Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel’s Delusions Part I “It’s a Cinderella Story… America Loves Us.. Thanks America”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:35pm July 15th Hammock Rachel and Brendon They are disusing this weeks strategy. Rachel is very worried that there will be a massive target on their backs now because Brendon won the POV and now she wins the HOH. Brendon says that a lot of people will be scared of us and this is the time we make deals with the people we trust. He says they need to shore up their deal with Hayden and Kristen. She mentions Annie speech and can’t believe that she did that. Rachel brings up that Annie was telling Hayden that they have to break up Brendon and her. Rachel says nobody breaks it off with me and my mans. Rachel wonders how Hayden will be treated? Brendon thinks Hayden will just lay low for awhile. Brendon says Enzo, Matt, Britney and Monet have an alliance together. Rachel brings up Lane being with them but he could be easily swayed onto their side temporarily. Rachel that is how the house will split.
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Ragan joins them, Ragan:”I’m really hurt by Annie tonight becasue she complelety brushed me off… she did the same ting to kristen.. “Rachel: “everythign Annie does on the way our was shitty… calling Brendon out and Snubbing you it’s not fair”. Ragan says “oh my god i can’t beleive you didn’t hear the gasp… it was so loud” Rachel: “It a Cinderella story” Ragan brings up Andrew running and jumping up and down.. they all agree he needs to control that shit. ragan tells rachel he knew was going to win because she is so smart, Rachel thanks him and he leaves.. Brendon showers her with praise for winning the HOH.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:00pm Red Room Andrew and Britenay Andrew tells her why he was so happy when Rachel won HOH. He heard that Brit though he was the saboteur and therefore knew that if Brit won HOH she would put him up. When he found out that Rachel won he was happy because he knew that he was safe this week. He explains to her he’s just a floater, Brit says people are all talking that you aren’t a floater that you have an alliance with Rachel and Brendon. Andrew thinks that’s crazy.. he knows he’s safe from eviction but he’s in no alliance with Brendon and Rachel. ANdrew mentions that he has one alliance and that is with Kahty.. Andrew now says that he’s not sure if Kathy is into it anymore. Britney tells im she’s sorry for overreacting in the palm room.. they hug. Britteny says she has nothing against Andrew, she did think he was the salvatore at first but has felt that way in a long time. Andrew says thanks for the apology and clearing things up. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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no we dont love you guys … we think its nasty unlike jeff and jordan

you guys will never be them

i hope rachel pops a boob during a competition this season

canadian fan

Ahhh, like Jordan did last season!

team brenchel

It’s easy to see why people do not like Rachel, but I’m on board with her and Brendon. I like when everything thinks a girl is dumb, but I know Rachel is very smart and can win some challenges.


Why is it that all the stupid people think America loves them? Last year, Natalie, Chima and Jesse thought America loved them and now Rachel thinks she’s America’s sweetheart? No. It’s obvious that the producers want her to be since they are shoving her down our throats and giving her 80% of the screentime but I wanted her out 10 minutes into the premier. Most annoying contestant ever.


Kristen FTW.


I like Kristin alot as well. It may be because she hasn’t said anything to this point in the game and is hot as hell.

John D. Genovese

BTW what’s with the clock stamp on the comments being 9 hour ahead of CA time?


GOO brittny

the ones who talk make the game interesting and shes hot otherwise all you would be complaining how boring this season is

shes stiring up trouble so hope she stays for a while


Brittany is cute, BUT she comes off as a beaatch. Part of it is the game. This game makes people say and do alot of things sometimes they normally would’nt. But still I can’t stand it when she personally attacks people for no reason.

Team BRachel

The last two show was nice. Wonder will lane leak the brigade boys alliances. And who will join the brachel thinking ragen and andrew

John D. Genovese

Curious how that whole “el savatore” deal worked out. Did they look for one going in or after the contestants were chosen did they go after her?


rachel reminds me of april from bb10 thinking america loves her and her showmance


Worst week ever.


yeah she should just be in her bikini 24/7 and not talk at all
then people would like her more


I’m torn. Rachel is really freaking annoying, but Brendon is my favourite in the game this year. I’ll just say I’m happy Rachel won because Brendon is safe, but I’m a bit sad because Rachel is safe as well…

enzo's shineydome

You could almost hear the twig snap in Britney and Monet’s brains when they lost the comp to Rachel. The scenario that Annie spelled out was correct, and now they will see the error of their ways. How in the hell do you keep Rachel when she’s so close to Brendon? Have you been watching the show over the last few years ladies? “Let’s get rid of Annie ’cause she MIGHT go with Brendon???? It’s like us ignoring North Korea’s nukes while we hunt for mystical ones in the desert. At least these two high-schoolers from bitch clique are speechless for a change. Good times!!!!!


Yep…complete wrong move keeping Rachel but I am sure Brenden scare the Bleep outta Hayden when he threatened to come after him and then won POV. The deal to keep Rachel was to save Hayden’s butt….Now watch him go up!!hahahaha


Amazing analogy! hahaha


I think Brenden is hot (never as hot as Jeff), but I don’t like him with Rachel. I would have liked him better in a showmance with Kristen IF he is going to be in one.

Rachel and her laugh is annoying but maybe she will grow on me like Janelle and Keisha did.

‘El Savatore’…biggest flop in BB history. And, whoever picked Annie to be The Saboteur should be fired. They need to scramble fast and come up with another twist other than this friend thing. I still say throw a monkey wrench in the mix and bring Evel Dick back. Lol

Mr. Pickles

I don’t understand how Monet became a model? They must not ever shoot her face in profile.


I saw her pic when I was at the gas station. She was the cover girl for “busted mug” weekly.

Mr. Pickles

Wow!!! Monet and britney wasting no time in sucking up to Rachel!!


I don’t think I even want to watch this week. As soon as Rachel won HOH I was sick to my stomach.


I hope they send Monet home. She has this negative sour look all the time.

go team BRachel

Wats wrong with a lil showmance. Am I the only american that thinks its a beautiful thing..and she won a game with out his help…unlike Jordan…..awwwwwww


i think the best alliance would be for hayden and kristen and rachel and brendon to team up they deff do good cause they r all good competitors they r the only ones tht won anythin so far even though there were only 3 comps lol but i love kristen so hot and dnt shoot rachels face jst her tits


i hope monet and britney don.t go on the block i like the 3-o


i want monet to go home. i’ve already saw her boobs last night,, i haven’t saw britney’s yet.

shallow/perverse? yes. but i’m a guy.

Uncle Cool

I am saddened by Ragan’s sucking up to the aliens.

I have lost my confidence in him.


Im happy for Rach!! I get that her laugh and voice are annoying but she is playing this game like a fiddle! She attached herself to the hottest/strongest/smartest male in the house and she is smart as hell too!!! She would have won the POV if Brenden hadn’t!! I like her in this game ALOT even if I would hate her in real life!! I think Hayden should be scared as hell and him and Kristen should Align with Brenchel!! Hayden is wasting his life with the boys and Monet and Brit are too jealous of Kristen to be trusted! so its thier only hope of making it!

Uncle Cool

‘Hottest’ has nothing to do with anything (Brendon looks like he is an alien, but if that turns some people on, then whatever). (The witch also looks like an alien)

Lane is physically the strongest.

Ragan is the most agile.

Matt is the smartest.

The rest of the house will break up the showmance very quickly because they know what happened last year.


I seriously doubt that there is a life long friendship….Julie would have said something about it during the show last night to bring in more viewers. The sabatouer thing was the biggest flop in BB history.


Gotta Agree about Kristen She is Amazing Beautiful!!! As of Right Now she’s my favorite to win!