Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel Reilly Showing Some Skin Lingerie/Bikini Photo Shoot!

Early this morning on The Early Show, Julie Chen introduced the new cast of the 12th season of Big Brother!
Full Biographies of the cast of Big Brother 12!
The Media Day Videos were also released today: A day in the life of a houseguest
Julie Chen gives us a tour of the NEW Big Brother 12 House!
See everything they can’t show you on TV!!
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More Photos of Rachel Reilly
YouTube Video of Rachel Reilly for Hawaiian Tropic Shoot:

Rachel Reilly in her High Speed Divas Magazine interview debut on the red carpet for Resident Evil Extinction:

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Rachel’s boobs are smaller in the Hawaiian Tropic swimsuit video and her hair is dark. She is prettier with dark hair and smaller boobs.


i agree with you. she looked so much better before. now she just looks fake.




Brown hair, small boobs, she is still just a disgusting person. UGH!


“THE” most irritating voice and especially laugh of any person ever. One highly egotistical, self-centered “BITCH”.-