Big Brother 12 Spoilers – POV players are Picked, Lane: “Its 4 against 2 “

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:10pm HOH Matt and Lane Talking about the players in the POV. The both of them are amazed at there bad luck. Lane says they have to win it it’s 4 against 2. He thinks it might be a golf comp were you use a putter… Lane says that Brendon is clumsy and will do bad at that type of comp. Matt thinks they’ll have it in the bag them. Matt says to Lane that Rachel and Brendon must be well liked that the producer…… FEEDS CUT!!!…… Feeds back Matt tell him that they need to get ready because Brendon is crazy about cutting deals, “Bro they’ll be up here saying some crazy ass shit”. He explains that he never had a deal with them he just thought that not putting one of them up was the best plan. Matt says “They’re probably laughing their asses off right now” )talking about Brendon and Boy George. Matt brings up production not letting him look inside the bag.. he makes a remark about all the names in the POV bag had Rachel and Brendon’s names on it (oh for sure they did.. hasn’t Matt watched Big brother before)

POV players are Matt, Andrew, LANE, Brendon, Rachel, Kathy
Host is Meow Meow

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:28pm Taj Room Lane, Kristen and Hayden Talking about what a fluke it was that both boy George and Brendon picked there names out of the POV bag. They ask Lane if he won POV who would he take down.. he really doesn’t know but Hayden keeps asking, Lane says he would keep Andrew because he likes him “He’s a good guy”. Lane then says he likes Kathy as well so he really doesn’t know, It would be a very hard vote for him. They decide to go outside to play with the lawn games.. Hayden powders his balls… why? Lane “it helps”.
Hayden Balls #1
Hayden Balls #2

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


8:52pm Lane and Hayden playing with the golf clubs, Enzo and Andrew playing pool. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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81 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – POV players are Picked, Lane: “Its 4 against 2 “

  1. 4 v 2 eh? I dont know, it may be 3 v 3…brit may decide to leave it as is, gaining 2 more friends in the house…

  2. Why does hayden want to know so bad? If they put brachel up in the first place they wouldnt have this problem. 3 weeks down the drain! I thought matt was a smart guy! If those four run the house why are they all trying to save there azz for the next week.Wow! Why andrew and kathy? I don’t get it.

  3. I would’ve loved to see Britney win POV just to see what she would’ve done w/it. & may I just say that its a shame all of the women couldn’t come together like the men did. Women have got to stop cutting eachother down & start joining forces. The thought of the brigade being the last men standing makes me want to punt kick my laptop across the street. That is all. :-)

    1. I think it ALL goes back to that survivor alliance that never was….people will be scared of an all girls alliance on CBS for a few seasons

  4. to be fair, it would be BORING to watch one by one go down because of the 4 brigade votes….honestly I want a shake up…for t hat

    I want kathy voted out

    andrew wins HOH

    chaos ensues

  5. I have never missed a singe episode of BB since it began in season one. Yeah I know, get a life. Anyway, this season is close to being as pathetic as season one was. I’m sure not too many people remember that season, but they were not allowed to talk game play at all. It was the most boring thing in the world to watch. It seems like that’s what is going on this season. Everybody just sits around as a group talking about everything but the game. I think Andrew and Matt are the only ones with a master plan. The rest of them are just playing it day to day and that makes for a very boring BB. They all think this is going to make them a TV star or a movie star which cracks me up. Reminds me of Sheila a couple of years ago and her major book deal she had working. I’m still waiting to see that hit the best seller list.

      1. I go into the hospital for a stem cell transplant on Monday and I’m freaking out because I won’t be able to see After Dark. Good thing I have this site to keep me up to date. When I get home I’ll have about 60 hours of After Dark on DVR and I’m sure I’ll watch every minute of it. Yep, I need to get a life. And I have no idea what Chiquita the Pug is or I’m sure I’d go find one. The only thing hanging over my bed is handlebars.

        1. Chiquita was the dog the houseguests had to look after in BB 1. haha I was letting you know that I’m a super geek for BB so I understand.

          How long will you be gone? Holy crap. Are you scared? I hope everything will be ok.

