Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Someone doesnt know how to handle their liquor.. Make-up drunken sex in the HOH bed?!

1am Up in the HOH room Brendon and Rachel are talking. Brendon is annoyed that Rachel got so drunk and flashed her boob by accident. Brendon tells her that they should just go to bed. Brendon gets in bed. Rachel turns off the light and then goes to sleep on the floor next to the bed. Brendon gets up out of bed to brush his teeth. Brendon then comes into the bedroom and picks Rachel up off the floor and puts her in the bed. Rachel says that she still needs to brushed her teeth and take out her contacts. Brendon takes off her mic and she goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth and take out her contacts. Rachel asks Brendon why he is so mad at her. Brendon says that he isn’t. Rachel says he is and that they fight a lot and he’s mad at her every night. Brendon gets in bed while she is in still in the bathroom.

1:30am Lane, Matt and Enzo are talking about music that they would like to hear. Then they start talking about what types of people they thought would be in the house. Enzo says he thought there would be at least three meat heads. Enzo says that he has seen Rachel types on the show before, and that he expected someone like her. Matt says he thought there would be an old guy. They talk about Kathy being the oldest in the house.  Enzo says she is 40, that’s old.   Enzo farts and then gets up and tries to push the air over to the other guys.  They are all laughing.

1:45am Rachel and Brendon are both in the HOH bed. Brendon is running his hands through her hair and kissing her. Brendon says Rachel, I love you, all of you. Brendon says that he was just scared and that he is sorry. Brendon tells Rachel that he is in love with her. Rachel has her arm around his head. They start kissing and making out really heavy. They have the covers up over them and are now really going at it. They looks and sounds like they are definitely having sex under the covers. They stop and lay together. After a few minutes, Rachel says that it’s super scary, Brendon. Brendon says I know. Brendon tells Rachel that he loves her. Brendon says that the drinking fights scare him, but he’s not going to run away. Brendon says that he loves her very much.

1:50am Enzo and Hayden are talking in the bedroom. Enzo says that they have made it to the jury house. Hayden says when they get down to 8 people left there is a 50% chance that a Brigade member will win. Hayden asks Enzo what he’d do with the money. Enzo says that he doesn’t have big plans, whatever his wife wants to do with it, he says she works hard. Enzo says that he would like her to have at least $300,000. Enzo says that he also wants to help out his parents and brother. Hayden says that he would like to help his mom out and pay off his student loans. Enzo says that he is hoping the Brigade will take the top three spots, that one will take the grand prize, second prize and America’s Vote. They conversation changes to all the stupid shit Enzo and Hayden did when they were younger. They’re amazed they lived through some of the stuff. Hayden says that when he was younger him and his friends would hide in drainage ditches and pull a roll of toilet paper across the road and when a car would pass they would pull the strip of toilet paper up and scare the crap out of the drivers. Hayden says that he also blew up people’s mailboxes with sticks of dynamite. Hayden tells a story of him and a fat friend who borrowed the kid’s mom’s car and wrecked it right in front of the school. Enzo says that he used to bomb people with shit, potatoes in socks, shaving cream, toilet paper houses. Enzo says that as kids he was always running from the cops.

2:10am Kristen and Kathy are talking in the backyard. Kathy talks about Brendon and Rachel. Kathy tells Kristen that when she was up in their HoH room week two, it was all her brilliant scheme to find out more about her enemy so, she could report back to the rest of the house. Kathy says that she sacrificed herself for the better good. What proves that she was never really with them is that she voted against what they wanted that week and she paid for it by being put on the block by Matt the next week. Kathy tells Kristen that she knows how they think now and how they talk. Kristen says Rachel has no good reason to want her out. Kristen says that her and Hayden have the game play so why is Rachel going after her and not him. Kathy says it is because Rachel wants to be left alone in the house with all the guys. Kathy says she wants to win HOH so bad, and that she just wants to know how her son and the people she cares for are doing. Kathy explains that she’s had good reasons for everything she’s done in the game and that includes doing poorly. Kristen starts talking about and adding up the votes. Kristen thinks the vote will be to be 5-2 or 3-4. Kristen and Kathy head to bed.
2:30am Brendon and Rachel are talking. Brendon says that they (Brendon and Rachel) are gonna keep winning. Brendon says that they haven’t seen anything yet. They talk about how tomorrow they are going to study more and go over everything they can remember about the HOH competitions.

