Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan Fox makes racist remarks; slams Fox News, Sarah Palin, and Tea Party

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(WIREUPDATE ) — Usually the drama happens inside the Big Brother house, but this year the drama will start even before the houseguests step one foot inside. Within the recent past Big Brother 12 hopeful Ragan Fox has made racial jokes while slamming Fox News, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party Movement.
On his episodic podcast “Fox in the City” Ragan baselessly claimed Fox News, Sarah Palin, and the entire Tea Party movement were racist, all the while using racist jokes to describe LL Cool J.
While commenting on a story about Sarah Palin’s Fox News special that at one time included actor LL Cool J, Ragan said while mocking Sarah Palin’s voice, “That LL Cool J, he had to overcome so much adversity. When he was born, he was born with the condition of blackness. He was so black, and not just any black. He was really really black.”
Ragan goes on, “Because I don’t know if you know this or not, but in Alaska we have some blacks who are pretty light skinned and look more like Latinos. But LL Cool J, he was super duper black. And some how LL Cool J overcame his overwhelming blackness to become a fledgling actor on NCIS.”
“Did I mention how black LL Cool J was? I saw a picture of him on TMZ taken at night and I couldn’t even see him. All I could see of him were his teeth he is so black.”
Emails to CBS have yet to be returned.

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This guys voice and face just pisses me off. He looks like someone I’d like to punch.


First impressions, I think Ragan is going to be out really quickly and probably Enzo too. They are both beyond annoying. Andrew looks like he has game. Can’t wait for the feeds to start rolling!


I think what you are reading into his comments are things he has lived through his life. i would not be surprised to see an abundance of lesbians and gay men in this group for BB12.


It wouldn’t surprise me if ragan is the saboteur.