        2. I have mirrors over mine. I was single once. Good luck to you Eaglebirdie. Don’t watch the tapes just check with us. We will bring you up to date real fast. Come back soon!

          1. It’s my second one Rockstar and the first time I was in there for 19 days. I’m hoping it won’t be that long but you never know. It could be anywhere from 14 days to a month or more. Good thing I have this site to keep me occupied but I’m gonna miss After Dark big time.

            1. I hope everything goes okay Eaglebirdie. That’s a long time to be in hospital. Especially during the summer and during BB time. I’m lucky I don’t go back to work til September 1st so I have the whole summer to veg out in front of my lap top and tv watching and communicating.

            2. We will be here for you, Eaglebirdie. I wish you all the best and quick recovery. I know about long hospital stays. Have spent months there. We will keep you posted on everything and you keep us posted on you!

              1. I will keep you posted. Thank you both for the kind comments. I’m sure everything will be fine but it is brutal being couped up in a room for that long. I don’t know what the slop is that BB eats but I bet it beats the food in the hospital. But the drugs are good so it’s a decent tradeoff…

  6. wtf is up with the maker of this site. why do you have such a big problem with rachel and brendon? stop being such an asshole and be neutral. jesus. this isnt a big brother OPINION site. i just want to know whats going on, not your lame ass thoughts.

    1. LMFAO….Rachel never said she had a sister named Nicole. It’s not just the person running the site Rachel’s sister. It’s 90% of the people posting to the site that can’t stand them so get used to it or find another site. But I have a feeling all the sites are the same…..Brendon and Rachel suck!!!!! Deal with it.

    2. then your the only one because lots of people come on this stie for his “lame ass thoughts” you’re one of the few viewers on the planet who actually like Branchel. I’m guess you’re Brenden’s mom.

    3. Simon and Dawg work their ass off so broke bitches like myself get updates that can’t afford the feeds. It’s their site and they can say whatever the f**k they want about any houseguest. If you don’t like what is said then don’t come to the site, but if you do then show some respect to people that work their ass off for your benefit

      1. What Rob said. You bitch out Simon and Dawg, and you are taking on all of the people that love this site, which BTW is their site. They can express whatever opinion they like, because they own it. You are lucky they are such fair guys that they posted your arrogant comment at all. Some of us come here year after year because the fun here is better than the show and better than the feeds. This is the real entertainment I look forward to. If you don’t like it, nobody has a gun to your head. There are lots of other blogs for losers like you. I hear Chima has one. I bet you would feel right at home licking her shoes. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, asshole.

    4. Not to say that I completely agree with Simon but I do have to say that it is HIS website. If I had a website I would post whatever the hell I wanted regardless if everyone agreed with me or not. As long as it isn’t hate filled (racist) I say let him voice his opinion and if you disagree with it then just skim over it. No reason to get all personal. I am sure if you had a website you would put on stuff you felt was appropriate. Simon is simply doing that and I give him credit for providing all us cheapos with updates from the live feed regardless of his personal feelings about the guests. I used to love brachel when they first came in but after 2 weeks of listening to them I gotta say they brought all this hate upon themselves… That’s my opinion though..

    5. Nicole sweetie, this isn’t the foxnews. This site is all about opinion and attitude. That is what makes it great!

      1. I’ve been following simon and dawg before and I have rarely ever agreed with their choices on who’s team they are on. Since I started posting more and more and with my difference of opinion and strong voice as of that, not once have they ever silenced me or argued with me or told me my opinion was wrong even when I was maybe 1 of 3 who actually liked Natalie last year. How can anyone find fault with that?

        1. I remember that Rockstar, most of us here were cruel to poor Natalie you were in the extreme minority and had to fight thousands of people. We might be on the same team this year..

          1. Rockstar did take some abuse last season. I hope she remembers me being there. I didn’t always agree but she had a right to voice her opinion just like you, Nicole. I had my share of thoughts about Jordon. Camadian Fan and Simon had to come to my defense more than once. And, Simon, you know I love you no matter who you are for. And, I would say that even if I hadn’t been drinking!