In the Bedroom Enzo, Hadyen, Kathy and Kristen all talk about how ridiculous Rachel looked tonight with her boobs and ass all hanging out. They all agree that Brendon and Rachel’s relationship won’t last outside the house. Enzo says they had to chaperone them during the movie that they got to see as part of the luxury competition. They all decide to go to bed and Kathy makes them all say good night to her sock monkey.

3am Brendon wishes Rachel a good night sleep. All the other houseguests are asleep.


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eye of the tiger

fartzo says he thought there’d be some meat heads in the house? tell him to go look in the mirror. also, fartzo says he wants his wife to have 300.000 of the prize money if he should win, ha! after taxes he’ll be lucky if he even gets that amount.


He would get 325,000 after taxes.

Evel Jim

He’d certainly get less than that. He’d probably have to pay California income tax since the income was earned in CA, which at that level would be another ~10%. Plus it really depends on how the prize is paid out. They could get paid as though they were an independent contractor working for CBS, in which case he would have to pay another ~15% in payroll taxes the first ~$100k and 3% after that.

Taxes in this country suck nuts.


So he really porked her? I was going to watch last night but fell asleep. But anyway, what’s with the “I love you” over and over again. Either he’s never had a girlfriend before and is really into her like a teenage boy or he’s playing her like a yoyo and riding her gameplay because he knows he has no one else in the house he can count on.


Rachel is an embarrassment to all women. She definitely has an alcohol problem along with her mental issues. She needs to be gone and too bad it couldn’t be this week. Brendon needs to tell her to take her trash and leave him alone but he won’t. Either Brendon is so weak or he is just using her because of her winning competitions for HOH. I am hoping he is using her. If Rachel keeps on drinking and acting like she does while drinking, she needs to be removed from the house. Being around a drunk is annoying and it can be dangerous. You never can tell what a drunk might do. Last night on BBAD was so very disgusting and I hope she was given a very hard time in the DR for her actions. She needs help. This is not entertainment, it’s just disgusting behavior.

eye of the tiger

wht did she do ? I missed it!


Yes they did, Hairy. And that is why they have only butter knives in their kitchen now. And probably why most things (lamps, etc) are glued down, so they can not be used as a weapon. And I would LOVE TO SEE SOME DRAMA! Someone, anyone, from this group of houseguests needs to have some balls and get this game going…..please!


Thank You for this post! Now i dont have to have my hubby read the last 24 hours of posts when he gets home from work! Im just going to print yours ..(he’s kind of an impatient man), but will love this story!…..very well written short capture …….


Bluray, I just got back from Vegas a couple of weeks ago and I have to say your Walmart is incredible!! HUGE, CLEAN AND WELL ORGANIZED WITH EMPLOYEES WHO CAN ANSWER A SIMPLE QUESTION ON SPOT! If we had one like that in my town Id have no reason to go anywhere else! ;o)


WHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT? walmart in vagas is clean and well organized?? you bullshittin’ the walmarts almost around america are mostly unorganized and some nasty and the workers are underpaid and overworked my mom worked at the walmart here and she saw someon die while lifting a tv because they were forced to do it and the he told them that they could not lift it…… that walmart got sued by most of the workers


I swear to god… is amazing!! A playland for shop o holics like me!


Kathy kathy kathy – playing pretend is fun!! Lets pretend to be a police officer next.


Somebody needs to breathe some life into Kathy. I would be very afraid if I lived in the town where SHE was my law enforcement. That girl must be enemic or something.


Brendon is a no balls kinda guy. He gave ’em to RacHELL. Rachel is a Las Vegas party girl who loves to swirl up her dress and flash her boobs and drink. That is apparently her “job” in Vegas… get men to buy her drinks?….Brendon left that Rachel drunken rampage scene because he was annoyed with it, but she had to follow him and yap yap. He kept telling her she repeated herself and yet we heard him say the same thing over and over again until HE finally apologized to her. No balls… PW’d. He’s water, she’s oil dabbed up aplenty with tequila and boobs. What a pair.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…Rachel, you are a classy broad!
It’s so sad how insecure she is!


