Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel’s Drunken Rampage Part 1-4

Rachel’s Drunken Rampage started at 9:30pm with this Post
It continued onto this post
and these 2 posts Rachel’s Drunken Rampage Part 5-8  Rachel’s Drunken Rampage Part 1-4
 Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Part One Rachel’s Rampage Begins with a bit of wine, A hour of Vegas talk Followed by a little Flashing. Matt in the lower right corner approves with the show and throws out a thumbs up.

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 Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Part Two The flashing and wild talking gets her into a fight with Brendon for a hour they talk it out Rachel: “I AM VEGAS I’M VEGAS” standard 20minutes of kissing and she’s off to take a pee.

 Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Part Four Hot tub a pack of innocent Brigadiers (yo) talking mad fucking game get a surprise and are offered a trip to Vegas. Rachel: “WHO WANT TO GO TO VEGAS”. You can see enzo is enjoying it.


Part Four Rachel invited Brendon he walks outside and the guys give him a hard time. Rachel settles into the conversations with the guys and she starts to take off the dress. Brendon:”Honey you just showed America your boob” (I didn’t catch the boob)


Rachel’s Drunken Rampage Part 5-8 Read More

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Brendon needs to put his foot down and stand his ground. Walk out that door when she says “you don’t have to be with me”. She doesn’t respect him because she manipulates him. But as soon as he grabs his nuts (figuratively) and stands strong on what he believes, tells her to stfu, then she’ll be all over him.


She manipulates him? Are you kidding me? No disrespect to Brendon, but Rachel sure is the brains of the bunch. She is at least able to see thru people, while Brendon is suckered by any and everyone. The show would be just a big bore if not for Rachel, so when she leaves my viewing of the show will also leave.

Boring BRanchel

Well good riddance then. I don’t mind sacrificing your viewership to get that dumb nasty bag of bones off the show. The only people that think Brendon or Rachel are smart are the relatively few people that are dumber than them.

Karen S

AMEN to Boring BRanchel!
If you can’t see the contempt on Rachel’s face while Brendan is explaining to her that she’s embarrassing him and enough is enough. But she did make a point when she said, what about all the talk about UCLA? ha!
Smart? This is what my Mama calls, educated idiots!


Please tell me someone caught the boob!


The skank was not on camera when her silicone bags were flashing.


i’m tired of rachel. her voice, her boobs, her lip sucking/straddling brendan…i want her gone. i don’t think i can watch another feed/episode with her in it. b seems like a nice guy…he’s either dumb as rocks, or this is part of his game.


I understand Lindsey could use a roommate and Rachel needs to visit Lindsey for three months and also try to dry out.


check this out


I’m not sure it’s possible, but I think Rachel just gave strippers an even worse name. She just took that profession lower on the scale of skankiness. Skankiness is a word, right? LOL!


I think Rachel’s bipolar.


You never know. She said she took some pills. I am sure only RX pills are allowed in the house.


What gives you that idea? Do you even understand what bipolar disorder is? I’m so sick of people diagnosing other people they have never met with bipolar disorder. I don’t mean to attack you, but I’m just wondering why you would say that about someone you don’t know. I also highly doubt that you understand what bipolar disorder actually is.


Well said, Chloe. I agree with every word.


After watching BBAD last night I am even more disgusted by Rachel. Brendon (I can’t believe I am defending him) tried to do the right thing and walk away to let Rachel be Rachel. But in her clingy, assertive annoying way, she followed him and was driving him nuts. I don’t usually judge a person by their looks because a great personality and heart of gold can make anyone beautiful, but in Rachel’s case, she is an ugly beast. Even by Vegas’ loose standards she may be run out of town. Lord help us all, she could be headed to a city near you.


Looks to me like she is egging him on. She knows she’s pushing his buttons, but she wants him to strong arm her. She wants him to stand up to her by getting in her face or something. She’s like a bratty kid who’s trying so see how far she can push mom/dad. She doesn’t want him to try to talk to her like an adult. Nope. She wants him to grab her hair and cuss her out. She’d be so happy!


Watching that fight last night between Brenchel…I felt like I was either watching a couple of tweens have their first spat or a soap opera for retards.


** clapping hands ** Well said!


Chloe I luv yah but I’m glad you have no control over BB or any other tv program. good god.


Luv ya too, Rockstar.


Can we at least have one season without a showmance…….it’s really getting old!!!!!


New drinking game……every time the word “Vegas” is used, you drink!


Chloe…Rachel is all about MONEY. If she wins the $500,000 Brendon is toast. If Brendon should win she will stay with him till she spends what she wants…then he is out.


Rachel is not only playing the game but demanding allegiance from everyone in the house. The problem is that everyone is going along with her. As much as I did not like Natalie, I’d love to sneak her in and pit her against Rachel….LOL.