            1. some abuse? haha dear gawd, I was obliterated. I still have battle scars. I still wake up late at night screaming Jesse’s name. hahahaha

              1. Yeah, we gave you a hard time, but you took it like a pro. It would be pretty boring if we all just nicely agreed with everyone else. Rockstar rocks!

              2. Yes they were quite mean to you AND it made the blogs more intersting to have a different perspective. How rude of someone to call Simon and Dwag a-holes, you guys are great. I miss pigpen, at least she had a personality

          1. puts Pamela in a headlock. I’m a little nutty but it’s all good. Jump in and scream out your favorites. We are all doing it and having a ball. Get drunk with Grandma, she’s got the good stuff, and I have cookies. haha

    6. your right Nicole I should probably be more neutral, not everyone whats to hear my opinion they just want the updates and I understand that. Every year we rip on the houseguests.. it’s fun.. Sometimes we go too far other times we don’t go far enough. In this case I think we haven’t even begun with Rachel.

      1. I for one love what you are doing with this site. Poor Nichole obviously wasn’t reading this last season with gnat’l’lie and Jesse or she wouldn’t have returned. I agree Simon we really haven’t begun to be mean yet!!

        1. all that Jeff and Jordon love last year made me puke my cornflakes constantly but hey I lost 10 pounds so it was a win win even though I had to wade through comment love about them knee deep in shit. It was disgusting. But I had fun, sometimes, now I get to have fun with some people from last season and that is priceless.

    7. Somebody’s pissed that we don’t like branchel.I love this site, and everybody’s views even when we differ. I even like your view even though i don’t agree. xoxo

  7. I see what matt is doing, but if he wanted a free ride with the brigade to the end it was right there…obviously he knows that he needs a backup plan.

    that said, I am praying for rachel/brenden to win POV…I want them in the jury house because they will actually give it to the best player

    1. no they will give it to the person who wasn’t not on their side or who didn’t vote to evict them, have you not been watching they play an emotional game

      1. not because the don;t wanna play it’s that their too busy with their eyes on each other. rachel said it herself they could care less about game

  8. OMG! Enzo is killing me right now. They are trying to come up with names for the competition and I am LMAO. I had a minor procedure done yesterday and I am holding myself in order to avoid any pain while I am laughing.

  9. If the bag was full of Brendon and Rachel balls, what would production have done if 2 Brendon balls were pulled?? That seems a little far fetched to me that the name picking was rigged.

    1. I got drunk tonight and said that their R&B’s names were in the bag more than once. Matt must have been drinking the same juice as me. But, I do think that they put the names in of the ones they wanted to play and for sure had R&B’s in there. Simon, I apologize for getting tippsy.

      1. Grandma – it would not surprise me if their names were in the bag more then once however I have yet to see the balls and if the names are written on them or if it can be erased by BB. It would be cool to hear from someone actually on BB to know if the balls could be altered.

        1. No way are the names in there more than once. What would happen if they pulled the same name twice?? I honestly think that is one of the things that is on the up and up on the show. I do think they can rig the POV big time. Hell, they can even give somebody the answers if they want to. Who knows what goes on in the diary room. But more than one name? No way. They wouldn’t take that chance even though they could edit it out if a name were picked twice. But it would be too easy for someone to let it slip on After Dark.

    1. most likely andrew, due to brigade, but then again kathy does nothing, so she probably wont campaign, but just smoke more

  10. why the hate over r and b possibly winning POV…do you all just want a final 5 of brigade and kristen? if so, I might as well turn it off now

    brit had it set up for her to win POV, so just STOP
    matt had a longer board

    what else needs to be said here

    1. Alex, i think everyone of these houseguest has a fan or two on here. I haven’t chose one yet. But, you just have to let the others shout it out. I do think that production does rig it sometimes to keeps us yelling at the screen. I KNOW, I am not allowed to talk about production! Kick me out of the house. Even Rachel thought that last week when Brit won POV. She said so many time and one too many, “expect the unexpected” and she was referring to production spoiling your plans. Matt should have been wise to that too.

  11. I love Brendon and Rachel! Well mostly just Brendon. The best thing to happen would be for Brendon to win pov and then hoh.