Why do they never show Brendon’s diary room sessions? Is he playing Rachel? Maybe he is laughing at her but the powers that be don’t want us to know. Just a thought…


If you had witness even part of their BBAD argument you would see these two are headed for disaster. Brendon is a passive aggressive. If you look up the signs of a manipulator in a relationship he fits those signs. He may be a nice guy when he’s not in a this relationship.I think he’s taking care of self.

Brendon knows they don’t mesh. She is just enamored enough to be controlled but in sublime way. Like how he wouldn’t let her leave when they were having their argument/discussion last night. He keeps saying he likes her the way she is but I’m not buying it.He subtlety slipped in he wished she felt the same way about science as she did Vegas. Wait until their relationship hits the daylight in real life.

Rachel, I personally don’t hate other than her being annoying with her voice. I just think she’s very immature and loves a certain type of lifestyle and attention. She enjoys having her ass hang out so men can look at it type of girl. But she makes no excuses for it. So that makes me question Brendon’s scruples since he’s supposed to be sensible. Because I don’t buy they are in love with each other. As for Rachel and her game play. I think it looks much better than it is because of the group of people that are in the house this year. I would like to see maybe Enzo win HOH if he could pull it off yo.


Brendon gets to hit that. Lets just hope Rachel shaved her pubes this time.


The only way the B/R relationship will work outside the house is if Rachel goes to AA and Brendon goes to Al-Anon. They need 12 step help. Rachel needs to go to rehab as soon as she leaves the BB house. It was funny and heartbreaking at the same time watching BBAD last night. B/R are like a train wreck. You don’t want to watch but you can’t help it. Brendon’s family must be so embarrassed! I don’t know what I would do if that was my son or daughter behaving like that on TV. On TV this is very entertaining, but in real life this behavior is so sad. I just hope Rachel doesn’t do something in the house to physically hurt someone.

bb addict

OMG Brigade please win HOH this week. I need them to be done. At least J/J was funny as hell, last year. These two make me feel like I’m watching a train wreck and I can’t look away. I cringe when they talk. Brendon needs to hope Rachael goes home if he has any chance of winning. My god Brendon, be a man! Tell her to stop drinking. If she acts this way in the house, when the cameras are watching, I can’t imagine how bad a drunk she is outside the house.


It’s clear as can be that Rachel is acting for the cameras! I noticed last night during the argument that she kept looking into the camera like she was on some daytime tv soap! I kinda feel sorry for Brandon (I cannot for the life of me believe he’s doing graduate work! He acts like he has some kind of mental impairment). He acts like he’s never had a girlfriend before! This is clearly a “showmance” – just what Rachel set her mind to have once inside the BB house! This is the most boring BB I’ve ever seen!!

brit is hot

i would love makeup sex with rachel


me too.


I haven’t read all the comments left here for all the posts, so forgive me if someone already said this..

Is it just me, or does just about every private conversation between Brendon and Rachel come off as bad acting or straight up retardation? I’ve been married sixteen years, NEVER had the childish conversations these two have. Ok, maybe I did…. back when I was 15 and mad at my boyfriend because he didn’t hold my hand at lunch. I can’t decide whether these two are some sort of failed ‘plant’ CBS is in on, or whether these two are actually seriously this blitheringly moronic. Chemistry and Physics? Seriously? Either these two are up to something fishy, playing it up for the cameras… badly, or they’re for real, and BB is going to reveal anyday now that they’re both really 13 years old and have a freaky endocrine disorder where their bodies mature prematurely. Zombies probably have deeper conversations.

Whatever the real explanation is really doesn’t matter; these two suck, and I’m almost angry at CBS and BB production for putting us through this trainwreck showmance this season… almost!


I too have noticed that when they are having these heated conversations\arguments, Rachel looks like she is having a hrad time keeping a straight face….couldn’t tell if it was from the acting, her being lushed or just because she is so immature…….but yes, he seems sincere and she seems like it is some sort of joke to her! Im leaning toward CBS plants or co-ursed (sp?) work in progress by CBS…….


