Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan Figures out The POV Comp “Who can read Hebrew the Fastest”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:00pm Palm Room Brendon, Ragan and Rachel. Brendon is complaining about being a have nots 2 weeks in a row. He says it’s especially hard because he knows theres people in the house that haven’t been HOH yet. Brit and Ragan agree that its tough being on slop. Brendon starts playing what if… “what if we had voted out MAtt then Ragan would of been HOH” Brit counters “what if we we evicted Rachel then I would of Benn HOH last Week”.. Brendon stops playing the what if game. Ragan mentions that he have no idea how Monet Or Annie would of done. Brit says see thats why we don’t play the what if game. Brendon brings up how the last HOH was given to Matt because he had the perfect body type. Ragan and Brit defend Matt saying that matt was ready to win it he knew he had to win it or he was in trouble. Brendon “ya I’m surprise Andrew did so well he’s a taller guy” Brit says “when i looked in Matts eyes i saw fire he was determined to win that Competition”. Brendon moves to the the first HOH and how the Competition was tailored to favor tall people like Hayden. He goes on to explain the physics behind why someone with a high centre of gravity would have an advantage in that competition.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:15pm Taj Room Brendon and Rachel snuggling together. Brendon doesn’t want Rachel to put so much Make up on.. She says she needs it to be pretty. He reassures her she’s pretty enough, he doesn’t like all the mascara on her face cause it gets smeared when they kiss.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:21pm Cabana Room Enzo and Matt talking about it’s 3 vs 2 because theres not chance Kathy is going to win anything. Ragan joins in. enzo I can’t wait to see this contest, “yo it’s going to be called the Pythagorean theorem “.
Ragan “No it’s going to be who can read hebrew the fastest”
Matt “So much of this show seems rigged but it’s really not”
Ragan “you gotta understand that in this weeks POV contest over 1/2 the houseguests get to play”
Enzo” ya thats true”
Matt thinks it’s going to be coordination based with prizes. Enzo thinks it’s gong to be mental and geared towards science knowledge. Enzo says all this POV shit is exciting it makes it fun to play the game, Matt agrees.
They go back to trying to name the competition ..
Enzo : it’ll be name the Periodic table of elements
Matt: no it’ll be a drinking competition
enzo: how many casinos can you name in vegas
enzo: how to use the vanuilla extract
enzo: swimming in slop
matt: I hope kathy wins
enzo: that will be like usa beating the russian

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:44pm Backyard Brigade hanging out some are exercising. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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I like enzo a lot from the live feeds, he & ragan are hysterical. The broadcasts tend to portray people differently or not show them enough.


Enzo is just entertainment……he sounds like he was born mafia. But the one I want out of the BB house is that snake Brittany… She talks trash about all the women… Don’t know why because one of her eyes is cocked to the side…. Look at yourself before you start talking about other women’s faults. I want Andrew to let everyone know he has figured out Matt is lying about his wife having some rare disease. When people find out Andrew is a Podiatrist and has never heard of what Matt is talking about,,,,,,now that’s when s…..’s going to hit the fan. Can’t wait to see who wins POV


unfortunately since its lane and not brit in the comp, there is really nothing interesting once we hear the outcome….we all know who will be going home based on who wins the POV(unless its R and B, then we just know its andrew or kathy, and a POV ceremony is pointless)

cmon BB, throw them a bone to screw up the lame brigade


Lets see some entertainment please bb,

BAB - formally BB

I seriuosly can’t stomach anymore of Brenden and Rachel with their non-passionate kissing! This showmance can’t be legit. Someone needs to go ahead and get naked so BBAD won’t be as boring anymore, ugh! : )



BAB - formally BB

Haha.. anyone but these two knuckleheads!

SN: Did Rachel finally breakdown and ask Brenden to use his tounge while kissing her, then says that’s what afterdark wants? GROSS!!


The B/R showmance won’t make it another 3 weeks. Brendon already said his parents won’t like her. Now he FINALLY said something about the pounds of makeup she wears. Next it will be about the way she dresses. It’s the beginning of the end. The honeymoon is over I think.


And, Eaglebirdie, he questioned her about her drinking, too. As I said, I don’t think we have a “Happily Ever After” here.

BAB - formally BB

I think when he finally ask her to grow a pair and put a bag over her head, we will know they’re a done deal.


oh she is difinitely a two bag job, he needs to wear one in case hers falls off 🙂


Plus he seemed concerned about how much she drinks.

The Playa

shes a drunk lush


Oh, I can’t comment on that, not tonight anyway.


I completely forgot about the drinking comment. Yep, they are on their way to being done. How could you possibly think you’re in love after 2 weeks? I still think he’s a closet homosexual. And if you look at her real closely, you can tell she isn’t going to age very gracefully. I’m pretty certain we won’t be seeing them on the next season of Amazing Race. I’m sure that was her plan going into the game though. She wanted to be the next Rob and Amber or the next Jeff and Jordan. I’d love to see her face when she finds out how disliked she is.


I agree, I mentioned it on another blog, don’t forget last night they talked about her excessive drinking too and she got drunk anyway, after I turned off my computer at 4:00 am EST. I did miss it though.
I think they both have problems, she has a drinking problem & Brended has a self esteem problem from his dad, he said that “even with all he has done in his life it has not been good enough for his dad, that’s the feeling he gets” So they both have issues. To me it’s really sad because he has accomplished allot, and going for his PHD now on top of things with a free ride too. I think he’s amazing, it’s too bad his dad is not behind him 100%. This is what you end up with, a very unhappy, unsatisfied person.


I HATE Lane crunching ice! Its close to being as bad as watching B/R which is sickening.


pov players is depressing. i’m finding it hard to like ANYONE this season other than andrew, and that’s just developed recently. i think rachel without brendan or brendan without rachel will be good for the other so they can actually start playing THE GAME. i hope andrew pulls togther pov.


yes but don’t forget, if Brenden pulls off Andrew then Matt can put up Rachel. He has to replace Andrew with someone. If anyone saves either one of the house guests up on the block then either Brenden or Rachel will go up. The house expect it & if Matt doesn’t put one of them up, which he will, then he will loose his alliance with the Brigades, they are already wondering why Matt didn’t put one of them up in the first place. Enzo questioned it tonight but it not smark enough to answer his own question. Matt was helping them, to a degree. None of the other Men realize what’s going on right under their noses!




Brendon needs to win the POV and use it on Andrew. Then CBS exposes the brigadorks somehow. Then Brendon, Ragan, Kristen, Brit and Andrew can vote to keep Kathy. Then the show becomes interesting cause there is no more Rachel annoyingness plus the four douches probably have to start backstabbing one another.


I don’t know if Brendon would do that because that might get Rachel put up. That would however expose Matt.


Would’nt everybody except Brendon vote to keep Kathy if Rachel was up against her? The Birgade would be kept a seceret (except for Matt breaking his deal with B/R)

Yae Dum Dum

Eagle Birdie. Hope you get well soon. Simon and Dawg. Good job. Best BB site. Thanks for doing it right. THERE IS NO WAY AND I MEAN NO WAY Brendon is going to use that POV!! He knows Matt will put up Boy George without question!