of being ‘friends with benefits’, so look for that to happen. This happened day before yesterday, still light outside, on the hammock. Rachel’s a saint compared to those two. I’d like to see Annie, and that other trouble-maker, Brittany out of here.

              1. I was replying to what Uncle Cool said about Rachel and Brendon being smart and in a showmance and about Rachel being a tramp. What’s wrong with that? I can’t help where they put my post. It said the reply was to go to Cool. First time posting here – maybe it should be the last since you’re bitch-slappin’ me 4 no good reason.

                1. no no, not me, I said you were beating up yourself, not me hitting you. It seemed like you were arguing the point that was made but disagreeing with yourself at the same time. Don’t fret my pet, stick around and welcome. I don’t bite, I swear.

  10. In the pictures of the houseguest, why are there 2 blue shadows? Are 2 more people coming in the house? PLEASE no Jesse!!!!!

    1. Jesse is done, he’s fully into WFX Wrestling now. He’s doing pretty well there with a lot of the dropped WWE and TNA Star along with Jonny Fairplay and Rupert from Survivor

      1. Please no Jeff. It would not surprise me in the least if they brought his ugly ass back to boost ratings and send viewers into a frenzy

        1. Lol, indeed. Though he doesn’t seem that bad of a guy outside it all. I think most of it was a show. He was pretty good takign pictures with my friends’ kids when he was in town last week (albeit posing like the Situation of Jersey Shore questionable fame)

  11. The people in BB12 have no balls. Just tell Annie she’s going home. They just wait until she leaves every time and talk about her behind her back like cowards. I like Annie a lot more then Rachel (not as much as I use to but WAY more then Rachel) but if she’s bothering everyone in the house so bad, trying to save herself, say something. Tell her “sorry, our mind is made up.” It’s just stupid to let her bother everyone like this when there’s no chance of changing their minds.

    1. Happens every season. I don’t know why the players always make their mind to vote with whoever HoH wants. they aren’t the ones in voting power. The HoH really only has the power to nominate. The house should realize that they can collectively vote out whomever they want to.

      1. It just goes to prove that no matter how much BB you watch, how big of a fan you are, you still go into the house and your game goes out the window especially during the first 3-4 weeks.

  12. I know. I can’t believe they still think they need to do what Hayden wants. Once he puts up a replacement, the power shifts. He has no power and he is vulnerable for a whole week unless he gets the POV. People are free to do what they want and it doesn’t matter what the outgoing HOH thinks about it, because he is powerless to do anything about it.

  13. People in the house should use the sab to their advantage. Vote the way they want, the best thing for their own individual game and when confronted about who they voted for- tell them I did vote the way the house did, must have been the sab that didn’t

  14. What happen’s tonight on tv? Is it just the pov? And when do we find out the identity of the sab?

  15. I love this is way better than any other. But, last year on the “Leave a Reply” box you had a way of going back to messages and it was less confusing. You had “Newer Comments” and “Older Comments”. This year it is a little confusing to find comments for and about the houseguests. It is not as easy to navigate through the comments without the “newer” and Older”. Also, it seemed that all the comments were together. Now we have to remember the subject title to get back to a message…..orrrr is it just me?

    1. The only thing i’ve changed in the comments is adding the email alerts when people reply to your comments (It doesn’t work yet, hopfully tongiht).. every night I have a bit of time to try a tweek the comment system so all your suggestions are appreciated…

      each post will show 30 comments when you click on it after 30 it’ll but comment 31..32…33…34 on a new page. I think it’s not showing the newer comments/older comments for you because there is no posts that have over 30 comments yet.

      Glad you like the site .. as long as everyone is patient i’ll keep tweeking things to make them better for you all.

      1. Everything is working fine on my end simon.

        Happy – patience grasshopper. Within the next few weeks there will be tons of comments and you’ll be going back and forth through the newer and older comments for pages. There is not enough comments right now on each post to warrant another page. When there is, it will automatically make a new one. Welcome back!

        1. Thanks Rockstar, Just wanted to let everyone know that the Subscribe to comments feature is working so if you write an awesome comment and want to know when people reply to it. Just tick “Notify me of followup comment” check box and you’ll get notified,

        1. yea i recommend it on showtime last nite..ppl cld not understand that pov was played days ago..and this site give real time feedbacks for the BB LOVERS :) :)lol

          1. I was telling my friend last night and she could not believe nor understand how I could know what was going on before the show even aired. luvs it. It makes me feel important and god-like.

  16. Why are the times on these comments wrong? I’m looking at the one above this box and it says July 14, 2010 at 11:04 pm, that’s PM! Impossible, since it’s only 4:13 Central time right now. What gives?

  17. I am still trying to figure out how to mauver around from my blackberry. I personally liked last years way. I hear what your saying about it but it seems more confussing and to go back to say yesterday there’s no prior or page how do I get back there? It just stops. !ut at the same time what I can read is good.

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