Kristen is the dumbest thing – she keeps saying why are people after me and not Hayden, why is it assumed he will get the votes….ummmm could that clue you in to a secret alliance?? MAYBE?? I mean it’s in front of her….except no she uses her single brain cell to campaign and drone on and on and bore us to death repeating the same damn speech. I feel bad for Lane and Enzo and everyone who have to act interested and respond….meanwhile they are like what this dingbat is a fool bc there is the brigade and her fate is sealed. I am sorry I hate stupidity.
The best is when tells them “I am obviously a strong competitor”…obviously?? what the?? is she delusional? and she goes on to say she and hayden are smart and he is on her level intellectually…well hayden’s about as smart as a toenail so…um… perhaps. This is why they should give out fashion certificates and not consider them “degrees”, gives people a false sense of confidence and denigrates the hard work the rest of us put in.


at least she doesnt get the rachel treatment where rachel will make stuff for the guys then get called a vulgar name when she walks away to make it for them….that is just disgusting.

kristen has done nothing except say B and R must go because they are in a showmance/alliance and now she doesnt understand how her, hayden and her lap dog kathy arent looking a bit scary as non targets with 3 votes…


Ugh…Rachel is so vile. I have watched every season of this show and by far, she is out of control. How do they allow her to drink so much and then take pills (she stated this)??? Big Brother……this will not help in your ratings! Keep it to the game and not vile behavior. God, I just cannot stand looking at her. Wait till she sees herself on tv when this is done. She should be embarrassed to say the least.


JJ, didn’t you see Natalie from season 9?


its the russell effect…sure she isnt strategic at all in terms of whats the best move to make…but if they keep winning comps…it will draw ratings.

I hope brenden wins next week because he deserves it, he deserves to be the one in charge for a week so to speak, before they both get sent to jury


Rooting for R/B to do good, but that chick has some REAL demons going
on in her. I didnt know she did all that craxy shit outside till
I saw drunken rampage pics( they didnt show it onn bbad).
This dudes leaves from inside the house to get away from and her
showing her goodies. She follows him to the yard rubbing her tits
hops in the hot to flirt with benzo! How could she be that drunk?
U work in VEGAS drinking 80 proof or better, and two glasses of does
this to ya???? I’m with u B/R but rach ya gotta leave the sause alone, girl!


Both her and Brendon have been very friendly to enzo for the past week. I think they can rope him in an alliance.

hayden is a baby

not happening, and here is why

hes brigade…and the reason I wont be re upping on the feeds is that I am SICK and TIRED of seeing stuff like rachel making coffee for lane/enzo only to have them say THANKS RACHEL then turn around and say “$$$$$”…..I mean really? what is this high school?

CBS, I REFUSE TO LISTEN TO THIS MEAN GIRL BS, rachel is annoying, but brenden doesnt deserve that treatment, neither do honestly


Enzo is the missing link who can’t win anything, why would someone want an alliance with – dead smelly/hairy/generally unpleasant to look at – weight?

The Excitement

that’s kaka! Meow Meow is all about the Brigade yo. Bojangles!


Yeah it’s true they never show Brendons Diary Room sessions.. its because either 1) Brendon is actually playing Rachel but they don’t want to show that so they can have a “showmance” or 2) (which is more likely) Brendon is annoying whinny 2 years old that people would hate even more if they showed his diary room sessions… and since they are trying to do their best to make them seem like a fun powerhouse couple they don’t want to show what he’s crying about.


I would be shocked if Brendon is playing Rachel i think your not seeing too many DR session with him because of #2 Brendon is annoying whinny 2 years old that people would hate even more if they showed his diary room sessions…


i really don’t think he is either BUT did you see his interview on the BB website where they asked him what his strategy would be and he said something like getting the girls fall for him and then using it to his advantage to get further in the game (something like that) – and I think that is completely what he PLANNED on doing in the beginning – which is why he was probably flirting with Annie and what he was going to do to Rachel. BUT now, I think something got messed up along the way or Brendon is just too sensitive and emotional (and maybe nice) and actually fell for her. I say this bc he has cultivated absolutely no other friendships or alliances. in the house If he had even one, I might have a 10% doubt, but right now I have less than a 1% doubt


Jeff wanted a showmance too. same difference. He’s only using Jordon for her money and until he can gain enough fame to make it without her. He’s a gold digger. Nothing wrong with it, just admit it.