  12. WOW can you say RIGGED? they made damn sure brachel played in this POV seems production don’t want the barfmance to be over just yet, one of them OK but why both?

    1. about 30 minutes ago I was up in arms about B/R having been picked for POV but not anymore… Meow Meow said it best “this will make it exciting”

      1. i want one of them to be gone so the camera can be on someone else and not on them most of the season…. i wish we could control the cameras fro the tv screen

  13. I don’t think people care about B/R so much.. I think it’s more that we feel that Big Brother, in their own ways, helps the showmances along for rating and that makes a lot of people mad.

  14. bb always seems to find the creepiest people for their show.brenden and rachel top the list for being big phonies (as if their shomanship was real).i’ve seen better played love scenes between 2 dogs on the street.please matt,backdoor them.whatever yoga kristenis now doing on tv certainly works…..i wonder what the nameof it is?

    1. You know at the beginning i really liked both of them B & R. I’m glad they met but i certainly have had enough of watching them make out. Plus as time goes by we learn more & more about why they are still single. Rachel obviously has a drinking problem & Brenden has a issue with self esteem. So who knows if they will make it to the end. They are seeing the differences in each other slowly so I;m not sure they will be together to the end. I am sick of watching 10 minutes of them making out, & I happen to like them. But this cast thinks they are the best BB season, they are pretty boring, they are too intelligent for this show. Too stuffy, if you know what I mean, I don’t want nudity, but it would be nice if they played games together. If they had some fun together socially!
      Was anyone else mad that CBS cut the feed for the end of HOH and when Matt entered his room! I enjoy hearing the letters from home & I was blocked out during that time!
      So at the end tonight did you all see Hayden go straight to bed & leave Kristen waiting up for him? He practically sold her out tonight with Matt, saying she was expendable!

      1. Also I just went back and watched the first episode, Hayden said he would play either Female or Male if need be!!!!
        Go back & watch, you will learn & remember now all the things they said before coming into the house, what they would be willing to do.
        Hayden selling out Kristen tonight just showed his true colors! She has real feeling for the guy and he just sent her up the creek without a paddle! What a creep!
        He knows they talk late every night, but after his talk with Matt tonight & hearing Brenden may be after them as a pair, well he must have got scared and ditched the girl!
        Creep! He hasn’t done a thing is this game, Brenden gave him the first HOH, they were both standing up there & Hayden said he wasn’t leaving the podium without winning, so Brenden LET HIM HAVE IT!
        All the guys except Matt & Ragen are doing nothing in this game! Except using the girls to do all their dirty work. Matt did put Ragen under the bus tonight telling Hayden that he’s out there gathering news for him! He’s a jerk too!
        Enzo I love but he’s not done anything but run his mouth & eat pizza illegally! Lane has done nothing except flirted with Britney, Hayden using Kristen. They are all turning the house upside down using the girls, I realize that’s there game play but it’s quite SISSY don’t you think!

        1. Wow, I see thing very differently. To spite what Hayden said in pre-season interviews, he is sincere in his feeling for Kristen. Otherwise why would he take such risks every night to cuddle with her. I can understand how you could think there is a difference last night, since he has to wait later now to make sure Rachel is asleep , before he could slip into Kristen’s bed, which he did. And when he was talking with Matt, Matt said about bringing Kristen to final 5 and Hayden did say, then Kristen would go. but what else could he say to Matt at this point? It seems to me that Hayden is trying his best to bring Kristen with him in the brigade alliance and then will see where that takes them at that point.

          1. they have said they must keep it quiet, I think he REALLY likes her, but is really playing both sides, I dont know if she knows to what extent hes in it with those other 3 guys and the brigade…

            but…I think he will choose her in the long run…and she seems to like him too

  15. I don’t think they put people’s names in the bag twice for POV selection, but I think they do not put all of the HG’s names in to begin with. Production only puts the names of who they wish to play in the bag. Ever notice when they pull the names out the bag seems awful light and seems that there are only a few chips in there? Especially when they get down to picking the last 2 names–it seems like the bag is almost empty at that point. There is no way all the HG’s names are in there from the start!

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