Jeff WANTED a showmance?? is that true?? still, Jordan is the nicest, easiest-going girl – not a hardship there for Jeff…you can’t compare her to Rachel…I don’t care how much money is involved, I don’t think any amount could be worth that craziness unless you’ve really fallen for someone (and I’m a Rachel fan)


Yes, tinydancer it is true. check out his profile and what he wanted once he went into the house. He wanted a showmance and no one was interested in him, not even Jordon.


I agree, hes too nice and sensitive, hes in a bubble with no other relationships, look at how he took andrew leaving…its too bad because rachel WILL break the guys heart…and hes a guy that a lot of women are looking for…not even his looks, but just a nice guy, a loyal guy…heck I look for that in a girl, loyal, kind…meh


That would make the show so much more fun to watch if HE’S playing HER, and CBS is waiting to roll this out to the viewers at some point as part of their “twist”? But, that’s so doubtful watching him beg her to believe him that he loves her. It’s a bit too sickening to watch, so if he’s playing her (that’s a BIG IF) that would make it worth staying around….but, that’s not too likely. Although I liked them at the beginning (since they were underdogs), it’s becoming so difficult to stay by their side with some of their childish antics.

ENZO a go!

i feel soooooooo sorry for Brendan’s family….they must be hiding in a bunker somewhere….i would i my son was acting like a little girl on national tv……


while snorting, you are right


Me too. They must be mortified.


agreed…especially because something tells me hes not usually this reckless since hes not given the chance so to speak…they would have broken up after a day in real life situations. there is just nowhere for her to run…

its sad though because he really just is a guy that was crushed, and seems to just want to be loved…sort of sad and pathetic to some…but a lot of women out there would love a guy that just wants to care for them, and will just be a good guy.


you’ve never got drunk, had a fight with your partner and had sex after?


sure have…..but I do not recall any cameras there….

hayden is a baby

I actually thought brenden was hilarious, he called out rachel on two things people on these boards have been calling her out on….one was the thinking shes jenelle thing…and how when she looks in the mirror, shes sees her! that was HILARIOUS because a lot of people had been mentioning that.

he also said something else that called her out for something

hes love sick, but I feel hes more…just in love with being in love…seems like a guy that just wants someone to care for him, and he tries too hard and showers you with affection because its what hes never had…

at the end of the day though, have you seen him say mean things about HG’s? no, only when it comes to gameplay…the guy is just a nice dude….he just also needs to snap out of the idea that “love conquers all”…its like he sat for the past 5 years watching love movies and trying to apply it to real life…

we all know they will break up soon…I just hope the poor guy isnt made to look like the bad one…Brit called him a douche, as did a lot of HG’s, but they are ALL BAD PEOPLE. not due to lying, but due to what they say…its vile…brenden is a nice guy, thats all you really should be judging…

and hes right, no one cares about test scores



Uncle Cool

He’s already got a Ho.



Kathy keeps goin on an on about being a cancer survivor and her chemo will give her leukemia…stupid bitch is smoking! so now breast cancer, leukemia AND lung cancer…stupid

Uncle Cool

If Brenda really and truly loves the witch, he should voluntarily leave with her next week when she is booted out.


O-K, boys do these people have a rude of waking about that money. Ask me people !!! I have said this before, many times, my father won 1-millon in the michigan lottery back in 1976, & you pay taxes on everything you touch. And that was years ago, now the tax is worse guy’s. There going to still have to work until they retire. If they think there going to help family & friends, more power to them, because you also pay tax on that to. If you give away money, you pay tax. My mom & dad did retire because of there ages when they won, but these guy’s are to young. They got a awake-call coming. If they pay cash for a new car, a house, there,s not much left for family & friends. Plus they,ll have people coming out of the wood-work just to hang with them.Shit adds up big time, even nice dinners @ the best eatery.